Lovers, Soulmates, Cousins Ch. 01

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What begins here is a tale of love, heartbreak and a rekindling of a love that will not, cannot be snuffed out. A story of lovers, soul mates, cousins who find a deep bond one summer that lasts to this day. Surviving a distance of 2000 miles, a betrayal and 15 years of silence, I cannot tell you how this story ends as it has no ending in sight…

CHAPTER 1: Lovers, Soul mates, Cousins

“Drop me off here Dad, I will go meet her plane and wait at the curb” I say as my dad pulls over to the curb at Ontario airport in Ontario California. I jumped out and almost ran into the terminal looking for my cousin Brandi. Almost immediately I am tackled as my cousin jumps into me hugging me tight.

“I was so scared, I have been waiting 20 minutes for you to get here,” she exclaims as she wipes tears from her eyes.

“I’m sorry we were late, bad traffic on the way down,” I explain.

“It’s ok, you are here now and I feel better already,” I pick up her bag and walk outside just as my dad drives up to the curb. Bag into trunk, cousin’s seat belted into back seat and away we go back to my home for what I hope is a fun summer.

At the time my cousin Brandi was a typical teenage girl, slightly below average height, fair skin, and long brown hair and in my opinion, perfect. I myself was tall at almost 6’1″, medium build, kind of lanky and goofy looking and definitely the shy one. For her birthday My dad and Brandi’s mom, bought plane tickets for her to visit me in California for three weeks and then the two of us back to visit Michigan where she lives for three weeks and then I fly home. We had both been looking forward to this trip for a long time. We had started talking on the phone earlier that year along with meeting for the first time in Las Vegas. Our parents bought us calling cards, sent out for free ones from Pepsi during a promotion they were having and downright running up phone bills for 6 months or so. We had become inseparable on the phone and I don’t think either one of us thought it would be different in an extended period of personally hanging out for the summer. Man was we wrong about the different part.

The first week or so was normal teenage summer stuff in a town with nothing to do; we played cards, watched TV and movies, and the occasional video game. With my sister back in town Brandi stayed in my room sleeping on the top bunk. We would be up to all hours of the night just talking and making jokes. Now I am a perfectly healthy human being, male, straight and a virgin and at some point Brandi was no longer just my cousin, she was a beautiful girl sleeping in my room that I could literally tell anything. She was my best friend and I found out one night, my lover and soul mate.

We were on the bottom bunk one night laughing and joking when the conversation somehow moved to sex, a subject that we had not really talked about a lot. We discussed sex from an assortment angles, Virgin? Yes I was, she was not, male or female, straight for us both, etc. Naturally sex morphed into porn, of which I was a self-taught expert, being a horny teenage male and all. I told her I had my own stash and she asked to see it. So I retrieved my stash from the very bottom of my desk “junk” drawer and brought it back to the bed. She thumbs through it for a bit and then üsküdar escort pushes it away. I replace the mags and books and lay back down when I notice she is reading one of my racier porn books. The book she was reading was a collection of incest stories that I had just gotten and had not read much of, still unsure of what I thought.

“Brandi I…” my heartbeat is racing at this point. Will she throw the book at me and never talk to me again, silently condemn me and ride out the trip until I come back from Michigan, or…

“Do you like this kind of stuff? Incest?” She asked innocently, I thought.

“I don’t know, I just got it and had not read through much if any” I replied.

“Read some now, it sounds naughty, but read it aloud”

So I pick a story about four siblings who all seem to want to fuck each other to death when suddenly the book is no longer in my hands and my cousin Brandi is leaning into me more than usual. So close I can smell her freshly washed hair, minty breath and peer directly into her beautiful eyes, my heart skipped a beat.

“If I tell you something will you promise not to tell anybody?” She asks shyly, dropping her chin so her hair falls into her face covering her intoxicating eyes.

“Sure, you know that.” I reply. Suddenly a lump forms in my throat and I can barely talk.

“The part about the one girl going nuts when someone caresses her cheek, I have that too, but on my neck”

“Umm ok, you mean like this,” absolutely terrified that I was crossing a huge line, but owing to the fact I had just read porn, I reached out and caressed the side of my cousin’s neck. No burning, no slapping, or hitting but one loud moan escapes my cousins throat. Emboldened I continue to caress, moving to the other side, the back the front, all over, all the while eliciting many moans from my cousin. The feel of her smooth skin under my fingers excites me in ways I had never felt. My stomach was in knots and I could barely draw breath, all of my energy was put into caressing my cousin’s neck, causing those blood boiling moans. Next thing I know I have been pushed onto my back as my cousin climbs on top of me and kisses me passionately on the mouth. For a split second I freeze and then my cognitive abilities run to the battle bridge and I kiss back, pushing her over onto her back and lying on top of her we began an amazing make out session that would set my blood aflame and push my passion to the boiling point. Never once did the fact that Brandi is my cousin ever enter my mind. Here I was with a beautiful young woman in my bed that is kissing me and aching for me to kiss her back.

“This is wrong but it feels so right” my cousin breathes out between kisses.

“I know, I feel that way too, want me to stop?” I respond

“Yes, no, I don’t know. How can something that feels so wrong also feel so right and good?”

“I can stop…”

“Please don’t” she begs and proceeds to kiss me again. By this time I am thinking that if my hands on her neck feel good, what about my lips? So I begin to kiss her neck and chin and ear. She completely freezes all movement and just soaks in the sensations of my kisses on her neck and the few times I am adventurous enough to nibble.

“Do you enjoy kissing anadolu yakası escort me?” she breathes out as I kiss her neck.

