Erica’s Man – Key Workers Ch. 05

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Holly nodded and laughed as she picked up her handbag. Our final day of the week in school was over. The last of the Key Worker children had gone home nearly an hour ago and the Teaching Assistants had gone a few minutes earlier, after helping us complete the deep clean of the areas we’d used, read for the next team of teaching staff on the rota.

It had been the strangest week of my teaching career, and everyone had agreed the whole situation was a mess, with four of us running the school for a week and only a small number of children in at any time due to the effects of the national lockdown enforced by the global Covid-19 pandemic. Quite apart from that though, on a personal note it had been a crazy week, with Holly, the Year 4 teacher, enticing me to begin a week of rampant sex on Monday which had escalated in a deal which had seen me join her and another colleague, Natalie, at Natalie’s house for an evening of debauchery, in exchange for Holly following me home tonight to engage in a threesome with me and my beautiful wife, Erica.

Holly’s nerves were understandable. When we’d first had sex on Monday she’d thought she was seducing a married man into cheating. What she’d actually done was seduced a man whose bisexual wife actively encourages him to fuck other women and set in motion a chain of events which had led to this point, as I locked the school and she climbed into her car, ready to follow me to my home to engage in her real first experience with another woman.

Things had come close the night before, with Holly leaning close enough to Natalie to lick her, but she hadn’t done so. I wondered if it was their friendship which had held her back. I had no doubt Holly would be on the receiving end of a orgasm or two from Erica tonight, but I did wonder if she’d be able to cross the line to actually going down on my wife in return. I hoped so. Not many things made my wife hornier than being another woman’s first, and this was the first time I’d brought a woman home to her, rather than Erica picking out a woman she wanted us to fuck, so I hoped Holly would prove a good choice for us both!

“So I’ll just follow you to yours and park on the drive?” Holly asked, stalling with a question she’d already asked three times.

I let my eyes rove over her again. She was wearing a nice blue dress today, with a summery floral pattern. It showed a little cleavage, and just a little thigh, too, managing to be appropriate for school but also to tantalise my imagination, remembering those soft thighs wrapped around my shoulders and waist.

I smiled at her and nodded. “Stop with the nerves. You can leave any time if you feel uncomfortable. Or you can stay all weekend! Erica’s sister has the baby tonight but I’m sure we could arrange for my parents to have him if you were enjoying yourself!”

Holly laughed, but I could tell she wouldn’t really be relaxed for a while yet. Probably not until Erica had made her scream, I thought. To avoid any further delay, though, I merely smiled again and climbed into my car, stopping only to text Erica before I set off, pausing at the car park entrance for Holly to follow behind.

The journey went quickly. There wasn’t much traffic on the roads with the lockdown, so just ten minutes later I pulled onto the drive and switched off the engine, climbing out of the car as Holly pulled onto the drive behind me.

I waited by the door as Holly grabbed her bag from the passenger seat and then held it open to allow her inside. I led her straight through to the living room, where I offered her a drink, returning quickly with a white wine and sitting next to her.

Holly was visibly quite nervous, her body language anxious and defensive. Looking at it from her point of view, I realised she’d just willingly walked into the house of the married man she was fucking and was waiting for my wife to arrive, with only my word that she approved! Needless to say, I was fetching another wine less than two minutes later when Erica came down the stairs to join us, wearing a summery green dress which came about half way down her thighs and showed just a little of her ample cleavage, grown fairly significantly since she’d become a mum.

I kissed her lips, commenting truthfully that she looked beautiful as always. She flicked her strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder and smiled as I whispered about Holly’s nerves and she told me to give her a minute and then bring her a rum and coke through. I nodded and left her to introduce herself to Holly. I reminded myself that technically it was a second introduction, as Holly had been among my colleagues who’d attended our wedding a couple of years before. I pondered the dynamics of that for a few moments while I listened to Erica asking Holly about the changes in school during lockdown, putting her more at ease, then I rejoined the pair, bringing Erica her drink before sitting back next to Holly as I handed her the wine.

