Mark’s Birthday Surprise

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Public Sex

Note: This is a continuation of my ‘Wild Ride’ story and it uses the same characters. I had such a great response from readers that I decided to create another adventure for them. Also note, this is a work of fiction. If you’re offended by it, then too bad, and just stop reading. Otherwise, enjoy.

Well, as some of you may remember, the last time I mentioned my new boyfriend, Mark, I was curled up in my bed with him after an incredible lay six months ago. His enormous cock had given me the best orgasms I’d ever had, and I’d allowed him to completely take me every which way he’d wanted.

Ever since that surreal evening with him, he’d turned me into a sex-craving nympho who had to be pounded as often as possible and I’d convinced myself that I was going to ride him at least once a day, but preferably three or four times, or until I was so sore that I couldn’t walk.

In fact, after that experience, my pussy had been sore for four days and my ass…well, I won’t even go there. Of course, like the real bedroom trooper I’ve become, I eagerly bounced on Mark’s pole and gulped down loads of his cum the second the soreness went away …and oh, boy, he certainly knew how to shoot the stuff. Sometimes it amazes me that I haven’t needed my stomach pumped! The way he cums could fill buckets! The only trouble with it was that I had to actually buy an off-white bedspread that hid his humungous jizz stains. Considering that it had only cost $85, I saw it as a small price to pay.

Thus, I’d bought the new bedspread, and Mark and I had fucked like crazy on it countless times over the last six months. In addition to using my bedroom, he’d turned me onto public sex, where the risk of getting caught heightened the excitement. I’d ridden him on park benches, sucked him off in restrooms all over the county, been ass-fucked in a cemetery while bent over someone’s tombstone, and even fucked him in a dumpster: that time, Mark had plowed me doggy-style while pushing my face into trash and calling me a trash-whore and a filthy little garbage slut. It had been such nasty sex that I’d cummed all the harder for it, squirting my pussy all over someone’s half-eaten pizza. Mark had later joked that if a homeless person came along and ate it, he was in for a wonderful surprise.

That joke had given me the idea to actually order a pizza for Mark and squirt all over it for him, then make him eat it. By then, I was so addicted to his 11″ cock, and he was so addicted to my now gaping pussy that we’d fulfilled nearly all of our fantasies: which brings me to his birthday.

He mentioned having a threesome one time as we’d driven down the highway, and the idea had gotten me so wet that I’d had to thrust my entire fist into my pussy right there. It had proven to be a bad decision, as he’d almost swerved into a ditch, but the threesome idea still hadn’t lost any of its appeal.

After a month of consideration, and discussion with Mark, we figured out the exact type of girl we wanted to add to our fun. You see, our main argument was that I was already incredibly busty (which he loved), so he wanted a girl with small boobs to give our threesome more variety. I, however, felt it would turn him on more if we both had big boobs, and that way he could watch us lick and fondle each others boobs as he jerked himself. We settled on finding a girl who was around a B cup. Other than that, we planned to locate a brunette with brown eyes, who was near our own height

Seeing as we were both knockouts, it wasn’t too hard to locate a suitable match…I only had to briefly mention the enormity of his dick whenever the opportunity presented itself, and the other girls’ eyes almost always lit up. The girl who finally agreed to the threesome happened to be a choice piece of ass named Sylvia, whose # I got at a local bar not far from my house. She was about 5’5″, 120lbs, with a 34B cup. Her hair was a deep brown, and went down to her shoulders. Her cheekbones were long, her lips a nice rosebud shape, and her eyes brown and seductive.

When I called her, I told her how I wanted to surprise Mark for his birthday in three weeks, gave her the date, and then antalya escort gave her a simple instruction set. She sounded even hotter on the phone…I told her that she’d be perfect at one of those sex hotlines and she let out a high-pitch giggle in response.

She’ll be the perfect slut for us, I thought as I hung up.

Mark’s birthday couldn’t arrive soon enough. Following a series of pointless activities like cake, presents, and the rest, we got to the good part: the fucking. I told him I had a surprise for him and that he needed to come to my house for it. He smiled broadly. From the look in his eyes, I could tell his head was buzzing as he tried to guess what it was.

When we got to my house, I sat him down on the couch and told him to close his eyes. He shrugged but agreed. I went into the kitchen and told Sylvia, who’d been waiting there for twenty minutes, that all was set. She knew what to do from here.

The next thing Mark knew, Sylvia was rubbing his shoulders.

“What is it babe, you got my surprise yet?” He asked.

I giggled: he thought the stupid bitch was me.

She reached down and grabbed his cock. “Actually, I was told you have a surprise for me,” She replied.

“What the fuck!” He jumped up and spun around. “Who the Christ are you?”

“Its okay baby, she’s your birthday surprise,” I told him as I stepped into the room. Remember the threesome we talked about? Well, she heard about your nice endowment and couldn’t wait. I bet you didn’t expect it to happen today, did you?”

“Well…uhhh, no,” he replied dumbly. “Uhh..what’s uhhh, your name?”

