Don’t Underestimate Me! Ch. 08

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The final chapter. The women prepare to dazzle the men. Plans for the future are made.

Chapter 8 — The Heroes fantasies are realised.

Lorraine was very happy to see Joanna at the airport. Joanna explained they were on their way to the spa to be pampered and prepared for tonight’s party.

Lorraine explained Bill had mentioned a Krypton Society Dinner but knew little else. He did say, a lot, that this was a great community and it was a place worth considering settling down in.

Joanna surprised her as she drove passed her soon to be new house. “Iain and Claire, John and I, Andrew and Gwen, Tim and Elaine, Geoff, with I suspect Jenny have already signed to buy these homes. They are perfect for families.

“Bill would get a job as a Police Officer if he wanted. I think Junior and Sheila will be together as well so he will want one too.

“What do you do? Can you work here?”

Lorraine smiled, “If Bill wants to live here, I’ll look at it seriously. I can work anywhere. I’m a shrink, a bloody good one so many of my clients fly in to see me.

“What’s the Krypton Society?”

Joanna explained with a brief history of the trouble she was in. Everyone felt they were supermen and a chance saying became a badge of pride in them.

“Lorraine, tonight, the object is to show all our appreciation for what they did. Their dress code is smart casual. Ours is stunningly sexy beautiful fantasy plus. We’ve a wardrobe for you, all you were asked to bring was your heels and jewellery. The lingerie and dress will fulfil every fantasy Bill had about you.

“You know none of them would wish to stray. None of us wish them too. But, we are going to flirt, tease, arouse so that when it ends, we will be making love all night with our soulmates. I hope you chose to join us.

“At the spa, we’re making our final battle plans so don’t be shy.”

As they got out of the car, Lorraine hugged Joanna. “Count me in, Bill won’t know what will hit him!”

At the spa over a few glasses of wine, some screams as brazilians were completed, massages and manicures and pedicures, hair arranged, the afternoon went quickly. Monika and Nancy had never been in one before but the rest looked after them.

Monika let slip about the sex class and how she was enjoying it although her mum said sex was awful. Alice heard her and sought out Joanna. After learning what it was about, she said she would come to Monday evening’s class. Lorraine said to count her in as well.

Claire called them all together. She blushed as she started, “Look, what I’m about to say must not be repeated.

“Iain has always had a fantasy of dancing with me in company when I am commando. We’ve never done that. I was checking the outfit. The panties have a single clip, button style which releases them. Close to the end, I intend when Iain says something wonderful about me or us that

I’ll appear shocked that our man from Krypton has used his powers to drop my panties. If they fall to the floor fine, if they catch on the suspender clips, I’ll have him remove them and take him for a slow dance on the dancefloor.

“If any wish to join the commando dance feel free.

“Also seating, I’ve thought about tonight and if we sit beside them they will only look at us. My dress shows about seventy percent of my breasts. Iain will watch them. If we break us up, they will have to search for us, being made to enjoy all the charms on display while they look for us. This teasing, flirting with the men beside us will arouse them. By the time I have the commando dance, Iain will be desperate to make love to me. I’ll want to so much as well. So much so, I’ll dance for up to half an hour to drive him even wilder.

“What do you think? Is this a good idea or should I just sit beside him and later haul him to bed with me.”

There was a silence. Claire looked worried.

Surprisingly, it was Alice who spoke, “Claire, before recent events, I would have run a mile from what we are proposing for tonight. I have a truly unique man in Robert. I have in all our years together never done anything like this. I would want too but always listened to my ‘sensible voice’ so found a way not too despite knowing he would love me even more, if that were possible, if I did.

“Joanna and Cheryl told me to grab the moment. This would be Robert’s ultimate fantasy. If this evening goes as well as I think it will, tomorrow he may, no he will, get another of his.

“Both your ideas are brilliant. I agree with you though as Robert and David, Susan’s husband aren’t from Krypton, we may have a problem or we can just blame the atmosphere when our knickers fall down. I’ll have to check that clip so I know what to do.

“I’ve never danced commando. In my dress, I don’t know what may be seen but I do know Robert will make love to me all night afterwards. I could have lost all that was dear to me, I’m going to show how dear he is to me.”

