Memoirs of Youth: Me and G

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Memoirs of Youth: A First Adult Relationship

The following story is a recount of a first adult (sexually adult) relationship. Depicting true memories of the past with a little bit of creative license thrown in, all names are fictitious.

All characters are 18+ years old.


At 18 years of age and studying at college for a diploma in electrical engineering (something that would later bear no real relevance to my current job title) I considered myself to be an average type of guy overall. I played sports that kept me in a relatively good physical shape, I’ve never owned a six pack unfortunately but I’m impressed with the committed individuals that can sustain that physique. I on the other hand keep myself toned but I do like to indulge myself. If asked to describe myself I would use the line ‘I’m tall, dark and open to constructive criticism!’

At 6fT 2″ tall I am happy with my vertical profile: my long legs, broad shoulders, strong chest and arms sum up my best physical attributes I would say along with the ‘big brown eyes’ that seem to be the most commented on feature from the opposite sex.

Leading up to this point in time in my life I had developed a strong interest in women and was no stranger to sexuality, I had already lost my virginity.

The allure of the female form and the differences between the sexes had always intrigued me. I have always been a very curious person and somewhat playfully so too.

The first time that I had met Grace was at her house where she lived with her parents and her sister Ashley. It was a large modern Victorian detached house with a driveway that stretched all the way to the back of the house and led down to their fantastic garden that stretched back roughly a third of a football field’s distance. It was a brilliant place to host parties and get togethers, and when their parents were away they always made use of the extra freedom. We all had friends in common locally and from the high school days, which is how I first came to encounter Grace.

Grace was slightly older than me at 19 years of age which I was somewhat unaccustomed to at the time. Up until then I had only ever really socialised with and dated women around my own age (curiosity piqued already). Her sister Ashley was my age, 18 but a few months younger than myself. Although they were sisters it was only the subtleties in their features that could identify them as so: the soft curves of the cheek bones, the shape their lips made when they smiled and the occasional mannerisms in their movements. Ashley was the more slender of the two, blonde hair that would not quite manage to reach down to her breasts which at a guess I would have said 30C’s. She was slightly taller than Grace at around 5ft 7″ with bright blue eyes, in contrast to Grace’s light brown gems.

Grace had beautiful brown hair that flowed down just passed shoulder length which was often tinted with blonde highlights, as it was at that time, framing the pale complexion of her face. She had a shapely hourglass figure that was a pleasure for the eyes. The kind that can only be appreciated fully by touch.

She stood at 5ft 5″ tall with curves in all the right places. Her breasts would be at the forefront of most guys’ minds, they were 34F’s and always stole the show at first glance. She wore them proudly and always portrayed an air of confidence, which made me wonder if they were the reason for it.

Attraction is never just based on one singular trait though and for me I can only describe Grace as having that certain ‘way’ about her that drew me to her. Her breasts were just one of her many interesting features. She had her own style and quirky personality that she owned comfortably, making her seem so much more mature for her age.

After a few encounters at gatherings around her house I quickly found out that she was, like me, single. We exchanged those usual glances across the room at each other and general interactions during the times I was at her house, I also picked up on similar looks emanating from Ashley who was also single at the time which was very unexpected, although looking back I think that the attraction of ‘the new guy’ played a part. Ashley was so lovely, gorgeous too. However, Grace had my eye, which as I say was purely down to her having that ‘way’ about her that had me transfixed.

Then it happened, one night when I was around her house again for yet another get together in a short space of time, we came together to talk by the sliding door at the back of the house. By this time we had already figured out that we were both interested in one another through the matchmaking conversations of our friends.

We stepped outside the sliding door and closed it shut behind us, the sudden cancellation of noise was striking. It heightened the senses and we were fully in the moment. Alone at last, the force of attraction (and our friends) had brought us together. We spoke briefly (saying what? I do not know). Our hands touched and fethiye escort then I slid mine to the small of her back. I have always let the woman initially take the lead during first encounters like this and still do to this day. I prefer knowing that it is truly what she wants, at the risk of sacrificing the attraction of assertiveness.

