Meeting Up

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They had been chatting and flirting via the internet for a few months and had built up a nice relationship with some sexy photos and stories being passed between them.

At last they had decided to meet and had both booked into a nice hotel on neutral ground for the Saturday night. With the deluxe suites living up to expectations they finally met in the bar at 7pm, each couple nervous of finally meeting face to face.

They shouldn’t have worried as everybody relaxed and chatted like long lost friends over a drink or two. Michelle and Hev were dressed up in high heels and skirts which had been agreed upon prior to the meeting to make sure neither was under or over dressed for the occasion.

However under their skirts was another matter to which both men could only wonder what delights were covered up and each hoped the evening would reveal all.

As they went to have the meal the conversation ebbed and flowed and as first one, then another bottle of wine slipped down, everybody’s inhibitions loosened as well, and soon the talk was of erotic meetings and fantasies.

It was such a liberating experience to be so sexually eager with another couple that the tension was palpable, and each knew the evening would be entertaining.

The bar was crowded and they decided to move to more secluded area which would offer them a higher degree of privacy, which was fine by all of them as they were all intent on forgetting the house and family and being as risqué as they dare. Settled into a partially hidden alcove the four of them sat and chatted and it was Keith who suggested a game of truth or dare to which they all agreed.

Hev couldn’t quite believe Keith when he asked her to chose a truth or dare question and Keith followed it up by asking her to describe her favourite fantasy.

Taking a sip from her drink she smiled and leaned back in the large chair, crossing her legs and flashing her silk lace tops to the other three before deciding on how far she could go with her tale of lust. She looked over at Michelle who gave her an encouraging smile and she began to tell her secret story.

‘I am in a special room which is split by a glass partition allowing me to see through and be seen by anyone else in the room. As I lay on the bed I hear a door open and two men enter the other half of the room, they come to the glass wall and stare at me sprawled out on the soft sheets.

I look up at them before deciding to ignore them, and reach over for my favourite vibrating friend. Feeling restricted I rise and go to the window separating us before slipping my dress to the floor, leaving me stood in high heels stockings and a daring and sensual basque.

The men gulp and I can see the first stirrings of arousal as my exposed body excites them, and I turn back and lay on the bed. Picking up the baby oil I liberally coat the plastic length with the slippery oil and flick the cock to life.

Its pulsating pleasure homes in on my barely covered nipples and I can feel them respond instantly as the rose buds harden and a sudden rush of pleasure floods my body as I look round to see the two men stripped down to their briefs.

As they cast lustful stares they are gripping their hard cocks and I watch as they grasp and caress themselves whilst I slowly open my legs. The nylons cling to my outstretched legs as the men gaze intently, desperate to see my wettening sex.

More oil is applied, this time dripped directly onto my ultra thin thong which makes it go near transparent and I wallow in the feeling of being so rude and exposed. My hand slips inside my pants and I can feel my own arousal married with the delicious slippery oil and I lazily start to rub my sensitive clit. By now I am lost in my own world as the pressure builds up and I continue to rub myself as the men watch and masturbate and I rise from the bed and bend over in front of them, slipping my thong off and discarding it carelessly as they edge closer to the glass partition.

I move forward as well and press myself against the cool glass, slipping my breasts free and showing off my hard nipples. The vibrator is pulsating inside my sex and this physical and visual stimulation sends me over the edge and I come once and then again as I loose all control.

The men are antalya escort now like savage beasts and they strip naked and offer their hard cocks to my glass protected mouth.

I drop to my knees, spreading my legs as I do so and suggestively lick the glass as they fruitlessly try to push themselves through to me. I see their urgency as two hot and hard cocks pulse and then explode their seed over the clear barrier, as I smile up at them, stand and saunter to the door, leaving them watching as I do so.

Everybody sat silent as Hev finished her tale until Phil gave a low whistle as they all looked at her and she gave a sexy smile back. It was Michelle who broke the ice and suggested another drink and calmly remarked she better go to the bar as Phil and Keith are indecent judging by the erections poking under their trousers.

With glasses re-filled it was Phils turn and he asked Michelle to choose a truth or forfeit, and was surprised when she asked for a forfeit. Phil pondered a while before telling her she had to have a series of erotic photos taken and that Keith would be the cameraman. At first she stuttered and protested but Hev pointed out that she had complied and Michelle should also.

Phil pulled out his camera and passed it to Keith and suggested they use their hotel room for the shots, and that he and Hev would wait here in the bar. Hev gave an encouraging wink to Keith, and Michelle and him trooped off arm in arm with Michelle laughing and saying that they may turn out hotter than Phil thought.

