Emaline Ch. 1

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Emaline Lynch sat in the passenger seat of her father’s car. Arthur Lynch forced himself to stop stealing glances at his high school daughter while he was driving because he was afraid of getting into a car accident. Emaline surely was someone that could catch a man’s attention. She was wearing a dark blue tank top with spaghetti strings that showed her nicely tanned smooth arms and was held up by her firm and perky breasts. She wore an above knee length, free flowing skirt because she liked the easy assess it gave to her fingers, or better yet, a man’s cock. Ever since 18-year-old Emaline developed into a young lady, there was always sexual tension when Emaline and her father were alone, which reached a climax, of sorts, only within the last week or so.

“So how was school today honey?”

“It was the same old thing daddy,” replied Emaline. She had taken a lucky boy aside during her free period to a secluded area just outside her school where she dropped to her knees and proceeded to give the boy a loving blowjob. She hadn’t swallowed her father’s cum in a while and so she needed to find a substitute which the teenager she found was more than happy to give.

“How was work daddy?”

“It’s been a little stressful lately.”

Emaline saw an opening to seduce her father again and placed her hand on her daddy’s leg, rubbing it up and down, getting closer and closer to what she really wanted underneath his pants. “Is there any way I could help you release some of the stress daddy? You know I’d do anything you asked me to,” she said with a flirtatious smile.

What Arthur wanted more than anything right then was to release his load into his nubile daughter’s willing mouth. He had been wanting some sexual release ever since his first sexual encounter ikitelli escort bayan with his daughter but he felt too guilty over it. With all his will power, he placed his right hand over Emaline’s wandering hand and tried to remove it. “Honey please, you know if I don’t stop it now I won’t be able to stop it later. It’s not right of me to be doing these things with you.”

Not wanting to give up, Emaline allowed her father to remove her hand from his leg, but she took his hand and placed it near her mouth, sucking in one of his long fingers. Arthur could feel Emaline’s tongue lapping the underside of his finger, see her eyes closed, and hear her quiet moans. Emaline was doing to his finger what she wanted to do to her father’s cock. After giving her father’s finger a tongue bath, Emaline said, “how about this daddy,” placing her hand near the zipper of his pants, “just let me start doing what we both know you want me to do, and if you ask me to stop, I will, if not, you’ll find yourself cumming in my mouth.”

Without waiting for a response, Emaline unzipped Arthur’s pants and fished out his cock, which was at full length and throbbing. Her tiny hands wrapped around his pole and slid up and down. Pre-cum was already trickling out of the bulbous head. A slight moan escaped Arthur’s lips as his daughter’s head began to lean in closer towards his cock. All he could see was the back of Emaline’s head, covered with shoulder length brown hair. He felt her lips part at the head of his cock, sliding down almost the entire length. Arthur had to park on the side of the road right then because he knew he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything other than the pleasure Emaline’s mouth was giving him.

“When kartal escort bayan was the last time you came daddy?”

Almost unable to reply, Arthur whispered, “I haven’t cummed ever since you blew me the first time.”

“Oh daddy, that mean’s you’ll be able to feed your daughter a lot of your lovely cum. Mmm, I’m going to like it so much cause you taste so good daddy. Any time you want to cum, don’t go to mommy. Just tell me and I promise I’ll suck you off good.” With that she began to lick the entire shaft of her daddy’s cock as if it were the most delicious lollipop she could find.

Arthur pushed aside her daughter’s hair from her face so he could she her daughter’s mouth placed over his cock. Emaline took her father once again into her mouth and began to moan, causing a very pleasurable vibration. Arthur reached over and lifted up his daughter’s skirt. He didn’t find any panties, but instead a very wet and well lubricated pussy. He rubbed Emaline’s small but round ass, causing her to suck harder. He inserted one finger into his daughter’s cunt, making Emaline almost cum right there. She lifted her head from her father’s lap and moaned.

“Oh daddy, that’s feels so good. Finger your slut of a daughter.” She then resumed her task at hand, sucking off her father to a climax. Emaline was so hot and horny then that, after sliding his finger in and out only a couple of times, Arthur was able to make his daughter cum, causing a mess on the seat. Emaline stopped sucking just to tell her father, “thank you. Now it’s your turn daddy.” She really began to pump the cock up and down her throat, wrapping her lips as tightly as she could, trying to turn her face into a pussy. She reached kadıköy escort bayan back and took her father’s hand and then placed it on the back of her head.

“Daddy, I want you to use my mouth and cum in it. I want to drink your cum daddy. Please?”

Unable to focus on anything other than his cock’s desire to cum, Arthur pushed his daughter’s face onto his cock and pulled it back up. Before his cock would escape the warm, wet feeling of her mouth, he would push her face down again. He repeated this until he was on the verge of climax. Arthur then pulled Emaline’s pretty face only inches away from the head of his cock.

“Am I being a good girl daddy? I just want you to feel good. You taste so good, I could suck your cock forever. Please, let me have your cum!”

“I’m going to cum all over your face and you can lick it all up afterwards.” With that Arthur wrapped his fist around his cock and pumped it until his cock burst with his cum. Emaline’s mouth was wide open, her tongue reaching out, trying to gather whatever juicy, tasty cum she could get. Most of it landed on her face, but it dribbled down back onto his cock and car seat.

“Now clean it up”

Emaline obediently reached down and stuck her tongue out, licking all of her daddy’s white stuff. She sucked her daddy’s cock softly, making sure it was slick and clean. Emaline then zipped his pants back up and kissed her daddy on the cheek.

“Thank you daddy,” said the sexy teenager, who was only too happy to have swallowed her daddy’s cum. When she first started having sexual experiences, she knew she had an oral fixation of sorts. It was only a matter of time until she would blow her father.

No longer feeling guilty, only thinking about the pleasure Emaline could give him, Arthur decided that he would indeed have more sexual encounters with his daughter. Morning blowjobs, daily fucking, and maybe nightly handjobs to finish the day off. Too focused on the pleasure he received, Arthur didn’t question how Emaline got such a talented mouth. Little did he know that his daughter had sexual encounters with several other men before him, and would continue to have after.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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