Erica continued to talk to Holly, bringing up stories etimesgut dansöz escortlar from school I’d told her about that she knew Holly would be able to talk about and asking questions about herself. Holly’s position, perched on the edge of the sofa rather than relaxing back into it, told us both she was a bit uncomfortable still. I simply sat back for the moment, allowing Erica to put Holly at ease and refilling both women’s glasses a short while later. I kissed Erica as I handed her the rum and coke this time, both of us allowing the kiss to linger, before I crossed back to the sofa to kiss Holly, a much shorter kiss, but followed up with a wink as I sat back down next to her, placing my hand on the small of her back now and slowly rubbing up and down as the conversation continued.

As Holly neared the end of this third drink, Erica changed the topic, mentioning how in the lockdown we’d found it hard to get together with other people and saying how glad she’d been when I’d come home with a story to tell her on Monday. Holly’s cheeks flushed… the story of course had been how I’d bent her over the desk and fucked her from behind.

Erica grinned and offered to get us both another drink as Holly quickly finished off her wine in a sudden show of the nerves which seemed to have dissipated over the last however long. I finished off my drink as well and my wife collected both as she headed to the kitchen.

I pulled Holly back towards me from her perch on the edge of the sofa into a kiss, bringing my left hand to stroke up her thigh, pushing her dress up as I slid it up towards her hip and kissed her soundly.

I broke the kiss as Erica returned to the room, but held Holly back towards me, leaned into the sofa now, as Erica, smiling, handed her another drink. Rather than returning to her place on the other sofa, my wife sat on the sofa arm next to me and leaned in to replace Holly’s lips with her own in a long, tender kiss, her tongue emerging to explore my mouth. I wrapped my left arm around my wife’s hips and pushed my right out from behind Holly to rest on her far thigh as she watched us kiss.

Erica had clearly waited long enough, and as she broke the kiss, she set both my and her drinks down on the floor by the sofa and dropped to her knees in front of me. Leaning forward, she unbuttoned my jeans and lowered the zip, before pulling the legs down and off, uncovering my legs and boxer shorts, and a quickly growing bulge.

Reaching up, my wife quickly removed my underwear the same way she had the jeans, releasing my semi-erect eight inches to the cool air. Erica almost immediately took hold of my length, leaning forwards as she began to slowly work the shaft up and down with her right hand as her left rested on the outside of my thigh, next to Holly’s left leg.

Holly sipped her wine and watched Erica lovingly stroking my cock, clearly unsure if she was meant to join in yet. I pulled her into another kiss, moving my right arm further round behind her to reach her inner thigh.

My cock fully erect now, Erica leaned forward, holding my gaze even as I kissed Holly, and took the head of my erection into her mouth. The warm wetness brought a groan from my mouth as my tongue continue to wrestle with Holly’s. Erica expertly teased my head with her lips and tongue, then reached across and took hold of Holly’s right hand, bringing it across her body to my balls. Holly got the hint and fondled my testes as my wife’s head began to bob along my cock. I reached further around Holly with my right hand, sliding her dress up to reveal the lacy blue panties I’d watched her don this morning. Sliding my hand between her legs I began to softly rub at her mound, the material beginning to darken as she moaned against my mouth.

This continued for a short while, Erica teasing me with her mouth while Holly fondled my balls and I rubbed at her pussy through her panties, but I knew Erica was impatient and very horny, and soon she threw caution to the wind and stood up, releasing my cock from her mouth only to climb onto the sofa with her legs astride mine, and lower herself, knickers pulled to one side, onto my waiting cock.

I broke my kiss with Holly and leaned forward to kiss Erica, before brushing her dress front to one side and bending my neck down slightly to take her right nipple into my mouth. Erica moaned in pleasure, my tongue circling her nipple as she ground herself back and forth on my cock.

My wife leaned across to Holly and kissed her, Holly taking this at least well, engaging fully in the kiss and extending her own tongue to meet Erica’s. I continued to rub at her moist pussy through her panties as she kissed my wife, Erica moving steadily forwards and backwards atop my erection.

Soon, Erica began to move faster atop me, her kiss with my work colleague breaking as she rode me harder, working towards an orgasm as her clit pressed against my pubis. Holly watched my wife, her nipple in my mouth, ride my cock hard elvankent saatlik veren escortlar as I pulled her own knickers to the side, exposing the moist flesh of her cunt to my probing fingers.

A moan escaped Holly’s mouth as I slowly rubbed at her clitoris, her excitement at the scene beside her clear from the wetness in her pussy.

