Landscaping Her Garden

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— 1 —

There was an unexpected knock at the door which made Sara suddenly pause from composing her email. “Who could that be!” she thought, completely forgetting that the landscaping team which had been booked for two weeks were set to begin work that day.

Sara opened the door, ready starting to say “Sorry, I’m not interested.” to the potential charity spiel before it could begin. Then, thinking to herself, “Wow, these door salespeople are getting hotter and younger!”

“Hi – I’m here to sort out the decking.” the visitor began.

“Oh… Oh yes, sorry. Of course you are!” she gabbled, slightly flustered.

On seeing her continued look of confusion, he continued: “I’m Phil, I guess you were probably expecting more people – apologies, another job ran over so it will just be me for this week. Can you show me where your garden is please?”

“Ah, I understand. Sure! Follow me.” Sara, slightly embarrassed by her slippers and jogging-wear home-working attire, led him through and gestured at the grassy bank that she hoped would be spectacularly transformed, given how much this job had been estimated to cost.

He didn’t seem jaded by the amount of potential effort, which was a good sign Sara decided. Whilst he took measurements she had a chance to look at him properly: Slim but quite muscular and a fair bit taller than she first realised close up, with a neat beard and messy, dark hair. But it was his eyes that struck her – amazing blue-green framed by dark eyebrows. There was definitely a hot actor from one of those box-sets series who he looked exactly like but she couldn’t quite remember their name.

“Ok, great. All ready to get started.” Phil called back. Sara was jolted from her reverie. “Do you mind if I go back to my van?” he continued.

“No, not at all – here let me give you the spare key for today so you don’t have to bother me.” She rummaged in the kitchen drawer and pressed the emergency copy into what she realised were very strong but soft hands. Lingering a little over them by accident she felt embarrassed and sio stole back upstairs to her laptop and work.

— 2 —

A few hours later Sara realised that she was hungry so shut the computer screen and changed into some jeans and a loose shirt, thinking about whether to make a salad or a cheese toastie. As she passed the upstairs window she was amazed at the progress the landscaper was making.

Granted it still looked a mess but he certainly wasn’t lazy. She noted he was wearing some figure-complementing skinny jeans which she was sure weren’t that comfortable for this heavy kind of work. But it was the fact that he had taken off his top in the hot sun and she could see every muscle in his broad back as he worked that spade with gusto, that made her stare.

After a while the digger stopped to take a breath and looked toward the house causing Sara to duck from the window as remembered she hadn’t buttoned her top up quite yet. “How silly of me… he can’t even see in!” she scolded herself.

She descended to the kitchen and from the backdoor Sara called out “Can I get you a cup of tea?”

A few minutes later, the landscaper, now clothed but perspiring slightly, was propping up the breakfast counter. “Wow,” she thought, ‘rugged and nice looking, just my type – in any other situation…”

“Thanks, I needed that. You have a great house by the way!” His gentle tones gave a feeling of reassurance to Sara.

“Ah, that’s kind of you to say. You must see the inside of so many places. Sorry, I just realised I never told you my name – Sara.’ She suspected that she was blushing in an obvious fashion so looked away in further embarrassment. What was happening, she barely even knew this man.

“Hey, so I think I will be here a few more hours then come back tomorrow. I wonder if I can ask a favour though: Would you mind if I used your shower in a bit? My cousin is coming to town tonight and I won’t have time to get home before I have to collect them from the airport after work. I understand if you don’t feel comfortable?”

“No, that’s absolutely fine. I have some guest towels I can leave for you in the bathroom.” Sara wanted to repay Phil’s solo efforts in some way so this made sense, and she already felt comfortable with this person who had been a stranger just that morning.

It was a hot day, and what with it being after lunch Sara could not resist resting on the bed. “I’ll shut my eyes for a few minutes only!” she promised then promptly fell asleep.

— 3 —

Sara awoke with the woozy feeling after some time and knew exactly what she wanted to do. Now that the landscaper had packed up and gone she had the house to herself as she knew her husband would be attending a work function until early evening.

A little excited, Sara completely undressed and then got back under the covers to get warm again. The thrill of being naked in the daytime always stirred things up a little for her. Work had been so dull and frustrating that this seemed like the perfect eryaman genç escort way to let off steam.

