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There she was, this beautiful young woman, hardly half my age lying in bed next to me. Her eyes closed, I watched her chest as it rose, ever so slightly with each breath she took. Her skin was tan from the hours she spent in the tanning booth. The brown skin offset by the soft blond hair, which hung in loose curls over her shoulders and down to the top of her firm 34B size breasts. How peaceful she looked now. In stark contrast to wild child who had less than an hour ago fucked me like no woman ever had.

I wanted to wake her. I wanted to once again feel her pussy as my dick penetrated her moist folds. Nevertheless, I could not. She was too peaceful, too perfect, and too precious for words. So instead, I just watched her sleep. I watched her, and wondered “how had it happened?” How had I ended up in bed next to this angelic woman-child? I could not explain it. We were worlds apart. She was a graduating senior at UT. I was a graduate student. Due to the requirements of my program, I took a couple senior level courses to make up deficiencies in my undergraduate program. I had met Sandy in one of those classes. We had gone out a couple times after exams and had become friends while studying together.

She was the total opposite of my wife of 15 years. My wife’s breasts had never been “small.” When we had married, she was a 36C, now after 3 kids they were “38J” and soft. I enjoyed playing with them, but somehow or the other, they were always “in the way.” One wrong move or turn and she would scream in pain. Sandy was different from Lynne in other ways too. My wife is a very intelligent woman; she could carry on a conversation about anything, with anyone at anytime. However, she is shy and reserved and few people know how smart she is. Sandy, is outgoing and energetic, but is so superficial that anything more than a few words will clue you into her lack of culture and breading.

Lynne had met Sandy on a couple of occasions. After their first encounter, Lynne told me to watch out for Sandy. I blew her off insisting that Sandy’s interests were simply academic and she needed somebody to help her study. I calmly tried to explain that 22-year-old college co-eds were not interested in slightly overweight middle-aged men. Lynne was not very happy about my willingness to help Sandy. Nevertheless, she went along with my stubborn refusal to just stop talking to Sandy.

As the semester went on, Sandy and I spent more and more time together. She talked openly about her boyfriend and her sex life. I could not help but reciprocate with details from my own marriage. I did not feel very good about it, it bahis firmaları seemed wrong somehow to share the brutal facts about our failing sex life.

Lynne had never been much for sex. When she wanted to have kids, she would fuck as often as it took to get pregnant, but thereafter the sex cooled until she wanted another. After she had her tubes tied, sex dwindled to about twice a month. Sandy tried her best to offer suggestions. Her romantic youth was optimistic that a little attention and courting could refresh our relationship.

I even tied a couple of her suggestions. However, our marriage had long ago settled into a comfortable routine. Sex was like a dance that we both new by heart. First she played with my dick until it was hard, then we turn on our sides so I could place my dick next to her ass while she plays with her pussy and I reach around and play with her nipples and tits. Then she rolls over and gets on my dick as I lay on my back. After she cums, we trade places and I drive my dick into her pussy until she cums again and then I cum. Then we say good-night and roll on our sides again.

It had been a long semester and our final exam was over at 6 pm. Sandy offered to take me out to eat to thank me for helping her study for her exam. I called Lynn and told her that I would not be home. I did not give her the real reason, as I knew this was going to be an innocent meal and did not want to get an earful. So we headed off to “T.G.I Fridays,” a local hangout. Sandy insisted that we leave her car and take mine. She chattered away as we drove the few blocks to the restaurant.

Sandy insisted on having a drink to celebrate. I ordered a rum and coke and she ordered a margarita. The margaritas were “two for one” and it was not long before Sandy was on her fourth drink. I had limited myself to one drink for several reasons, not the least of which was the thought of returning home with alcohol on my breath. Sandy was far too drunk to drive herself home by the time the meal was over. So I offered to drive her home. She accepted.

It was late spring, Sandy was wearing shorts, and a button up shirt, somewhere along the line, her top couple buttons had come undone. It was not hard to tell that she had not worn a bra. A couple times, I caught a glimpse of her right nipple. It seemed over a half inch long. I could see that she had no tan lines. I felt a little creepy looking down her top, but I could not resist.

