Mid-life Crisis

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Kath sat back in her chair and tried to ignore her daughter’s giggling and concentrate on the Crime drama on the TV. Jennifer was wrapped around her new boyfriend Adam on the sofa and as he whispered in her ear again, Jenny let out a little squeal and hit him playfully on the chest. It was getting on Kath’s nerves and she shot her daughter an annoyed glare, but neither Jenny or Adam were even looking in her direction. As they ignored her Kath continued to look in their direction, she saw her daughter give her boyfriend a small peck on the cheek and then whisper something to him. He smiled broadly and Kath noticed how Jenny’s hand brushed lightly over Adam’s groin. He tensed, she noticed and turned his head toward the TV, just as Jenny kissed him on the neck and brought her hand back towards her, touching him again. As she did that Jenny’s head started to turn towards her, Kath quickly turned to the TV, keeping an eye on her daughter with her peripheral vision. When Jenny was satisfied she was watching TV, she turned back to her boyfriend and Kath turned her head again towards them.

Jenny had lifted her leg off Adam’s lap and had put her legs up on the sofa. Kath realised she had done this because it gave her easier access to Adam’s groin and she watched as her daughter rested her hand in Adam’s lap. Adam was doing his best to keep an eye on the TV just in case she looked over at them, Kath guessed, but it was clear to Kath that Jenny’s hand’s proximity to his penis was distracting him. Kath thought about coughing or getting up to go and make a drink, to make her daughter stop but she caught sight of a slight bulge in Adam’s jeans and decided against it. She watched her daughter’s fingers move over the bulge in Adam’s jeans and saw how it twitched under her touch and grow a bit more. Again she thought she needed to do something or say something just so that Jenny remembered she was there, but something within her didn’t want the moment to stop. She turned away again to the TV, but couldn’t resist looking back. Jenny’s hand had moved away slightly and Adam’s cock was now clearly visible straining against the denim. After what seemed an age , Kath shook herself and managed to take her eyes off her daughter’s boyfriends bulging jeans. She stood up and made to leave the room.

“Where are you going Mom?” Jenny asked.

“Ummm I’ll be back in a minute, just need to go to the bathroom.”

Kath walked down the hallway and into the bathroom, leaning her back against the door as she closed it behind her. She took a few deep breathes, but then knew she had to get her own jeans down quickly. She unzipped them and pushed them down and her panties quickly followed. She sat down onto the toilet and her fingers had only just found her pussy, when the orgasm shot through her. She sat there and her cum squirted into the pan as the picture of Adam’s bulging jeans turned into a picture of Adam’s erect cock in her mind. She sat back, leaning against the cistern as her orgasm eased off.

When it was all over, Kath couldn’t believe what she had done. Jenny had brought a number of boys back to the house over the years, but Kath had never felt this way before.

She initially felt disgusted with herself as she started to re-dress, but she was a woman who’d had to resort to masturbation for the past 4 years and the sight of a 19 year olds cock bulging in tight jeans would have had the same affect on many women she decided. As she opened the bathroom door she also reasoned that before now Jenny’s boyfriends had all been just that boys, but Adam was different. He was tall, over 6 feet and had a powerful athletic build, he also sported a little goatee beard which made him look a bit older and Kath thus saw him more as a man than a boy.

As Kath walked back down the hallway she wondered if the two of them would have taken advantage of her absence. Would she go back and find Jenny sucking him off perhaps?

When Kath got back into the lounge, Jenny was lying on the sofa and Adam was sitting at her feet and Kath noticed that the bulge was no longer there. Had Jenny made him cum? Or had they seen sense and tried to cool their passions? The second seemed more likely and Kath was surprised how disappointed she was that Adam was no longer hard.

That night as Kath lay in bed alone, she couldn’t get the mental picture of Adam’s bulging jeans out of her mind. All she kept thinking about was Jenny’s hand resting on his groin and in her head it quickly changed to her hand wrapped round his throbbing cock. God he was only 19, she shouldn’t be thinking like this, it was sordid, but she couldn’t help herself. For an hour she tormented herself, trying to think about other things, but in the end it was no good. She moved her right hand down and inside her panties. Slowly she worked a finger past her labia and started to stimulate her clit. As she worked herself up, her left hand moved to her right breast and soon she was masturbating furiously;

“Ohh Adam, Adam,” she whispered, “Yes darling that’s izmir escort bayan good, yes play with me.”

