Milk Duds Ch. 06

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Chapter One:

It was late fall when mother announced she was pregnant. For a long time I had wished for a brother or sister to share my childhood with and now it was finally going to happen. Dad and I were extremely happy and did all we could to make things easier for her.

Time seemed to pass extraordinarily slowly for me. Dad and I did most of the housework including fixing meals. We both worked hard turning the spare bedroom into a nursery for our newest member of the family. Little my little I saw mom’s svelte figure begin to change into that of an expectant mother. Before much more time passed even I could see how her belly was growing. No more was the flat stomach of her slender waist. Now it looked more like some guys beer belly. I began to take more notice of how Mom looked and the more I saw her changes the more I liked.

I suppose this would be a good time to explain a few facts about my family. My nineteenth birthday was just a month passed and I found it odd that Mom had finally conceived once again. Most would think she was now much to old but the fact is she wasn’t. Mom had told me how she had been brutally raped by her father when she was fourteen and soon found herself pregnant with me.

“Jack, I loved my father, your grandfather, with all my heart and to this day I still hold nothing against him,” she told me one day several weeks after telling Dad and me she was pregnant. “I had developed physically very early and he seemed to take a great deal of liking to my body. My breasts had grown quite large, just as they are now,” she said taking in a deep breath and without shame proudly let them expand from her chest. “What had started out to be just his fondling of my breasts quickly turned into sexual desire and before I knew it I was naked with his body pressing atop mine. I felt his erection probing around between my legs and soon he was inside me. I was scared but knew he wouldn’t really hurt me except when he took my virginity. That hurt, but the pain was very brief. The rest was extremely pleasant as I felt him orgasm and filling me with his seed. I’ve never been sorry because you were the result. I don’t want you to ever think bad of your grandfather because of what he did with me. I just wish you could have known him, but when that tractor turned over he never knew and was dead long before he knew it.” Mom sighed deeply pushing out her growing bust as a solitary tear crept from her eye and down her cheek.

“I don’t hold anything against him Mom,” I said trying to keep from staring at her very well endowed chest.

“Your mind seems to be elsewhere,” she lightly commented.

“I, I, uh, don’t know what you mean,” my voice quivered as my face blushed. She must have caught me looking.

“Don’t be ashamed,” she her words soothed. “It’s very natural you would want to look at a woman’s breasts even it they are your mother’s. I’m flattered and pleased you should want to look at them. Would you like to really see them, I mean without my clothes covering them?”

I was about to bolt from the room when her hand caused me to stop. Her eyes looked into mine and they glowed brightly. All I could do was nod my head with my desire.

“Then see them you shall,” she said calmly unbuttoning her blouse. “It’s best you see them now before they become so large and gross looking when filled with milk for the baby.”

I was mesmerized watching her fingers slowly unbutton her blouse and slipping it from her shoulders. Mom stood and I, for the first time, really looked at her. Her breasts had yet to grow with the milk the baby would need and her waist was just a bit thicker, but her hips were still the same as before. Her hips, yes, they were wide spread but not as to say broad in a vulgar sense. As my eyes moved back up I took in the sight of her bra covered chest and the two large globed it held. I say held, but it looked to me like more of a struggle to contain their size and weight. She pulled the shoulder straps down and, as her arms swept back to release the hooks from behind, my eyes widened. Her breasts pushed hard into the cups and I could easily see her nipples as they were hard and extended. Mom’s hands reappeared from behind and I was astonished that the cups remained. With just a slight wiggle of her shoulders her bra fell to expose her breasts in all their naked glory before my ogling eyes. Having looked in her dresser drawer a few times I knew I was looking at a pair of 38DD breasts. Now that Mom was a ripe old age of thirty-three, I was astounded to see so little in the way of drooping.

“Wow, Mom,” I gasped. “For real, I mean you haven’t had, uh, done, uh……..,” I stammered.

“No, son, they’re all me and very real. Before long they will be even bigger once my milk starts coming in to fill them.”

I glanced quickly up to look at her. Her eyes weren’t on my face but much lower and I knew she was looking at my bulging crotch. I couldn’t help it seeing her half naked.

“You may touch them if you like,” she whispered, her voice low and husky.

