L,C School part 3 (repost)

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Here is the 3rd in my ongoing fantasies im not sure where to take it from here so some ideas would be great if you wish to pm me…xoxo

It was 9.30am on Monday morning and Debbie reminiscing over what had happened last week when Lesley had caught her and Claire making out in the ensuite. What followed was embedded in the young assistants mind forever…..

The feeling of the ass hook being inserted soooo sloooowly into her ass by Lesley had her clenching her butt cheeks as she sat in her office chair grinding her pussy onto the chair. The way her neck as stretched back as her hair was tied to her ass hook had her nipples almost piercing her starched white blouse.

As she sat there involuntarily her hands wen to her tits and squeezed tem through her shirt one and travelled beneath her skirt to feel her wetness…she was forbidden from wearing underwear.. and 2 fingers slipped straight inside her pussy moving in and out as she felt the wetness and the warmth coming from her the scent reaching her nose making her want to fuck something…

As she sat at her desk looking at various objects that she could use, a ruler no to many edges…a pencil pfffffft wouldn’t even feel that, when all of a sudden her chair slumped to one side with a jerk that scared her. As she stood up she notice one of the wheels had come off so she picked it up and turned the chair over to screw it back on she noticed that the leg of the chair was quite round, about 5″ and about 10″ long till it hit the cross bar.

Now Debbie checked Lesley’s office she was busy on the phone and with a mountain of paperwork in front of her would be busy for a long time yet. As she moved back to her desk the hallway was quiet she could see through the glass windows of her office all the way down to the entrance so she was positive she would not be noticed.

As the chair was upside down already and her not wearing underwear it was very easy for Debbie to straddle the chair leg and slowly lower her pussy onto the steel leg. It felt cold as it touched her smooth inner thighs and she shivered as she bent her knees to bring her pussy into contact with. As it entered her the first 2” she let out a soft mmmm as it slipped in deeper she gasped as the cold steel went deeper 4” it felt sooo smooth inside her, her pussy tried to grip it but it was polished smooth and it just kept going 8” inside her now and she stopped.

Getting used to this inside her was making her thighs shake as she squatted over the chair now slowly going deeper then up again to almost all the way out then back in although this time her thighs hit the cross bar she had the whole 10” inside her, her head went back as she was relished the feeling of fullness. Now her hands went to her tits and pinched and pulled her nipples straining then against the shirt as she bounced up and down on the steel cock inside her.

Debbie could feel her orgasm approaching rapidly her thighs tensed and she let out a moan as she fucked the chair harder and harder forcing it deeper and deeper inside her, her clit was throbbing and swollen. She must have been a site to see her brunette hair in the tight pony tail flying around her face as she fucked the chair and squeezed her nipples.

A few minutes earlier a young woman had arrived at the school with some documents for Lesley to sign for the forthcoming water polo match between the 2 girl’s schools.

Her name is Kayla she has strawberry blonde hair with bangs that go to either side of her face, blue/green eyes with a hint of freckles across her nose. Kayla is in great shape and has a figure most women would die for with firm uptilting 38b’s in a cleavage revealing soft silk shirt.

As Kayla entered the hall way through the main door she noticed a movement up ahead, a gorgeous young thing appeared to be bouncing or jumping for some reason. Although Kayla didn’t know why she did it but she kept out of sight of the young girl to see if she could get closer.

As she got to within 10 yards of the office she noticed exactly what Debbie was doing and slowly crept forward and eased inside the office she was standing almost in front of Debbie who had her eyes closed and her head back as an orgasm wracked her body. Kayla was smiling and thinking how lucky she was she had an iphone she was taping the whole scene in front of her and as she did her excitement grew her thighs were damp her clit tingling as she stood near the desk biting her bottom lip as she watched Debbie cum she moved around behind her.

Debbie was enjoying her orgasm when all of a sudden her mouth was covered from behind and a voice through gritted teeth whispered ..not a sound bitch not a fucking sound as Debbie felt the persons weight on her shoulders forcing her down onto the chair leg so the bar was indenting her thighs and the leg pushing her cervix into a concave shape she was in pain now and the person who had her whispered …are you going to be quiet…all Debbie could do was nod yes.

As Kayla let her grip go on her schools rivals body she smiled as Debbie lifted herself off of the chair with a moan of pain. She walked around to the front of the desk and showed Debbie the iphone footage she had taped.

Debbie was shocked and realised she had made a big mistake and hung her head and started to cry and asked Kayla ..what do you want from me?