Grace immediately sensed this, promptly gathering up my hands from her sides and placing them directly onto her large breasts as we kissed each other passionately for the very first time. The muffled sounds of our friends’ adulations for our coming together made us laugh as we knew we were in full view through the glass door.

This first base interaction with Grace was everything I could have wished for. It gave me the confidence I needed to be myself with her and the moment of this first kiss along with her assertiveness provided me with so much more information than any words that were spoken beforehand.

We soon started dating after that night and I was introduced to her parents along with the usual formalities that came with being in a new relationship. When we kissed it was always so passionate, so intense. It felt electric when our lips and our bodies touched. The soft caresses of her skin and the intoxicating scent of her perfume would send my heart racing and my blood flowing. We would grip each other tighter and kiss each other more forcefully as the moments heated up. She would feel my hard erection pressed in between us as we kissed and would reach down to rub her hand over the outside of my jeans where my cock was caged. I would stroke the soft skin of her arms, fondle her breasts and rub my fingers between her legs over her clothes.

We had numerous occasions like this, each one building us up more and more to the first time that we would get our chance to be alone together properly..

The more things built up and the more I got to know Grace and how we were when we were together the more I knew that when we finally did have sex it would be passionate and intense. Her confidence and how comfortable she was with me relaxed me and we could just lose ourselves in the moments together.

Finally, the time had come, her parents were out of town for the weekend and Grace invited me to stop over the night. Her and her sister had our friends around and we socialised for a while until we decided it was time to have an ‘early night’. There were no doubts in everyone else’s minds as to why we had excused ourselves early from our Friday night get together, leaving Ashley to entertain the guests for the remainder of the evening.

Grace led me by the hand away from our guests and up into her bedroom. Closing the door behind us we embraced yet again in another incredible kiss. She always felt so good. Her lips were so soft and became increasingly moist with each touch of our tongues. That soft yet firm feeling of her breasts pushed up against me as I held her head in my hands and pressed her back to the wall beside the door.

The now accustomed build up had entered the primal stages. She pulled me harder into her against the wall, my straining erection pressed up against her as I brought my right hand down to her left breast, kneading it slightly in my hand through the soft material of the light grey cashmere poncho she was wearing. Her clothing always accentuated the senses of our moments of passion and in those moments everything about her was euphoric.

She then broke the kiss and we stared longingly into each other’s eyes for a brief moment. Kissing again once more, hard and quick, she then led me excitedly towards her bed.

She had a large bedroom with a metal framed king sized bed being the focal point of the room. A row of fitted wardrobes adorned with full length mirrors to the right of the bed and a bay window to the left. Her bedroom was spectacular and still probably one of the nicest I have ever frequented. It was bright outside that night and the tall street lamp on the road in front of her house provided streaks of light through the large windows, reflecting back as well off the mirrored wardrobe. This all added to the sensory elements of that night with her, it felt like a dream.

She had denied me the opportunity of removing her poncho (one which I had been fantasising about in the build up) as it was swiftly lifted up over her head and discarded in a flash as she approached the bed, revealing a tight black strappy tank top beneath. I had already removed the T-shirt I was wearing and flung it in the same direction that her clothes had headed in.

The tank top had now gone too and she was left in just her bra and jeans. She wore a lacy black bra, partly see-through in places with little white ribbon bows on it, which I knew she would have spent a substantial amount of time to find as she had previously told me how difficult it could be for her to get a bra she liked in her size.

Grace looked stunning as I watched her wriggle her jeans down past her gorgeous escort fethiye pale thighs to the floor, revealing the matching panties that made up the lingerie set. The black and white contrast between her pale skin, the fabric and the light and shadows in the room was a vision, dream-like in nature. The movement of her breasts as she disrobed was exquisite.