Her excitement built and she pulled her hand away from her breast and switched on the bed-side light. She leaned over the bed and reached for a small cardboard box underneath, pulling it into view. She quickly removed the photo albums in it to reveal a smaller box underneath. She opened that and pulled out a 6 inch pink vibrator. The vibrator hummed as she switched it onto a low setting. Within a second it was vibrating against her pussy lips as Kath started to peak towards another orgasm. As her juices started to flow, she inserted the vibrator into her cunt and let out a little low groan.

“Yes, Adam, fuck me, fuck me you naughty boy.”

She moved the vibrator in and out of her pussy as she imagined her daughter’s boyfriend on top of her fucking her passionately. She carried on fucking herself until her arm ached and she then imagined his young body collapsing on her as he filled her with his spunk.

When she had calmed down she felt so guilty, but she knew that maybe the next night she would do it all over again.

As the days went by Kath found herself longing for the evening to come around. Both Adam & Jenny worked in a department store in town during the day, but they spent most evenings in the week at Kath’s house. She would make them supper and let them watch what they wanted on TV, just so they would hang around. Kath started to feel like a love sick teenager herself and loved it when Adam spoke to her.

Just the words “That was a great Spag Bol Mrs Clarke,” were enough for her heart to skip a beat.

Each evening she sat on her chair and let the two young lovers have the sofa and hoped that her daughter would seek to arouse her boyfriend.

One evening Adam turned up later than Jenny because he had been out playing tennis with a friend. Jenny let him in and he came into the lounge wearing a pair of tennis shorts and a polo shirt. He collapsed onto the sofa as Jenny fetched him the meal Kath had cooked and left being kept warm in the oven.

After the meal, Jenny again snuggled up to her boyfriend and with 1 eye on the TV and the other on them, Kath waited to see what transpired.

It didn’t take long for her daughter to start feeling randy and Kath watched as Jenny’s fingers toyed with the bottom of Adam’s shorts. Jenny shot her Mom a quick glance, but Kath had become skilful in her voyeurism. Thinking her Mom was engrossed in the TV, Jenny’s hands worked their way up the leg of Adam’s shorts. He muttered something which Kath didn’t hear, but she did hear Jenny say “Shhhh it’s okay.”

Kath watched as Jenny’s hand disappeared and as it had the desired effect on Adam. His shorts were much looser than his jeans and thus, as his cock grew, it stood out much prouder than Kath had seen before.

She felt that lovely familiar tingle in her own groin and her pussy started to moisten as she stared at Adam’s lovely young cock encased in his shorts.

Adam was obviously uncomfortable and he whispered something to Jenny and shifted on the sofa so that he half turned away from Kath. Her heart sank and again she felt so stupid & filthy as she rationalised her thoughts. She wanted to see his hard cock jutting out against his tennis shorts and the fact that now she couldn’t, upset her. It was like she was jealous, Jenny was so close and could probably still see his manhood straining against the cotton material, but she had been denied that and it hurt. She turned her attention back to the TV and tried not to think about him or the ache in her groin, but it was no good lust was taking over in her mind and she decided that she needed some manual relief.

Kath found herself once more sitting on the toilet seat rubbing the nub of her clit, and wishing Adam was there to watch. As she lost herself in her fantasy a dirty idea crossed her mind.

“God! that’s disgusting Kath,” she said to herself. However the more she thought of it, the more frantic her fingers moved in her pussy.

She got up from the toilet and took a small plastic beaker from the top of the bathroom cabinet. She held it in her right hand and went back to work on her pussy with her left, as she mulled over the possible results of her idea in her mind, she felt the wonderful sensation she always had just before she squirted her cum from her pussy. Her right hand quickly went down between her legs and Kath’s cum spurted into the beaker.

She was shaking as she pulled her panties and jeans back up as she decided to put her plan into action. Leaving the cup in the bathroom, well hidden, she went back to the lounge.

“How about I fetch you guys a drink,” she said.

Jenny turned towards her,

“That’d be great Mom, how about 2 orange juices.”

“Sure honey.”

Kath turned and made for the kitchen but firstly went to the bathroom. She collected the beaker and hurried into the kitchen, placing it in the sink. She then collected escort izmir the juice from the fridge and 2 glasses.