Kayla surveyed the gorgeous young brunette and said “nothing” ….yet…the time will come and I will let you know what I want and if you don’t give me what I want..then this schools reputation will be ruined with this footage going everywhere and to every education governing body I can find…understand…now tell your boss I’m here from Figjam girls grammar school.

Debbie tried to compose herself but she knew in her heart that what was wanted by Kayla was ..betrayal…during the competitions to come. She showed Kayla into Lesley’s office and went back to her desk. Debbie was trying to think of a way out of this but there was a little part of her brain that was turned on by the sudden attack as she was fucking the chair leg, the harsh tone of Kayla’s voice rocked her all the way to her pussy and she was wetter now than she was before. She could feel Kayla’s nipples pushing into her back as she held her the pointed tips pressing on her shirt could be felt, the fullness of her tits on her back even though in her shocked state excited her.

As Kayla left Lesley’s office she stopped at her desk and in a commanding tone said…stand…Debbie immediately stood up and Kayla walked to her and thrust her hand under her skirt and grasped her pussy in her hand squeezing her labia and leant in and said…you will be hearing from us…then pulled her hand out licked her fingers and left…Debbie was gobsmacked she was panicked, excited and incredibly horny all in the one moment.

Lesley called Debbie on the intercom and told her to get Claire and report back to her office..Debbie called Claire and they went into Lesley’s office together and sat down. Lesley had the letter that Kayla delivered and read it out .. more or less it was a challenge from one girls school to another the first of a series of events was water polo followed by wrestling and a triathlon event. All this was very daunting but Lesley was confident that the students we had would carry us to victory. But there was one condition..each staff member was to participate in a minimum of one event.

Lesley was aware of my past experience on my schools water polo team so I was to join that event, Clair was a champion cyclist so she would do the bike leg of the triathlon and Lesley … she decided that she would enter the wrestling event, so with that sorted out we had to start training again. Lesley said that we will start with wrestling training first and that tomorrow we need to bring our bikinis to work as that would be the wrestling uniform.

After work I was excited but also worried about what Kayla would want me to do for her blackmail I didn’t want to betray Lesley and Claire so I decided that I would do whatever they asked but somehow get around damaging the school’s reputation.

The next day we all arrived and had our bikinis ready for the wrestling training the rules were to be along the same lines as ultimate surrender with points being scored for stripping your opponent, squeezing their tits, pinching nipples, fingering etc. One big difference though was that we are to be covered in oils to avoid any burns from the mat etc..

We had called on some of the students to participate in these events to make up the numbers one was a dark haired beauty called Vanessa she was strikingly attractive with long hair and a slim athletic figure a small bust but still perky and an ass you could bounce a coin on another we had picked was Miriam an Asian girl with an unusually big bust with a fuller figure not fat but well rounded.

Lesley has us all meet in a classroom that had been set up with mats to practice on the oil was in a spray bottle which Lesley handed to me and with a wicked smile said make sure everyone is covered everywhere we don’t want any nasty mat burns do we…no Miss I replied.

First was Vanessa in her bikini she was a sight and immediately Debbie felt her nipples harden and a familiar wetness in her pussy at it started to throb. She sprayed Vanessa’s back and used her hands to spread the oil evenly, and then she knelt behind her and sprayed the top of her thighs and the bottom of her butt not covered by the bikini. Debbie’s hand was shaking as she felt the silky smooth skin under her palms as she rubbed the oil in sneakily her fingers delved under Vanessa’s bikini bottoms to cover her butt with oil, her mind was going mad with horny thoughts for the young student. No sooner had she finished the back Vanessa turned held her arms out to the sides and Debbie was spraying her arms chest and tummy as her fingers spread the oil on her chest again her fingers slipped inside the bikini top to cover her tits in oil but also to feel the hardened nipples which she gently pinched while eyeing Vanessa who was biting her lower lip with her eyes half closed.

Next was Miriam’s turn and as she looked towards Lesley and Claire they were busily doing the same to each other with the other bottle Debbie could here Claire’s moans as Lesley applied the oil vigorously to her inner thighs and her thumb inside the crotch of her bikini stroking Claire.

Miriam was standing spread eagled and looking at Debbie said oil me up baby just the sound of that caused Debbie’s urla escort bayan pussy to gush more juice into her bikini as her hands manoeuvred all over the pretty Asians body slipping inside Miriam’s bikini bottom Debbie’s fingers delved inside the pretty Asians pussy making her squirm and moan out loud as she fingered her. All of a sudden there was a shout DEBBIE I THINK MIRIAM IS OILED ENOUGH…yelled Lesley, lets get started she said with this she showed some clips of ultimate surrender to everyone to give them the idea of what is expected.