Closing her eyes and conjuring one of her favourite fantasies, Sara slowly caressed her body, starting at the top and working downwards, making sure to take the time and not rush things.

Slowly but surely her self-stimulation was working and she didn’t realise but she was moaning a little loudly now. Her whole body was getting hotter and she threw off the covers with one motion. Now she really got to work, screwing up her face in concentration and working her fingers.

It was at this point that the door burst open and a slightly confused landscaper, dripping wet except for a towel wrapped around his lower half. “Oh my, I am so sorry, I thought someone was calling out in pain so I rushed in…” Sara quickly pulled the covers over her but there was no way that he didn’t see something. Namely a female form in an erotically splayed position, both hands between her legs.

They locked eyes, not knowing what to do. Then Phil came quietly over to the bed, a look of intrigue she imagined she saw on his face. He deliberately and slowly ran his fingers along her arm, over her shoulder then on the back of her neck. What was happening – Sara’s body gave a little shiver.

She knew this was wrong, “Just to let you know,” she started but then hesitated as he slipped a hand under the covers touching her knee at first then slowly going higher, “I have a husband who will be home soon!” But she didn’t push him away.

By now Phil’s towel had dropped onto the floor, but she didn’t get a chance to have a look as he gently but firmly pushed her back onto the bed and lay next to her. He smelt amazing from the shower and her heart now was racing wildly at the thought of what might come next.

The gardener now became more bold. He rolled on top of Sara, not crushing her but she felt as if it would be difficult to get out from under him. They now locked eyes, with an unexpected intimacy between two what were previously considered strangers. Sara eye’s widened as she felt a stirring of a slowly hardening cock sneaking between her thighs. She pushed away against his chest in a moment of anxiety at the situation but it did not budge him. At the exact moment Sara’s panic was rising, he kissed her, a soft long snog that completely melted any tension in the situation.

Sara was confused by the desire she felt. She was quite wet from the disturbed masturbation session and obviously didn’t want to be taken advantage of. But it crossed her mind that she might wish to be fucked as it would take no effort to let the head of the gardener’s straining penis slip into her. Right now it was bumping up to her pussy lips whilst her hands were being pinned helplessly to the bed by Phil’s strong grip.

“Honey, I’m home!”

Sara leapt in shock – the nearby male voice was her husband’s from downstairs, he was home much earlier than expected. What now?

— 4 —

The next day unusually Sara had not woken up early but had slept through her husband’s alarm and realised that he had already gone to work. Her phone beeped with a text from him: “Hi honey – You looked so peaceful I didn’t want to wake you, good luck with the landscaping team today! X”.

Her heart stopped for a minute as she played back yesterday’s events once more. She had been naked with what was technically a stranger (but a pleasantly smelling one) on top of her when they had been almost caught in a compromising situation by her husband’s return.

Thinking on her feet yesterday, Sara had grabbed a new bath towel and called down the stairs, “Hi there honey – I didn’t expect you so soon! The landscaper’s done a great job, let me show you now. I was about to shower but it can wait!” Turning back she was surprised that Phil was now almost dressed though with scruffed hair. Relieved she whispered, “Wait one moment. Then please go out quietly.” and gestured towards the front door.

“See,” Sara explained once downstairs as she pointed from the kitchen window, “a lot has happened. It still looks like a mess but I’m really excited for how it will hopefully turn out!”

Her husband squinted at the pile of earth where the lawn used to be and said simply “I need a beer”.

Then Sara registered the front door click shut and her heart almost beat out of her chest, but he didn’t notice it. “Coming home to you in a towel makes me think you were in the mood for naughtiness!” he chuckled.

“Well what if I was, would you even notice?” Sara thought to herself indignantly. It was true that there hadn’t been much chemistry between them lately and she wondered if it was her fault. She dismissed this as a negative thinking but resolved herself to make an effort on their upcoming anniversary.

— 5 —

By the time the knock on the door came for the second day of the work, Sara was definitely ready and dressed: a flower-pattern loose skirt, bare legs, a tight yellow top which she realised too late showed up her ankara escort bayan black lace bra. “Hello Phil. Come in!” She was secretly relieved that it was him alone again as she wasn’t sure what would happen, but if other workmen were around then there was no chance of any excitement.

