Double Trouble in Helia Pt. 02

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Same disclaimers as last time: Don’t expect a work of art just yet. Leave any and all feedback and ideas in the comments There won’t be a lot of sex in the at first, but that should change in the later chapters.



This was the first time Alex had ever felt this nervous. Normally there would be a slight sense of pressure when working on a project like this, but it had never been this severe. He felt like he had to prove to himself, the professor and, most importantly, the others that he belonged at the university and wasn’t just a nobody that served just to fill the benches. That alone would have been daunting enough, but it turned out his partner has quite the reputation and isn’t as easily impressed.

Those thoughts had haunted Alex since he had entered the building that morning and chased him throughout the day into the afternoon. As the hours and lessons flew by, he was filled with a growing sense of dread and anxiety. His daydreams, or more accurately, daymares were interrupted by the muffled buzzing of a phone. Zack didn’t share this lesson with him, so it must be his own phone. Alex quickly got it from his backpack and unlocked it. Emily had sent him a message. He thought they had most lessons together but couldn’t see her anywhere, so maybe she was letting him know she was sick.

“Don’t be late.”

No smileys or anything. He hadn’t really expected her to treat him like a long-lost sibling or something like that, but a little warmth wouldn’t have hurt.

He quickly glanced at the clock and noticed the lesson would only last for five more minutes. The lab was next to the lecture hall, which meant he wouldn’t have to cross the campus to reach it like the other facilities. Emily had chosen a time however that overlapped with the end of their lesson and he wasn’t sure how punctual that girl was. Alex toyed with the idea of making up an excuse to leave the room early whilst he packed his backpack when he saw an opportunity.

The professor had just finished listing the homework and was making his way back to his chair. The other students had taken the liberty to start chatting and packing their things. Alex swiftly got up and made his way towards the door. He suppressed the urge to sprint down the staircase and kept walking at a brisk pace instead, leaving the room just in time to go unnoticed.

Once in the hallway he briefly pulled out his phone to check the time and saw that he had still had a few minutes to bridge the short distance between the lecture hall and the lab. Alex let out a sigh of relief as he started walking towards the entrance to the laboratories. The corridor wasn’t entirely deserted, but the few that he came across paid him little attention besides the occasional curious look. He hadn’t been opposed to getting a fresh start when he moved over to the capital, but it really sucked to not have any friends around. At least there wasn’t anyone that hated him, so at least he had that going for him.

Whilst he was putting on his white lab coat and the safety goggles, he heard a door slide open and the sound of footsteps enter the room. Alex turned around and was hit by a mix of awe and anxiety by what he saw.

When he had asked her to work with him, he hadn’t bothered to take a look at her. A good lab partner was the only thing he was looking for at the time. Her long white hair fell down past her shoulders and was only partially kept in check by the clear safety goggles she was wearing. Safety procedures indicated that anyone with long hair had to be wearing a ponytail or something similar in the lab, but those rules were banned from his mind the moment she walked in.

It was clear that she had a great, slim figure despite the attempts of the lab coat to cover it all up. Beneath the coat she was wearing a black turtleneck shirt and tight-fitting jeans. Alex knew his mind would fabricate visions of what she may look like without those on if he kept staring at her like that and quickly shifted his focus to her face once more. Sprouting a massive erection wasn’t the best way to greet someone in his mind.

Her face took his breath away once more with her delicate features, piercing blue eyes and her stunning lips. Combined with the colour of her hair, the nickname of “Ice Queen” started to make some more sense.

Her beauty was the cause of his fear too. Zack had already warned him and if she looked like this it was clear she was at the top of the social ladder. Alex had not even grabbed any of the rungs and she could easily prevent him from reaching them if she felt like it. The sense of pressure he had felt that morning returned in full force and accompanied the dread that had only vanished for a brief moment.

When he saw Emily’s lips moving, he feared for the worst.

“You look surprised. Did you think I wasn’t going to show up?” she asked him.

“Uhhhh, no…” He could’ve punched himself in the face for such a lame response, but this wasn’t eryaman anal yapan escort the moment or time for that.