Lesley moved to the mat and called Miriam over for the first match she explained a few moves that would help her start off. Straight away Lesley grabbed Miriam from behind and had her in a full nelson her hands forcing her to bend over and move to her knees where Lesley let go and pulled her back with her so Lesley was on her back and Miriam on her back between Lesley’s legs which Lesley intertwined with her own and spread eagled Miriam’s legs almost to the maximum they would spread. With one hand holding Miriam’s arms Lesley’s other had untied her bikini top and removed it as well as the side ties to her bikini bottom and that was gone when that happened Debbie heard a groan from Vanessa as Miriam’s pussy came into view the lips spread and the pink wetness within shining so everyone could see clearly what lay past the lips.
Points were being racked up quickly as Claire kept hitting the button to increase Lesley’s score for each point one. Lesley quickly moved Miriam onto her back and lay across her tits sideways with her body facing Miriam’s feet. Miriam’s breath was gasping she was finished but had not submitted, Debbie saw Lesley wink at Claire and she pushed Miriam’s legs wide apart and drove 2 fingers straight into her pussy to full depth. Miriam screamed aloud at the invasion and Lesley started to pump her finger in and out of the Asian girls cunt forcing grunts from her as she did.

Miriam submitted to Lesley and the bout was over everyone could see Lesley’s hand and half her arm was wet with Miriam’s juices from the finger fucking she gave her. Debbie lent forward and helped Miriam stand up, and also took advantage of the naked Asian to run her hands all over her sweat soaked tits and her pussy which was still leaking juices onto her inner thighs. Miram lay down next to the mat and Lesley called Vanessa to the mat and said ..ok I hope you will give me some decent competition.

Vanessa stepped onto the mat and in a half squat started to move around Lesley whose arms were up ready to grab the young student, as Vanessa lunged forward Lesley stepped sideways but Vanessa anticipated it an slammed into Lesley forcing her onto her back on the mat, Vanessa turned her body on top of Lesley so they were almost in the 69 position and reached for the side ties of her bikini bottom and undid them tossing the garment to the side landing at Claire’s feet whose face had a look of shock at how easily the young student had taken control of Lesley in the first few second of the match.

Lesley was struggling underneath Vanessa and trying to push her off but Vanessa had her legs spread eagled over Lesley’s face so she could not push her side ways, as Lesley was trying to push Vanessa off she undid her bikini bottoms and threw them to the side so now both girls were naked from the waist down. Everyone watched as Vanessa pushed her pussy down onto Lesley’s mouth forcing her to lick it as she moved both hands to Lesley’s pussy and put 2 fingers from each hand inside her and spread her pussy apart so the pink insides were on view to everyone as she leant forward and flicked Lesley’s clit with her tongue causing her to moan and fuck her hips up into Vanessa’s mouth involuntarily.

Lesley’s mind was going mad with rage, how dare this young student make her look foolish in front of Claire and Debbie but struggle as much as she could she could not dislodge the student who was gaining the upper hand and scoring points over her as she fucked her pussy with her tongue and fingers. Lesley formulated a plan quickly in her head as she licked her fingers and moved her hands to Vanessa’s ass and spread her cheeks and drove 2 fingers as hard as she could straight into the young students ass…a blood curdling scream was heard by everyone as Vanessa leapt off Lesley rolling onto her back holding her ass to try and soothe the pain caused by Lesley’s fingers.

Lesley was quick to move as Vanessa was crying she put her knees either side of the young students head facing her feet and pulled Vanessa’s legs up so they were under Lesley’s arms this left Vanessa’s pussy and ass exposed just below Lesley’s face. Now she was in the position she wanted to be in would teach this young upstart a lesson she started to finger the young students cunt..yes cunt that’s what she was and that’s how Lesley was going to treat her first 2 fingers went inside her fucking her faster and faster then a 3rd and the young girl screamed as a fourth was added to her cunt Vanessa could feel her pussy stretching wider than it have ever been before.

Lesley was staring straight into the young girl’s cunt as she fucked her fingers into her at each downward thrust of her hand a little more went in and she could see the pinkness spreading and when finally Lesley felt her thumb enter the young cunt the fight was over. Vanessa’s head was lolling from side to side her mouth drooling as Lesley drove her fist into the young girls cunt she could feel her cervical opening and slowly opened and closed her fist this caused Vanessa to cum in a semi-conscious state she was orgasming almost constantly and Lesley was wrist deep inside her cunt with each downward thrust pussy juices would be forced out of the young student to splash Lesley’s tits and face.

