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I am not sure if it is the knowing what is going to happen or the actual act occurring that is more erotic. I was going return to the man I called “Daddy”.
Last week was our first time together after a few months of online banter. I had told him over those months some of my most base sexual secrets and our evening had progress along those lines. After entering his house and dispensing with the awkward first time conversation, I was told to get comfortable and quickly doffed my clothes and got on my knees in the subservient position. Daddy had stood in front of me with just enough distance between us that I was having to bend to shower kisses on the end of his hanging penis.

He took a few steps back and made me crawl towards him asking for his permission to continue sucking his cock. I was told to lick his balls and fell on them with a vigour that could be described as animalistic; they were a wonder, as big as plums and pendulous in a sac that was shorn of all hair. Opening my mouth I let one, then the other, slip in and proceeded to run my tongue all around them and applied just enough pressure with my lips to cause Daddy to moan appreciatively. Letting them pop out with a sound like a cork made Daddy’s knees buckle and without permission I swallowed his now erect penis. That was no small feat as he did not lie when he told me that he sported an 7″ long and 6″ thick cock.
All I did was put that wonderful cock deep in my throat and left it lie there. Breathing through my nose like a good cocksucker I waited for a response from Daddy, I stared him in the eyes and waited. He let me wait for what seemed an eternity and then pulled out until the head was brushing the back of my lips and then pushed all the way back in. I was waiting for him to do that and fell on his penis with some gusto which he took as a signal to furiously fuck my throat.

Not sure if anyone out there has been throat fucked while kneeling but that is a difficult position to be in and be able to please. I am a great cocksucker without a gag response but when my throat is being bullied the way Daddy was using mine, it is a task to continue swallowing any size cock. I put my hands on Daddy’s legs to slow him down knowing that I was in for some sort of discipline. I pulled back and lay down of the chesterfield with my head hanging over the arm and once again swallowed Daddy’s angry cock. I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him into my throat with no worries of him hurting me-not that it mattered to him at all! I was there for his pleasure and he was going to get all that he needed.

Daddy had my mouth and throat for a few moments and then he pulled out and let me hang there begging for more of his abuse. He gave me that discipline by grabbing my ears and forcing his cock all the way in my mouth so that his balls were resting in my eye sockets. He just left himself there for a few moments until he thought that I was ready illegal bahis and then just rocked his hips and once again was fucking my throat in a manner that had me drooling spit like a tap in a matter of minutes. Daddy took some pleasure in the fucking of my face when he started long dicking me; he had the entire length of his cock pulling out and pushing right back to the roots. My body was twitching and his balls were starting to tighten, my reward was imminent.
It was during these long strokes that he pinched my nose shut making breathing next to impossible. That seemed to make little difference to him and he was continuing to assault my mouth-I loved it!! I could feel his cock thicken and his balls pull tight but that is the last thing I remember because I passed out. Daddy told me he did not know I did and had continued to thrust in my mouth and said he came in a big way then realised I was out. All I know is that my mouth was sore in a great way and I had cum all over my face.

Daddy lifted me up off the chesterfield and let me get some air back into me. His display of affection was touching and I showed him how much I appreciated it by cleaning his cock and balls of all cum. He held my head tenderly on his cock and I knew what was coming next when he unloaded a stream of hot sweet piss down my throat and pulled out to let some dribble on my face and in my hair. I looked up at him with a loving glance and hummed as I swallowed his soft cock into me just loving it.

We took a quick nap and when I woke his cock was still in my mouth and getting hard again. Daddy had a different plan at this time and pulled his cock out of me, got off of the chesterfield and pulled me up with him. We made our way into his bedroom and he lovingly pushed me onto the bed. He told me to get on my hands and knees with my ass up in the air and I quickly did so. I could hear him rustling around and the next thing I knew my ass was on fire from the swat of the paddle hitting it. Daddy grabbed my hair pulling my head back and with the other hand stuffed a penis gag into my mouth. He tightened the strap and forced my head back down focusing his attention on my upright ass. Once again I could hear him moving around and waited for the paddle to strike instead I got a warm hand spreading my cheeks and then a small insertion in my ass. The feeling of being filled from this was very weird and Daddy started to tell me that he was filling my ass with a mixture of AstroGlide and lidocaine so that I would be nice and slippery for what was going to come next.

What was next was a proper tanning of both my ass cheeks by the paddle and a nice sized plug forced in my rosebud. The feeling of both the numbing qualities of the lidocaine and the plug caused me to wiggle my ass like a stripper and that got me a few more paddles on the ass. I was now filled on both ends and had a flaming red ass when Daddy grabbed my balls in his hand and pulled them away from my body quite forcibly. He attached a large collar and separator to them and let go. Now I was excited! He was following some of illegal bahis siteleri the suggestions from our month long verbal foreplay and if he kept doing so I was going to be a very sore cocksucker.

