Hooters After Party Pt. 02

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Megan and Tanya were sitting in the back seat of one of the guy’s trucks, still wearing the uniforms from their recent shift. The guy who was driving had told them his name, but Megan quickly forgot as she was too distracted by the guy sitting between her and Tanya. Jon was in the passenger seat and Leo and two others were following behind them in another car. They were headed to Jon’s condo that sat along the beach.

The back of the car was rather dark except for the occasional street light. There was some music on and Jon and the driver were having a conversation upfront. The guy next to Megan was talking to Tanya about her hometown. A street light went by and she could see his hand on her thigh, his thumb was slowly caressing her. Tanya seemed to welcome the move. Megan was listening in on their conversation when they drove by another street light. She could now see the guy’s hand had moved all the way up between Tanya’s legs. Megan was already turned on from her rendezvous with Leo 20 minutes ago, and seeing Tanya spread her legs open for the guy’s hand emboldened her even more.

Interrupting their conversation, Megan put a hand on the guy’s leg to get his attention.

“Hey do you have any pot?”, Megan asked.

“Yeah sure”, the guy responded as he reached into his pocket and handed Megan a cannabis pen.

Megan took a puff, with her hand still on his leg, and leaned in a little bit. The guy still had his hand between Tanya’s leg and Megan could see he was clearly rubbing her pussy over her orange Hooter’s shorts. Megan wasn’t sure if this was turning into a competition, or just two friends helping each other out, but what she did know is that she didn’t want to be left out. She took another puff of the pen and brazenly moved her hand towards the guy’s crotch. She was rarely ever so bold, but Tanya was lighting a fire in her. He was wearing loose khaki shorts that did little to contain himself. Megan’s fingers lightly touched what felt like the head of his cock. She could instantly tell that it was hard and felt it twitch as her hand grazed it.

Megan was now gently rubbing the guy’s member through his shorts while he was rubbing Tanya’s pussy through hers. A sudden slow down followed by a bump caused Megan to squeeze his dick as she looked up to see they pulled into the driveway.


The other car pulled up next to them as Megan hopped out of the truck.

“Nice place, Jon. Let’s get this party started!”, said Leo as he closed his door.

The two girls followed the group of guys toward the front door. On their way, Tanya looked towards Megan and gave her a wink.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this”, Megan whispered to Tanya.

“Relax girl. Get some drinks in you and let loose. Have some fun. No one is ever going to know.”

“As long as you keep your mouth shut”, replied Megan.

Tanya took a pause and looked at Megan as they walked through the door. “Any dirt I have on you, you’ll have on me too”, said Tanya, with a smirk.

“That is a little reassuring”, thought Megan.

The girls walked towards the kitchen when some music started playing throughout the house. Leo was already there with eight shot glasses and a bottle of fancy tequila.

Everyone cheered and downed their shot. But before Megan could even put her shot glass down, Leo was already pouring another one for everybody.

Between the two shots and cannabis, she had earlier, Megan already felt a little tipsy and outside of herself. While looking around the living room Leo and a tall blonde guy, Carter, came up to her with a red cocktail.

“Come on, I’ll give you the tour”, said Leo as he put his hand behind her back and handed her the drink.

“Alright”, Megan said somewhat nervously. She looked over at Tanya who was laughing and dancing with Jon and another guy in the kitchen. “Fuck it”, she said as she walked off with Leo and Carter.


The condo was huge inside. The living room was light hardwood and with a huge sectional sofa in the middle. Megan looked around impressed as she followed the guys to the back door.

“Jon has an awesome view back here”, said Carter, as he led the group outside to a large patio.

Megan could see the beach off in the distance and a hot tub to her right that was already bubbling and was lit up with a purple light. To her left was a large set of padded patio furniture.

“Oh man, that hot tub looks like it feels good”, said Megan. “Too bad I didn’t bring my bikini”.

With that comment, Megan knew exactly was the two guys were going to say next.

“You don’t need one of those”, replied Leo with a laugh.

“Bingo”, thought Megan.

Leo started taking off his shirt and Megan eyed his stomach. He was cleanly trimmed with hard abs. Carter began to undress as well. Megan was a little shocked at how forward these guys were and took ankara duşta veren escortlar a few big gulps of her drink as she admired the two guys. Carter was taller and a little bit paler than Leo with a little more fat on him, but still a great body. The guys both stripped down to their briefs and Carter immediately jumped into the bubbling hot tub.

