Doubling Their Pleasure

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Elissa and Jessy were huddled close together on the couch, watching their favorite movie, “Notting Hill”. Both of the girls had huge crushes on Hugh Grant, they’d also just watched “Love Actually” and “Four Weddings and A Funeral.”

As it was such a warm day, both girls had opted to dress casually, wearing loose-fitting halter tops, braless, and tight denim shorts. Elissa loved the feeling of the shorts rubbing against her pussy, so she wore no underwear, Jessy wore the tiniest red lace thong. The pair had spent the day drinking wine coolers, eating pizza and just having a fun visit.

Elissa and Jessy were cousins, but looked more like identical twins. There was a simple reason for that, their moms were identical twins, their dads were brothers. Unless you looked real, real hard, it was hard to tell them apart. Both girls had long, blonde hair, were tanned from being sun-worshippers and had light, beautiful blue eyes. There legs were long and sleek, with beautifully tapered calves, they exuded sexuality.

“Oh Liss, I’m so glad your mom let you come for a visit!” Jessy said, giving her cousin a huge bear hug.

“Oh Jess, me too!” Elissa said. “Pity about what’s going on with your dad and Mom.”

Jessy’s father, Jamie, had been offered a once-in-a-lifetime job as an Art Director for a high-end magazine and he knew he’d be a damned fool to turn it down. Jessie’s mom, Claudia, informed her husband that she had no intention of leaving the area she’d grown up in. They argued, they fought, there was no resolution, so Claudia and Jamie split amicably. Jessy opting to move with her father to the much larger area and considerably warmer climate.

“Yeah, poor Daddy!” Jessy sighed. “I know he hates the breakup with Mom, he’s still not seeing anyone.”

“So, Uncle Jamie’s not getting laid?” Elissa retorted with a wry smile. “That’s a fucking shame Jess, your Dad’s a stud!”


“Oh, admit it girl, you know he is. He still works out, he’s got that slightly-greying hair and those yummy eyes. Hell, I’d fuck him. Most girls I know would too!”

Jessy smiled at her cousin and stuck out her tongue. “You’d fuck almost anyone!”

Elissa looked over at Jessy invitingly. “Well, you know I’d fuck YOU.” The girls leaned in to each other and shared a deep, loving kiss, tongues twining sensually together.

Elissa took Jessy’s hand and the two went upstairs to Jessy’s plush bedroom. She undressed her pretty cousin quickly, which was easy, as Jessy was as eager for some cousinly-loving as she was. Lissa removed her tight little shorts and halter, baring her tanned body to her equally-horny cousin and joined her on the bed.

Jessy reached out, skimming her fingers over Elissa’s beautiful, tanned skin. “God, you’re so beautiful!” she sighed, kissing one erect, tiny nipple.

“Mmm, that’s good. But we’re look-alikes, so you’re beautiful too” Elissa cooed as she ran her fingers through her cousin’s silky blonde hair and stroked behind her ears. It was one of Jessy’s favorite places to be touched, a secrets the cousinly lovers shared.

From the very first time they had played, over a year ago, the pair seemed to be able to sense what the other wanted, needed, desired. Jessy and Elissa moved into a quick sixty-nine and began feasting on each other’s cunts, glad they had the house to themselves for a few hours more. The two nineteen-year olds were not quiet when they came and both of them were at the height of their passions.

Sweet pink tongues drilled and licked into wet pussies, their hands played with each other’s bodies. Elissa knew how much Jessy liked having her asshole licked and teased, the kinkiness and dirtiness of it turned the little slut on. So, Elissa tongued and flicked Jessy from pussy to ass, hearing her cousin moan and coo in pleasure. In turn, Jessy knew that her gorgeous blonde cousin liked having her thighs nuzzled and her clitty stimulated, so she focused all her attention between her lesbian lover’s legs. Jessy was a shark when it came to eating pussy, always the more aggressive of the duo. Within a few minutes, the girls were panting, heaving, overcome with orgasms.

Snuggling together, the girls touched and enjoyed lots of afterplay. These were their favorite times, when they could play and make love, it wasn’t going to be fun being separated, living in different areas. Then, Elissa had a lewd, fun thought enter her mind.

“Hey Jess, I have a kinky idea.”

“Mmmm, and you know how much I love your kinky ideas.” Jessy said, practically purring as she caressed her cousin’s tanned skin and twirled her fingers idly in Elissa’s long, blonde hair.

“Okay, ummm, this one is pretty radical. Here goes. Jessy, why don’t I fuck your dad?”

“Okay, you are officially out of your fucking mind.”