“I didn’t think you’d be here before me, since I left before the end of the lesson,” he responded in an attempt to prevent any further slip-ups.

“Oh, I just like to be early. It’s more or less a family trait at this point. Let’s get started now. I’ve got other things to do too.”

Their last lesson was late in the afternoon and few stuck around after it. Most would head straight to the bars or the beach to relax after another tiring day, which left the complex mostly empty. Not exactly great for meeting new people, but it meant there was a distinct lack of distractions and people to bother you. This meant there was little noise besides their own footsteps and the humming of the machines as they entered the lab.

“Do you know what the first assignment entails?” Emily asked him whilst they were setting up the glasswork and measuring out the materials.

“Is this some for of test or do don’t you know the details?”

She simply shrugged. “Take a guess.”

“I’m guessing it’s the former.”

His answer was rewarded with playful smile, which didn’t exactly put him at ease.

“It’s a simple solid-liquid extraction, or whatever you wish to call it. The gist of it is that we keep cycling water through coffee grounds to leech the caffeine out. Whoever ends up drinking it will max out their monthly dose in a single go.”

“I can hear you did you homework. That means we can start. I’ll make some notes along the way, but I doubt anything will really happen.”

The two of them got to work and assembled the set-up required for the experiment. Soon the water was happily boiling and sputtering in the flask as condensation dripped on the coffee ground. As the minutes passed the water grew increasingly dark whilst Alex grew increasingly bored. He noticed Emily seemed less on edge than she had been when they started, and she was idly playing with her hair.

“You said you had plenty to do, so what are you going to do tonight?” he asked her.

“Hmm?” She fixed her hair before turning towards Alex. “I’ll be going out with Cherry tonight. Should be loads of fun.” Her eyes had lit up with excitement and Alex couldn’t supress a slight smile.There might be some hope for him after all.

“You might have seen her actually,” she continued. “Maybe not. She is pretty short after all and you are…” Emily paused for a moment, taking a good look at him. It felt a little odd being stared at like this, but he couldn’t blame her. It wasn’t as if he could take his eyes off her when she entered the lab after all.

“…tall. Anyway, if you see a cute little redhead then that’s probably her. Have you got any plans yourself?”

“Not really. I hardly know anyone here and I barely know the place, so I wouldn’t know where to go. Job hunting is on my to-do list, so I suppose I could start there.”

“You really are new here, huh,” she said without the sharper tone she had used earlier. It was a lot softer this time with a hint of genuine concern.

“Yeah, I sort of wanted to start anew. It’s unfortunate that that means there are no familiar faces around. Apart from you now, I guess.”

“It’s a good thing, Alex. Social hierarchies suck, a lot. At least you don’t have to worry about that for now.”

Hearing that from someone that was at the top of that structure was a little weird. He was wise enough to keep his mouth shut despite that. A ringtone rang out from the other room and caused Emily to run towards it. Soon she was excitedly talking to someone on the other side. The distance prevented Alex from eavesdropping, not that that was what he had in mind. He was surprised that he could keep his condition in check despite her proximity, although it probably had to do with the fear that she might ruin his social life before it had truly started. That fear had slowly ebbed away during their conversation but had never truly disappeared.

Emily hurriedly re-entered the room and started stuffing her notebook in her bag.

“I’m sorry about this. Cherry called because it looked like I was going to run late. Could you clean this up, please?” she asked him whilst putting extra emphasis on the “please”. He knew he could never refuse her, not that he was planning on doing that.

“I’ll clean the lab up, so you can visit your friend without having to worry about that. Just send me the notes once you get home,” Alex responded. Her gloomy expression lit up considerably and the closed the distance between them and gave his hand a light squeeze.

“Thanks for showing up, Alex. It may sound stupid, but you’re the first to actually threat me like a normal person.”

After that she quickly disappeared in a flash of white hair and tight jeans. Alex pondered over her words whilst cleaning the glassware and putting away the extreme cup of coffee they had made. He wracked his brains, but couldn’t quite work out what ankara escort she really meant by that and gave up when he left the building. Another buzz from his phone let him know that he had another notification waiting for him. This time it was an email from the clinic, which asked him to come by that day. He wasn’t exactly sure why he would need to return, but it wasn’t as if he had other plans for the rest of the day.

