Equinox Celebration

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Big Dicks

All characters are fictional and over the age of 18.


It was a day like any of a million days off. She started her day as she usually did; wake up late in the morning, shower, eat breakfast, and straighten the house. After that, things took a different path.

She had just sat down to watch some screen, maybe read her book when there was a knock at the door. She wasn’t expecting any visitors but that wasn’t uncommon. Maybe a neighbor or friend calling to see how she was. She walked to the door and checked the peep, it was a well dressed gentleman in a button down shirt and jacket, slacks done in a dark grey. She had been meaning to install the chain lock. However, with the neighborhood being so safe and friendly, she just hadn’t gotten to it yet. As she opened the door to ask the gentleman’s business, he pushed his way through the door. There was a single moment of recognition as he came through the door before his hand gripped her by the throat and spun her about to pin her against the now closed door.

She knew him and knew she was safe, but this was a side she had rarely seen of late. He had her by the neck pinned to the door with her toes barely touching the ground, and then he kissed her. Full of want and desire he took her lips like they were his, and at that moment they were. When he finally relented she was breathless, dizzy with the excitement. Now, he took his time, having locked the door with his free hand. He started to brush his lips across her jaw to lightly nip on her ear lobe. His hand untying the light robe she had thrown on after her shower. With the knot undone her robe fell open in the front revealing the swell of her breasts. His lips started to caress a line down her shoulder slowly pushing her robe down as he went. With the robe off one shoulder he started kissing his way across her chest stopping only twice to not so gently suck then bite each nipple. His hand trailing like a feather over her back, he worked his lips over to her other shoulder causing the robe to fall to the floor completely.

Having succeeded in removing most of her clothes he changed his grip to the messy tail she had thrown her hair in to do dishes. Forcing her to her knees she knew what was coming next. Nervously she started to work on his belt buckle, then his trousers, finally succeeding in freeing his semi-erect cock she started to play with it while he removed his shirt and coat. He allowed her to enjoy pleasuring him for a time. Slowly he increased her pace, gripping her hair tight enough to bring tears to the corners of her eyes. Faster and faster he went until he was pistoning into her mouth, gagging her with his length. As he approached his first climax of the evening he pulled her head sharply back and let fly with his seed coating her breasts, then popping his cock back in her mouth to clean himself off.

Cleaned, he picked her up off the floor by her hair, reached down, and with a not so gentle yank, tore her panties from her waist leaving her completely exposed to him. Dragging her by the hair he then moved inexorably towards the bedroom and an unknown fate.

She whimpered and dragged her feet, but his grip was undiminished. He wasn’t really hurting her, this was a game they had played before. Goosebumps rose on her arms and her pulse quickened as they passed the bedroom and headed for the basement. He nudged her inside and shoved her in causing the lights to come on automatically. A short landing led to a flight of steps. He had the basement finished shortly after buying the house. Two thirds of the space was walled off and sound proofed, giving them nearly two thousand square feet of play space. Adjustable hooks and lights on tracks adorned the ceiling, allowing for endless variations. A bed large enough for nearly a dozen, dominated the room. He led her to the round coffee table near the corner and laying her face down secured her arms and legs to it. Sure of her securement he lowered a blindfold over her eyes to heighten her anticipation.

Having ankara sınırsız escortlar anticipated the sting of a paddle, she was surprised when she felt the cool, fuzzy, fluff of rabbit fur. She had bought the thing as a joke earlier that year. Her face lit up with a smile when she remembered the look on his face when she gave it to him. Her smile was short lived as the fluff of the fur was replaced with the sting of the flogger he kept attached to the short table. Her excitement grew with every slap of leather. In time, she began to whimper. She was nearing climax and she knew if she did, or even asked him to slow she would be punished for it. She began to writhe hoping he would slow, but he had other plans. Unable to hold back any longer she felt the heat at her core crest and push her over the edge. Her orgasm hit her like a wave, leaving her breathless. He put down the flogger, walked to the wall and took down a paddle. Three feet of cedar, lights reflecting off its polished surface, green sueded leather creaking in his hands. Starting almost gently he spanked her until she was nearly in tears. The endorphins coursing through her system making her light headed. Sweat dripping from his brow he set aside the paddle, walking to a cabinet he grabbed down some towels to wipe his sweat and sooth her welts. Pausing long enough to feel how wet she was and make her moan. Pulling against her bonds she tried to push back into him hungry for more. Abruptly he stood up, grabbed a robe and walked up stairs. Having left the doors open, she heard the front door open and close a short while later. In time she heard his weight on the stairs. Moments later she could smell him next to her, and heard him set something down. It wasn’t light whatever it was, she could hear his slightly labored breathing and the sound of something rustling as he drug it across the carpet. Sooner than she had expected she felt his hand slap against her up turned buttocks, making her squeal in surprise. Shivering, she felt cold silicone spread her open.