“No, really, think about it! I’m young, hot and blonde. God knows, I’m a great fuck … ” Jessy nodded and giggled at her cousin ” … and I’ve always wanted to screw Uncle Jamie, ya know? I’m gonna be here for a few weeks, why not jump his bones and bostancı escort give him what he needs? Besides, I know YOU won’t tell.”

“Umm – because he’s family and … “

“Oh jeez, we fuck and WE’RE family.”

“We’re girls and can’t get preggers.”

“Hell Jess, my Mom’s fucked him.”


“Yeah, you know she and Aunt Claudia used to play that game all the time. So, one time, she went over to your dad’s place, pretended to be your mom and fucked your dad. She told me about it on New Years, when she was a bit blotto. Oh, and she says Uncle Jamie’s a great lay.”

“Wow. What did my mom say about that?”

“She said it was her turn now and she fucked my daddy!”

“Oh, fuck, that’s so cool.”

“Yeah. And then they fucked each other!”

“No way! Our moms did each other?”

“Yeah, and I think they might still, sometimes. My mom’s pretty open, sexually.”

What Elissa wasn’t going to tell her cousin, not just yet, was how she had discovered all this information. On New Year’s Eve, her father already crashed, Elissa had made a none-too-subtle pass at her mother, just being silly. To her great surprise, her mother Brenda had kissed her softly on the lips and said “You sure, baby?”

Elissa, still in shock, merely nodded. Her mother took her hand and led her to the bedroom she shared with Elissa’s father, who was passed out on the downstairs couch.

“I’ve been considering making a pass at YOU baby, so I’m glad we’re going to do this. Do you really want to see me naked?”

“Oh, yes Mom, please. You’re so beautiful.”

Of that, there was no doubt. Nearing forty, Brenda still had skin like butter, coppery and beautiful, with ash blonde hair that she wore long, nearing her ass. She moved towards her daughter, took Elissa’s hands and placed them on her hands, through the black satin evening dress she had been wearing.

“Oooh Mom, you have such yummy tits!”

“Squeeze them baby, that’s right, oh, you have a nice touch. Play with Mommy’s tits, oh, just like that. Yeah baby, we can have some fun, your father won’t be waking up any time soon!”

Still slightly tipsy, Brenda sat down on the bed, seeing her daughter’s admiring gaze. She grinned.

“Your Aunt Claudia looks at me the same way.”

“Mom! You and Aunt Claudia?”

Brenda giggled. “Why not, baby? My sister and I love each other, taking care of each other when our boyfriends couldn’t seemed only natural. And boy, oh boy, can your auntie eat cunt!”

Elissa knew part of the reason for her mother’s lascivious behavior was she was smashed, but she didn’t care, she found this incredibly arousing. Watching her mother remove the sexy evening gown, she stopped her.

“Mom, please – for me – leave on the stockings and the sexy heels?”

“Mmm, I like a girl who knows what she likes!” Brenda purred, leaning in and kissing her daughter. Her lips barely brushed Elissa’s, but the shock that went between them was immediate and palpable.

“You have great legs, Mom. I love your legs.” To prove her point, Elissa ran her hand caressingly up her mother’s long, tapered legs. “And I love these shoes!”

“You bought them for me, remember?”

“Oh, yeahhhh!” Elissa said dreamily. “Maybe I had an ulterior motive?”

Brenda giggled and reached out and touched Elissa. “Your outfit is very sexy too baby, the men couldn’t keep their eyes off of you. Even your daddy noticed.”



Elissa had dressed in a tight, candy-pink PVC skirt that was scandalously short, wearing just a matching pink thong and pink stilettos. With her tanned complexion and toned body, she knew she looked scrumptious, which, of course, had been her intention.

“Wanna watch me take this off, Mom?” Brenda licked her lips and nodded.

It would have been simple to get out of the slinky outfit quickly, but Elissa wanted to put on a bit of a show. She wriggled and danced, her body aching for her mother’s touch. This would be the sluttiest, most perverted, kinkiest thing she had ever done, girl-fucking her mom. And she couldn’t wait!

Now naked, she crawled towards Brenda on the bed, Brenda meeting her in the middle. Their second kiss was not gentle at all, it was urgent, needy, seeking. They tumbled together, legs entwined, hands roaming everywhere, fondling, touching.

“Oh fucking Jesus, you’re good!” Brenda moaned as her daughter moved down towards her heated pussy. She kept herself totally shaved, which delighted her daughter. Elissa plunged her face deeply into her mother’s slick mound and began to lap her eagerly.

Brenda cried out loudly at the first touch of her child’s lips on her pussy-lips, loving every second of this. What a way to start the New Year, she giggled to herself. Elissa was really going to town on her pussy, but her hands weren’t neglecting the other parts of Brenda’s supple flesh.

