Martha’s Gift

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I had wanted both Matt and Chris to help me give Martha her birthday surprise but when the time came Matt had to go home for his parents anniversary so it would just be Chris and me. During the last month I had fooled around with both of them, together and separately and had an amazing time and I knew that Chris would be a wonderful playmate for me and Martha.

Chris had told me that my dear friend Martha had the hots for me, that she had wanted to get with me for a while but was afraid to scare me off. After she had given me a weekend in a fantasy hotel with Matt and Chris, hell after she gave me Matt and Chris and the most amazing gift of my life I knew I wanted to fulfill some of her fantasies.

I knew if I scheduled a room at the same hotel Martha would suspect something so I decided to rent a suite in a hotel across town at the same hotel holding a BBW dance that night. Everyone was buying Martha drinks for her birthday and so after a few hours I told her to come to my room to fix her make up and relax before she got too drunk. I also told her I had left her gift upstairs.

We made our way to the fourth floor and I opened the door to the room. There in the middle of the room was Chris, dressed in a small toga with a tray of fancy desserts. I told Martha that Chris was there to serve us treats and that he was going to give her a birthday massage and that it was her turn to get some of her wishes fulfilled. Then I did the most daring thing of my life, I grabbed my friend’s hand and turned her around and kissed her on the lips. “I plan to make all your wishes come true.” I said then kissed her again.

Martha pulled her head back and looked at me and at Chris who was standing there with a hardon lifting up the folds of his toga. “Are you serious Clair?” she asked.

I put a hand on each side of her more than ample hips and pulled her to me, “More then serious.” I said and kissed her again.

Martha pulled me close and began to kiss me passionately, I finally pulled away and told her that she had to have her full gift. I told her to strip off her clothes as I began to take off mine. Martha was quite a little bit taller then me and probably a hundred pounds heavier but she carried all 350 pounds wonderfully. Her boobs antalya escort were a good two cup sizes bigger then my double Ds and her hips were full and round, she was a perfect hour glass. Her skin was a light mocha and I wanted to taste her.

I lead her to the bed which was covered in pillows and Chris followed and kneeled beside us and began to feed us bites of desserts from the plate. The entire time we fondled each other and kiss. Finally I told Martha that it was her turn to get a massage and that Chris was amazing at it and would make her feel wonderful. Martha had told Chris she wasn’t interested in younger men but how anyone could pass up being touched by a beautiful 21 year old who was 6’5 and 240 pounds with the nicest grey eyes you had ever seen I would never know.

Martha lay down and Chris and I began to massage her wonderful big body from head to toe, I then had her roll over and we began on her front. I told her to open her legs, that Chris wanted to taste her first and that I wanted to see what it was like to suck on her beautiful boobs. As Chris crawled between her legs Martha sighed and spread herself wide inviting his tongue into her pussy.

I snuggled up beside her and took one of her big nipples in my mouth and began to nurse on it like a baby while fondling the other one. Martha was moaning and holding the back of my head and pressing my face into her breast. I took a deep breath and shoved my face deep into her tit sucking all the time. As my air ran out I began to get light headed and even more aroused than before until I finally had to gasp for air. Martha began to shake and cum from Chris’ tongue working away at her and I grabbed her and kissed her while she shook.

Before she could move I told her I wanted to taste her and I crawled between her legs. I had never sucked pussy before, but then I had never even kissed a girl before either, so while I wasn’t sure what to do I knew I would have to try.

“Just do what you like me to do you sweetheart.” Chris whispered in my ear.

I looked up to see Martha grab Chris’ head and push it to her other tit as I buried my face in her cunt. She was sweet and salty, a different taste from my own but similar enough to turn me on, I had alanya escort come to love licking my juices off of Matt and Chris. I began to lick from top to bottom, licking up all the juices I could and then I began to tease the clit, Martha’s clit was easily twice as big as mine and this just made it easier for me to tease. I latched on to that big swollen clit and began to suck while I worked 2 of my fingers into her hole and began to finger her. I sucked and flicked my tongue around and soon she was thrashing and cumming in my face, her juices flooding my mouth.

I crawled up next to her and kissed her, sharing the taste of her pussy with her.

We relaxed a while Chris and I stroking Martha’s body as she laid between us. Martha looked down at Chris’ big cock and said “My god Clair wasn’t fibbing, you are huge, can she really take that whole thing down her throat?”

Chris blushed and told her that yes I was the only woman he had ever met who could take his more then 9 inch cock all the way in her mouth.

“OK this I want to see.” Martha told us to show her so I laid back on the large ottoman in the middle of the room and Chris kneeled in front of me and I put my head over the edge and began to take him into my mouth. Slowly I sucked him deeper and deeper until he hit the back of my throat and I relaxed and let him in. All 9 inches of him were in me. That was when I felt Martha begin to go down on me. I pulled back on Chris’ cock and began to suck the head as Martha’s tongue lapped at my clit and I began to squirm, Martha was even better then Matt and he had the most amazing tongue I had felt yet. I flicked the head of Chris’ cock and then sucked it hard.

Chris has the softest southern accent of anyone I know, it is so sweet and sexy and he also had the nastiest mouth during sex. “Oh I love watching you two delicious fat women together, eat that pretty little cunt Martha, show her how it is done. Ummmm Clair you suck my cock like nobodies business, I want to fuck you both so bad I can’t stand it. Finger her hole, make her squirm bad, I love how she sucks when you latch onto her clitty.”

As usual Chris’ softly spoken dirty words pushed me over the edge and I began to cum on alanya rus escort Martha’s face.

I lay there relaxing and looked up to see Chris licking my juices off Martha’s face.

I told Martha I had one more thing for her from her own “wild woman list” and for Chris to lay back on the floor and for Martha to straddle him. As Chris’ long cock slid into Martha I went across the room and got my surprise on. I had special ordered a strap-on harness, Martha had told me she always wondered what it would feel like to be fucked in both holes at once. She told me loved anal sex but had never had both holes filled.

I strapped on a nice realistic dildo and carried a smaller one over with me and stood in front of them as Martha rode up and down on Chris’ cock. Martha looked up and gasped then smiled at me.

I walked around behind her and spread her fat ass cheeks wide and poured lube on her asshole and on the smaller vibe and began to work it into her asshole. Martha sighed and pushed her ass back at me as I opened her up and then I pulled it out and began to work the head of the one I had strapped on me into her. The feel of fucking her ass, of being in control and working my “cock” into had me so hot I could barely stand it. I worried for a bit that Chris would have a hard time with so much of our weight on him but when I looked over Martha’s shoulder he was smiling that sweet sexy smile of his and then started telling me to go ahead and fuck her hard.

I reached down and flicked the switch on the vibe as it slipped all the way into Martha and I felt the nub of it against my clit. I began to pound her asshole, pushing myself against the vibrating cock in front of me. I was cumming over and over and I could hear Chris telling Martha to let go and cum all over him. Finally I felt Martha start to buck and cum and I pulled out of her and turned off the vibe just as Chris came all over her cunt.

Martha rolled over on to the ground and before she could stop shaking I dove between her legs to taste Chris cum and her juices mingled. My lapping tongue drove her over the edge again and she began to buck and thrash once more.

Chris and I helped Martha to the shower and spent 20 minutes playing in the water and laughing. Finally Martha told us she was sleepy and I told her it was Ok we had the room all weekend and we had more to do in the morning and that I planned to have her for breakfast.

Chris and I got on either side of her on the bed and cuddled her close as I sang happy birthday to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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