After that endorsement, they all agreed. Joanna and Susan talked, istanbul escort “Where did that mum come from?” Susan’s eyes almost popped out when Joanna said mum was coming to Monday’s sex class.

“Wow, Dad will be shocked, elated and extremely randy. David’s fantasies will all be there as well. I’m scared, excited and soaking wet down there.”

Lorraine was getting all the house information from Claire and Gwen. Everything looked good. She wondered when Bill would take the opportunity to speak about staying here.

“Cheryl, where can I hire a car. If Bill wants to stay here, I would like to look around before committing myself though with everyone being so positive about the place, I could just go with that.”

Cheryl shook her head, “I’m sorry, I forgot everyone. If you need a car, there is a garage where the guards and the Johnson’s kept their cars. There’s at least a dozen there. Help yourselves. I can’t believe I forgot about them.”

Jenny and Nancy caught their attention.

A blushing Jenny, spoke, Nancy holding her hand for support, “If we want to arouse them should we dance in, lightly swaying our hips, letting the stockings flash and our breasts jiggle. If we dance around them twice and then unwind before sitting we’ll make sure they are well teased and aroused. I think I would find that easier to do than just walking in.”

The others nodded so they had an impromptu practice. Nancy had danced burlesque, her face matching her hair, in the student musical in high school so showed them some moves.

Alice was the last to have her manicure and pedicure. When she returned Joanna and Susan were speechless.

It was now approaching six pm and the men would be gathering in the ballroom. They had Lorraine to dress. They set off to the house. As the others went to their rooms, Claire went to the dining table and set out the men’s names for seats. They had drawn it up and each woman knew where they were sitting. They were dancing in, in that order.

Despite listening to the accounts of the dresses, Lorraine was still shocked. Cheryl found a pink quarter cup bra, sheer ‘g’ string and suspender belt which highlighted her colouring. A stunned Lorraine put the stockings on. She couldn’t believe how she looked in the mirror.

“Bill will be ecstatic when I take the dress off. I won’t need to take anything else off. Wow.”

As she stepped into the dress, she was surprised to see how erect her nipples were becoming as the pink satin caressed them. As she looked down all she saw were her breasts. Her jaw was slack. As she walked the stockings flashed in the slits.

“Did Bill tell you his fantasy and you did this for him?”

Joanna laughed, “No, but they are all so similar. When I talked with Claire about what they would want in the house, two-person bath, large shower with handles to grip and a garage gym. She said that would be Iain’s choice. Gwen and Elaine came back with the same.

“Now your room is just along here. I put your case in it. At 6.30 be at the top of the stair. I’ll collect you. At least I haven’t much to put on.”

Joanna and Cheryl went to their rooms to change.

As the men gathered in the ballroom, they began speculating on what the women planned. The married men hadn’t been given any clues at all, not even a tease. The single men just said that their girlfriends had been as tight lipped.

Geoff suggested that the stunningly beautiful sexy outfits the girls had suggested would be them in their ordinary dresses or maybe something slightly more revealing at best. It didn’t matter as they were all simply stunning anyway. That comment seemed to them to be sound judgement.

At 6.25, the caterer, Mr Shen asked the men to take their seats in the dinning. Robert asked him, “Why the big smile?”

Mr Shen replied, “This is the first party here for good people. Every time before bad people hurt my staff and I couldn’t do anything about it.

“This time proper party, good people, no abuse, lot of fun.”

Iain had noted the part about his staff, he would follow that up.

“Now come in to dining room, take seats and enjoy your evening,” instructed Mr Shen.

The women gathered. There was a lot of shock at their appearance, how much was on display, how devastatingly sexy they were.

Nancy’s face and breasts were as red as her hair. Jenny was blushing as well. Monika looked a far more confident woman than she had been on Monday. Sheila looked stunning if very young.

Everyone was taking deep breaths. When Joanna and Susan saw their mum, they were astounded.

Joanna said, “Cheryl, how many defibrillators do you have? Have one beside my dad!”

Alice hugged her daughters, “This is just something I threw on, he won’t notice!” Quietly just for them she added, “Thank you for helping me find the courage.”