“Thanks,” said Phil. He looked smart today, a new shave and a clean chequered shirt which was probably tighter than was useful for gardening. Slightly avoiding her gaze, he said, “Am I OK to bring my tools through again?” Kind of a silly question as otherwise however would he do the work.

Sara found herself looking at his ‘tool’ and imagining it in her hand, then stopped herself in embarrassment. “I mean… sure, come on in!”

Sara was not certain if it was the slightly humid weather or the dullness of the online meetings but the day seemed to particularly drag. Her mind kept circling back to yesterday. “Oh well, another cup of coffee, last one I promise”, she told herself. From the kitchen window she could see Phil with the pick-axe getting stuck into a particularly tricky piece of buried concrete that he had somehow uncovered. Then, without warning, it slipped and caught him on the knee causing him to shout out in pain and stumble.

Sara rushed out grabbing the nearby first aid kit that had never needed to have been used but was certainly glad for now, and asked him if he was OK. “Thank you, that’s kind – just give me a minute”, he said. She could clearly see that his jeans had been ripped below the knee and there was a cut visible. Carefully Sara rolled up the trouser leg exposing a muscular calf and cleaned the area before administering a bandage. “Very professional!”, was his compliment.

“You’ll need to take a break now.” Sara gently scolded, and helped him into the house. Without asking she made him a cup of tea, and suddenly realised that he was close behind her. Phil brushed the hair slowly from the back of her neck and kissed the skin making her shiver. As he continued she made small involuntary moaning noises. “No, no, this is not a good idea…” she protested but signalled differently by reaching back and caressing his head.

Whatever injury Phil had it was forgotten about. His breathing was fast and excited and he now took the initiative and slipped his hand around in-between Sara’s legs from behind causing her to bite her lip with the feeling. Her mind was screaming at her to stop, there was no logical way that this fantasy situation could end well. Then he went further, sliding up her skirt ever so slowly and bending her firmly forward over the counter. “Um… What are you doing?” she protested and tried vainly to resist him.

Phil now took her panties down to her knees and knelt down. First of all Sara felt firm hands ever so slowly pushing apart her buttocks, leaving her pussy lips exposed. Her eyes widened as she wondered anxiously if he would like what he saw, but she was quickly reassured when she felt the fit landscapers tongue beginning to work its way quite expertly around her sensitive regions.

Firstly she felt her labia being moistened, up and down each side, her body willing him on but her mind hesitating at the prospect of being caught. Then, a firm tongue started exploring inside her slowly in a circular fashion. On each circuit it went a little deeper, touching new parts and filling her up. “I hope he enjoys the taste!” she mused momentarily and was not presented with any evidence to the contrary.

Then he slowly changed to moving it in and out of her, feeling like she was being gently tongue-fucked. Sara tensed her muscles to increase the friction noting the hint of surprise from the owner of the tongue at the grip that was produced she guessed. This was definitely a sexy dream she had had in her teens being played out in reality and she could almost not believe it.

This carried on for a few minutes before he moved forward to the most sensitive spot, one which hadn’t been touched by a man properly in many months. Sara gripped the counter top now and screwed up her eyes as she focused on the waves of sensation rising up from her clitoris.

Phil tongue was flat and gentle and the pressure was constant and rhythmic. It was almost too much, but each time she started squirming away, he held her hips firmly ensuring that the spell was not broken. Starting at the back of the clit, he pushed his tongue down along its length, letting it pulse before repeating. “Please… stop…” she begged. But he didn’t and worked away, getting her hotter and hotter.

This could have been many minutes but finally she felt a small orgasm building. All through her body the temperature was rising and everything outside that moment and the pleasure she felt was no longer important.

But then there was a loud bang and they both stopped. “What was that? Oh… It was just the wind slamming the door!” They were both standing there at first in fright, then breaking out in giggles of tension laughter.

“Sorry, that scared me.” she said. sincan escort Sara could not believe it, she had been so close to getting the desperately needed satisfaction that had been missing for so long, but the spell was broken and she felt sure Phil must be sharing her embarrassment.