“I’m Sylvia,” she told him, “Now, are you gonna give me your big dick, or what? I’ve waited weeks for this and I’m already soaked.”

Mark looked at me with suspicion.

“Go ahead, stud,” I told him, “I want to watch for a little while.”

Mark smiled from ear to ear and started to turn to put an arm around Sylvia so he could kiss her.

Sylvia, however, had cat-like reflexes. She didn’t even wait for the kiss, and simply reached down and squeezed his pecker.

“Wow!” Was all she could say. Her jaw looked like it would hit the floor.

“While she’s got her big mouth open,” I told Mark, “Why don’t you shove your cock down it?”

Neither Mark nor Sylvia needed further prodding. She unzipped him and started to stroke him to his full hardness. As I watched this slut put my boyfriend’s bulbous cock head in her mouth, barely fitting it in, I found myself getting wet. Before I knew it, I was playing with my tits as she sucked him like a pro.

Even after all this time with Mark, I still found it hard to believe how big and thick he was. As he stood there with one hand near his balls and the other further up his shaft, his erection sticking out with pride, I realized that both of my own hands had moved down to rub my pussy through my panties.

“Get those hands on that dick,” I coached Sylvia. “You can pleasure him better than that!”

Sylvia’s hand rose up to grasp Mark’s shaft about midway on his cock. Her smooth, tiny hands barely wrapped around it. I began to rub myself harder. “That’s better. Now work those hands up and down it.”

I was happy to see that Sylvia obeyed…what a perfect slut! Now I knew how a guy felt when a girl did what he wanted! What a great feeling. I was in charge of this bitch now.

As Sylvia gleefully wet Mark’s member with her mouth and stroked him with her hands, Mark moved his own hands to the back of her head and began to pull on her pigtails.

“That’s right, baby,” I told him, “Pull that bitches’ hair.”

Using Sylvia’s pigtails as handles, and pushing his own hips upward, Mark developed a quick rhythm with Sylvia. Soon he was moaning loudly and she was sputtering as she tried to take all of him.

“You can do better than that,” I told Sylvia as I moved across the room. “Looks like I’ll have to help you.” Adding my hands to the back of Sylvia’s head, I then forced her mouth further down on Mark’s cock causing her eyes to bug out of her head. She gagged and tried to pull away, but I held her there.

“There alanya escort you go,” I praised her as she choked.

“Ahh, fuck,” She gasped as she came up for air when I finally relinquishing my grip.

“You’re not gonna puke are you?” I asked her.

She panted for a moment and finally answered, “No….I just can’t…..believe…. how big he is.”

“Let me help you then,” I added.

Soon I was on my knees besides Sylvia and both of us were furiously licking Mark’s cock and taking turns sticking it in our mouths.

As I came off him and she took my place, I watched as his cock bulged out her cheek, seeming to fill her entire mouth.

“Yea baby, fuck that face,” I told him.

He began to push hard again the inside of Sylvia’s mouth. I started to slap her cheek in response. He fucked her harder. Occasionally, he popped out of her mouth with a loud, wet smack before bouncing his dick off her face and then putting it back in her hungry mouth.

“Stretch that little, slutty mouth,” I told him –not that he needed further prodding. He was gleefully going to work on Sylvia.

Deciding that Mark’s big balls needed some loving too, I moved over and began to suck on one of them; at the same time, I squeezed the base of his shaft.

He groaned in response. I worked on his balls for a few more minutes until I heard him tell Sylvia to turn around.

“That’s right,” I said as I stood up, “Fuck that bitch doggystyle.”

I then moved over to Sylvia’s head and began to kiss her as Mark prepared to enter her pussy. The taste of his dick was rich and wonderful on her lips. I slipped my tongue into her mouth.

She raised a hand to my cheek and stroked it.

“Ready to take that big cock?” I asked her.

“Oh, yeah,” She said sexily.

I stuck my tongue in her mouth again.

“Here it comes,” Mark informed her.

Sylvia whimpered as he began to enter her. I kissed her harder. Her whimpering grew louder and more intense as Mark gradually worked more of his cock inside.

“Oohhhh, you’re so big, soooo big!” Sylvia moaned in delight in between our kissing as Mark began to pump away at her.

“Doesn’t that feel incredible?” I asked her, knowing firsthand that it did.

“MMM, yea,” she answered.

It wasn’t long until she was screaming loudly for him. Her lust-filled shouts of ‘Fuck me, fuck me’ drove Mark (and myself) wild. He pumped her even harder and I decided to position myself underneath her, facing up, so I could watch his massive dick jab into her sweet sex hole.

I was very glad that I did, as it looked fantastic!

“Oooo,” I cooed as I watched her pussy get fucked, “Look at you stretch.”

“Fuck yeah, fuck yeah!” Sylvia moaned in response. I reached up and started to rub her clit. “Ahhhh, keep going!” She screamed so loudly that I thought she’d wake the neighbors. I rubbed faster and Mark started pumping harder. She squealed like the fuck pig I knew she was.

“Come on, you fuck-bitch,” I yelled as I slapped her moist pussy, “Cum for that big dick.”