“I bought us a new toy.” he whispered into her ear.

A soft hum filled the room as the rubber phallus filled her. Slowly the speed increased, pistoning over and over. As she moaned out her pleasure he surprised her by filling her mouth with his turgid member. Her confusion was fleeting as the toy pushed her once again into the sweet oblivion of orgasm. He slowed the machine, stretching her enjoyment as much as possible. Gently he untied her bonds, gingerly lifted her from the table and carried her to the bed. Placing her lightly on the bed he removed her blindfold.

“Hello, my love!” she breathed into his neck.

“Hello darling.” came his reply. “I’m going to shower and start dinner. We will have guests arriving in a few hours. Come up and help me when you can”. With a subtle grace he rose to his feet, left the room, climbed the stairs and was gone.

“Guests?” she pondered, ” Why hadn’t he told her they were having guests?”

She rose slowly on legs made of jello. Not trusting her legs to the stairs she went to the downstairs bathroom. “What is he planning?” she muttered as she stepped into the hot shower and began to wash.

Having spent nearly an hour pampering herself and preparing for dinner. She entered the dining room, to find her loving husband had lit the outside heaters and was loading slabs of steak and chicken breast on to the grill. Leave it to her husband to decide to grill in three feet of snow. She chuckled to herself, glad she had insisted they cover the patio after the hot tub was installed. Walking up beside him she lay her head on his arm. Turning toward her, he kissed the top of her head. His heart always fluttered a little when she touched him.


“Our guests should be arriving within the hour.” he purred. She looked magnificent in the skin-tight green satin. Speckled provocatively with sequins, in order to better flaunt the plunging neckline and split up to her hip.

She waved the mask ankara suriyeli escortlar at him, ” A costume party? Really? It’s the middle of March.”

“Sometimes life needs to be silly.” He replied cryptically.

The door bell announced the arrival of their first guest. She opened the door to find a couple, the man was dressed in a suit reminiscent of a deep burgundy wine. His mask, better described as a headdress, complete with sweeping deer antlers, a copper and brass torch at his neck reminiscent of some ancient celtic god. The woman at his side was in a dress nearly identical to the one she wore. Instead of the greens. Her dress was orange with red sequins. Evoking thoughts of summer sunrises. The mask, a mirror twin of her own.

“Amelia, is that Jermani hiding under that mask? Great to see you. Welcome to our home. Sawyer is out back at the grills.”

“Thanks for having us Bridgette, any idea why we are wearing nearly identical dresses?”

“None whatsoever. I’m sure our husbands thought themselves very clever.” Bridgette replied. They did share many similarities. Both were on the taller side for women. Their luscious curves on display to everyone for the night. While Bridgette was dark haired with fair skin, Amelia was light haired with deeply tanned skin.

The guests continued to arrive for the next hour or so. Nearly sixty people had come to their home all dressed in fairy costumes, running the gamut of colors. Having been a good hostess had prevented her from seeing her husband’s costume until nearly the end of the night. She was surprised to find him in a costume identical to Jermani’s albeit in a deep forest green.

“How long have you been planning this?” She inquired of Sawyer.

“A while.” He replied cryptically.

Music filled the night, drinks flowed freely and the atmosphere was lively. Though everyone was dressed to the nines, some she couldn’t identify as their masks covered their entire face. Nearing eleven, almost everyone had left. The exception being about 8 people she hadn’t been able to identify. Sawyer gathered everyone in the living room for a final toast for the night.

“Today, The Wheel has turned and for the next six months, Light overpowers the Dark. For one brief moment, there was a perfect balance, and then, in the lands below the Equator, darkness will begin to overtake the hours of light, while in the North, the daylight outpaces the night. May the Lady and the Lord awaken and bless the seeds of your desires.” Both men chanted.

At that moment she heard a gasp from amelia and the tearing of velcro. With her head whipping toward her friend it was all the easier for her husband to grab her hair and the collar of her dress. As she watched Jermani force Amelia to her knees, she felt her own dress begin to tear free as the hidden velcro seams gave way. Due to the cut of the dress she had been forced to forego her usual underclothes, likely Sawyer’s plan all along.

on her way to the floor she caught sight of Amelia, her mouth full of Jermani’s growing manhood. She soon received similar treatment from Sawyer.