“God yes, this is amazing” I respond between nibbling her ear and a kiss just below her jaw. Suddenly I feel her hand rubbing my cock through the shorts I was still wearing. A moan of my own escapes my throat as it is my turn to freeze up and just…feel the sensations of the first time someone other than me has their hand on or near my cock. For the next, what felt like an eternity, my mouth and her hand were in a war for which could inflame the other faster, we tied…

“Then you are going to love this” Brandi scoots down the bed a bit and quickly undoes my shorts and pulls them down along with the underwear I was wearing. Out popped my cock, a modest six inches with a slight curve towards my belly. Cooing she wraps her hand around my shaft and gives it a small jerk before wrapping her luscious lips around my tip and then down the shaft, taking it all in one shot. Stars started to pop behind my eyeballs as I go through a slight sensory overload, having never received a blowjob before. Bobbing back up I can feel her tongue licking my shaft and then all over the tip as her mouth comes off my cock, only to plunge back down with more and more gusto. My cousin was giving me my first blowjob of my life and I just lay back and soak it all in. Her lips on my shaft, her tongue flicking out as she pulls up to the top. I am lost in a sea of ecstasy and only one thought was able to penetrate my head “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck this feels amazing”

I begin to think that well we have gone this far, what’s next. Brandi is perpendicular to my body as she continues to suck my cock so I reach out and put my hand on her amazing looking ass and dare to caress. I pick up the pace as she moans through a mouthful of cock, and then slip my hand underneath her shorts and start exploring. I find her cunny and touch it; she jumps a little in surprise but never stops her ministrations so I keep at it, noticing that she is getting warmer and moister.

Brandi sits up and looking me straight in the eye slowly undoes the buttons on her pajama top and removes it, displaying her a-cup size breasts, amazing nonetheless, and slides her bottoms off with ease. Feeling paralyzed I take a few moments to drink in the sight of my naked cousin, perfect skin, perfect breasts, almost smooth pubic region with just a sprinkling of hair, I nearly cum just looking at her. She then lowers herself on top of me kissing me again as my hands fall right onto her breasts and begin to play with her nipples. I roll her onto her back and, holding my shirt up, position myself between her legs. As I begin to slide my rod into her hot embrace my bed gives a loud squeak.

“Your bed is too noisy” she complains.

“Floor then?” I ask.

“Fuck yes, I want this to happen, I want you” The emphasis she puts on the word you just threw more wood on the fire in my loins.

“Me too,” I respond and stand up and hold out my hand to help her get up. We stand there for a second and then kiss passionately again for a few moments and then lust takes over again and we lay down on the floor. Once again I prepare to enter her, using a trick I remember seeing in a porn movie ataşehir escort I rub the head of my cock up and down her slit, lubing it and driving her wild all at the same time. She helps to guide me into her and as I sink all the way down in my brain explodes with a myriad of sensations and I come to the realization that I have put my dick into my cousin’s pussy. I expect guilt and remorse, but all I feel is a rising temperature and a range of emotions from happy to love and everything in-between. It was at that moment that I realized how deeply in love with my cousin I was, still am today, but it all began right there. This beautiful perfect creature, which would forevermore be my soul mate, the other half to my whole, was at that moment melded with me in a perfect link of life and love. For me it felt as if the world stopped turning and watched as I made sweet love to this young woman. I knew I would never be the same again and never thought to wonder how, I didn’t care, I loved her, love her still and all that mattered at that point was that we were finally whole.

I slowly begin to move in and out of her, slowly gaining speed as she moans louder and louder eventually grabbing a towel from the floor and screaming directly into it. I can feel my balls begin to swell as I approach climax, way too early if I had any say in the matter, so I did the only thing I could think of and stopped.

“Wha-whats wr-wrong?” Brandi asks breathlessly.

“I want to do it doggy style” I respond hopefully.

“Oooh good idea” Mental fist pump as I pull all the way out and reposition so she can get on her hands and knees in front of me. I grab my cock with one hand and her ass with my other I guide my way into her and slide balls deep, way deeper than I had been before and had to concentrate on not blowing my load in her right then. After a moment I am able to move and proceed to fuck her silly for an hour. My cock slamming in and then slowly back out, teasing her with just the tip. Porn was my teacher and I was an avid student now putting what I learned to real use. I can feel her pussy getting hotter and hotter all the while I am slamming into her and her moans match my pace exactly. Quick short pumps, loads of short sharp moans. Long pile driving fucking, drawn out, almost noiseless moans with a sharp “huh” at the end.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me, god fuck me more” my cousin exclaims over and over.

“I’m going to cum soon Brandi!”

“Do it, cum on my ass and back for me, I want to feel it!” Willing to do anything this lovely creature tells me to do I piston hard and fast a few more times and right as I feel like I am going to explode I pull my cock out and shoot ropes of cum across her back and onto her ass. I have never in my life cum so much and I could feel a second orgasm hit me as I spurted my last shot, a wave of ecstasy washed through me causing me to tremble and give voice to a loud moan. Spent, I lean over her back, feeling my own cum sticking to my chest I pant into her hair as she herself comes down from an intense orgasm.

“Holy Shit that was amazing” I say as I sit on the floor next to Brandi who cuddles into me. Running her hands up my leg she nods and turns her head up to look at me.

“It only gets better from here”

“How so? I ask

“You take off all your clothes” she teases as she pulls my shirt away from my sweat slicked back. I smile and kiss her one last time before we go to bed, separately unfortunately, and fall asleep almost immediately.

Chapter 2 coming soon, full of more passion, more love and a small dose of stupidity.

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