Little Rod Riding Hard

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Little Rod Riding Hard
Once upon a time there was a girl called little Rod Riding Hard. Little Rod Riding Hard lived in a petite cottage in the heart of Munchonma Forest with her favourite aunt. It was a cute but very small house, so small that Little Rod Riding Hard had to share a room with her aunt. But Little Rod Riding Hard did not mind this at all as she loved her aunt dearly and her aunt let her sleep naked so they could snuggle and use their body heat to keep each other warm. Her aunt had taught her this and many other useful things about survival in the forest. Her aunt use to call her Nymph as she used dress like a fairy or an elf and disappear into the forest for hours to play.
Nymph loved her life in the forest and sure there were no other children around but the animals were her friends. She loved to take walks in the forest picking fruit and smelling the flowers. Nymph would often pick a big basket of cherries and sit down in the cool long grass and have a picnic. If it was really hot she loved to take of her clothes which was fine as there was nobody around and she would rub and squish the fruit all over her already sweet body as the juice helped to keep her cool. Sometimes Nymph would massage her own cherry which made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. She would squeeze juice onto her shaven little pussy; which was shaven as it got rather messy with her trips to the forest if she let it grow, and then she would stick her fingers in and out of herself until she shook all over and squirted some juice of her own. This made her tired so she would often have a little snooze in the forest afterward.
She also liked to swim in t he lake which was a great way to wash the sticky juice from her gorgeous body. Nymph spent a lot of time down at the lake playing with the animals, reading and just laying back next to the sparkling water letting the sun tan her beautiful smooth naked skin. She would often wake up to Mr. Chipmunk or one of her other friends licking or nibbling at the fruit remaining on her nipples or pussy lips which made her feel warm and tingly all over.
Nymph was a confident and curious girl, especially about her body. Her aunt had started to teach her about her body which had been experiencing some changes lately. Often Nymph and her aunt would explore each other’s bodies as her aunt used this to teach her new and amazing ways to make herself feel warm and fuzzy and content. However Nymph’s aunt’s body was different from hers, she had large round breasts with luscious big nipples that Nymph would love to suck and watch bounce up and down as Nymph drove her fingers or sometimes a vegetable of some sort in and out of her slightly fuzzy but well trimmed pussy. Her aunt had a lovely firm flat tummy that tapered out around her hips and round delicious ass. Nymph’s aunt was a pretty woman with long blonde curly hair surrounding her pretty face. Nymph liked to think of her as an angel especially when her aunt lay staring into her big brown eyes, both of them content, after her aunt had just licked her tasty cherry and made her squirt juice everywhere.
Nymph would satisfy her curiosity by finding things that made her feel nice in the forest and around the house. She was particularly fascinated with her pussy and finding things the right size and shape to put in it to make her feel so warm and content inside. She regularly put bottles and vegetables and some of her aunt’s kitchenware into her hole. These things were great but not quite the same as sharing the experience with a companion and while the forest creatures licking her precious muff and tits was rather pleasant and occasionally made her ‘explode’ as she put it, she had the feeling there was a more compatible mate out in the forest somewhere and searched a little deeper every day in the hopes of finding the them.
One time Nymph came really close she had thought. She was bathing in the lake when a little pony came down to drink the cool clear water. She had seen ponies before but not this close. The pony looked at her curiously and let Nymph pat him and stoke him as she left the lake to study this magnificent creature more carefully. His fur was soft and smooth, he was truly beautiful and she knew she wanted to make him explode and wanted him to make her explode to. She dropped to her knees next to him to explore his marvellous body and saw his cock (this is what her aunt called it). It was very big, huge in fact. She was sure this would not fit into her tiny pussy, or would it?
To her surprise it got even bigger as she held it and stroked it and ran her finger excitedly around the enormous swelling tip. She led him over to her picnic basket and pulled out a variety of fruit and squashed it between her hands and began rubbing the mashed fruit over the pony’s mammoth illegal bahis cock and also between her legs making sure they were both nicely lubricated. Nymph climbed under him and tried to pull herself into a good position to receive him but to her dismay could not. He was far to round for her little arms to stretch and too tall for her if she climbed under him positioning herself on all fours, what would she do?