Soon, Erica’s shuddering orgasm arrived, her gasping moans rippling through her as she pulled me tight to her and her cervical muscles contracted to hold my erection tight inside her.

After allowing the last of the shivers of her climax to evaporate, my wife climbed off me to the side opposite to Holly, reaching out to take Holly’s hand and pulling her across me to meet Erica in another kiss. I heard Erica whisper, “Your turn. Show me how you fuck my husband,” to Holly as Holly’s leg came across me to straddle my cock, still soaked with the juices of my wife.

Erica reached below the other woman to grasp my shaft, guiding the tip to meet Holly’s sopping cunt. She kissed her again as Holly lowered herself onto me, every millimetre of her tight, soaked pussy sending waves of pleasure through me.

I saw Erica’s hand reach the front of Holly’s dress as Holly began to raise herself slightly and lower again, sliding her pussy up and down my shaft rather than back and forth as Erica had, a favoured move of hers to make me last longer while she reached climax to allow the sex to go on longer. Holly’s breast appeared in front of me as Erica released it form the confines of the blue, flowery dress Holly still wore, and began to gently caress the nipple. I knew this was another new boundary for Holly, but she seemed unfazed by my wife playing with her nipple, perhaps distracted by eight inches of cock sliding in and out of her as she rode me.

Soon, Erica stood behind Holly, reaching to manoeuvre her arms from the sleeves of her dress, pulling it down to her waist to reveal both perky breasts, bouncing in from of my face as Holly continued to slide herself up and down the length of my erection. Erica released both of her own breasts, mimicking what she’d done to Holly’s dress by pulling her own down to her waist, too, before she leaned forwards to press her chest against my colleague’s back and her arms reached around her to fondle Holly’s chest as she bounced, more quickly now, up and down on my cock.

Holly’s moans were getting faster now and I could sense her coming close to orgasm. Sensing an opportunity to take her across a line she hadn’t crossed yet, I placed my hands under her bottom and lifted her up and off me as she raised up, answering her questioning glance by quickly turning her fully around and lowering her back onto me so her back was against my chest and her shaven pink pussy was fully on display as I began again to thrust in and out of her.

Erica smiled at the scene in front of her now, watching for a few seconds as my thick shaft slowly thrust deep between Holly’s glistening lips. Soon though, she climbed atop me between Holly’s legs, knees either side of my thighs. Leaning forwards, she kissed Holly, a long, sensuous kiss, before beginning to trail kisses down her body, first down her neck and then across her chest, where she lingered, her tongue flickering over and around both of Holly’s nipples and then taking them into her mouth, drawing low moans from Holly as my cock continued to slide into her.

I knew Erica’s aim, and replaced my wife’s mouth on Holly’s nipples with my hands, caressing the breasts as I gently tweaked and rubbed the nipples, watching over Holly’s shoulder as Erica’s kisses trailed further down Holly’s stomach to her shaven mound. Holly’s eyes were shut tight as her moans continued, and I knew her gasp was a combination of pleasure and apprehension as for the first time a woman’s lips lightly brushed over the lips of her cunt. Erica kissed lightly all around Holly’s mound, just lightly touching the glistening pussy with her lips as she moved her mouth across it, tantalising my work colleague even as my shaft moved slowly in and out of the slick opening.

Erica briefly transferred her attention to me, licking at my balls before guiding her tongue onto my shaft, moving slowly in and out of Holly. Slowly, deliberately, her eyes locked on mine as I watched over Holly’s shoulder, my cock pumping slowly in and out of her, Erica slid her tongue further up my shaft and onto Holly’s engorged clitoris. Holly gasped loudly as my wife began to explore, beginning slowly but quickly taking the initiative as it became clear that Holly was not going to offer any resistance. Erica began to tongue Holly’s clit with gusto, and combined with a thick, eight inch cock inside her, it wasn’t long before I felt Holly’s vaginal muscles contract around me and her back arched against my chest, a loud moan brought forth as Erica’s tongue lapped at the juices coating my erection.

Holly collapsed back against me, turning her head to kiss me as I continued ankara azeri escortlar to slowly side in and out of her, my wife’s tongue returning to its work probing at her clit. Holly’s orgasm had brought me close, and I began to speed up my thrusts, Holly’s throat letting out little squeaks of pleasure as I began to pound harder and faster into her soaked little pussy.