Debbie and Claire watched in awe as Lesley fisted the young student without even knowing it Debbie’s hand had moved between her legs and she was masturbating to the scene in front of her Miriam had noticed and moved from behind Debbie leaning from the back between Debbie’s legs to ease a side her bikini and start to lick Debbie’s pussy, lapping up the juices that spilled from inside her licking her thighs that were soaked wherever there was pussy juice her mouth was there.

On the mat Vanessa was tapping out but Lesley would have none of it she fisted the young girl until she passed out from cumming only then did she pull her fist out of the student with a loud schlepping sound and rolled the girl off her and stood up victorious. As she turned around she saw Miriam licking Debbie with Claire watching on and fingering herself as she watched, Lesley moved to Claire spun her around and kissed her deeply their tongues entwining in lust as Lesley’s hands went to Claire’s shoulders and forced her to her knees and pulled her face to her pussy. As Claire lovingly licked her boss Lesley’s hands wen to her tits and pulled and pinched her nipples as she screamed out her orgasm her thighs trapped Claire’s head between them forcing Claire to drink all that her boss gave her.

With all the girls worn out Lesley called it a day tomorrow we train for water polo and it is naked water polo according to the rules.

Back at Figjam School for girls Kayla was explaining to Melissa what had happened at the L&C School and showed her the video. Watching the video of the very beautiful Debbie fucking her office chair got Melissa very excited at the prospect of destroying the young Debbie’s pussy to make her hers and hers alone. As Melissa watched the footage the young Kayla was rubbing her pussy on the corner of her boss’s desk remembering the taste of Debbie’s pussy in her mouth and the visual of the chair fucking the young girl’s pussy.

Melissa watched her young charge fucking her desk and ordered her to lay over it Kayla leaned forward resting her tits on the desk as Melissa undressed and pulled on a strapon cock over her thighs and buckled it into place she lifted Kayla’s skirt over her ass ..she as well was not allowed to wear underwear…

Melissa moved behind the young girl and positioned her cock at the entrance of her pussy.. Kayla braced herself as she knew what was coming and what her boss loves to do…as she thought this Melissa grabbed her young assistants hips and drove the plastic cock all the way in till she felt Kayla’s cervix stop the assault. Kayla grunted with the force of the thrust but her boss knew what she was doing she knew Kayla had a submissive streak in her but Kayla also loved the idea of taking charge..not that Melissa would ever let her do that.

Kayla could feel the plastic cock inside her to the hilt could feel her bosses mound pressing on her ass as she fucked her..all Kayla could think about was bending Debbie over and taking her the same way …fucking the young gorgeous brunette into submission even taking the cock out of Debbie’s pussy and fucking it straight into her ass making the young assistant scream beneath her making her further submit to her.
Kayla’s thoughts were interrupted as her boss had the same idea as Kayla, she felt the cock pull out of her pussy her boss placed it at the entrance of her ass and rather than wait Kayla forced her ass back onto the plastic cock making Melissa smile at her young assistant, the cock went slowly deeper an deeper Melissa watched as Kayla’s ass spread wide at the invading cock giving in to the pressure applied to the elastic ring of Kayla’s asshole.

Kayla’s day dreaming was bringing her to her orgasm quicker than normal Melissa felt it to and grabbed a handful of Kayla’s strawberry blonde hair and pulled it back stretching her neck backwards using her hair as a lever to fuck the young girls ass harder making her moan Kayla could not stop her mouth from drooling it was wide open as her head was pulled back the front of her shirt became see through as her boss fucked her ass and her drool ran down her chin to her tits soaking her shirt. Kayla screamed as her orgasm ripped through her ass to the rest of her body shaking her butt cheeks her pussy clenching and unclenching as her body was rocked into a second orgasm…Melissa let go of her hair and Kayla’s head fell to the desk as she felt her boss slowly pull the cock out of her ass….

As Melissa looked down at her young assistants ass as she removed the cock the one thing she loved was how it gaped when it was suddenly empty. As the last of the cock was out Melissa held Kayla’s cheeks apart so her ass gaped. She knelt down behind her and spat escort urla into the young girls hole as she licked all around the rim flicking her tongue inside to feel the walls of the open ass in front of her. Dipping both her forefingers into Kayla’s ass she pulled the hole apart to see deeper and leant forward and kissed each cheek as she watched Kayla’s asshole stretch.