Elissa was thrilled to be caressing and stroking her mother’s slim, long legs, she’d had a few perverted thoughts bostancı esmer escort in that area from time to time, now she was free to indulge them. In turn, Brenda was free to slake the lust she felt for her beautiful young daughter’s nubile form.

“Let’s shift around baby, Mommy wants to taste your cunt too!’ Brenda purred throatily. Elissa was no fool, her mother was evidently a creature of great sexual passion, so they lay down side by side, sweetly feasting on each other’s hot pussies.

Hungrily, noisily, the sensual mother and the nubile teen licked and feasted, nibbled and nipped, each hungry for what the other had to give. Neither one cared if this was wrong, neither one believed any form of loving was wrong, knowing this had deepened their love for each other. Brenda’s tongue supped on the pinkness of Elissa’s pussy and she was in heaven. Elissa’s hands and mouth dined on her mother’s thighs and muff and knew only bliss.

The two women kept at it for hours, it was nearly dawn before they stopped. They showered together, Elissa taking in every contour of her mother’s sensual form while her mother gazed at her sleek form with undisguised admiration. Drying each other off, they kissed and snuggled back in the bed.

“Your father CANNOT know of this.”

“Okay Mom, I kinda figured that.”

“Just like I’ve kept your little flings with Jessy from him.”

“Fuck Mom, you knew? Why didn’t you say something?”

“Well, if this little night hadn’t happened, I might have. You’re young baby, you should be having fun, experimenting. Just be careful, okay?” She nipped her daughter’s little pink nipple. “I know you’re planning to visit Jessy in a few months and I want you to have lots of fun on your visit. Maybe you can convince Jessy to come home and pay US a visit?” Brenda said, with a raised eyebrow.

Her memory faded out as her cousin shook her and brought her back to the here and now. “Oh man `Liss, this is a lot to take in. You really wanna fuck my daddy?” Jessy asked.

“Damn Jess, just touch me and see how wet the idea makes me.”

Jessy did just that, her lover-cousin was indeed soaked. Within a few seconds, they were making out, playing again, fucking each other hard. Elissa had brought a big dildo with her, in her travel bag, her mom had given it to her and said “Screw her senseless, baby.” Elissa was intent on doing just that.

They showered together later, Elissa having become quite fond of having someone to shower with. While Elissa was devouring her pussy again, Jessy finally gave her consent. What she said with a very naughty smile made Elissa smile too.

“All right `Liss, you can screw my daddy, but I have to hear all the details.”

Elissa nodded, with an grin that was positively evil.

Later that night, when it was dark and Jessy was supposedly asleep, Elissa tiptoed quietly into her uncle’s room. Uncle Jamie had kicked off the covers, as it was rather warm, and was lying there, naked. Elissa put her hand to her mouth to stifle any noises she might make.

“Fuck, Mom was right, he’s hung like an ox!” Elissa thought to herself. She moved to the bed, gently. She didn’t want to wake Jamie up, not quite yet. She ran her slender hand gently over his chest, his forearms, his strong legs. Elissa then weighed his cock and balls in her hand, and slid her mouth over that beautiful, thick shaft. She wasn’t a quiet cocksucker, her uncle woke within minutes.

“Jesus Christ, Jessy!” her uncle cried in panic, not recognizing her at first.

“No, no, Uncle Jamie, it’s me, Elissa!” she cooed. Cool as a cucumber, Elissa then calmly began to blow him again.

“Elissa — shit baby, that feels good — Fuck, what am I saying? — No, you have to stop!”

“Nuh-uh!” the nineteen-year old said, still sucking avidly. “You’re way too hard and I’m just way too horny!”

Jamie scowled a bit, but his sexy blonde niece was an amazingly talented little cocksucker and he was hornier than hell. It had been months since he’d been laid, there was simply no one who compared with Claudia. Elissa was young, but legally an adult, so why the hell not?

“Swing around sweetie, let me eat your pretty pussy!” Jamie said. His niece gave an excited squeal and moved into a sixty-nine with her uncle. The leggy blonde teenager sucked and bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, his tongue swabbed over her cunt, tasting, feasting on one of the sweetest pussies he’d known in a long, long time. Consequences be damned, she was a wild little thing and now Jamie was ecstatic that Elissa had decided to pay them a visit.

Elissa and her uncle were too horny for a lot of foreplay, so when Elissa wiggled her tempting ass at him, he moved behind her and slid, hard and ready, into his niece’s tight pussy. Dear God, she was tight and hot and it was taking all his self-control not to cum in her sweet pussy. Jamie fucked her with deep, long strokes, she slammed her ass back at him, matching his ever move. The little fucknymph was one of the bostancı olgun escort greatest lays he’d ever known, almost matching her Aunt Claudia.