Just then Nymph saw the big old rock she would often sit on to fish from the lake and had an idea. She spread her picnic rug over the rock and doubled it over making it thick and cosy for her to lie on. She guided the pony until he was above the large rock and then climbed under him once more. She licked the tip of his big cock frantically and squeezed his monstrous shaft until it was pointing straight out at her pretty face. She stood next to the pony and rubbed the swollen end of his cock against her excited pussy that was already dripping with anticipation. Still holding onto him she turned and lay face down over the rock guiding him carefully to the entrance to her tender cunt. She was still unsure that he would fit into her.
The pony that seemed so friendly and lovely suddenly thrust into her. He was not gentle like her aunt he was a monster. She screamed and wailed with tears streaming from her face as this beast continued his ferocious assault on her precious vagina. What had she done?
“p p please s s stop boy, pleeeeeeease” she begged as he tore her tiny muff apart.
Sobbing bitterly she stopped struggling and her body flopped down over the rock submissively giving into her captor.
After a few moments the pain turned to numbness, a welcome relief thought Nymph. She could put up with this until he had finished with her. Suddenly she started to tingle and then she started to feel warm and fuzzy in her pussy. The feelings grew stronger and stronger until she again began to cry out, but this time she was screaming with delight.
“Oh yes boy, oh yes. That feels wonderful boy” she cried as he plunged in and out of her without relent. She exploded with a squeal squirting juice all over the gigantic cock. The pony whinnied loudly as he spewed an enormous amount of thick sticky cream into her. It spilled out of her and all down her legs as there was far too much of it to fit in Nymph’s tiny body. The pony finished and withdrew from nymph causing Nymph to gasp and sigh in relief as her tense body found peace once more. She lay motionless, unable to move and then dozed off to sleep.
Nymph awoke to the sound of the birds chirping all around her and the sun beaming down on her already tanned smooth skin. She pushed herself gingerly off the rock, her body still sore from the ponies formidable battering and slowly made her way down to the cool clear lake. She sat in the water letting it soothe her tender burning pussy recalling dreamily the wondrous experience that had occured that afternoon. She couldn’t wait to tell her aunt. This was by far the most incredable encounter her body had ever known.
When she arrived home her aunt fixed her dinner and sat and listened to the story of Nymph’s remarkable adventure with excitement. That night in bed Nymph’s aunt rubbed, kissed, licked and sucked Nymph’s inflamed but still scrumptious looking pussy wishing it was her own mouth-watering cunt that had been punished by the pony’s colossal cock. That night Nymph had the most peaceful sleep of her life, her body exhausted from the day’s labour and her head in a daze from dreaming of the next time, if there were to be a next time.
Nymph did not see the pony in the forest again, but her search for him caused her to explore the forest deeper than ever before, and then one day there he was, off in the distance drinking from the cool lake. She approached him but he ran off.
“Here boy. It’s me Nymph, don’t you remember me?” she called after him.
He slowed down and turned to look at her then turned and kept walking. She followed him for a long time and every now and then he would turn and look at her and then keep walking. At first she thought he was still trying to get away but then she felt that he was guiding her, leading her somewhere. Being the curious girl she was she kept following him until there in the distance she saw a little cottage. The pony came to the cottage and then took rest under the shade of a tree out front. Nymph could not help herself, she entered the house calling
“Anyone home? Hello, anybody here?”
When no answer came, this meant it was time for her to explore. It was a nice little house, very clean, neat and tidy. She saw three beds and decided there were three people living in this house. Perhaps there would be a girl like her to play with and share stories with like her favourite pony story. Or even a boy with illegal bahis siteleri a nice big cock for her to put in her pussy. She lay in one of the beds dreaming of this and after her long walk was tired and dozed off to sleep. She was awoken from a stirring fantasy involving her aunt and the pony and herself playing and bathing in the lake, by a booming voice.