“Whoaaa..whooaaaa….whooaaaaaaaa….” She whimpered, making so much noise she drowned out the grunts coming from Mark as he furiously drilled her. “Oh my God, oh my God!! YESSSSSS, I’m cumming!”

And just like that, Mark pulled out and Sylvia’s pussy been to spurt all over the place. As I felt her juice go all over my face, I opened my mouth wide to taste as much as possible. Her ever-flowing pussy gushed into my mouth and I tasted her sweet, honey-like cum. After swallowing it, I stuck my tongue out, eager for more, and lapped at her pussy like it was an ice cream cone…but what ice cream cone ever tasted so good?

After licking her pussy till it was nearly dry, I decided it was my turn to ride Mark’s cock. Before I did, however, I wanted to taste the rest of Sylvia’s pussy juice that had soaked it: I sucked him all the way down to his balls, and took his entire 11 inches down my throat. The extra lubrication made it much easier than normal.

Mark then lied down and I hopped on him. I was riding alanya rus escort full-force within minutes, and my pussy was soon flowing with juice. Sylvia added to the incredible feeling by crouching down over Mark’s face, allowing him to lick her pussy. I leaned forward and stuck one of perky breasts into my mouth. It felt so firm and nice. I ran my tongue over her nipple. It felt hard enough to chip a tooth!

Soon I was sucking Sylvia’s wonderful breast as if I was nursing. In fact, I actually hoped some milk would come out.

It didn’t….well, not from Sylvia’s tit anyway. I felt Mark explode inside me as I grinded on him.

“Yes, yes,” I yelled as I felt his cum filling my pussy, “Give it all to me.”

Like usual, Mark’s orgasm lasted about fifteen seconds. When I got off his dick, I knew he had thoroughly filled me up.

“Lie down and spread your legs,” Sylvia told me.

I obeyed. To my surprise, she proved to be quite a nasty little bitch as she stuck her tongue deep into my pussy and eagerly licked at Mark’s cum. I moaned in pleasure, and it wasn’t long until I was adding my own cum as well.

When she finally pulled out of me, her lips were slick with jizz.

“Mmm, that’s so good,” She exclaimed.

“You want more?” Mark asked.

“Yes, I want you to pump that juice all over me.” She told him with a wicked smile.

After a few minutes of regeneration, Mark was hard again and he was ready for some more wild fucking. This time, he took control. He instructed us both to bend over and then alternated between fucking each of our pussies, and asses. He’d thrust deep into me several times, then come out and stick his cock in Sylvia.

At first, Sylvia’s ass had quite the difficult time taking him in it, but with enough lube, she was able to get a good six inches of him, at least. When she was thoroughly conditioned, Mark decided he wanted to add our mouths to the equation. As he pumped Sylvia doggy style once more, he took my head and pushed it onto her firm, round butt, facing him. Every few pumps, he’d pull out of Sylvia and jam his cock into my mouth, making me taste her juice. I didn’t mind at all, and I even added to Sylvia’s pleasure as I reached my hands around her to fondle her tits. Mark, in turn, slapped, pinched, and squeezed her ass until it was bright red. Every so often, I’d add a hand to assist him.

Sylvia’s moans grew and grew until she cummed again. At which point, Mark spun her over and thrust deep down into her glistening puss. She squirmed as he pumped her, and tried to put a hand against his belly to keep him from entering to far and potentially hurting her, but I wanted him to get as much inside there as he could. I grabbed both her hands as he fucked away at her and held them down, outstretched above her head.

“Oh my fucking God,” She screamed as Mark plunged all the way into her. “Ow, ow ow ow! Ohhh, go easy,” She told him.

“It’s alright,” I whispered in her ear, “Just relax and take it all.” She whimpered and I leaned forward and allowed both of my full, round breasts to dangle in her face. In short order, she was licking and sucking them.

A minute later, Mark was ready to cum. He pulled out of Sylvia and moved over to her head. I sat up so my tits wouldn’t block all the cum and Mark let loose on her face.

“Holy shit!” She exclaimed as he began to cover her face and spurt into her mouth.

“What the fuck! How the fuck do you do that?” She sputtered as he finished, doing her best to swallow as much of the jizz as possible. Her face looked like a glazed donut.

Mark shrugged in response. A mega-smile occupied most of his face.

“Wow that felt awesome,” he laughed.

“I hope we can do that again,” Sylvia said as I licked cum off her face.

“Certainly,” I answered a moment later, “Perhaps, someday you too can be a slave to Mark’s cock…assuming you gave him enough pleasure today.”

“I got no complaints,” Mark said as he stretched out lazily, likely ready to take a nap. I couldn’t blame him, really: shooting all that come was an exercise in its own right.

“Nor do I,” I added, “I’m sure we’ll do this again.”

Sylvia then got cleaned up, dressed, thanked both of us, and left. I curled up on the sweat-soaked couch with Mark and we both fell fast asleep. Before drifting off, my last thoughts were of how great it would be to call Sylvia next weekend.

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