He continued with the bondage path and cuffed my wrists behind my back leaving me lying on my face with the gag cutting off my breathing somewhat but he continued as if that did not matter. Once again my cheeks were the focus of his attention and this time he used a bamboo cane and laid stripes up the back of my legs and on both cheeks. I did not know how proficient he was with the cane and soon he had me closing in on the zone that is known as “sub space”.

I was having difficulty breathing, I was gagged and bound and was receiving a beating that could only be described as brutal and I was loving it! The cane gave way to a flogger and once again my ass was screaming with the heavy handed strokes Daddy gave me. Without any notice he stopped the beating and I could feel the plug in my ass being pulled out, the bed moved and my knees were spread apart so that Daddy could gain access to my back door. There was no need for him to be gentle or loving and he wasn’t, he just ploughed his thick cock in and started fucking me like there was no tomorrow and he kept saying things like “this will loosen you up” and “slut your are so stretched out now”.

After the second stretched comment he pulled out and once again attacked my ass cheeks, this time with his bare hand and between each slap he rubbed the pain further in; that was a delicious pain. After a while he took more time rubbing and soon he was sliding fingers down the crack of my ass caressing my distended rosebud and further down to my bound balls which he gave a light tap every time he go there. It was my ass he was focusing on though and soon he was slipping a finger in every time he slid by and then it was two, three and before I knew it he was duck billing his hand gently pushing his hand in past my sphincter.

I tried to move but being cuffed with hands behind me it was difficult. I gave a resigned sigh and Daddy told me that if I was good he would release my hands. With that statement I did what I thought he wanted and pushed back on his hand forcing him in past the wrist-I saw stars and went over the top in pleasure and came in thick ropes all over the bed. Daddy was not happy about that and made me eat it up before the cum soaked into the sheets. He was true to his word though and after he slowly pulled his hand out of me took the cuffs off and massaged my shoulders.

He flipped me over on my back and once again started putting his hand back in me, this time going right to the whole hand which I eagerly took into me. After a few moments of slipping in and out he pushed in and made a fist seating his hand firmly in my channel. If you have never had someone fist you I am not sure how to describe the feeling; full, tight, invaded, ecstatic they all pale but give an indication. It is amazing how a fist feels as it is clenched tight and released when inside a body. It took canlı bahis siteleri a short while but he started to twist his fist around and slowly pull back but not out, the intent being to get me open to the feeling of a fist and relax my muscles so we could go deeper later.

After a few minutes of his clenching, twisting and pulling we both agreed that it was time to start going deeper and there was more lube inserted through a small tube and then Daddy opened his fist slowly which once again caused me some incredible feelings but I did not cum. With his hand duckbilled again he slowly worked it around, twisting and pushing, working it deeper and then pulling back and doing it again. It took a bit of time and some more lube but Daddy did work in until he was, or I was, half way up his arm. We stopped at that point and he pulled back until I was resting on his wrist at which time I told him I wanted to sit up. It took a bit of manoeuvring bit soon I was sitting or rather kneeling on my haunches with his wrist and hand still twitching inside of me. I started to pull myself up while clenching hard on his hand and soon I was able to stand on my own.
I gave both of us a moment and then had Daddy place his elbow on the bed with the rest of his arm up like he was arm wrestling; grabbing hold of his shoulders for support I looked him in the eyes, gave him a wonderful kiss and while doing that sat on his arm. I don’t know why I did but it seemed like the right thing to do and he went right up to his elbow with his tight fist forcing the wind and cum out of me in a whoosh. Daddy was caught unaware but quickly started working his fist inside of me and at the same time gave my softening cock a loving slurpy lick.

I lay back, pulled my legs in the air and told Daddy to fuck me like the slut I was. It took some doing on both of our parts but soon he was pistoning his arm into the depths of my bowels and I was talking it all right to the elbow! It was after a few moments that there was a glimmer in Daddy’s eye and he pulled his arm out to the wrist and twisted it around until my rosebud just gave out and his fist popped out. He pushed his fist back in my ass and I was so loose that he was punch fucking me as if there was no resistance whatsoever. This went on until I could no longer endure the pleasure and ecstasy that was waving through my body and I came once again but this was more like a whole bunch of precum oozing out than a proper cumming. Daddy took that as a cue and slowed the pistoning and pulled his fist out of my now sloppy slack ass. He kept his gaze fixed on me and leaned in gave me a loving kiss and hug. We fell asleep that way and when I woke he was still wrapped around me.

I worked myself out of his embrace without waking him, worked my way down his body and took his cock into my mouth and proceeded to make him hard; it was during those moments he woke and stroked my head. I looked into his eyes and thanked him for taking me on a journey we started on when we both logged onto that dating site. I finished giving him a most wonderful loving blowjob, swallowed his load and we snuggled again until we fell asleep. We are talking about doing some more of the things I told him about in our many months of foreplay, can’t wait!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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