My hands slowly moved upwards barely touching the skin of her breasts. Mom gasped suddenly as she took in a large gulp of antalya escort air. It caused her breasts to move more firmly into my palms as I felt her rock hard nipples poking into my hands. Without thinking my fingers curled enough to feel the firmness of her globes.

“They’re so big and hard,” I sighed loving the feel of what I had longed to simply see.

“Your hands feel so good touching them,” Mom cooed moving closer and pressing her breasts more firmly into my hands. “I love having them touched,” she said as her hand pressed lightly against my chest and began moving lower.

It wasn’t long before her fingers reached my belly, stopped for a few moments then continued lower. At my waist she fumbled over the buckle of my belt and finally came to rest between my legs and the still growing bulge inside my pants. There her hand began moving up and down feeling the length and hardness still hidden from her.

“You’ve grown quite large since the last time I’ve seen you,” she breathed heavily. “Someday you’re going to make some young lady very happy.”

I felt her fingers working at my buckle and then with my pants. Before I knew what was happening Mom had my pants open, her hand slipping inside only to find I don’t wear underwear. Her fingers sought out and found my stiff organ as they curled around the thickness. She didn’t move, she simply grasped and squeezed it hard.

We both heard the front door open and close telling us Dad was home. Mom quickly withdrew her hand and fastened her bra. She buttoned her blouse and motioned for me to fix my pants then she just as quickly left my room. I rose and closed my door my raging erection needing attention. Laying on my bed I still could feel Mom’s breasts in my hands. As my fingers curled around my throbbing shaft it felt as if it were hers. I began stroking and before long shooting longs thick ropes of my seed only to have them land on my chest. What a waist I thought as my erection grew limp.

Chapter Two:

For the next six months little took place between Mom and I except the occasional discussions of what to expect when the baby came. She had already told me how her breasts would become very much larger as they swelled and became full of milk. I would become excited and obviously aroused each time she would talk to me, but she didn’t even attempt to touch me again. While there were several times she would allow me to see how her breasts had grown, she would pull back when I attempted to touch them.

“No, it’s not right,” she would admonish me. “Right now my breasts are very sensitive and letting you touch them would lead us to things we shouldn’t do, at least not yet.”

I was puzzled and didn’t understand. OK, I was nineteen and should have know much more, but since we lived in such a desolate place and far from the closest town, I was well sheltered. I should have told you from the beginning just how far from civilization we were. Picture, if you will, the far off tundra of Northern Alaska well above the Artic Circle and you’ll come close. It had been ten years since I had seen the closest settlement, we didn’t have town that far north, and as such there was little in the way of meeting girls. Don’t get me all that wrong. I’ve read and seen my share of pictures of naked women mostly due to Dad’s collection, but in real life, forget it. The closest Eskimo’s are over a hundred miles away. Oh, why are were here you ask? Gold. Dad found a gold mine and staked a claim. Now you know.

About two weeks before the baby was due Mom and I sat and talked while Dad was at the mine. By now her belly was quite large and so were her breasts. Mom had seen me looking more and more at her growing chest and finally decided it was time to really explain things.

“Jack,” she began as we made ourselves comfortable in the small front room. “I have seen you looking at me quite a bit lately. I know you have learned all about women having babies and what to expect. I also know you’ve seen the damp spot on my blouses. Do you know why they are there?” she asked.

“Uh, well, I guess it’s because you’ve gotten some milk?” I replied in question.

“That’s right. My breasts have begun to develop the milk for the baby but it’s not yet good enough. You see right now my breasts are seeping a fluid that is mostly clear. In a few more weeks they will begin to secrete the milk the baby will need, but for now I have to remove what is becoming stored inside them.”

“Well, OK, but why?” I wanted to know.

“Simple. When my breasts become full they begin to hurt from the pressure. Think of your bladder just before you have to pee. If you don’t it becomes uncomfortable, right?”

“Uh, yeah,” I said catching her meaning.

“It’s the same for my breasts. When they get full I have to get rid of what’s there. Look, it’s time for me to relieve them now and I might as well show you what I mean.”

Mom unbuttoned her blouse and opened her bra. Again I was treated to the magnificent sight of her naked breasts but was amazed at how large they had become. In my mind they were huge and absolutely gorgeous, the most beautiful things I had ever seen, not to lara escort mention how aroused they made my body. For the past several weeks I had noticed her nipples always poking out in the front of her tops and now, naked, the seemed to be in a constant state of arousal being hard and protruding proudly from the centers of her breasts. I noticed both had tiny drops of liquid oozing from them and I was fascinated.