When we pulled up at her apartment, she asked if I could help her into the house. I walked her up to her door, and she said “come in for a minute.” As the door closed kaçak iddaa behind us, she turned and I thought she was about to fall. Instead, she reached her arms around my neck. Her face looked up at me with a wry smile and she said, “I have something for you.” With that, she pulled my head forward, raised herself up on her toes, and opened her mouth as her lips drew close to mine. Her eyes closed as she played with the hair on the back of my head as she kissed me for what seemed to be hours. My arms found their way around her thin waist and my dick started to harden. As we kissed, she pulled her hands from behind my head and unbuttoned her shirt. She pulled away and as she did, her shirt fell apart to reveal her small firm, tanned breasts.

“Do you like what you see?” she whispered softly.

“Yes” I replied.

“Come with me” she said as she took my right hand in her left hand. She turned and pulled me down the hallway into the bathroom. She started the water and removed her shirt and shorts. She wore light blue panties and with a quick twist and tug, they too were on the bathroom floor. She turned towards me once again to reveal a neatly trimmed pussy and a cute naval ring.

She smiled as she stepped into the shower. I stood and watched for a few moments, as she lathered up her breasts and pussy. Her image somewhat obscured by glass in the shower door. “You could see better if you got in!” She said as she opened the shower door. I took off my cloths and stepped into the tub. Her soapy hand met my semi hard dick and worked it until it was lathered and hard as a rock. Once again, she kissed me. Her tongue worked like a professional, while her hands played with my dick and my nuts at the same time. She took my hand and placed it on her breast. At once I was overcome with passion. I took a breast in each hand and played with her youthful body, running my fingers around her soapy breasts, rolling her nipples between my fingers. She stopped playing with my dick and turned facing the water. She backed up until my dick was next to her ass crack. My hands reached around and continued playing with her titties. Then I moved my hand down to her crotch and rubbed her pussy.

“Wait, not so fast” she sighed, “I’m not ready to cum yet.” She stepped out of the shower, this time I did not wait to join her. She handed me a towel and turned so I could dry her off. She in turn dried me. “The bedroom is down here” she said. She took my penis in her hand and led me down the hall. Once in her bedroom, she fell on the bed. “Please eat me” she said. I wasted no time in moving my head between her slender thighs. My kaçak bahis tongue licked her clit and my teeth pulled on her pussy lips as I sucked and licked her beaver. She placed her hands on the back of my head once more, pushed, and moved it to maneuver me to the place that needed the most attention at any given moment.

I had gone over the line. Heretofore I had gone no farther than Lynne had gone with other guys since we were married. She had twice taken a shower with other guys at nudist ranches before our kids were too old to take with us. But as far as I knew, Lynne had never touched another man, much less given anybody head. Now here I was face buried in Sandy’s pussy despite my wife’s warnings that this girl would be trouble. When Clinton had insisted that oral sex was not sex, my wife had made it clear, that as far as she was concerned eating pussy or getting a blow job was just as much sex as fucking.

Sandy’s screams and hip thrusts brought me back to reality. She was cumming and there was no doubt about it.

She was very verbal “oh, god, yess, yessss, oh, that feels sooo good, I’m cuming, I’m cuming, yesss.” She half sat up and reached out her arms, pulling me up to her mouth, she kissed me again and then said “fuck me, I need your dick now, please fuck me!”

There was no turning back now. I climbed on top of her and started fucking her slow and hard. Her hips moved in rhythm with my thrusts. She came once again, and then she rolled me over on my back and sat on my dick. She moved on my dick as if we had fucked a million times before. Without me telling her what to do, she fucked me until I exploded inside of her. Then she fell down on my chest and kissed me again. She rolled me onto my left side without removing my dick from her pussy. She closed her eyes and within moments, she was asleep. Only after her breathing changed did my dick soften enough that it was expelled from her pussy.

I looked at her. She was so peaceful. It was now nearly 10:00 pm. I know that Lynne would be awake. I knew that she would be waiting for me. I did not want to go home. I did not want to leave. But I had to go. I carefully removed myself from Sandy’s bed. I walked to the bathroom and quickly showered before putting on my cloths. As I got to the door, I found an envelope taped to the back of the front door. It had my name on it. I had not noticed it before, but then again I was somewhat distracted. I opened the envelope.

“Hey Buddy, if you are reading this, then we have just had sex. I hope that you will understand how much I care for you. You are a great guy and deserve some fun. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Consider this my going away present to you. I’m a big girl and I know what I am doing. I will never forget you and I hope you will never forget tonight. Take Care XOXO Sandy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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