They lined up and Cheryl told Mr Shen to start the music. He was laughing. He was seventy and he was aroused. avcılar escort The men would love the evening if they survived.

Nancy started to move in time with the music, at the correct moment she entered the room. A silence fell among the men. Glen’s jaw dropped; his sunburnt tongue fell out. Nancy was almost wearing a beautiful burgundy gown with a large ‘v’ neck exposing most of her phenomenal breasts. Her red hair was up, allowing him when he raised his eyes to see her captivating smile. That smile was for him. Her earrings matched the gown but that pendant hovered just on her cleavage bringing his eyes back there. The satin seemed to be caressing her nipples for as she danced, they tried to escape through the fabric. He was aware he was needing to breathe.

Her breasts swayed in time to the music, her hips teased of unspeakable delights to come. It was only as she passed the top of the table and started coming back down, he realised the dress had two deep splits almost to her hips. He saw stocking tops and suspender clips. He was as hard as he had ever been. As she passed him, she shook just for him and dipped. He was now rock solid.

Robert was seated at that end and for a moment he lost sight of Nancy. He looked back from where she had come from to see Elaine dressed equally sexually.

Tim had been mesmerised by Nancy but when Elaine had entered two metres behind her, he concentrated on her. Her hair was up allowing her beautiful neck to be appreciated. He saw the diamond earrings and pendant he had given her for their anniversary. The pendant was in heaven swinging between her luscious breasts which looked like they may fallout at any moment. She had never worn anything close to as revealing in the past. The diamante dress just concealed her nipples which were trying to engineer their escape. As she swayed, so seductively, he felt himself becoming even more erect. He didn’t know if he would last the evening before putting her on the table and fucking her. As she reached the corner, he saw the splits in her dress and the stocking tops. WOW!

Every man had an erection and was breathing quickly.

Ron was next to have that feeling of love, lust, just bloody horny as Monika swayed in. Her hair was up, her smile radiated her joy. Her earrings and pendant matched the blood red dress which had a scooped neckline. This meant her fulsome breasts were more on display but her nipples had some more protection, even if they were trying to escape. Ron could hardly breathe. He was glad he had asked her parent’s blessing on him asking her to marry him. He knew she was his soulmate. As her breasts bounced, she caught him watching her, she smiled. It caught his heart; he was her soulmate too. He watched her dance and saw the stockings tops and almost stopped breathing. How did she know his greatest fantasy?

He turned round and saw others had entered the room. This was his greatest fantasy on steroids.

Joanna was next in. Her smile lit up the room. John was already hard with what had gone before but now he was rock solid. Joanna was wearing her hair up. She was wearing the ruby earrings and pendant he had bought her for their last anniversary. He wanted to be where the pendant was. It was between her breasts, which were just held in place by a tiny piece of material which barely covered her nipples from being totally exposed, though they looked like they wanted out to play. They swayed and moved in time to the music. The red material flattered her, caressing her luscious body. Her legs flashed her stocking tops and clips. He was sure he grew another inch at least. He gasped as she dipped in front of him. He wouldn’t survive this evening, he was sure.

Gwen came in next, in a red dress which seemed to have been designed with her in mind. Her large breasts were served up by the bodice (and the quarter cup bra) so they looked like they would fall out. Her nipples had never felt so erect to her as the satin teased them. Andrew who was drooling, thought if she was wearing stockings, he could come in his pants. This was his fantasy woman in the flesh and all his, even if others could see how beautiful she was. She flaunted herself at him ensuring he saw all of her charms as she passed him. He just stopped himself cumming.

Geoff was stunned. He had never seen any display to rival this one. Everyone was an eleven or fourteen not a ten. He was erect and still felt like he was growing. Jenny came in next. He stopped breathing. With her hair up, she looked amazing. Her smile dazzled him and took his breath away. Her jewellery matched her dark green dress. The wide, scooped neck showed most of her breasts off to perfection. Her nipples were just contained and no more. The breasts swung and almost wrote letters as she swayed seductively around the dining table. He saw the splits reveal her stocking tops. He looked into her eyes and saw that this was only for him. Yes the others would see her but he was the one this was for. He şirinevler escort knew he had fallen in love with her but her eyes showed she felt the same about him. He thought of grabbing her and taking her to his room but sense just prevailed.