She looked up at me with a cheeky smile and then down at my jeans with a hint of a frown which snapped me out of my voyeuristic trance. I quickly unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans and then piled them on top of hers. I was sporting a pair of my black Calvin Klein boxer shorts (very original of me) and I had pushed my erection downwards as I had taken off my jeans which now pointed out directly to the floor towards Grace under the strain of the cotton fabric.

Both down to our underwear we now came together once again at the side of the bed, this time my hard erection felt so much freer and closer to her. Grace’s breasts once again pressed hard into me as we kissed again passionately. The sense of touch heightened even more so now we were semi naked.

We moved up onto the bed, kneeling in front of one another as we continued to kiss and caress.

Somewhere in between having her pressed up against the wall and that moment thoughts of purely fucking had dissipated and a softer, slower approach had entered into my mind and her demeanor seemed to have changed from the confident in control personality I had up until now been used to. She now gave off a softer, more submissive vibe which added all the more to my curiosity about her.

The tone shifted now as we continued to kiss gently, extending the length of each kiss as our breathing settled into a less erratic state. I had one hand in her hair and the other slowly caressing the curve down from her hip across to her soft round ass, squeezing it firmly each time we pressed into one another. She had both her hands poised on my ass with her thumbs slowly creeping under the waistband of my boxer shorts.

She then pulled my boxers down slowly to the bed, releasing my hard cock that had been aching to be free from the moment we entered the room, my foreskin partially retracted back over the head of my cock with the strength of my erection. Simultaneously I had reached up and unhooked her bra, which was tightly clasped together under the pressure from the large pair of tits it was supporting.

She held her arms out as I removed the bra and unveiled her beautiful large boobs. I watched in awe as they dropped free to the night air. Her pale breasts looked brilliant in the light shining in from the window, her nipples erect at the center, her large areolas wrinkled up in arousal. Her breasts felt so soft and heavy as I caressed them with both my hands.

‘They’re huge!’ I said, stating the obvious.

She giggled saying ”I know!’

I suddenly had the urge to kiss them. I kissed, licked and nibbled each one whilst she stroked her hand up and down the shaft of my cock. At just under 7″ when erect I’d say my cock is a little over average size, increasing in girth slightly towards the top of my shaft. Grace noted this as she slowly rotated her hand wider as she glided it up and down my length, caressing the head with the tips of her fingers.

‘I can’t wait to feel you inside me!’ She said as I noted her strokes starting to increase in speed. I could tell that she was as painfully horny as I was.

So after spending some time getting myself acquainted with Grace’s naked bosom I moved my hands down over the black lace panties. (Now I may have been painfully horny but I still like to tease just a little.) So I slowly ran my fingernails up the inside of her thighs as we kissed passionately again, my cock still throbbing in her hand, our breathing increasingly heavier. I nibbled on her ear lobe and kissed and nibbled her neck ever so softly.

In teasing her, I also teased myself. Her moans of pleasure and the slight exhales of breath coincided with my fingertips tracing her inner thighs and the nibbling of her ear. I traced my fingers slowly up to her panties, rubbing them up and down the lips of her pussy over the lacy fabric. I could feel how wet she was and she could feel my precum as she continued to stroke my cock, lubricating the head and shaft with it, sliding my foreskin back and forth over the head.

‘Have you got a condom?’ She whispered in my ear between moans.

‘Yes, I’ll get it.’ I replied. (I would find out a little later on in the relationship that she was on birth control but she always took precautions before getting to know someone better.)

I moved off the bed and completely removed my underwear as I scrambled to find my jeans and the condom I had with me. She shifted the covers aside and lay down on the bed.

On my return, to my delight she hadn’t yet removed her panties. I wanted to be the one to slowly pull them down and reveal her pussy and see all of her up close for the first time, fethiye escort bayan unwrapping my gift.

I climbed back onto the bottom of the bed, condom in hand, cock and balls swinging freely. Grace was sitting up slightly on her elbows staring down at me with a seductive smile, her breasts squeezed together slightly, totally oblivious to how perfect she looked.