Luckily, the bus passed a stop close to the clinic on the same route and he only had to wait a few minutes before he could jump off and head towards this mysterious appointment. This time he didn’t dash towards the entrance, which meant he had all the time in the world to conjure images of Keri milking his cocks. He immediately brought up the slow dripping of the coffee from earlier in his mind, so he wouldn’t be fully aroused. Unfortunately, he was still at half mast when he entered the waiting room.

To his surprise it was empty and the receptionist’s seat was vacant. Alex thought he might have come at the wrong time, but the front door had been open and the lights were on. He figured they were only expecting him and proceeded to head towards the room he had been in with Keri before.

As he closed the door behind him after entering the room, he could see that the noise of the door closing startled the nurse, who was going through some files. She looked over and upon seeing him a light blush spread across her cheeks.

“Mr. Grande,” she began, her voice started of a little shaky and got steadier as she continued. “It’s good to see you again. I assume you want to see you test results.”

“Uh, yeah. That’d be great. Is that why I needed to come in today?”

Keri brushed his question aside and swiftly went through her list of results.

“You’re as healthy as one can be and all the STD tests where negative, which is a positive thing. The wording might be a little confusing, but it just means you don’t have any of them. Your bloodwork is great too, but the hormone values are unusual. I believe that’s because of your…. your…-“

“My penises?” Alex interrupted her. It was out before he noticed it and he scolded himself internally.

“Your… penises, yes.”

“Ehm, on that note,” she continued “We need another sperm sample for further testing. It might sound strange, but the previous one ended up being thrown away. My assistant thought it was yoghurt or milk that had been out of the fridge too long. Normally our samples can fit in vials, so I suppose she wasn’t expecting it to be in a beaker of that size.”

Alex could see another beaker, identical to the previous one, standing behind her on the table. He didn’t see any gloves or lube this time, but he figured she’d get them from one of the drawers.

“So, could you get naked and lie back on the table? We’ve done this before, so there’s no need for me to forcefully undress you this time.” Her stern voice was gone and instead there were hints of uncertainty and even excitement in her voice. Alex convinced himself that he was just making that up and that his mind was being clouded by the members that were now throbbing in his pants.

He swiftly undid his belt and pulled off his shirt before getting rid of the rest of his clothing. The chair thing still felt odd, but not unpleasant, on his naked skin. His two dicks were now fully erect and jutted into the air. He still felt a little awkward, but the duo had a mind of their own it seemed.

Alex was more than surprised when he felt Keri’s hands grips his cocks. The sensation was more familiar to him than the lube covered latex, but still felt vastly different. Her soft hands tentatively slid up and down him, teasing his sensitive flesh with her touch. By the time they reached the top again clear drops of precum had formed and started dripping down the heads. She collected the precum on his lowest member and used it to lubricate his shaft with before firmly gripping it and stroking it slowly. Her other hand was still busy teasing his other member.

He gave Keri a questioning look. He wasn’t complaining whatsoever, but he was wondering if she was going to use the gloves again.

“I’m not going to use the gloves again, if you were wondering,” Keri answered his question before he could ask it. “We’re a little short on time, so I’ve got something different in mind.”

He was about to ask Keri what her plan was when she bent over and brought kissed the head of the penis she had been teasing all that time. She licked it with quick flicks of her tongue and spread the steadily increasing supply of precum around. Each time it sent a tiny bolt of satisfaction through him. Soon the head was slippery and it started dripping down his mast. Her idle hand spread it all over his member and started stroking it in sync with her oral administrations.

“Yeah, I think I can finish sooner this way,” Alex managed to say between moans.

“Are you sure of that? I could help you even more,” she etimesgut escort responded after taking her mouth of his tip.

She withdrew her hand completely from his penis whilst continuing to stroke other. This left Alex confused, but any comments were quickly smothered and turned into groans as she forced her head down and quickly pushed her lips past his crown and down his shaft.