David was pinching himself. Never in his wildest fantasies did he ever expect this. They were all so hot. When Joanna came in he had to look twice, okay more than twice, to make sure it wasn’t Susan. They are so alike. He had had a massive erection watching Joanna dance. Now Susan just came in. With her hair up, he could see the deep blue earrings and pendant he had bought her just after Alice was born to celebrate her birth. As Junior was at that end of the table, that was all he saw until she cleared him. The deep blue dress hugged her figure. Her breasts were almost fully on display. He had never seen her in anything like this. As she danced, the pendant swung caressing those incredible breasts. Her nipples were just constrained by the satin but shone brightly. As she was opposite him, he saw the stocking tops and clips as the splits revealed her legs. He officially had his hardest erection ever. He couldn’t wait for her to sit beside him. To fully enjoy that view.

Cheryl came in next, Mo stopped breathing. Before all this he was enjoying every millimetre of sumptuous flesh on display, their joy in dancing for them but especially their partners. Now, this was for him, there was no mistaking her dance was for his eyes only (okay and the others but that’s splitting hairs). Cheryl was wearing, if that’s the right word, living maybe, a teal-coloured dress with a ‘v’ split to her navel. There was no hint of a bra. He looked up from her breasts to see her smile at him. He was her world. Her hair was up and the green earrings and necklace just enhanced the vision. Her breasts swayed, jiggled, moved so slowly yet were still trying to escape the little control, the dress exerted on them. He wanted to take her in his arms and hold her to his rampant erection. He desperately needed further blue balls treatment. He saw the stockings as she walked by Iain. All his fantasies were being fulfilled by someone he was now very close to. She was the sexiest woman he had ever met. She was approaching him.

Bill had thought this was going to be a good evening, his friends, their wives and partners. He realised he was wrong. Somehow they knew all their fantasies and were bringing them home to them with a vengeance. His eyes were everywhere. He was astounded by the beauties before him. The planet stopped when Lorraine appeared. He hadn’t had a chance to meet her since her arrival. Her appearance did not disappoint. He had to blink more than twice. His Lorraine! She had a massive smile as she searched for him. Him! Her hair flowed to her shoulders which held the slimmest of straps holding a dress he would never tire of seeing her in. The light pink satin caressed her body as she swayed in time with the music. Her jewellery seemed to enhance her beauty as it complimented the dress. The scooped neck allowed almost all her breasts to be displayed to him. He saw her nipples become erect as she danced in time with the music, her breasts seemingly connected to his head as it went up and down with them. As she danced directly at him, he saw the stocking tops and more. He was rock solid.

Sheila came in slowly, seductively, the rich golden gown matching her hair. The jewellery exposing her ears and breasts to attention, the pendant trapped between those two magnificent orbs. Junior was enraptured. Her breasts were trapped in the deep ‘v’ hollow of the dress but were trying to escape. His other man was trying to escape! He followed every bounce as she watched him and him alone. As she passed him he saw the stockings and more, he almost came then. His eyes followed her around the table.

Iain was thinking Claire will not be up for this and will be reading in their room when she came in. If the bikini did her justice, this delivered the judgement. Her hair was swept off her shoulders giving a view of her graceful neck. Her eyes flaunted her desires and he knew they were searching for him. He saw the sapphire earrings and pendant he had given her on their first anniversary. Never had they been so displayed. The dress, a deep blue/black satin ensemble which so displayed her awesome breasts seemed to be playing with her. One moment her breasts were highly, very highly visible and the other almost covered. He saw it was the movement which allowed this display. She waltzed passed him, the dress snagging on his chair allowing a long look at her long legs encased in lovely stockings and a matching sheer pantie. She smiled. She had done that on purpose.

Robert realised that Alice was the only one left to come. He had never enjoyed a preamble to a dinner so much before. His daughters were beautiful, sensual creatures just like their mum could be at times. He knew Alice would come in well-dressed if conservative. In a way he was happy she would not be so on display and in another sad they would not get to appreciate the most gorgeous woman here.

Alice stepped in the room and immediately saw Robert. Claire had arranged the seating so she knew he was at the far end and opposite side of the table to allow him a full view as his conservative wife came in.

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