Me and My Fuckboys Ch. 03

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Day Six

11 am

I woke up to Tom masturbating next to me, watching me sleep. I was covered in come, a mixture of his and my own, and this made him horny.

I pushed his hands away, giving him a blow-job to thank him for last night. I looked at him, naughtily, pulling my mouth away and played with the sensitive tip of his dick. His hands dug into my back as he climaxed and I quickly sucked his semen from his dick. I continued playing with the tip until he came one more time, deciding that that was a good enough thank you. I’d always been good at blowjobs, something that Tom complimented me on a lot.

“Last night was amazing. You’ll always be the best person I’ve ever had, ever,” Tom complimented me, impressed that I had managed to have two massive orgasms in the space of twenty minutes.

I smirk, posing before him, as I climb out of the bed to get ready to see his parents.

4 pm

The party was so boring and I was so unbearably horny. I knew last night had been a bad idea, even though I had enjoyed it so much. Tom’s dad loved his gift for some reason.

There weren’t enough seats in the garden so Tom volunteered me to sit on him which was such a bad idea. His dick was stone-hard and I could feel it against my bare thighs in my dress, so enticing. He could feel me shaking from the thought of it. I kept trying to make excuses to move, but Tom found my pain such a turn on.

His hand found its way up my dress and he found that my panties were utterly soaked, just the thought of me had made him so wet. When everyone wasn’t watching, he saw an opportunity to take my panties off me, slipping them into his pocket. He then moved me so my bare pussy was leaning against his stone-hard dick. Why did he have to make things so hard?

6 pm

Most of the family went to go and get dinner ready, so Tom grabbed my hand and lead me to a bathroom in the opposite side of the house where he didn’t think anyone would go to.

We couldn’t have sex, something that was so annoying, someone would hear me groan. We could masturbate however.

Tom went first, his dick extended over the toilet so the cum would drip in it. He stroked his erect cock, watching me, nodding for me to put on a show. I undressed myself slowly like I was a stripper and he climaxed twice. Some cum fell on the floor and I licked it off, tasting him. I wanted to have fucking sex so bad.

He undressed in front of me but I couldn’t come. I was shaking so bad, all I wanted demetevler escort to do was orgasm everywhere. Tom noticed my pain and he put his fingers in my pussy, fingering my clit until I finally came, another huge orgasm. We were kissing so passionately, it was so annoying how we couldn’t fuck.

7 pm

After we ate I was dying. I wanted Tom so bad, I wanted to feel him inside of me more than anything. His erection was almost painful now, he had been erect for so long. We looked at each other, realizing just how badly we needed this.

I ‘fainted’ in his arms and he told his parents that I had thrown up yesterday (obviously emitting that that was from the come I had eaten)

8 pm

We drove out of their house, victorious, finally freed from that awful party. Tom drove as fast as he could, but we were so far away from home. I made him pull over, I couldn’t take it anymore.

We stripped so quickly and I straddled him in the front seat, forcing him to penetrate me deep and hard. We both started groaning, it was so intense. He came twice, like usual and he went to push me off, but I wasn’t done.

I gave him a hand-job while forcing him to play with my tits. He was so close to me, I could feel the lust in his every breath. My tits loved playing with him, they loved being sucked. He motor-boated me a few times before deciding that massaging my tits got the best response from me. I couldn’t focus on fingering his dick and I readjusted my position, my legs wrapped around his waist, his dick pressing against my pussy, my back arched and my arms out-stretched behind me. I climaxed and he took this opportunity to play with my pussy.

He looked at me, so fuckable, lying back, just asking for him to do whatever he wanted. He inserted his hand again and I screamed so loudly, the feeling so welcome and amazing. He then made his hand into a fist to which I screamed the loudest possible as my body was overcome by another huge orgasm. He continued playing inside me as I kissed him so frenetically, thanking him for touching me like this.

I gestured for him to pull his hand out and positioned my dripping, wet pussy at his face. He happily licked up the juices, pleased that I had responded so well to the actions. I then lowered my pussy on his dick and he fucked me a few more times until he came again.