Had he not been lost to the extreme sensations rolling through his body, Alex might have noticed Keri’s hand fumbling around in her pants for a few moments. Suddenly a soft buzzing could be heard, but this was drowned out by Keri’s soft sighs.

Alex just lay back as he took in the sight of the nurse bobbing up and down on his cock. Her red lips were gliding down further and further with each stroke, stimulating his nerves with new sensations. She briefly pulled herself off of him with and audible “pop” before switching it up. Now his lower cock was enjoying her oral onslaught whilst the other one got a magnificent handjob.

The warm mixture of their fluids eased her movements up and down. She alternated the long strokes up and down his length with shorter jerks and chose to tease his most sensitive spots at some times.

“How’d you ever get this good?” he asked her in astonishment.

“You take me for a prude? You should focus on cumming with those beautiful cocks of yours. Maybe I’ll tell you about my secrets later, but just enjoy it for now.”

His eyes traced her figure as she moaned around his cock whilst teasing it with her tongue. Her nipples were hard and were poking through her scrubs. As his gaze ventured further down the appreciate the curve of her ass, he noticed one of her hands was tucked away in her pants. She was frantically moving it around creating a symphony of sobbing sounds and buzzing of what must be a vibrator. Keri noticed his stare and gave him a grin as she pulled her mouth of his dick.

“You’re not the only one enjoying this, you know. I guess I am horribly overdressed however.”

She let go of his hard member, much to his dismay, and quickly pulled off her top. This gave him a great view of the black lace bra beneath it. It soon fell too the ground too as she undid the straps and exposed her breasts. They dropped slightly, which was expected at their size. Her large, full breast were now full-on display.

She slowly got back into position and started stroking his cocks. Her breasts her slowly moving as a result of her administrations.

“Would you like to touch them?” she asked him. Again, there was that mix of excitement and uncertainty as if she wasn’t sure he’d like them.

“I’d love to, Keri.”

He twisted his torso, so he had better access and reached over to hold one of her tits in each hand. They were firm and felt great to the touch as his finger pressed into them. He knew they were sensitive and held back in order not to hurt her, since he wasn’t exactly an expert when it came to this.

She moaned even louder, which caused pleasant vibrations to shoot through his shaft when she was blowing him.

As he groped her, he could feel her hard nipples dig into his hands. He slowly started focusing his attention closer and closer to her areola before taking her pleasure buds between his fingers and rubbing them. This had an even greater effect on her and he could see her start shaking.

“O, fuck!” she exclaimed whilst trying to fight back against her spasms and forcing more of his cock down in her mouth. “I’m cumming. Fuck!”

He could see her hand moving even faster in her pants. Suddenly she pushed even further, taking every inch of him past her lips whilst she was climaxing. The pushed Alex over his own limit and he joined her in orgasmic pleasure.

Jet after jet of his hot cum filled her mouth. Whilst she tried to swallow all of it, she was simply unable to hold it all in her mouth and the surplus dripped down his rod. She kept her mouth there and kept sucking, increasing his pleasure further and further.

His other cock had sent spurt after spurt of his seed flying through the air before it coated her breasts and chest. It took him a lot of willpower to bring up the beaker and catch the last few spurts.

After a while both were left panting in a state of post-orgasmic bliss. Keri was still slowly jerking him off whilst he played with her nipples, occasionally drawing soft moans from her.

“Did we make it in time?” Alex asked the nurse.

She licked up the sperm that had escaped her hungry mouth, the sight and feeling of which revitalised his faltering erections.

“Eh, I think we kinda lost track of time. I’d love to take those monsters for another spin, but it’s time for you to head home and for me to start analysing the sample, however disappointing that sounds.”

Keri gave him a final lick before getting off him and walking away from the table with the half-full beaker in her hand. She stopped by the doorframe for a moment and used her free hand to retrieve the vibrator she had been using.

“Owh, yeah, we had fun,” she cooed as she pulled out the slender pink object. It was coated in her own juices, whose smell was now noticeable in the air. The nurse scraped some off with her finger and put it in her mouth.

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