Leo walked up to Megan as she stared at his body. “Here, let me help you”, he said. He grabbed her drink from her and sat it down on a ledge and started to untuck her white Hooter’s shirt. Not sure what to say or do, but knowing she wanted to see where this was headed, Megan followed his lead by lifting her arms in the air as Leo slipped her shirt off.

Leo’s hand caressed Megan’s waist as he blatantly admired her body. “I’ll take it from here”, Megan said with a smile. She unhooked her bra and then slide her orange shorts and pantyhose off her body. She was wearing a skimpy black thong and nothing more. Her small breasts and shapely ass were exposed to the world. She took a few steps and slid into the hot tub, with Leo close behind.

After a few minutes of flirtatious chit-chat, Megan had already downed her first drink and sent Carter to get her a second one.

“Here you go,” said Carter, as he handed Megan a fresh cocktail. He slid back into the hot tub. “You want one of these?”, he asked. Carter held out his hand that contained two pills. “It’s ecstasy”, he said. Megan reached out without hesitation and grabbed one.

“Thanks”, she said, as she down the drug. Leo grabbed the other.

After a few more minutes, Megan was in another zone. The three were laughing and joking around for a few minutes when Megan felt someone’s foot rubbing against her calf. She wasn’t sure whose it was, and she honestly didn’t care.

Leo scooted over and sat next to Megan and put his hand on her legs under the water. Carter moved a little closer as well, on her other side.

“This is going to get interesting”, thought Megan. While she’s certainly had lots of sex, she had never been with more than one person before.

As Leo was rubbing her leg, Megan reached her hand over to his, then moved her hand up towards his crotch. When she got there, she was surprised to find he was completely naked.

“When did that happen?”, she thought. With nothing in the way now, Megan closed her eyes, leaned her head back, and let out a sigh as she grabbed Leo’s cock in her hand.

Megan took her time just holding Leo’s member and gently rubbed her thumb in circles around the head.

The two men took the hint and in a few seconds, Megan had hands all over her body. Someone’s hand was behind her back and another on her stomach. And they each had a hand on each of her thighs. Carter and Leo began rubbing their hands close to her crotch before they found their way up to the sides of her thong. Together they grabbed it and pulled it down, leaving her completely naked underneath the water. As the men explored her body, Megan eventually found herself with a leg resting on each of the guys next to her.

Leo started kissing her neck as he reached his hand up and cupped her small tits. Carter had reached behind her and grabbed a handful of her butt with one hand, lifting her slightly off her seat. His other hand went between her legs and touched her pussy. She was so sensitive and turned on from the scene that she let out of jolt as his finger touched her clit and began rubbing it slowly.

“Mmmmm” Megan moaned as she felt the pleasure encompass her body.

Leo’s cock felt as hard as wood as she stroked it under the water. Carter was leaned up against her and she could feel his hard dick pressing against her leg as he played with her clit. Leo grabbed the back of Megan’s neck and turned her face towards his and kissed her while he fondled her breast, then he gently pinched her nipples as he held her face close to his.

“Mmmph” Megan let out a soft grunt as Carter slipped a finger in her tight hole. Instinctively, Megan pushed her body against his hand, forcing his finger deeper into her pussy. She wanted both of these guys any which way they would have her. She felt like an animal in heat waiting to get fucked and knew she was going to let them do whatever they wanted to her.

Leo broke their kiss and stood up out of the water, giving Megan a clear view of his hard, thick cock in the moonlight. He leaned up against the edge of the hot tub and helped Megan turn around so that she was on her knees. Her butt was now mostly out of the water, facing Carter. She propped herself on the edge and grabbed hold of Leo’s cock, immediately giving it a lick from the shaft to the head before taking it all into her mouth.

Megan started slowly as she sucked him, savoring the texture in her mouth. Behind her, she felt Carter lightly rubbing her ass before giving it a hard smack. Carter spread her ass cheeks open, leaving her pink asshole in full view. She loved feeling so vulnerable and the thought prompted elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar her to take Leo’s rod to the back of her throat. Megan gagged before gasping for air.