“I think I’ll wrap up for the day.” said Phil with a hint of dejection. But she could clearly see that he was very turned on from the uncomfortable bulge in his trousers.

“Sure.” she shrugged. Probably for the best but things right now were not clear on what would happen next. “See you tomorrow then?”

— 6 —

Later on whilst in the bathroom Sara caught her reflection. Her hair looked like a complete state, and she had a rather rosy complexion. “Wow, better sort myself out a bit or people will ask questions!” She then noticed that Phil’s phone was left behind, lodged between the sink and shower cubicle. ‘I guess I’ll ring him to let him know. But of course he won’t get the message – how stupid of me!” She put it by the door instead and settled down to some afternoon TV barely taking anything in though after today’s excitement.

When her husband came in, Sara nearly leapt on top of him, kissing him passionately. “Hey,” he exclaimed, “has the sunny weather increased your horniness?!”

She couldn’t tell him the real reason. “Let’s go upstairs, if you want to?” and led him by the hand.

It had been a while and she worried for a second that they might have forgotten their routine, but they followed their normal pattern of foreplay and they were soon naked on the bed. He was on top of her, and she was very wet but unfortunately there was no build up in sensation. She wondered if he sensed this as he tried going faster and harder on her to elicit a positive response. As she stared at the ceiling she knew that this was not going to cut it. Suddenly it was clear – she didn’t want her husband there but another’s body instead.

Sara took control. “Not on top, from behind please.” she indicated sweetly. She knelt with her very shapely bottom in the air, leaning forward until her head was on the bed. Sara closed her eyes and took herself back to earlier that day, imagining that someone else was taking her that way. She could tell her husband was excited from the unexpected action as his penis was completely rigid and felt almost bigger than usual. The angle was good for both and he was hitting a very nice spot which made her smile.

“Oh, you feel good, so wet! You must have been a bad girl.” he panted as he thrust over and over with a dogged fervour.

As this continued, Sara opened her eyes for no reason and looked towards the bedroom door, hearing a noise and almost screamed but held it in. It was definitely Phil as she recognised his eyes in the dark upstairs landing, looking from just beyond the door. He must have come for his phone believing it was still in the bathroom from Monday but not found out. But her husband couldn’t see him from that angle which was a relief.

There was something incredibly hot about the current situation, Sara mused to herself, getting into the rhythm now, what had she gotten herself into?! She closed her eyes and lay her head on the bed with her bottom arched in the air, relishing the performance whilst her husband’s last few strokes came to a shuddering climax for both of them but with different things on their minds.

— 7 —

Sara lay on the bed stunned after the impromptu love-making had finished – nicely exhausted by the immensely pleasurable and unexpected release of days of tension, facilitated by her husband, Jake, but who had not been the source of the passion.

“Wow, honey – I don’t know what to say but you were on fire!” Jake beamed.

Sara did not immediately return the compliment but leapt up and went to see if the accidental voyeur was still on the landing. No sign of them, but when she looked over the bannister their phone was still by the front door. “Oh!” she cried with mock surprise, “Our landscaper left his phone behind”.

“Um… can it wait? Come back to bed, let’s lie together for a moment.” Jake pleaded.

Sara’s heart was beating now with a slight but sickly guilty feeling. She had used her husband as some kind of life-size sex toy and she wondered if her behaviour was glaringly obvious. Then she relaxed as she realised that men usually don’t care how they get it, just that they do.

“I’m going to shower,” Sara called back, ‘but sorry I meant to say, you were very very good my hubby!” Giving a wink, she escaped to the privacy of the cleansing hot waters.

— 8 —

By the time Sara finished, the bedroom was empty as her husband had now gone out with a note pinned to the hallway calendar. “Almost forget it is my mate’s birthday drinks tonight. I was going to offer to drop the phone back to the landscaper for you but hopefully you can do it since I won’t need the car?”

Sara’s pulse quickened – no choice now, she would get see to her new fantasy man once more that day and it thrilled her. A quick change into a flowing but clingy short blue and white flowery summer dress with a low back and soft shoes, plus some carefully applied make-up: sexy eyes but not looking hopefully like too much effort was made, with hair in a pony-tail.

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