Her heart was racing and she felt so nervous as she dipped her fingers into the cum filled beaker and then wiped those fingers around the rim of one of the glasses.

“Want to taste my juice Adam?” she murmured to herself.

She then poured juice into both glasses and added a splash of her cum to Adam’s glass, stirring it in. She was about to pick both glasses up when an even more wicked thought shot into her head. She picked the beaker up again and dropped some of its contents into Jenny’s glass too.

“You can drink Mommy’s juice too, bitch.”

She poured away the rest of the contents of the beaker, picked up both glasses and went back to the lounge. She handed the drinks to Jenny & Adam, noting that his erection had dissipated and sat back down. Adam held his cup for a few seconds and then lifted it to his lips.

“Would he smell her cum? Did he even know what female cum smelt like? Would he be able to taste it?”

She watched as Adam placed his lips on the rim of the glass and took a long drink.

Kath smiled to herself, “If only you knew dear boy.”

She watched her daughter do the same and thought how disgusting she was giving Jenny her cum to drink, but at the same time she felt her cunt moisten as she imagined Adam & Jenny together with their heads between her legs taking turns to lap at her sopping wet pussy.

The two of them eventually drained their glasses and Kath couldn’t help feeling so horny knowing that her daughter and her boyfriend had both drank her cum that evening.

That night in bed, Kath’s normal fantasy turned into a threesome fantasy, as for the first time she imagined sharing Adam with Jenny, but also sharing Jenny with Adam. Her heart raced as she thought about Jenny’s young body and imagined stroking her daughter’s breasts and touching her pussy.

As she masturbated with those thoughts in her mind, she orgasmed over and over, imagining the three of them in some wild sex orgy.

The next morning Kath still felt so hot & sexy. Her last sexual act with another human being had been 4 years earlier, when, after Jenny’s father had cleared off, she’d had a one night stand with a guy from the office. It had been a desperate attempt at finding fulfilment, only her one night lover had been useless. He was 10 years older than her and 60 pounds overweight and had not had a woman himself in a number of years. Thus any foreplay was virtually non-existent and he had lasted about a minute and a half fucking her until he collapsed in a sweaty heap on top of her. It was enough to put Kath off sex for a long while. Eventually needs must and she had taken to relieving herself firstly with her own hands and then she had bought a vibrator over the Internet. So for the last few years, normally once a week, she would relieve her frustration and that would be that.

Now, though, she was feeling so different, it was like she had been given a sex pill and she couldn’t stop thinking about it, even after she had brought herself off.

She tried to calm down and went to the kitchen to rustle up some breakfast. Jenny was already there, sitting at the breakfast bar munching her through a bowl of cereal. Kath looked at her daughter and noticed, maybe for the first time in a while, what a fantastic body she had. Kath was fortunate to have a nice pair of tits, 36DD and she was thinking Jenny was not too far off now, maybe a 34D, she’d have to check out one of Jenny’s bras for the size. Anyway her tits looked very good under the long white T-Shirt Jenny wore for bed and as Kath looked she could easily make out her daughter’s nipples.

“You okay Mom?”

The voice brought Kath out of her daze.

“What, oh yeah, fine love.”

“Only you looked miles away then,” Jenny said.

Kath felt like bashing her head against a wall.

“What was she doing looking at her daughter like that, I must be mad,” she thought to herself.

Kath made herself a coffee and put some bacon in to fry. Meanwhile Jenny left the kitchen to get ready for work.

After breakfast Kath went for a shower. Jenny had left for work and she was alone in the house.

In the bathroom she wondered if Jenny had put her bra in the linen basket, she really wanted to know what size she was wearing these days.

She opened the hamper and smiled. Jenny’s white lacy bra lay on top ready for the wash. She picked it up and checked the size on the label “34D”, she had been right. She held Jenny’s bra in her hand and then noticed that Jenny’s white lacy panties were also in the hamper. She put the bra down and lifted her daughter’s panties out. She found herself shaking again and before she realised what was happening she had lifted Jenny’s panties to her face. She smelt her daughter’s aroma, inhaling the musky scent of Jenny’s young pussy. Again seemingly unconsciously she flicked out her tongue and licked the gusset of her izmir escort 19 year old daughter’s panties. Her taste buds came alive with the taste of her daughter. Whatever Jenny had secreted into her knickers Kath was now tasting and it was wonderful, and as she licked them again, her legs shook and her cum dribbled down her leg as she wet her own knickers.