Without a word being said, she felt a warm tongue enclose her butthole. Carter was rimming her ass, circling his tongue around the edges of her hole. Megan wasn’t expecting this, but she loved the feeling so much that she pushed her butt back towards the eager mouth causing Carter’s tongue to slip into her hole. She was burning now. Her pussy was dripping and she wanted badly to feel something up her butt.

Megan grabbed Leo’s shaft with her hand and began stroking it as she bobbed her head up and down.

“Ahh, fuck. Good girl” Leo said softly as Megan worked his cock.

Behind her, Carter had stopped eating her ass and was now fingering her wet pussy. He was going back forth between tickling her clit and sliding a finger or two inside her fuck hole. She knew he was teasing her but she was ready and eager for him to penetrate her. She hadn’t even seen his cock yet, but she wanted it inside her. Megan rocked her hips back and forth as she continued to enjoy the cock in her mouth. Suddenly, she felt it – the tip of his dick rubbing against her entrance. He was rubbing his cock against her for what felt like an eternity before she finally felt two hands grab the sides of her butt and his hard cock slide all the way inside her. It felt huge as he nestled it in as deep as it could go. Carter didn’t waste any time after that and began fuck her, slamming himself against her butt with each thrust.

Megan was in ecstasy and let Leo’s cock slip from her mouth as she was pounded from behind. But Leo wasn’t having it. He shoved his hard member back into her mouth and slid it in and out himself. Carter grabbed Megan’s arms and pulled them behind her, holding them against her body while he fucked her and Leo fucked her face.

Megan felt like a piece of meat and she loved it. With every thrust, she let out a loud grunt and was sure she would be screaming if her mouth wasn’t full of cock. She felt her first orgasm building. She had been waiting all night for it. Leo took his dick out of her mouth to give her some air and Megan let out a loud moan.

“Yes! Fuck me. Fuck me” she wailed. “Fuck I’m going to cum!”

Carter picked up his pace. He was like an animal. Megan buried her head into Leo’s crotch as pussy twitched around the cock that was inside her.

Megan was left panting and out of breath. Carter had pulled out of her and had Leo climbed out of the hot tub. Megan looked around dazed to see what was happening. The two men helped pull her out of the tub and led her over to the patio couch. After laying Megan down on her back, Leo positioned himself in front of her. He held her legs open and spit on her freshly used pussy before lining his cock up, ready to enter her.

Megan lifted her head in anticipation. She admired Leo’s perfect body, but then realized she had a clear view through the windows inside the condo. The lights were dimmed but she could see Tanya on the couch. She still had her uniform on but her shorts were at her ankles. She was bent over the shoulder of the couch and one of the guys was behind her. The guy was completely naked with her back facing Megan. She was watched his butt as he railed Tanya. Another guy was sitting on the couch, but before Megan could make sense of what exactly was going on inside, Leo pushed her down and slid inside her.

“Ahhh fuck!” Yelled Megan. His cock was so hard that she felt like she could feel every detail of it inside her. Leo wasn’t rough like Carter. Instead, he pinned her legs and propped one over his head, and slowly fucked her wet cunt. Every time he slid all the way in, he paused for a brief moment before sliding it out, teasing Megan to no end. She was still recovering from her last orgasm but was already feeling another building through her body.

Megan closed her eyes as Leo fucked her. When she opened then, she saw Carter’s cock in front of her face as he straddled her. Megan didn’t hesitate and took his dick in her hand and then in her mouth. Carter grabbed the back of Megan’s head but let her do all the work. She loved the feeling of having her both her holes filled. She felt like a slut and she loved it. As she bobbed her head on Carter’s cock, Leo had picked up his pace. He was now slamming into Megan’s pussy hard and deep. She could feel her juices covering his cock as she was spit-roasted by the two guys she had just met.

“Ahhhhh Fuck yes”, Megan moaned as she took a breather from sucking Carter’s cock and Leo continued to fuck her.

“You like that don’t you?”, asked Carter.

“Ummph, Yes” Megan moaned, quietly, struggling to get the words out.

“You like having your holes filled. You’re just a little Hooter’s slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I love it. Use me like your slut”, Megan groaned, a little louder. She took Carter’s dick back in her mouth etimesgut iranlı escort and furiously started sucking it again as Leo smacked against her, sending over the edge again and creaming all over Leo’s cock.