Standing up Melissa said ok we have planning to do let’s get to work on how we can own those bitches at L&C I especially want that bitch Lesley grovelling at my feet pleading for mercy. So a plan was hatched to make Figjam school for girls the leader in their area. Melissa returned to her desk to think about what could be…..how she would have Lesley naked at her feet forehead on the floor arms outstretched in total submission…she was wet just thinking about she had followed Lesley’s career the last couple of years and had admired her rival from afar as well as one of her teachers known as Claire she would have that bitch as well.

The thought of having Lesley and Claire naked on her cross made Melissa very very wet her hands rose to her tits squeezing them roughly through her unbuttoned shirt and admiring the fullness of them in her silk laced bra, twin mounds of white flesh waiting to be squeezed sucked and bitten by Lesley and Claire. As her mind wandered her hands moved to her thighs her nails pressing into the soft flesh of her inner thighs pinching them making the flesh redden her pussy was wet so wet her juices ran between her butt cheeks wetting the chair she was sitting on. Sliding a drawer on her desk open she reached for her dildoe she ran it over her cunt lips wetting it seeing the white lines of her juices covering the hard glass object.

Melissa held the dildoe at the entrance of her cunt and waited twisting it slowly and when she was ready she slammed it home in one movement all the way in so her palm was flat against the outside of her cunt and the whole length of the glass monster was in her. She leant forward so her cunt was pressing on the cool leather of her chair and ground her lips into the chair making the glass invader go deeper then she started to bounce just a little.

This caused the dildoe to fall out about 2” then as she sat again it fucked into her over and over again as her tits hit the front of her desk with every bounce she could feel herself cumming getting ready as her orgasm approached her thoughts of Lesley and Claire’s red asses as she caned them. Her orgasm hit her like an explosion she fell forward her tits mashing the edge of the table almost cutting into them making her cum stronger.

As the orgasm ebbed from her Melissa’s thighs quivered her nipples softened and she came back to earth a wry smile on her lips thinking of what was to cum and the fun she would have with her new found slaves from the L and fucking C school of fucking Writing.

On the other side of town things were buzzing around the L&C school making preparations and training for the competition All was going smoothly and everyone had turned up for the water polo training as the 5 women stood there, Lesley, Claire, Debbie, Vanessa and Miriam Lesley said that this will be our team so everyone strip naked and get in the pool.

Debbie watched the 4 sexy bodies as they disrobed in front of her, her pussy getting wetter by the minute, she could not wait to get in the pool and show the others how to play.
As soon as everyone was naked they jumped in squealing as the cold water touched their skin making everyone’s nipples harden instantly.

As Debbie explained the rules and everyone said that they understood she said now I will demonstrate some of the tactics that may be used on us and that we can use on the other team. Debbie asked Claire to tread water in front of her as if they were waiting for the ball to be thrown, which she asked Vanessa to do when she was ready.

Once Clair was in position Debbie moved behind her and as Clair was waving her arms waiting for the ball Debbie’s hand went straight between Claire’s legs and clamped hard onto her pussy mound holding the skin pinching it which had the effect of taking Claire’s eyes off the ball as she struggled to stop the fingers holding her pussy she was screaming for Debbie to let go and Vanessa threw the ball and Debbie let go as soon as she did Claire sunk under the water rubbing her sore pussy as Debbie caught the ball. Claire was angry at Debbie for the trick she pulled and was swimming towards her to take revenge when Lesley swam to her and said leave it be we need to know these tricks.

Debbie breathed a sigh of relief as Claire glared at her, and then she asked the girls to pair up one behind the other Miriam in front of Lesley and Vanessa in front of Claire. Debbie told the girls behind to spread their legs either side of the girl in front without touching them and when the ball is thrown to you close your legs around their waists and pull yourself up using their bodies as leavers.

First she threw the ball to Lesley who clamped her thighs around Miriam’s waist pulling herself up and catching the ball Miriam wasn’t quite ready and when Lesley finally let her go she came up for air coughing and spluttering for breath which caused the pretty Asians tits bounce in the water which everyone noticed.
Next she threw the ball to Claire and as she closed her legs around Vanessa she levered herself forward but Vanessa spun around and quickly squeezed Claire’s tits hard making her bring her hands to them cupping them and her legs released Vanessa who in turn caught the ball. Once again Claire was fuming and Lesley had to rein her in and in the process called off the training as she believed tomorrow’s game was going to be a nasty game and a win at any cost attitude was required by all.