“What is an equinox celebration without an offering to the elder gods?” Intoned Jermani and Sawyer in unison. “Shortly we will be retiring to the lower level where the true festivities begin, please make yourselves comfortable as we prepare the offerings.”

Together the two women were pulled to their feet and unceremoniously shoved toward the basement door. Once in the playroom Bridgette noted a few changes, accent lights and a fog machine gave the room an otherworldly feel. Light tinkling gaelic music piped in from the hidden sound system, and there was a giant stone table filling the center of the room. It was as if the bed, tables and couches were teleported away somewhere as if by magic.

When the girls were slammed face first into the table she realized it had at least two inches of memory foam padding under a seamless layer of grey pleather. Celtic network and ancient runes inscribed throughout the tabletop. The ankara türbanlı escortlar sound of hand on flesh was accompanied by Amelia moaning in a mix of pleasure and pain. A smile played across her lips moments before she too felt the sting of hand to flesh. After four or five stinging blows she felt something shockingly cold press against her backside. With increasing pressure he slowly pressed the plug inside her green gem sparkling in the twinkling fairy lights. He lifted her onto the table and fastened a single cuff to her right wrist. Jerman quickly did the same with Amelia.

“This table is the size of a double king bed, wherever did he hide it?” She pondered her mind slightly hazed with lust.

While Jermani affixed the shackle to his wife’s right wrist Sawyer went up stairs to retrieve the rest of the guests. All nine men filed back down the stairs masks still in place. As far as she could recall none of them had said so much as a word when she was near. Leaving her without so much as an inkling as to who they were.

“Remember the rules you were given, anyone breaking the rules will be forcibly ejected.” Cautioned Jermani. His bulk lending weight to his threat.

Slowly the 8 men walked forward their manhoods in various states of arousal. Four wore masks in colors that matched her now shredded dress, the other four matched Amelia’s. Abruptly, she felt a growing cock in each hand, another pressing against her mouth. The fourth man was not so gently forcing her legs apart to get into a better position. Just before her mouth sank down on the first of many cocks, she noted Amelia in a similar situation.

Nearly an hour later, after enduring pinches, slaps and the occasional flogging. All four men crawled off the table and walked toward the bar. They each must have come on her twice. It was in her hair, on her face, some had dripped into her mouth to be spit on the floor. Her friend was in a similar state. The two women smiled at each other in breathless satisfaction, their fantasies having been fulfilled. Little did they know the night wasn’t quite over. Their husbands lay warm damp towels on them and began to clean them off. With this task complete they began the task of trying the girls together in a sixty-nine while laying on their sides. Both women had been in this position before on more than one occasion and started in on each other almost immediately. With the audience watching from the bar, the two men circled their wives seven times. After their seventh circuit they slowly lowered themselves to penetrate the other’s wife. Beginning slowly they increased their speed until you could hear the slap of skin on skin, the women’s moans a delightful counterpoint. Periodically the women would run their tongues along the underside of the rods stretching their friend. The men’s moans spurring the women to repeated performances.

With midnight drawing nearer both men stopped what they were doing as if on key and started untying the ropes holding the women together. Their mewling complaints for the sudden secession quickly replaced by the cheers of the audience.

“The equinox is upon us,” both men chanted. “Now to finish the ritual.”

The four men in red masks walked intently toward bridgette, still bound by the wrist. Nearly an hour later Sawyer made her straddle one of the men. Gently, he removed the plug and replaced it with his own turgid member. She had cum so many times that night she wasn’t expecting the waves crashing in on her as he bottomed out. After a time the men collapsed, completely spent. Some time later everyone began to file out.

As the last of the green clad “fae” walked by her still bound form, he leaned down to her ear and whispered in a hoarse voice, “See you at work on Monday.”

Her head snapped around. Trying to catch a glimpse of who it was. The voice, too hoarse and muffled by the mask. She just couldn’t be sure. As Jermani and Amelia mounted the stairs to leave, Sawyer approached the table a mischievous half grin on his face.

“Well whore, did you enjoy yourself?” He asked with that same grin.

“I am not a whore.” She replied mockingly, “Whores get…”

At that exact moment Sawyer upended a box over her head cackling as bills rained down around her, “You are a whore! Every one of those men paid to be here tonight!”

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