Reaching up and staring into her beautiful eyes, appearing almost jet black now, I pulled down her underwear achingly slow. Just seeing the wetness of her pussy cling onto her panties as they parted from her lips was so erotic. She lifted her hips up for me to remove them more easily. The scent of her pussy was an aphrodisiac, hitting me with a wave of arousal. My intentions of immediate penetration were washed away, I just had to taste her!

Grace had a pussy with prominent inner lips, it looked stunning, all on show and glistening before me. I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and buried my face between them. She instantly gripped the back of my head, pulling me to her as I erratically flicked my tongue all over her pussy with short fast licks and sucking french kisses, it was fantastic. The taste of her juices in my mouth and the intoxicating female scent was such a turn on! With my arms hooked around her legs I brought my hands down over the neat patch of dark pubic hair to her pussy, spreading her lips open and pulling back the hood to expose her clit. I tongued her clit with long slow strokes and felt her head fling back onto the bed as her moans intensified. She pulled my head harder into her briefly before she brought her head back up and pulled my face up to her.

‘I need you inside me, now!’ she panted insistently.

No more teasing. I came up to my knees in front of her, my cock raging. I took the condom out of the wrapper and sheathed my cock with it as she watched on intently. She smiled as I moved up over her body to plant a deep wet kiss on her lips, I knew she could taste herself on mine (it was the first time I’d ever done that, provoking so many hot thoughts.)

As my cock approached her waiting pussy, we both looked down to witness the moment of it sliding in, the wonderful moment we had built up to all evening. Gripping my cock I placed the head down onto her clit and then slowly slipped it downwards parting her gorgeous wet lips and then entering her slowly. Once my cock was half way inside her I thrust forward. Every inch of my cock was now buried inside her and we both gave out a moan of satisfaction in unison. The warm wet depths of her pussy felt incredible.

A curious thought entered my mind, ‘How would this feel without the condom? Even better? Surely it would be. I’d probably explode instantly!’

I started off with long, deep strokes in and out and she lay back beneath me with her legs half wrapped around me. Her large breasts spread out either side of her chest now, shimmying up and down with each pump of my cock. We stared deeply into each others eyes, my arms in a press up position on the bed and hers wrapped around my

neck. The intensity started to build as I pumped my cock harder and faster inside her. My balls were tight and wet with her juices.

I raised back up onto my knees, hooked my arms underneath her legs and continued to fuck her. Yes, it had escalated to fucking now! We were both in ecstasy, moaning in pleasure with

each motion. ‘How did it feel for her? What did my cock feel like for her?’ I was so curious about all these things. All I knew was that it was giving her pleasure, the sound of her moans were bringing me to the edge faster. It really did it for me, the thought that I was making her moan was overwhelming. Were it not for the condom I knew I would have already shot my load inside her.

I thrust my hips back and forth rhythmically, feeling each and every stroke and sensation of her pussy. The walls of her vagina squeezed my cock so tightly.

Then it hit me!

The first warning that I was almost there!

My balls tightened, the brief shockwave of heat and tingles flowed through the whole of my body. It forced me to lay back on top of her now, my head to the side of hers, my sharp panting breaths in her ear. I moved my arms up underneath hers so that I could grip tightly on her shoulders for leverage as I pulled her down onto me, pumping harder and faster up into her.

Knowing now that I was nearing climax I didn’t hold anything back, she sensed it too and we fucked faster and faster. In and out, up and down. I felt so deep inside her, so close to her with every stroke, as close as I could possibly be to her.

Her moans became even louder, so visceral. I felt her juices flowing from her pussy, my balls were so wet with them.

Then it hit me again! Waves of ecstasy! Again and again! It was the whole combination that did it, all of the senses. The feeling of my cock pistoning in and out of her dripping wet cunt.

The skin on skin contact. Our hot sweaty bodies pressed so close together. Her breasts squished against my chest. The scent of sex in the air mingled with her perfumed hair. The sounds of her orgasm and the blood pumping through my body, enhanced it all for that one special moment.

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