“Why are they leaking?” I asked.

“That’s because they are overly full,” she replied. “Now watch closely,” she said taking her right breast between her hands and gently squeezing.

Suddenly clear sprays of liquid erupted from her swollen nipple. Again and again she squeezed as more of the liquid sprayed out. She changed and began to do the same to the other breast with the same results.

“Is that what the baby will drink?” I asked.

“No, that’s the pre-milk,” Mom answered. “I probably won’t have real milk until two or three days after the baby is born. This is just the beginning.”

“Mom, I was just a tiny baby when you breast fed me. I’d like to know what it tastes like since I don’t remember,” I asked shyly.

“Well, I wouldn’t expect you to remember suckling from me,” she laughed, but there was a certain something that sparkled in her eyes. “I don’t suppose it would hurt for you to have a taste even if it’s not quite the real thing,” she said moving closer.

Mom showed me how to hold her breast while my lips came into contact with her stiff nipple. As I began to suckle she instructed me to gently squeeze with my hand, something she said babies don’t do but was alright for me. At first there was nothing and I was afraid she had gone dry when suddenly my mouth was filled with warm sweet tasting liquid. I could tell it was thin yet there was still enough milk I could taste it. I pressed my face closer as my lips clamped ever more firmly around the turgid nipple of my Mother’s breast. It wasn’t long and even my caressing fingers gently squeezing her globe and it was dry. She had me switch and again I tasted the sweet flowing of her breast. Before long it, too, was empty but not before I was satisfied and greatly aroused.

“Oh, Mom, I don’t know how to tell you just how much this has meant to me,” I expressed getting ready to stand. It was my intent to leave, retire to my room and masturbate. All this had gotten me so hot and my erection needed attention.

“I’m so glad we had this time together,” she said. I could easily see her naked bosom rising and falling with her rapid breathing. It must have aroused her as well. “You don’t have to leave just yet do you?” she asked with pleading eyes.

“Uh, well, Mom. You see, I think it would be better if I went to my room,” I said desperately trying to hide my throbbing organ.

“I know why you want to leave and ask that you stay. Your Father has been gone almost a week and I have needs, too,” she breathed heavily. Before I knew it her hand was pressing firmly into my crotch feeling my already stiff manhood. Her fingers quickly fumbled around and opened my pants, slipping inside only to find my organ hard and ready. “I just want to have you stay with me a little longer,” she gasped as her fingers surrounded the thickness of me. “Jack, it’s so thick and hard,” she panted gripping me tightly in her fist. “I’ve just got to see it, feel it and watch as it squirts the load in your balls.”

I was quite shocked to hear my own Mother speaking with words so blunt. She had always been so proper and to hear her taking of wanting to see me climax was almost more than I could take. Her hand gripping me had pulled my heated erection from my pants and I looked to see her fingers not able to close around my thickness.

“Jack,” she gasped suddenly seeing me exposed. “ I never in my life dreamed you would be so big. Why, your cock is just as long and thick as was my own Father’s. If he had attempted to rape me with something like this I’m sure I would have died.”

I was suddenly filled with pride as Mom’s hand moved up and down my organ. Her fingers were gripping it tightly as her hand pulled up to the head and slipped over the sensitive broadly mushroomed glans lubricated with my own pre-cum. As her hand slipped easily down I felt a tingling deep within my heavy sperm filled balls. Had she only know it had been five days since the last time I masturbated and ejaculated my load she might have been more careful.

Sometime after beginning all this sexual playing Mom had slipped her loose fitting slacks down her legs along with her panties. I saw them laying at her feet just before she kicked them aside. She opened her legs as if inviting me and I didn’t hesitate. My hand went down as my fingers found and touched her soaking wet sex. While knowing little about sex, I found myself instinctively probing with my fingers. Soon enough I found her hard swollen nub and began stroking it much to Mom’s delight. She moaned and gripped my rod even tighter as her hand moving faster. Sensing this was the right thing I quickly used my thumb on her nub and easily slipped two fingers inside her dripping sex. I couldn’t manavgat escort believe just how tight she felt as her body began gripping the objects of invasion. Her hand began moving faster as she moaned lustfully.