“I’m going to cum!” I grunted shortly, and as I pulled away from a thrust I felt Erica’s hand wrap around my shaft, releasing my cock from Holly to take the head into her mouth as she rubbed me, the first spurt of cum squirting into her mouth, before she took her mouth away and aimed me back towards Holly, the second load of spunk landing half way up my co-worker’s belly and a third release landing on her mound.

Holly gasped as Erica leaned forward to lick my cum from her belly, then trailed her tongue down her front to tongue the rest from her mound, before sliding her tongue back between my coworker’s soaked lips.

I reached up to play with one of Holly’s breasts as my wife went down on her, Holly still laid out atop me on the sofa. Ducking my head under her other arm, I ran my tongue over her nipple and began to lick and suck at her other breast. Her gasps and moans came quickly, still sensitive from her first orgasm, and with Erica’s expert tongue teasing her clit, her back soon arched in ecstasy once more, as I watched on from my vantage point by her chest.

Erica gently lapped at Holly’s drenched cunt as Holly sprawled atop me, breathing ragged following her second orgasm.

Soon, my wife stood, took Holly by the hand and pulled her gently to her feet, kissing her soundly, breasts pressed against Holly’s and hands gently caressing her backside. Without speaking, she led my friend upstairs, and I knew she was headed to the bedroom.

I knew Erica would waste no time in setting about Holly’s next orgasm when they reached the bed, but also knew that giving my wife a little time alone with her would improve the probability of Erica getting what she wanted… a straight woman choosing to go down on her. Erica always says she isn’t sure what it is about that sensation, but that knowing a woman is straight makes it even more exciting.

I gave the girls about five minutes, cleaning myself up a little before topping up all three drinks and heading upstairs with them. Sure enough, I entered our bedroom to the sight of Holly full length on the bed, legs spread-eagled and my wife’s tongue buried into her pussy. Erica was on her knees at the edge of the bed, arse and pussy presented to the doorway, and I obliged her unspoken instructions by, after a brief taste of her while my erection grew again, sliding my cock into her soaking cunt. Erica moaned as I entered her, but didn’t for a second let up on her oral assault on Holly, who was gasping and moaning in pleasure constantly as my wife teased her clitoris and slid what looked like two fingers in and out of her.

I slid slowly in and out of my wife at first, enjoying the tight, warm wetness as I enjoyed the sight of her eating out my colleague. Holly’s hands grasped at her own breasts, pinching her nipples as Erica’s tongue brought her closer to a third orgasm of the evening.

As I heard Holly’s moans intensify, and I knew she was nearing a climax, I began to fuck my wife harder, thrusting deeper and faster into her as she continued to lick Holly’s clit. The feel of her slick walls wrapped tight around me had me close to cumming when Holly’s cry announced her orgasm and Erica knelt up, away from the bucking hips of the brunette, and crawled to the side, my cock bouncing as it was released from her cunt.

Catching my eye, she nodded to Holly and I wasted no time in climbing into the bed and lifting my friend’s hips to the right height and sliding my cock into her still cumming pussy. Holly gasped as I entered her, and I wasn’t sure if it was another orgasm or an enhancement of the same one as she went rigid and I felt her thighs clench tight around me as she cried out with ecstasy. The feel of Holly’s tight pussy contracting around me pushed me over the edge, too, and a thick spurt of my cum shot into her, closely followed by a second.

Erica knew this was her moment, and climbed across Holly’s face, lowering her pussy close to my friend’s mouth. Holly was clearly lost in a haze of orgasm and desire as she didn’t hesitate for a second before pulling Erica down to sit on her face and burying her tongue into my wife.

Erica’s smile told me everything, and I leaned forward to kiss my beautiful wife, completing the triangle as I pressed my cock deep into the woman eating her pussy beneath our kiss.

I continued to thrust into Holly, slow and steady for the moment, my cock just about maintaining erection following my orgasm, and my slow speed allowing her to concentrate on licking Erica, who soon leant forward into a 69 position. I pulled out of Holly completely at this point, allowing Erica to complete the 69 by tonguing Holly’s clit, before reaching up to wrap her lips once more around my cock.

Erica alternated for a while between using her mouth on Holly’s clit and my cock, though she maintained a steady rhythm with her hand on my erection at all times, letting small moans escape her to let Holly know she was enjoying what she was doing.

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