As Hev and Phil chatted away the next 45 minutes dragged until finally Keith and Michelle returned to the bar and it was noticeable both were looking a tad flushed and they swooped on their drinks and settled down in the chairs. The camera was passed to Phil, and Hev cuddled in to see the images on the small viewfinder as Keith explained each shot.

The first snap was a fun one, with Michelle raising her dress and showing off her stocking tops as they waited for the lift, followed by her dress being raised higher and higher until her pearl thong was clearly on show, the beads beautifully framing her shaven pussy as she stood legs spread.

The next shot was at the hotel door, where Michelle had pulled her top down to expose her hard nipples whilst lustfully licking her lips as Kieth snapped away.

Hev thought they looked so hot, that she was positively squirming in her seat as the next pic was shown, with Michelle stood by the window bent over and her dress bunched round her waist and her hand cupping her pussy suggestively.

A few more of the same followed then Phil and Hev sat open mouthed at the next shot of Michelle knelt down on the floor and a man was stood in front of her with his hard cock protruding through his fly. Phil looked up at Keith, who explained at the Hotel manager had called as a guest had complained about a woman exposing herself in the corridor. He had walked in to see Michelle touching her shaven mons and coughed politely before suggesting they should keep the locations of the pictures in the room.

Michelle had agreed then outrageously asked if he would pose with her for some sexy snaps if they promised him no photos would be taken of his face. At first he refused but Michelle sidled upto him and took his hand before slipping it under her skirt, and his fingers felt the sensual pearls of her thong as it parted her pussy lips and his resolve weakened.

Looking at the camera again Phil & Hev looked as Keith had caught Michelle slowly taking he Managers hardness in her red lined lips and the next 5 shots were of her lustfully sucking on his length as her eyes glanced at the lens.

Hev asked about the Manager and Michelle only smiled and suggested they look on at the other shots, which certainly lived upto her statement of being hot. The next photo was of Michelle with the managers head buried between her stocking clad legs and Keith had beautifully captured the look of pleasure on her face as the combination of pearl beads and his expert tongue sent her body in raptures of pleasure.

Phil by now was squirming himself, as he saw his wife being licked but his arousal was obvious especially to Hev who discretely but outrageously began to rub his cock through his trousers. Keith looked lara escort on as his once shy wife began to act in such a way and Keith could feel his own arousal surge. The next photos showed Michelle as she was licked and sucked and she was brought closer and closer to orgasm, until at last the final shot was of her arms outstretched with the manager and Keith sucking on each breast as she grasped both cocks in each hand.

Keith technically explained that they had used the timer on that one and the result was rather spectacular.

Michelle looked over to Phil and everybody agreed she had lived upto her forfeit so it was Michelle’s turn and she asked Phil to describe one of his many fantasies.

Phil had already had one of his main fantasies lived out right then by Michelle being photographed and was a first at a loss to top it but after a few sips of his G&T he settled back and told his tale.

It is a warm evening and Michelle and I are in a superb 5+ star hotel, the sun is setting and we are sat on the luxurious balcony sipping a glass of wine and relaxing, in our soft robes. We hear a knock on the door and I realise my surprise for Michelle has arrived and I open the door to find two Adonis’s stood with massage couch and oils.

I let them in and explain I have booked her a personal massage and that she must enjoy herself. She smiles and studies the two men closer and looks back to me and nods approvingly at the two blond hunks before her.

They offer no names but quickly set up the couch on the balcony and we dim the room lights to cast soft shadows as Michelle is led to the couch and lays face down on the lace pillow.

I meanwhile relax in the chair and watch the whole proceedings as her robe is removed and all three of us men look on as Michelle is shown wearing her beautiful black and gold bra and briefs which have been designed to show off her shaved sex and the 1/4 cup bra pushes her pert breasts forward.

The two men glance at each other and I notice the first stirrings of arousal as they warm the oil and begin to work on her shoulders, each masseur ensuring each and every knot is worked loose. Michelle purs with pleasure and offers no resistance as her bra is removed whilst she lays face down, only murmurs her approval as they continue their work.

As one is working on her back the other concentrates on her legs and with each slippery stroke his fingers move sensually nearer the inner of her thigh until Michelle can hardly stand the near touching of his hand.

They know she is becoming aroused by the whole experience and opens her legs automatically to ensure continued pleasure, which gives them the green light to progress.

They ask her to turn over and finally we all gaze at her moistening sex as she closes her eyes and they begin to work on her arms and lower legs, all the time moving closer and closer to her erogenous zones.

