Look at that Ass! Ch. 06

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I was distracted all day at work today. The past whirlwind of a week-end had changed my life. I’ve never had so much pussy! Me, just your average middle age guy, de-flowering an 18 year old virgin. And also fucking my sister-in-law, a woman that I’ve fantasized about for over 20 years.

I stopped by the store and florist shop on my way home.

I found everyone in the kitchen working on dinner when I arrived home. They squealed with excitement when they saw me carrying three bouquets of roses.

I handed my wife eleven long stem red roses.

“Ana, these are for you. The red is for love and the eleven signifies that you are my treasured one, the love of my life.”

“Ah honey, they’re wonderful.” My wife hugged and kissed me.

I approached Eve.

“Eve, orange roses are for desire. 13 roses are supposed to signify that I’m your secret admirer. I’ve admired you for a long time.”

I got another hug and kiss. Eve and Ana inhaled the fragrance of their flowers.

“Christy, these white roses are for you, for your youth and innocence. A dozen for you. That’s the equivalent of a Valentine candy heart that says ‘Be Mine’.”

Christy smiled and crushed her big chest into me and said,

“Thanks Ed. Another first for me. My 1st bouquet of roses.”

The women skipped into the kitchen to put their flowers in water. I slipped out onto the porch and grabbed a shopping bag filled with three of those festive ‘Present’ bags.

“Ladies, I have one more gift for you. You all know I’ve had cevizli escort a vasectomy. For a year Ana cajoled, threatened and begged me to do it. And, Eve and Christy, thanks so much for that lovely ‘Vasectomy Get Well Card’ you sent me. What did it say? “You’re not less of a man….You’re now an ‘IT’.”

I gave the two of them a hard look. They played along and acted embarrassed and grimaced.

“I’m sure three beautiful women like you will have many other lovers. However, they will not all be firing blanks like me, not to mention other issues, so I got you each a case of protection.”

Christy dumped her bag and smiled at the box of condoms that fell out. Doing her best ‘Wayne’s World’ imitation she shouted out,

“Excellent! Party On!”

We sat down and had a pleasant dinner. After the dishes were done, everyone retired to the living room. The women were still talking about their beautiful roses.

Ana said, “Girls, how are we going to thank Ed for the flowers?”

I smiled thinking this could get interesting.

Eve said, “Oh, let’s not cheapen Ed’s actions. Don’t you think the flowers are the same as leaving a nice tip after you have a good meal and service in a restaurant? I bet Ed is just saying thank you for the great week-end. Right?” Eve looked at me with an unreadable face.

“Emm…sure. The roses …were a token of my affection.”

“You know, when you just think about it,” Christy mused, “Ed really was the big winner this weekend. cihangir escort He had the most orgasms.”

The other women nodded solemnly.

“You’re right Christy,” her mother responded. “I think he owes us and besides, Christy and I are kinda out of commission. Our periods started today.”

My wife smiled wickedly and said, “I agree with you Eve. Ed had…what 5 orgasms to my one? That doesn’t seem fair. He owes us…” Eve tilted her head and looked off into the distance. “He owes us a performance. Ed, I think you should masturbate in front of us.”

Christy shrieked, “That would be so cool. I’d like to see cum shoot of his big dick.”

“Ana, thats a marvelous idea. Let the ‘watcher’ be watched,” her sister added.

“Ah..Ah..,” I babbled. “Wait!”

“You’re right, hubby-poo.”

I breathed a sigh of relief.

My wife continued, “We need a moment to get organized. Christy, go to the kitchen and get some of the olive oil we used at dinner. I’ll get a towel to cover the coffee table. Then we’ll sit on the sofa and Ed can stand over by the fireplace.”

The girls scurried about. Eve came over, undid my belt and pulled my pants down.

Eve said, “You’ve got to get completely naked. I always laugh when I see a man with a hard-on wearing his dark socks.”

I stood nude by the fireplace. The women were assembled on the sofa. A bath towel and bottle of olive oil sat on the coffee table. My member was…well…languid.

The women erenköy escort looked on expectantly. I almost expected them to ask for popcorn.

Ana looked at me sympathically. “Do you need some help getting started? Okay girls, undo a couple of buttons on your shirt. Christy, since your top doesn’t have buttons…”

My wife knocked some magazines to the floor.

“Turn around and bend over. Pick up the magazines real slow.”

Christy mooned me in her tight jeans. She wiggled her ass from side to side. That got the girls hooting and hollering. Eve and Ana unbuttoned their shirts to the navel. They opened them up showing their bras and modest cleavage. Eve grabbed the bottle of oil and tossed it to me.

I smiled weakly and drizzled oil on my hands and limp penis. “What the Hell!” I told myself “I can do this”.

I started by shaking my penis. I could feel my rod get heavier as the blood flowed to it. Soon I was hard and the crowd applauded.

I stroked my prick. The long slow movements along the shaft were followed by a twist when I came to the end of my cock. My left hand gently fondled my balls while my right hand picked up the pace. Pre-cum oozed out the tip. My audience was vocal and supportive.

I turned my hand upside down so now my palm was on top. It felt good. I was getting into this.

My balls started to boil so I reversed my hand again. I jacked off faster tightening the circle formed by my thumb and index finger. The woman started chanting,

“Cum! Cum! Cum!”

I grunted and my dick exploded. My jism flew. The first load landed on my wife’s chest. I aimed my hose at Eve and cum landed in her lap. Christy had leaned forward to get a better look, so when I turned my tool in her direction, I nailed her on the forehead.

The ladies’ cheers turned to “Ooo’s” as they were sprayed. Then laughter broke out.

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