“Awww shit, good, such a good fuck!” Elissa mewled as her Uncle Jamie screwed her hard. His cock was thicker, hotter, stronger than she had thought it would be. Within minutes, the sensual teen was cumming gangbusters, flooding the sheets with her pussy juices.

This went on for the next three nights.

Every night, Elissa would wait until her cousin was sleeping and join her uncle for their illicit rendezvous. Jamie was a wonderful lover, he was up for nearly anything the horny teen suggested.

The first night, she wanted to be fucked like a bitch in heat, so she got fucked doggie, his meaty cock ramming in and out of her while he practically mauled her delicate, sweet tits. She loved every second of it, screaming like a banshee while she took all her horny relative could give her.

On the following evening, Elissa rode him frontwards and backwards, she corkscrewed her tight little pussy around his dick and hunched, bucked, writhed and demanded more. She had practically drained his cock and balls by the time they were finished, but she didn’t hear any complaints from him.

The third night, Jamie even screwed her silky little pussy while she stood braced against the wall. It wasn’t easy to stand, his cock moving in and out felt so good and her pussy was aching with want, but she was determined to be one of the most memorable fucks her Uncle Jamie had ever known.

On the third evening, when Elissa returned, exhausted from the hard fucking her uncle had given her, the light on the nightstand beside her bed clicked on. Her adorable blonde cousin Jessy was grinning at her.

“I guess you’ve been having fun, huh `Lissa?” Jessy grinned at her.

“Ohhh Goddamm Jess, am I EVER! Your dad, he’s a great fuck! He’s practically a stud bull and he never wears out and … “

“I know dammit, I can hear you, you two aren’t exactly quiet. It’s getting me horny as hell.”

“Well baby, let me join you on your bed and I think we both can do something about that.”

Elissa moved over and joined Jessy on her bed. Lying down on their sides, the girls moved into a sensual, easy sixty-nine, hands caressing, as face-to-pussy and pussy-to-face, they licked and probed each other’s bodies. They were so into their mutual pleasure, Elissa forgot momentarily that her pussy was full her uncle’s cum. She could feel Jessy’s talented, eager tongue slithering into her hole and sucking her dry, probing her deeply. Elissa’s next thought was “Fuck It!” and she continued to eat Jessy’s pussy.

Finishing shortly after, Jessy said “Oooh, I know what we just did was so naughty, but oooh, Daddy’s cum is sooo tasty!”

Elissa smiled her most-wicked smile. “Well, next time, why don’t you get it from the source?”

Jessy’s eyes went wide. “Oh God, no! I couldn’t, that’d be incest, he’s my … “

“Yeah, he’s your father, he’s my uncle, you’re my cousin, who gives a shit? He’s fixed Jess, you can’t get preggers, and you really need a good fucking!”

That much was true, Jessy hadn’t had a boyfriend in months and was horny as hell for a good, stiff cock. “Okay, but we don’t sound the same, won’t he get wise?”

Elissa giggled. “I’ve actually thought about this, Jess. Tomorrow, I’ll tell him I have a touch of laryngitis, he won’t get wise. Then you go in there and get a good taste of Daddy-cock! Besides, he gets so horny, I don’t think he’d notice very much of anything!” Elissa could see her cousin’s nipples stiffen at the lewd suggestion, Jessy nodded in agreement.

Jessy went through the next day terrified, afraid she’d do something to give their plan away. From moment to moment, the young blonde reconsidered if she would go through with it. It was when she saw Elissa talking with her father privately, then winking a quick acknowledgement to her, Jessy knew she was going to do it – she was going to fuck her very own daddy!

The day seemed to drag on forever, but that night, dressed in a sexy gray negligee, Jessy entered her father’s room. He growled as she entered the room.

“Hell, Elissa baby, you look good enough to eat!” he grinned.

Jessy smiled, lifted the negligee up and pulled the tiny, matching thong to one side as she stood by the side of the bed. Instantly, she felt Jamie’s tongue delve deep into the recesses of her cunt. Her knees almost gave away, he was a masterful pussy-eater, almost as good as Elissa. His tongue swirled all over her pussy, she had to make him stop or she’d climax wayyy too fast. She pushed him away, raised her arms above her head and removed the negligee. Clad only in silver heels she’d borrowed from Elissa, she joined her father on the bed, the moonlight the only lighting in the room. It reflected off her blonde hair, she knew she looked good, because she saw her own beauty reflected in Elissa all the time.

Moving towards her father, Jessy took his cock in her mouth and began to taste it. Lissa had instructed her in what Jamie liked, so she slithered her tongue all the way to her dad’s meaty balls and back again, twirling her tongue around the crown, then engulfing it. A groan from Jamie let her know she was doing it right, so she squeezed his balls and continued to deep-throat her father.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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