“And who might you be?” inquired the thunderous yet friendly voice.
“Oh sorry Mr. My name is Nymph; I followed your pony for such a long time and got tired. Then I saw your cosy beds in your beautiful little house and sat down to rest. I guess I fell asleep. I guess I’ll be on my way now then.”
“You must be hungry, would you like something to eat” asked a soft and kind-hearted voice from behind the giant of a man that towered over her.
The man stepped back
“Yes please stay” he insisted
Then a boy about Nymph’s age stepped forward and shyly said
“We don’t have visitors often. It’d be nice to have some company”
“yes it sure would be find to have someone new to eat,…… ….um… eat with us that is” the monstrous black man boomed looking Nymph up and down with a grin.
Nymph was ever so slightly nervous about the look the man gave her and wondered if the mistake he made was actually a mistake, but Nymph was very hungry and the woman and boy were very nice. She decided to stay and grew very comfortable with these tall dark strangers very quickly as they exchanged stories and got to know one another. She thought they were an amazing wonderful family. They were all so tall, dark and strong; they reminded her of three big bears and deep in the back of her mind hope she would get a chance to cuddle with these big bears. Their skin was so dark it was almost black. The boy was handsome but shy; the mother was so beautiful; even more beautiful than her aunt if that was possible and so warm and friendly. The father was a jolly giant, loud and mischievous but ruggedly handsome and the strongest looking man Nymph had ever seen, in spite of her early anxiousness she found them all to be very charming.
Nymph lost track of time as they ate and chatted and it started to get dark.
“Oh I must go home” she said looking at the descending sun
“Aw can’t you stay” pleaded the boy
“Well you only have three beds and my aunt will be lonely”
“We can make room sweetie the woman said, perhaps I should see if your aunt would like to join us for dinner and stay?” suggested the beautiful long haired lady.
“Oh that would be so great” beamed Nymph.
Nymph explained where her house was and the woman set off confident she would find the house as the family knew the Forrest very well. The boy urged Nymph to keep telling stories.
“So how did you come to be following that crazy pony of ours?” he said.
Nymph struggled with the decision to tell of her magical afternoon with him or keep it to herself. These people were so lovely she did not want them to become angry or offended in any way. She finally decided to take the risk and told them her tale. The pair did not look angry or upset at all, in fact they listened intently. When she had finished they all laughed together then to Nymph’s surprise the boy rose to his feet and said
“That silly little pony eh? I think this might be more your size!” as he pulled down his pants revealing the longest and thickest penis she had seen on any animal.
He was only just smaller than the pony in his predominantly flaccid state but was growing with anticipation as Nymph stared at eagerly not taking her eyes of the growing end. Once fully erect the head was as big as an apple and looked just as delicious to her. Without hesitation she wrapped her lips around it and started sucking. The man moved behind her pulling the hair off her face and bent down kissing her neck and shoulders. Nymph shuddered at his touch and looked up at him and said
“Is this a dream come true”
“Perhaps” grinned the gentle giant as he slowly slipped off his pants.
“oh dear, please be gentle with that thing” she begged as she saw the mammoth cock with a head the size of a small grapefruit bobbing about in front of her.
She placed her tiny hands around the shaft and gasped as she noted that they only just met when wrapped around him. She placed the throbbing end against the soft flawless skin of her cheek and then kissed it lovingly as the boy removed her shirt and began sucking her stiffening nipples. The boy picked her up and carried her over to one of the beds as the father slipped off her skirt and placed a finger up her tiny pussy that was already dripping with excitement. Once she was lying on the bed Nymph again started sucking and licking the fathers shiny black cock head as she used two hands and began stroking the massive shaft. Meanwhile the canlı bahis siteleri boy had started licking and kissing her little cherry tenderly. He then climbed in between her legs and placed the head at her lips. She gasped in anticipation but the boy assured her
“Please ask me to stop if it hurts too much, if you have had pony you should be fine with me”
He was being modest. All the same he pushed gently into her stopping once the head was in briefly. Once he pushed again he slid all the way in and his mouth dropped open.