As Lesley pulled her robe on and went back to her office Debbie was told to continue to make preparations for the events. This left Claire, Vanessa and Miriam in the showers, as Debbie and Lesley left Claire fronted Vanessa and called her a bitch for squeezing her tits and slapped her face hard. Vanessa recoiled against the stinging slap and as she recovered she bought her foot up and kicked Claire in the pussy causing her to double over in pain. Miriam was watching and as Vanessa looked at her she nodded and both girls grabbed an arm each and dragged Claire into the shower and held her against the cold tiled wall as the water sprayed down on her Claire was pleading for them to let her go, all of her previous bravado having left her.

Claire’s tits were squashed against the tiles as Miriam and Vanessa started their assault both of the students hands went between their teachers thighs pulling them apart almost 4’ apart this exposed Claire’s pussy to the young girls and they made quick use of the display with a hand each going to Claire’s pussy and forcing a finger inside from each of their hands.

Claire grunted at the intrusion as she felt the fingers delving into her pushing against her inner walls she couldn’t help her bodies reaction. Her pussy was getting wetter and the girls felt it squeezing their fingers. Vanessa looked at Miriam and said, it seems our teacher is a little slut after all she loves the rough stuff ..get on the floor slut she commanded Claire.. there was no option Claire could not fight them both so she lay on her back on the floor and Miriam kicked Claire’s legs open as wide as they could go Vanessa then lowered her pussy squatting down on her heals and covering Claire’s mouth and nose facing her feet, lick me bitch and do a good job of it she ordered and she smiled as she felt Claire’s tongue flick over her clit sending a shiver through her.

Miriam was not to be left out she stood with her back to Vanessa and bent over at 90 degrees so her ass was in Vanessa’s face and her mouth on Claire’s pussy. Vanessa leaned forward and licked Miriam’s asshole making the pretty Asian moan as her own tongue delved into Claire’s pussy tasting the tangy muskiness of her teacher’s cunt. Claire’s hips rose as Miriam’s licking got faster and deeper Vanessa shifted her weight and ordered Clair to lick her ass, Claire’s tongue reached out and swiped Vanessa’s ass causing her to moan and squat a bit lower as Claire’s tongue entered Vanessa’s ass her fight was gone she gave into her feelings and licked and sucked the young girls ass.

Miriam’s ass was clenching on Vanessa’s tongue as the wet muscle probed her asshole licking as if searching for something Vanessa could see the young Asian girls thighs start to shake as her orgasm approached so she reached forward pinching Miriam’s nipples hard and that was all it took the young Asian screamed as her orgasm hit Vanessa could not help but look at pussy in front of her opening and closing as the orgasm ripped through Miriam. She leaned down and licked the cunt in front of her relishing the liquid that oozed from it like honey from a pot this cause Miriam to cum again and she collapsed forward onto the wet floor.

This left Claire’s pussy exposed and Vanessa took advantage of it thrusting 2 fingers inside her teacher’s cunt and fucked her fast and hard. Claire started to cum as soon as the fingers entered her and was screaming her orgasm into Vanessa’s ass her hands pulling her young student’s ass harder onto her mouth as her tongue delved deeper. This action bought Vanessa to her knees so she could grind her ass on her teachers mouth as she started to cum she screamed ..eat my ass miss…eat it you bitch as she orgasmed on her teachers tongue.

All 3 women lay on the floor and hugged in a wet mass of arms and legs kissing and caressing each other they all laughed as Claire said …well that team building exercise went well.. As soon as all were showered and dressed the school was back to some sense of normality.

At last the day of the competition arrived and everyone at L&C were excited to show the Figjam school just who was the more superior.
As team L&C stood at the front steps the 5 women looked amazing lots of thigh in their split skirts which were way to short but showed exactly what they wanted Figjam to see, mounds of tit flesh in low cut cleavage revealing shirts.

As the Figjam team exited their mini bus Melissa was first in a striking black skirt and bright red top Claire gasped as the woman came into view with Vanessa mumbling ..very nice under her breath. As Melissa stood up Kayla appeared and Debbie’s heart skipped a beat remembering the threat that the pretty girl had made urla escort when she caught her fucking the chair. Kayla looked stunning in the same outfit as Melissa lots of leg and cleavage on the Figjam team. Next were the 3 last members of the team Kristen a tall blonde with amazingly huge tits which her bra clearly struggled to contain, then penny a stunning red head with flawless white skin which looked hot against the red and black of her outfit, next was Carla a tall black girl with striking features and with tits bigger than anyone’s here the bright red shirt making her black skin shine.