A week later, Kath’s mind was in a turmoil, she was masturbating twice a day and every fantasy she had involved her daughter Jenny and her boyfriend, Adam. She had done the cum in the juice thing on two more occasions and was also using Jenny’s panties as a masturbation aid. The day before she had gone to work wearing a pair of black lacy knickers that Jenny had worn the day before and she had felt wonderful.

A month earlier she had been a normal forty something Mom, who dismissed any sexual advances towards her and shook her head disapprovingly at the sexual innuendo in the office, now she felt like a horny slut every day and she couldn’t get to grips why.

Anyway she had to stop thinking about it, there was work to be done and her boss had sent her some important documents via Internal E mail that had to be sorted and checked and made ready for a client in the morning. When Kath opened the documents on her PC she realised that she wouldn’t be leaving at 5 that night. She therefore picked up her cell phone and sent a text message to Jenny telling her she would be late home and to get herself something for supper.

Jenny sent a text straight back asking her what time she thought she would be in. Kath looked back at the amount of work and simply pressed the 9 button and sent it.

At 7.45pm Kath pulled her car onto the drive. Thankfully she had managed to get things done far quicker than she thought she would. She opened up the front door and walked into the house and made straight for the kitchen. As she stood in the kitchen drinking a glass of milk, she heard a little yelp. She was puzzled and walked back into the hallway, as she stood there looking up and down the hall, she heard a low moan and a “Yes.”

The noise had come from Jenny’s bedroom. Kath’s heart skipped a beat as she listened intently. She could hear Jenny’s voice but couldn’t make out what she was saying, she walked to the door and put her ear against it.

“Oh baby that’s good, yes, lick me, Mmmmm don’t stop.”

Kath found herself shaking slightly, the Ohhs and Ahhs continued and it didn’t take a genius to work out that Adam was in bed with her daughter, probably with his head between her legs.

“Yes babe, more, more, I want to cum in your mouth.” Kath heard Jenny say.

Kath was torn, should she walk away or should she listen, should she go in?

No the last option was ridiculous or was it?

Kath could feel the war going on inside her as her excitement rose as she listened to the two young lovers.

“Baby come and give me some more of that big cock of yours,” Jenny groaned.

Kath again felt slightly jealous as she imagined Jenny’s lips wrapped around Adam’s hard cock.

It was Adam’s turn to moan now.

“Yeah that’s good bitch, suck me hard.”

Kath could feel the tension in her rising, she could feel her pussy lips glistening with wetness, part of her wanted to walk away, the other wanted to burst in the room and make both of them pleasure her.

In the end lust got the better of her and she carefully eased Jenny’s bedroom door open. She stepped in and faced the bed. Jenny was lying on her side with her back to the door. Adam was kneeling on the bed facing the door. Jenny was obviously sucking Adam’s cock, even though Kath couldn’t see it. As she stared, Adam opened his eyes and looked right at her. His eyes went wide and his jaw dropped but Kath quickly held up a hand and then put a finger vertically against her lips and pursed her lips in a silent Shush. A slight smile flickered across Adams face as he realised that his girlfriend’s Mom wasn’t there to tell them off, but to watch.

The slurping noise of Jenny sucking Adam was very loud inside the room and Kath wished she could see better, so she tentatively walked to the foot of the bed. She noticed that Adam shifted a bit and she thus had a great view of the length of his cock. The last inch or so was firmly between her daughter’s lips and she was using her right hand to jerk him off at the same time. Adam reached down and started to stroke Jenny’s left breast, never taking his eyes off Kath. Kath watched as he mauled her tit, roughly pinching at her huge nipple and she wished it was hers. After a minute of that Adam reached for his cock and eased it out of Jenny’s mouth. She moaned softly and he preceded to rub it against her face, letting Kath see all of it at the same time. It was oozing pre-cum and he left a trail across Jenny’s face as she licked and kissed every inch of him.

Kath had unbuttoned her trousers and silently they fell to the floor. Her hand reached into her lacy pale green panties and she stared to rub her pussy lips as she watched Adam rub his cock against her daughter’s face.

“Rub my tits with it,” Jenny said.

Adam just said “Sure babe,” and he pulled her over even more on her side, so she still couldn’t see her Mom.

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