The two guys gave Megan no downtime from this orgasm and continued to use her holes. The drugs had Megan feeling like she was in another world; she felt insatiable. After a few minutes, Carter got off of Megan and sat on the couch. Leo stopped his intense fucking and helped to pick Megan up.

“Ride him”, Leo told her, as he helped move her on top of Carter.

Megan straddled Carter and guided his cock into her soaking pussy. She began grinding her hips against him, making sure to keep him buried deep inside her.

“Ahhh”, Megan gasped.

She let out a loud sigh and buried her head on Carter’s shoulder. Carter grabbed Megan’s ass and gave it a smack while Megan continued to grind her ass against his cock. She opened her eyes and could inside see through the window again. She had completely forgotten about Tanya.

Tanya was still on the same couch, but this time she was on top of one of the guys, facing away from him with her back against his chest. He held her tightly as he thrust up into her. Another of the guys walked up, completely naked, and without hesitation squatted down and slid his cock in Tanya.

“Holy shit, he must have been in her ass”, thought Megan.

She watched her friend get double penetrated when she felt her ass being spread open. Her crack was already soaked with her juices from her orgasm that when she felt a finger probing her asshole it easily slid inside. That’s when she realized that this was a different guy. Carter was spreading her ass open for him. She looked back. It wasn’t Leo, but one of the older guys from the group.

The older guy started sliding his finger in and out of her butt as Megan rode Carter’s cock. He stopped moving his hand and let Megan do the work. Every time Megan slid down on Carter’s cock the older man’s finger fucked her asshole. Then, without warning, the older man added a second finger.

“Fuck! Fuck, yes”, Megan moaned as her asshole began to stretch out. She had never felt this before. She felt so full. She wanted more. With that, she turned and looked at the man behind her, “Fuck my ass” she squealed.

Carter scooted down a few inches on the couch and spread Megan’s ass apart. She stopped riding him when she felt the head of the man’s cock pressing against the entrance of her pink asshole. Megan gasped and bit her lips as the head popped in. The man paused for a brief second before sliding the rest of his shaft in her starfish. The man was now fully buried in her butt, while Carter’s cock was deep in her pussy.

Carter grabbed Megan and held her against him as the two men began using her holes. The man behind her grabbed Megan’s ass and fucked her slowly. She couldn’t believe how wet she was. The feeling was intense. She was already about to cum again as the men found their rhythm.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Megan moaned. The man behind her was smacking against her ass as Carter was thrusting into her pussy. The pain was intense but the feeling was incredible. Having her ass fucked was truly a different sensation.

The man behind her started grunting loudly as he pounded into her butt.

The two men fucked Megan’s holes for a few minutes before she felt the older man’s cock slip out, leaving her asshole gaping open. Her head was buried in the couch as Carter continued to fuck her when she felt the man’s warm cum land all over her white butt. Spurt after spurt covered her ass. She was drenched and could feel globs of his seed dripping down the side of her ass. Her ass was left covered in some stranger’s cum but Carter didn’t skip a beat and continued to fuck her.

Before Megan could catch her breath from her first double penetration, she felt something pressing again up her used asshole again. She needed a break but at this point wasn’t about to say no. She looked back to see Leo behind her, lubing up his cock. Megan stopped riding Carter, arched her back, and stuck her ass out, giving Leo better access to use her asshole.

“Use me.” Megan groaned as Leo’s rock-hard cock slid easily inside her butt.

She could still feel the cum on her ass as Leo and Carter fucked her holes. They were alternating against her so that as Carter’s cock slid out of cunt, Leo’s cock slid in her ass. The feeling was incredible and sent Megan into another ecstasy-fueled orgasm. She nearly collapsed as she came on their cocks.

This must have sent Carter over the edge because, at nearly the same time, he moaned loudly and slammed his cock into her. She could feel it pulsating as he filled her pussy with his cum.

Carter was still hard as he laid exhausted with his cock still inside her. Megan’s ass was covered in cum, she had another guy’s cum leaking out of her cunt, and Leo was still behind her fucking her ass.

Megan gripped the couch as Leo sped up his pace fucking her tight asshole. He was slamming into her ass now and Megan thought she might cum again. But before she could, Leo slammed hard into her butt, braced himself on her back, and unloaded his cum inside her bowels. Megan’s ass spasmed around Leo’s cock as pulsated inside her, filling her with his warm juice.

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