“Yes, oh fuck yes, finger me hard,” Mom gasped hunching her hips to my plunging fingers. “Jam your fingers in hard and fast and make me cum,” she moaned all the while fisting me faster.

Her body suddenly became rigid and I felt the white hot burning of her climax on my fingers. Her hips thrust lewdly to my probing fingers as she released her orgasm. She became stiff and perfectly still, even her hand on my organ stopped as her climax overtook her. Slowly she began to relax and again pump my erection. I was almost begging for release and then it hit me.

“Oh fucking shit,” I groaned. “Mom, I’m gonna cum.” By own body went rigid as I felt my balls sucking up tight to my groin. I knew I was about to gush and gush I did, all over Mom’s hands and exposed breasts.

“Yes, baby,” Mom grunted while pumping even harder and faster. “Cum for Mommy and let me feel your hot cream on my body. Shoot your cream on my tits and all over my body,” she exclaimed doing all she could to extract it from me.

Half way through my climax I looked down in time to see Mom’s lips close around my still erupting cock. While I can’t speak of the size of other men I nevertheless was very proud of what I had as I watched her gulp and try to take all of me. I once used a ruler meant for schooling and found myself just a hair, pun intended, over nine inches and now I was watching my Mother trying to take it down her throat. Obviously she wasn’t used to an organ quite that long and thick as she soon began gagging, but just like a trouper she did her best, well over half. Seeing and feeling her taking me in her mouth seemed to force more from me than could have been expected as I more than filled her throat and mouth. Quickly I could see the thick oozing of my creamy seed slipping from her tightly clamped lips, but still she didn’t stop until my orgasm ended. At that time she lifted her face, licked her face clean with the help of her fingers and made sure none of my seed was left on my rapidly deflating organ.

“Well, Jack my son, now you know something of what my milk is like and I know all about your ball milk. I don’t know about you, but just love the taste of your ball juice and hope to have more someday.”

Nothing more was said or done in the few weeks she had left before delivering her baby. Months before Dad had made arraignments with the Eskimo village for a mid-wife to attend Mom when the baby was close. He finally brought her to our wilderness home and there she was to remain until the baby and Mom were well settled. Two weeks later I was the proud brother of a healthy baby sister. She was named Sally in honor of Mom’s long dead sister whom I had never met.

Chucknut, the Eskimo woman Dad had brought as mid-wife, nursed baby Sally for the next few days. I was surprised she would or could do something like that until Dad explained to me her youngest was only three years old. Now to me that seemed a bit old, but Dad again explained a few facts of life to me. In the far North with the Eskimo’s it was very common for a mother to nurse her young until they were five or six years old. It was their way of ensuring the child would survive if the harsh environment.

For some reason Mom’s milk didn’t come in as expected and that left Chucknut to nurse my baby sister. Day after day, Dad had gone back to the mine, I watched in fascination as Chucknut would open her top and quite latterly haul hour her huge sagging breast. At no time would she fully expose, as I soon learned, both breasts at the same time let alone expose all of her upper body. Still I couldn’t have cared less as I was enthralled just seeing her huge milk laden boob as she raised Sally to her nipple. It didn’t seem to bother her in the least that I was there watching her the whole time. I have since learned such things are common among small villages around the world. Imagine if you will, being in most of what is called the civilized world and at any time seeing a woman releasing her milk filled breast to allow her child to suckle. Why if that were the case, I’m sure there would be many more rapes than any police force could handle, or would there?

It was day three since Sally had come into our lives. She cried and Chucknut changed her diapers. It was feeding time and I was, as always, present. (Oh, you ask why I wasn’t helping Dad in the mine? I only have one lung owing to frostbite. It happened eight years before and the effected lung was removed. Since that time I can‘t spend more than half an hour outside in the frigid cold.) Chucknut open half of her top while holding baby Sally. She seemed to be having some trouble and I moved closer to help. I thought she would have me hold my sister, but that wasn’t what she wanted.. Chucknut spoke no English and I no Eskimo so through sign motions she let me know what was needed. Her top was twisted and I opened it the rest of the way. She was tightly holding Sally and nodded her head towards her chest. I gulped as I knew what she wanted. My hand shook as it slipped inside her fur lined top, grappled her huge heave breast and pulled it out into the open. Her skin was hot and the globe very pliant. Without even trying my fingers dug deeply into her flesh as I did what was required.

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