Welcome everyone said Lesley as they all moved together and shook hands as Kayla shook Debbie’s hand she looked into Debbie’s eyes and whispered ..remember ?? Debbie blushed and lowered her head so she couldn’t look into her rivals eyes.

As Carla shook Lesley’s hand she squeezed it very hard and Lesley tried her hardest not to show how much it hurt she was in awe of the power of this young girl she would have to be watched very carefully.
As both teams entered the building and sat at the meeting table to go over the rules and rewards for the games. It was decided that the winners of the competition (which would be an annual event) would own the losing team for that year. Lesley and Melissa had agreed to this in the signed contract that Kayla brought over that fateful day.

Debbie was the first to ask…..what do you mean by own…. Melissa stood up and paced around the table letting all the girls know that the winning team could ask anything within the rule book of any losing team member and the losing member must do what is asked without question and as soon as they could, of course allowing for driving distance etc.

What does “anything” mean young Debbie as Melissa stopped behind Carla and reached her hands around and into Carla’s red shirt squeezing the black girls tits it means anything sexual that is asked. That being said as everyone here is gay the ruling of course is no request can have anything to do with men whatsoever is that understood, everyone nodded with a couple of sighs of relief.

Vanessa was sitting opposite Kristen whose huge tits had Vanessa’s mouth-watering, when all of a sudden she felt something sliding up her leg her eyes looked up from Kristen’s tits to her face and the blonde girl licked her lips as she ran her silk stockinged foot up between Vanessa’s legs to rest against her mound pressing her toes into the dark haired girls bare pussy.

Lesley said the first competition game would be the wrestling and names would be drawn out of a hat to see who wrestled who. As Lesley held the hat Melissa pulled the first name out, Miriam’s name was called and from the Figjam hat Lesley pulled the name…versus Penny this wen on until all were decided

Miram v Penny
Claire v Melissa
Lesley v Carla
Debbie v Kayla
Vanessa v Kristen

Debbie cringed as her match was drawn out she started to panic and Kayla could sense the uneasiness in the pretty brunette and smiled to herself. Vanessa tried to hide her excitement as Kristen pushed her foot harder against her bare cunt as Kristen name was called as her opponent.

Melissa glared at Miriam making the young Asian girl very uncomfortable and scared of what was to happen to her. Carla looked directly at Lesley and flexed her shoulders making her seem bigger and her tits more pronounced. Lesley gulped and for the first time showed fear and Carla noticed that fear.

So everything decided the games would start first thing in the morning and everyone will be sleeping here at L&C, all have individual rooms so a good night’s sleep is in order.
Everybody went to their rooms and started to unpack and get settled in for the night. Debbie was feeling anxious about Kayla and what would happen when she asked her “favour”. As she undressed and her shirt came off then her skirt she was standing in front of the mirror and as she took her bra off the cool night air hitting her nipples making them get instantly hard.

She admired them and lifted them feeling their weight in her hands squeezed them and gave her nipples a pinch. As she wasn’t wearing nickers she sat down on her bed and sighed and for some reason the image of Carla came into her mind the tall athletic black girl and her huge tits made Debbie feel very horny.

As she imagined Carla and Lesley wrestling their sweaty bodies grappling covered in oil slipping and sliding she couldn’t help but think…what if Carla beat Lesley…what would it look like with Carla bending Lesley over and the black girls skin contrasting against Lesley’s white skin as Carla hammered her fingers into Lesley making her scream her orgasm out forcing her into submission. As she smothered Lesley’s face with her huge black tits making it hard for her boss to breathe.

All these thoughts had Debbie wet and she was too tired to masturbate so she lay down and pulled the sheets up covering her naked body and sleep came easily to her.
In the room across the hall Kayla lay awake and was thinking of Debbie and how she could get to her, she waited about an hour after she lay down and then planned her raid on Debbie as she slept. Kayla got out of her bed and gathered a few things into a small bag and quietly opened her door.

As she stood in her doorway naked looking in each direction she tiptoed across the hall to Debbie’s room. Quietly opening Debbie’s door she crept inside, she could make out the shape of Debbie’s body under the sheets as she lay on her back.