I sucked his dick for a little bit before Tom realized just how long we had been here. He tried to make me put on my escort demetevler clothes but I refused, telling him that he would have to stare at me all the way home if he wouldn’t fuck me more.

I gave him a constant hand-job as he drove home. He kept kissing me at the red lights, wanting to do more but knowing that it wasn’t possible. He came again while on the drive and I lent over, sucking the semen out of his cock carefully.

He dragged up the several flights of stairs as we were locked in a tight embrace, our clothes completely disregarded in the car. He threw me back down on the bed and pushed my legs into the air, pushing his dick so deeply into me. He kept hitting my clit and I climaxed again, this had to be the most successful evening we had ever had.

He flipped me over and laid on top of me and kept pushing his cock deeper and deeper into me. I kept groaning, louder and louder, until he turned me back around, kissing me so passionately. It was clear he had enjoyed this almost as much as I had.

Day Seven

7 am

I was awoken by the sweet smell of waffles travelling up to our room. I slipped on my dressing gown and headed downstairs to find Tom singing to his favorite songs. It was almost as if we were undoubtedly happy and that we weren’t cheating on each other.

We ate together, although quickly, as Tom had to leave for work. His work was always interrupting my sex.

7.30 am

Tom had put the hot tub on for me, hoping that jets would relax my muscles after our sex-filled weekend. I was so glad, everything ached. I laid back, trying to relax before I had to climb out and head to the gallery

9 am

I arrived at the gallery to find that my phone was flooded with hundreds of explicit text messages from Tom. He was describing everything that we had done last night and everything that we would do again tonight. I couldn’t wait, even though my body ached, yesterday had been amazing.

7 pm

Tom arrived back late from work. I hadn’t expected him to be here tonight, I thought he was going to spend the night will Holly. I was glad he had chosen me over that bitch, I would always have better sex then she would.

We had some nice slow sex on the kitchen table. It was kind of boring compared to last night so I clenched my pussy so it made things more interesting. Tom joked about that I was discovering all of the whore’s tricks and I laughed, he seemed so happy that we were demetevler escort bayan having such good sex.

He interrupted our sex, showing me that he bought a new sex toy for us. It was double-sided, with one end stimulating my clit and the other my g-spot. He placed it into me, excited by this new addition to our sex life. We didn’t use a lot of sex toys while together, I preferred using them when Tom’s dick wasn’t available, I loved our sex so much.

I could feel myself building up and Tom laid over me, like he was going to insert his dick into my pussy too. He thrust himself inside me and I immediately screamed, it felt so good being penetrated while he was fucking me too. He was excited by the vibrations too, it was something he hadn’t experienced before. He joked about how he knew how much I liked sex toys now, the vibrations felt so good.

He came three times inside me in the space of ten minutes, he was enjoying himself so much. I came twice, thrilled by this new feeling. He started playing with my tits too, he was doing everything I loved so well.

He pulled out and then removed the sex toy. He then started licking my pussy, so pleased by how well I had done with both him and the toy inside of me. I forced myself on top of him and started sucking his dick while he licked me. We were both so good at oral we could feel each other’s bodies shudder as we climaxed, again and again and again.

He turned me around, attacking my face with his mouth, Even this was steamy and intense, Tom could make the best things so interesting. He then put himself inside of me again, pushing his cock deeply in my dripping pussy. He pulled out, coming on my tits. I lent down, licking his come off my tits seductively, loving the sour taste in my mouth. Everything about this was so so good.

He joined me in the shower even though I thought we were over for the night, fucking me hard against the wall, pushing his dick as deep as it would go in my pussy. We both came yet again, so fascinated by each other’s bodies. It reminded me of when we used to do that at high school. after the school football games I would always sneak into the shower with him and we would have such a great time.

10 pm

I dressed afterwards and Tom brought dinner up into the bedroom with me. We watched Game of Thrones together, feeding each other our pasta. We were so happy, on a high from the amazing sex. I loved Tom so much.

Although we might both be cheating on each other, Tom and I had such a deep emotional bond and physical connection, I knew he would never be able to leave me for Holly. He hadn’t returned to her since last night, meaning that while the sex was good Tom would never be far from my bed and that suited me fine. I couldn’t leave him, our sex was too good to just leave behind.

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