“I have never been all the way in anything before” he said in amazement
“I think I found my perfect fit dad” he exclaimed.
Nymph did not say a word but tears of joy welled in her eyes at hearing those words from this boy as it echoed the desires of her own precious heart. He began sliding in and out of her increasing the pace slowly until he was pumping furiously into her tight pussy that had now taken on the size of his cock while she pulled hysterically on the man’s huge cock and licked the end. The father came first shooting a bucket load of cream over the tiny girl’s chest and stomach. Then the boy and Nymph erupted together with the boy pushing so hard into Nymph that she thought his cream would pour out of her mouth. Just as this happened the two ladies arrived back at the house.
“Oh boys couldn’t you wait?”Asked the beautiful black woman
“Here let me help you get cleaned up” offered Nymph’s aunt as she wasted no time in peeling off her clothes and kneeling next to the bed. She started lapping up the pools of cum that covered her gorgeous niece and was soon joined by the woman. As the woman sucked and slurped up the cum the man kneeled between Nymph’s aunts legs and inserted his dripping cock into her causing her to gasp and close her eyes.
“Oh that is big, that is so big Nymph. I think he is splitting me in half.” She cried
“Please don’t stop” she asked assuring the man that she was up to the task.
Now the boy followed his father’s lead as he sank down between his mother’s legs. He lay down under her and began licking her pussy, circling around her inflamed lips and then flicking her black cherry back and forth with his hungry tongue. Soon he rose to his knees behind her and buried his cock in her without hesitation. Nymph massaged her aunt’s breast with her left hand while she grabbed and started suckling on this exquisite black woman’s spectacular breast. In appreciation the woman drove first one then two fingers in her pussy and began pushing them in and out. They found a rhythm and each of them worked at their tasks devotedly giving and receiving intoxicating pleasure for as long as they could bear. Nymph’s aunt was the first to give into orgasm spraying the giant with her sweet juice. She changed position with Nymph so that she was now lying on the bed and Nymph was by her side sucking her beautiful breasts.
“Are you ready sweetie” asked the gentle giant”
“Ooh yes” she replied
He rubbed the tip up and down her sopping wet pussy then slowly poked the tip in again resting just inside her stretched hole. It hurt a lot but she knew now from the lesson taught to her by the pony that the pain would soon become excruciating pleasure. The enormous black gentleman slid his pole slowly into the beautiful young girl. He came to a stop about three quarters of the way in and asked
“Is that it sweetie?”
“Aw I’m afraid so Mr” she said embarrassed that she could not fit his entire length in her tiny body.
“That’s fine little miss, I already have two perfect fits in the room” he beamed at her gorgeous aunt with a wink before kissing his magnificent wife hard on the lips.
The beautiful black woman began convulsing in orgasm and collapsed over Nymph’s aunts stunning body as the final throws of orgasm subsided from her body. The boy wanting, needing to relieve his inflamed organ climbed in between the white woman’s thighs and rubbed his mother’s lady juice over this impressive white woman’s tiny ass hole. He slowly pushed his throbbing cock into her ass and started slowly thrusting in and out. He increased depth and speed with each powerful thrust. Meanwhile his mother had straddled the ladies face and by the look on his mothers face was being eaten out hungrily by the amazing white woman. The gentle giant’s balls contracted as Nymphs taut vagina contracted around his shaft adding to his bliss as he cannoned round after round of cum deep inside her tummy. The sound and thought of this caused a chain reaction of orgasms for the remaining three starting with Nymph’s aunt then the boy and finally the gorgeous black lady.
The group pushed the three beds together and lay collapsed on the bed for a few minutes before all going down to the lake to bathe. As they bathed and laughed and shared stories with one another the pony came down to the lake to drink. They all laughed in unison and appreciation for the little pony that had changed their lives and started a beautiful friendship.

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