From: Diary of an Oral Connoisseur

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By Jack Russell

AUG 13

I fucked P. good and hard last night; pounded her, as I slid my belly against her clit with every thrust, eliciting gasps, cries of “good, good, good, good,” pelvic bone slamming repeatedly, into her engorged vulva, until she squirted and kept on cumming, hot spurts that circled my dick and ran down my balls. I was close to cumming, but didn’t…

What I did was go down on her as soon as I could.

She was sopping wet with a combination of her natural lubrication, her copious cum and my equally copious precum. What a thoroughly delicious cocktail, pun intended. My tasty girl.

I licked, tongued, sucked and swallowed as much as I could. Yum.

There were delightful bonuses:

She started our session by grabbing my dick and stroking, asking if I would like a massage? Hmmm, how to answer… I mumbled something, and we both agreed the massage she was giving me was working. So she kept at it.

She gave me her tongue to lick. It was cool and sweet and sexy. It made me harder.

She encouraged me to jerk myself while she watched closely, wanting to learn just how to please me manually. She is such a smart woman and such a willing slut. I mean that with the utmost admiration and respect.

I’m a willing slut for her.

She’s assured me that she is a dedicated fan of penises, the nicer ones anyway, sizable and well-shaped; she loves seeing glimpses of them in movies or in men’s pants. I don’t mind, I encourage it, actually. I know I will be sole beneficiary of her oral and vaginal ministrations and all her other charms. She should look at all the cocks she wants if it makes her wet for me to fuck.

I asked her to climb aboard and, checking to make sure I wanted it (I did), she readily complied. I hadn’t gone down on her yet and she wasn’t as wet as I could make her, so she moistened her pussy with three fingers and saliva, then slid down onto me in just three moves, settling tightly, pubis to pubis, sighing her sweet mounting sigh of pleasure and satisfaction. She moved. I moved. I squeezed her tits. She came strongly.

I lightly stroked her asshole. Ahhhh. What a yummy thing!

I can hardly(!) wait until tomorrow’s Martini Night delights…so I’ll type this, as usual, one hand upon the keyboard, the other on my cock.

AUG 14

I texted P.: Good morning! Waking up and wanting to lick your sweet ass right now. ?? Haven’t heard back yet.

My cock is rock hard.


Last night was insanely sensuous. Dinner was a fabulous angel hair entree with maple-candy carrots and warm kale salad, Flying Leap wine, rubbing P.’s feet while watching HBO, Pinhook Rye (last of the bottle), Cohibas on the back porch. Experience upon experience, flavor upon flavor.


She beckoned me to bed and pulled my head towards her mouth, holding eryaman escortlar it, kissing my lips. She has, of late, started giving me her tongue to suck, especially if I request it and I love how sweet it tastes, and I love her willingness to open herself to this oral pleasure. We are together exploring the French Art newly, as some cosmic circumstance decreed she should have missed this sweet part of adolescence, during the fumblings of young love. I am not the most talented teacher, but I’m enthusiastic…and, as she is the mistress of all things, eventually I will surely be her student.

I massage her back, her spine, her whole body, feet and hands. I pull her toes. I pull her fingers. As I work, I adore her body, her thighs, her ass, her breasts, her rounded blond vulva…

I lay beside her and kiss her mouth again, taste her sweet tongue and feel my cock thicken. I move down to her adorable breasts, her beautiful girlish breasts, and I lick and suck and console her tasty nipples. She grasps my cock as I move down to open her legs and pay homage to her pink, lightly-haired pussy, opening now for me before I taste it. I flick my tongue on her clit, lapping her delicious lubricant for a bit, flittering around her asshole, then sucking on her cunt.

God, I’m in heaven…she strokes my cock.

I move to mount her and she says, “I was thinking of doing you first…” Well, okay!

I change gear and lie back upon the pillow. I love what’s coming, her mouth around my cock, sucking, stroking and hardening me for our pleasure. It’s more delightful than I imagined! I encourage her to climb aboard, to fuck me with her hot cunt and she does, so sweetly.

I fuck back, but mostly let her lead, watching her beautiful face as she fucks me, riding my dick. She moans and I feel her hot ejaculate splash against my penis, covering my belly and I smile, happy in her pleasure, anticipating what’s coming. She rolls beside me and we kiss again.

“I am going down on you, then fucking you until I come,” I tell her.

“But I’m already really wet, she says, then, the realization:

“Oh…that’s why you want to go down on me…” Smart girl.

She’s wet to the waist, just as I like her. I lick her whole pubis before gluing my lips over her cunt and swallowing our cocktail. She shifts slightly and I catch a taste of her beloved asshole. Just a taste, just a tease. I’m hoping for a lot more on Martini Night. God knows I want to stick my tongue deep into her and thoroughly lick around the rim, again and again. I want to tongue fuck her until her sweet hole lies open and receptive. I want to suck the hot, sensitive skin that comprises her rosebud, eliciting a low moan or words of encouragement.