The first caress of her breasts causes her to sigh and her nipples harden beneath his touch as he gently circles and caresses the rose buds. Meanwhile his partner has parted her eager legs and the oil is dripped seductively over her waiting sex as his hands then begin to slide nearer and nearer her mons.

I watch as Michelles open fronted thong is slowly slipped off and the two men quickly strip naked, each displaying an impressively large hard cock with no trace of pubic hair between them.

The warm night breeze blows across her prone body and she opens her eyes to see both men either side of her and her hands reach out to grasp each prick as they edge closer to her. As she does so she marvels at the recklessness of it all and nearly laughs aloud as the cocks throb under her nibble wrist action.

As she continues to stroke them their hands descend onto her expectant pussy and she cries out in desire as they open her up and delve inside her velvet purse probing and edging her body closer to fulfilment.

By now I can see she is lost in her own world and the erotic spectacle of her being finger fucked fills my mind.

Michelle shudders and shouts her pleasure as she bucks and thrashes on the couch and finally she cums under their certain touch. The two men continue their caress slowly and delicately until Michelle regains manavgat escort control and they politely turn away to let her get down from the couch. As she does so she grins at me before moving over to the two naked men and leans over the balcony offering them her dripping pussy to fuck.

The men turn to me and I watch as the first man rolls on a condom and slips into her eager sex before thrusting his hard physique against her offered bottom. Each thrust sends further pulses of desire through her and she turns before taking the other man between her lips.

The scene is one that would grace any erotic movie and Michelle is clearly loving being on the receiving end of such a unexpected fucking that she cums again and again until her sex lips grip the embedded cock and she can feel it explode inside its latex covering.

She releases the other cock from her mouth before finally bringing him to orgasm by wanking him between her oil covered breasts and she feels his seed cover her nipples and tits as it shoots from his shaft, each twitch sending another stream of love over her.

Michelle lays there spent and content whilst the masseurs tidy up and leave, and she heads for the shower to clean up before coming back into the room.

I am still sat, and as she re-enters the room I notice she is wearing stockings, a very short skirt and near see through blouse and that she is holding a remote control that she passes to me. I realise this controls a tiny vibrator imbedded in her thong and I that I now have full control of her of her sexual desires. We head out to the bar and as we close the door she kisses me on the lips and thanks me for a wonderful surprise but follows it up by saying the night is still young and she is still feeling so naughty.

As Phil stops Hev, Keith and Michelle are on a sexually high and Michelle had followed Hev example and had discretely unzipped Keith whilst Phil was relating his story and was leisurely stroking him under the table. Everybody is so turned on by the turn of events that they can hardly wait to hear what Keith will say and so finally Hev asked Keith for his truth or forfeit.

He asked for the forfeit, so Hev dares him to take her outside and for him and Phil to enjoy her whilst Michelle watches. Keith looks up and sees the nods of approval so they all rise, and Phil grabbed the camera as well as Michelle and they find a secluded cubbie hole which turned out to be a summer house and was usually used for Wedding photos in the grounds.

Phil & Michelle looked in through a side window, as Hev wasted no time in summoning Keith over and kissing him passionately before turning round and slowly bending forward whilst drawing up her skirt. She opened her legs showing Keith her tiny thong that fitted tightly to her sex, and her hold up stockings framed her bottom beautifully and as she leant over she turned to him and whispered she wanted to be licked.

Keith obeys and his tongue goes to work on her moist sex as Phil and Michelle look on, enjoying the erotic sight of Hev being taken in this near public setting. Phil raises his camera and snaps a couple of exotic photos, but Hev is lost in another world as Keith’s tongue traces delicate and sensual paths over her shaven pussy.

Hev opens her eyes and beacons Phil over and soon his hard cock is quickly accepted into her willing mouth and she feels the wonderful sensation of having two men service her eager body.

Each lick and caress is heaven to her and just as she feels Keith’s tongue move away it is replaced by his hardness and she moans in utter pleasure as he slides inside her wetness, and begins to slowly but lovingly fuck her.

By now the three of them are past caring if anybody is looking and as she is taken she in turns sucks until they blur as one. Michelle remembers to record the moment but soon she is overcome by lust and she slips her hand beneath her skirt and she too feels the heat of passion as she touches her pussy whilst watching them go for it. Michelle feels her nipples harden and her own sex responds to her fingers as they work their magic on her cunt.

Finally Hev can last no longer and she cries out as her orgasm floods through her and Keith times himself to meet her moment with his own release as Phil moves away to find Michelle who grasps his hardness and finishes Phil off with her own quick and nimble mouth work.

Sated the four of them recover and straggle back to the lounge for refreshments before they all decide to head back to their rooms for some more erotic desires.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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