Kayla opened the bag and placed it on the side of Debbie’s bed and slowly pulled the sheet of the sleeping girl. As more of Debbie’s body came into view…her neck…then lower her tits came into view the sheet pulling across them making the young girls nipples hard, Kayla forced back a gasp when she saw Debbie’s tits.

Then she pulled the sheet lower and her flat stomach was uncovered, then lower, Debbie gave a sigh in her sleep and her left leg bent up and then came down and as it did it fell to the side opening her legs so that her ankles almost touched each side of the bed.
As Kayla let Debbie settle back into her sleep she pulled the sheet down over the sleeping girls legs exposing her pussy which Kayla could see was wet with a milky film around her labia. Quietly as she could she took 4 nylon ropes out of her bag and secured Debbie to the bed. Once that was done she crawled onto the bed and placed her knee’s either side of Debbie’s head and lowered her pussy onto Debbie’s mouth and pushed it down firmly.

Debbie woke up with a start and her eyes looked up and saw Kayla smiling down at her and as she opened her mouth to scream Kayla’s juices flooded into her mouth muffling any sound.
Debbie realised she was tied to the bed and Kayla looked down into the young girls eyes and said not a sound you little slut you are mine you are tied you cannot get away, if you scream you will feel pain that will make you scream louder…understand me slut….Debbie’s eyes looked into Kayla’s and she nodded her agreement. Kayla lifted her pussy of Debbie’s mouth and sat back on her stomach this bought Debbie’s tits into view and she reached into her bag and pulled out a handful of clothes pegs.

Debbie knew what she was going to do and asked her not to pleading with Kayla all to no avail, Kayla grasped Debbie’s left nipple and squeezed it hard making it stand up and then placed a peg over the nipple watching it squash between the wood, and the same to the left nipple. The pegs had a line of string going through them and Kayla continued down Debbie’s body pegging each side of her stomach at about 6” intervals. The line of pegs went over her pussy mound and down her inner thighs, each time a peg pinched her skin Debbie screamed.

Finally it seemed to be over and Kayla was running her hands over Debbie’s body as she said to her…now my little slut this is just a message for you to remember that I still have the video footage of you fucking your chair. In tomorrow’s wrestling I will win you will let me win you will make it look like you are trying but I will win.
Debbie was sweating now her body in pain from the pegs some parts of her were numb where the pegs pinched her skin. As Kayla’s spoke Debbie knew she was done she would be humiliated on the wrestling mat, she nodded to Kayla that she would win.

Kayla climbed back onto the bed facing Debbie’s feet and her knees either side of her head, she leaned back and spread her ass cheeks and lowered her ass to Debbie’s mouth ordering her to eat her ass
Debbie looked straight into Kayla’s ass as it came down onto her mouth and she knew she had no choice she extended her tongue until it reached the crinkled hole and licked it pushing her tongue into the girls ass.

Kayla smiled as Debbie started to lick her ass and reached forward and fingered Debbie’s pussy as the young girls pussy rose to meet her fucking fingers she enjoyed the squelching sound as Debbie’s pussy was fucked by her fingers, she tried 3 fingers and it was a tight squeeze but they went in. Slowly she got the fourth finger in and the girls hips bucked as her orgasm approached.

Kayla could feel her own orgasm approaching caused by the young girls tongue in her ass making her moan and grind her ass against the invading muscle. Kayla tried to get her thumb into Debbie and it almost fit but it would need some extra time, time she knew she would have later.

Debbie’s hips bucked against the four fingers fucking her, her moans could be heard from beneath the girls ass. As her moans got louder and her hips started to shake this brought Kayla to her orgasm. As it hit so did Debbie’s Kayla leaned forward and grabbed the 2 strings wrapping them around her hand, and in one movement zippered Debbie’s body from the inside of her thighs to her nipples. She heard Debbie scream into her ass her body jumping off the bed in pain.

Debbie felt her skin pull from each peg the pain wracking her body as pegs pinched as they let go she was covered in sweat and her skin was hurting but her orgasm was what confused her, it was more powerful than the others and she wondered if it was from the pain or the fact that the beautiful girl had her ass on her face and almost her entire hand in her pussy.

Kayla climbed off Debbie and stood next to the girl admiring her perfect body running her nails lightly over her skin and said I will see you in the morning I hope you recover for our bout. As she left she undid one of Debbie’s hands so she could untie herself, then she disappeared out the door.
Sleep came quickly to Debbie’s ravaged body the young girl had a restless sleep having dreams…or were they nightmares of the games to come.

to be cont.

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