We are ready to fuck, of that we are certain. I move between her knees and rub my cock in her slick slit. She spreads ankara escort bayan her legs and holds herself open to me. I slide in without obstruction and begin that transcendental rubbing of cock against vaginal walls that pleases us both so much. Her cunt lies open to me and I find nothing sexier. I try to catch a glimpse of her charming gape, but am drawn back to fucking her irresistible, open hole. I fuck her from the front. I fuck her from the rear. I fuck her from the side. I want her so much!

But I don’t cum. Doesn’t matter. I will cum soon. I love that we can make love for hours knowing I will cum eventually. Probably on Martini Night. Probably when I’ve fucked her and tongued her and licked her some more. Maybe Saturday…or Sunday morning. Maybe when she’s fucked out and I do her anyway.

I can hardly wait.


I didn’t fuck P. last night; it’s been a busy and tiring week. Instead, we cuddled and kissed and when I rolled over, she snuggled up against me and threw one leg over my body. I delighted in seeing her in my mind’s eye, as I drifted off to sleep, pussy spread against my hip.

Tomorrow is Martini Night. I have a hunger for her. I want to lick her until her pussy flows, lips pushed inside, sucking every drop. I want to push my tongue deep into her stretched and opening asshole, lick the edges, pluck the rim with my tongue’s hard tip, savor her flavor. This will turn my cock rock hard and I will slide into her slick cave as we moan our pleasure.


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for the meal she prepared, for her feet in my lap while we watched tv, for her tasty openings…the best part of a balanced Thanksgiving diet…

Last night I worshiped at the altar of her ass, my tongue swirling in its delicious folds, lapping and sucking as my cock hardened in her hand. We fucked and she kissed my lips and told me I smelled good and I assured her it was her smell on my lips and in my mustache, the intoxicating fragrance of her ass. I kissed her deeply and fucked her harder. Delicious!

People tend to overeat on Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t get enough of her. We eventually had to stop, to sleep. I was somehow both sated and unsatisfied.

Tonight is Martini Night and I’ll meet her in the parking lot to walk her in. I’ll have the bed turned down and the Love Towel spread, hoping tonight she’ll squirt, hot upon my plunging cock, and soak my balls with her ejaculate.

But I think I’m obsessed. First, I want to resume tasting her dark meat, glue my lips to her rosebud and suck until she opens, insert my tongue into her tasty darkness. I envision sitting on the bed and watching as she pushes down her pants. “Turn around,” I’ll say, and she will, and I’ll say “Show me,” and she’ll spread her gorgeous cheeks, revealing that elvankent escort bayan object of my desire. I’ll kiss all around it and lick her crack, as long as it pleases her and/or I can’t take it anymore and must ravage her sacred hole with my tongue.

Make no mistake. I would ravage her sweet hole with my cock as well, and will when she is ready. I will prepare it with lips, tongue, loving fingers and lube, until it lies relaxed and half open for my advances. I will place the velvet of my penis tip against her velvet opening, and knock softly at her door. I will enter ever so slowly, savoring the hot tightness of her welcoming ring, carefully listening for her response to every move of mine.

I will stop advancing when the head slips in and her anus holds me tightly in its grip. This is Heaven’s door. I think of her as Saint Petra, guarding the gate, taking my measure, judging if I am to enter paradise tonight. One night. Or more, she says.


Last night was fun, and took turns I couldn’t even imagine.

I met P. in the parking lot and carried her bags to my apartment. The bed was prepared as planned and candles were burning and music was playing. She took a quick trip to the bathroom and I slipped out of my pants and sweater, all that I was wearing. She was briefly surprised at finding me nude so quickly, but undressed and joined me on the bed.

The weather had taken a dip, so I’d prepared with a space heater and a pre-warmed apartment. She was cold. Her hands and feet were frigid and I encouraged her to grab hold of my penis and balls, the warmest part of me. It felt wonderful. I was more than warm enough for us both.

We talked briefly and I found that she hadn’t remembered that I was just going to begin the evening by licking her ass, so I altered course and held her and kissed her lips and sucked her adorable tits, all the while trying to keep her warm. We moved to the bottom of the bed, nearer to the heater.

I went down on her delicious pussy, rubbing my nose in her blond pubic hair. I opened her flower with my fingers and found the dew already there, ready for tasting, for lapping, for savoring. What a lovely pink flower. How tasty she is!

Shortly, I pulled back and assisted her in turning over and, spreading her cheeks, licked and kissed and sucked her asshole to my delight…and hers, apparently. I have occasionally felt her pulling away, slightly, but I only hold her tighter, lick her deeper, until she relaxes into the flood of sensation. I am lost in the sexy sweet sensations of her bottom; my cock is rock hard. I know she cums easily and I’d love it if, sometime, she would press her legs together and cum with my tongue in her ass.

When I backed off, she came for my cock and sucked it. She’s a dear cocksucker and her hot, wet mouth is always a joy. She got me hard enough to mount and came across and fucked me for a bit, until we turned her over on her back and I fucked her for a while. She came a couple times and, when it seemed that I was probably not going to, we decided to take a dinner break and resume after. So be it…

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