Close to the Flame

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“This is ridiculous. I’m not going to stand around here and fight about this.”

Simon almost made it out of the kitchen to walk into the living room but Katherine’s arm was a little quicker and blocked his only exit. He rolled his eyes and met Katherine’s glare. Thinking to himself, ‘Ok, maybe this isn’t as ridiculous as I make it out to be.’ he turned his body to hers.

“What do you want me to do? Tell my only life-long friend that he’ll have to spend his first night of the only three nights back home that he’ll have to go party without me? Kath, I only get to see him once every three years if I’m lucky. I can’t cancel our plans of hanging out because your parents decide they want to have dinner with us.”

Katherine turned to pace and made a small growling noise in her throat. Men just don’t understand.

“Simon, this dinner is very important. It’s my entire family and they want us to announce our engagement. You know how difficult it is for my whole family to be together in one room, so next time we may see them is the wedding- if we’re lucky.”

Simon let out a sigh and looked towards the window where a fresh bolt of lightning just shot through the sky. ‘Great’, he thought, ‘Now it’s going to rain too.’ He walked to the fridge and popped the top on a fresh beer. Looking at Katherine he said, “So what do you want to tell them?”

Shocked, she looked at his face with a gaped expression as he took a long pull from his beer. “You are proposing that we skip dinner with my family?”

She planted her hands on her hips in a stance that told Simon that a fight was rapidly approaching if it already wasn’t here. “I hope that was a joke because I am not about to cancel my grandparents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary dinner just so you and Kyle can go get drunk together. Absolutely not.”

Simon was close to apologizing. He even had a reasonable solution in his head, but before he could even open his mouth to form the words ‘I’m sorry’, she hit him with a swift one.

“Simon, it’s me or Kyle. You have to choose who is more important right now. Either me or him and we are not leaving this kitchen until you give me an answer.” She crossed her arms over her chest and lifted her chin in a final pout before blocking the exit one more time. This time for good.

“Don’t you dare make me choose between the man I’ve known my whole life and the woman I’m going to spend the rest of that life with. Don’t!” He felt a small panic creeping up his neck when he realized that was exactly what she was doing.

‘What am I doing?’ Katherine thought to herself. She got in over her head on this argument. Her temper has the best of her and she must stand firm. ‘I don’t hate Kyle and I don’t care if Simon and him are friends. I’m turning into one of those girlfriends I hate seeing- controlling, bitter and selfish. Well, we’ll see. If he chooses me that I’ll tell him he doesn’t have to stop talking to Kyle.’ She clenched her teeth as she watched Simon balling his hands into fists. ‘God help him if he chooses Kyle.’

The silence of the kitchen was broken by a crash of thunder and before anyone could react, the power went out but they both heard Katherine gasp loudly.

‘Perfect’, they both thought instantly, but didn’t say anything out loud. They are accustomed the darkness during thunderstorms- it happens enough that they don’t think too hard about it. The problem will be fixed in an hour or so and until then they wait it out. But Katherine’s panic began with the first crash of thunder.

They both stubbornly stood still, waiting for the other to say something. The only small window in the room offered no light bahis firmaları unless there was a flash of lightning, but besides the occasional heavenly flicker, they were blind as bats.

Simon moved first and bumped solidly into Katherine. “Where are you going?” she asked a bit snobbier than she intended.

I’m going to her the candles from the living room. If we’re going to fight, I’d like to at least see where you are so I can dodge anything you throw at me.” He began walking again and bumped into her once more. “Katherine, I’m serious.”

“No, I’m serious. You’re not leaving the kitchen until we settle this, darkness or light. I don’t care.”

The lightning flashed once and the rain outside began to pour as if the clouds were ripped open all at once. Simon realized that she was honestly serious when he saw her arms still crossed over her chest. But he didn’t miss the small flash of anxiety in her eyes.

“Fine.” He spit out and retreated to the counter. He leaned back against the kitchen sink taking a swig of his beer as they both lapsed back into silence. Neither was going to give in first. Simon would rather chew of his own hand that to make a choice like that. He was beginning to think it might come down to that.

For a long amount of time both of them stayed silent. No one would give in. Katherine wasn’t going to respond until Simon made a choice and Simon was not going to choose.

The lightning struck and was followed soon after by a loud crash of thunder that made Katherine gasp again and jump slightly. She didn’t enjoy thunderstorms, actually she hated them with passion and had a small fear of them, but she wasn’t going to budge. She wanted to walk up to Simon and wrap her arms around him, whispering for him to hold her close and make her forget about the storm. But she was not moving.

Simon could sense her slight fear and knew she was starting to become uneasy by the storm. He wanted to hold her close and tell her it will be okay like he always does during a thunderstorm. He stood holding the edges of the counter and hoped the storm would end soon- both outside and in.

Then he heard her sniff. Through the darkness and rain drilling itself on the roof, Simon heard her sniff gently. Was she crying? When he heard her breath catch in her throat, he knew she had to be crying and stumbled through the dark.

‘How weak can I be?’ she thought to herself. ‘I’m trying to hold the upper hand here and now I have to begin crying.’ Before she could say anything to him, she felt his hand on her shoulder and he pulled her to him.

“Simon, what-” he cut her off and said, “No, no, please just hold me. Please Katherine.”

All of the stubbornness and need to win the fight were abandoned and she held him tight in the black night. He was running his hands down her back and kissing the top of her head, swaying gently in a soothing rhythm. She was feeling better. When the next thunder cracked loud, he was there. Instead of jumping away, she held him tighter. She lifted her head from his chest and looked up at him, as if she could see into his eyes but all she saw was blackness. She knew he was there. “Simon…” “Shhh…” he said softly. He kissed her brow and kissed her left cheek, her right, before kissing her gently on the lips.

“It’s okay. I’m here. I’ll always be here.” Simon declared and kissed her deeper, once more with passion and love.

Tears were running down her cheeks, but this time it was for Simon. He didn’t need to answer her anymore, he just did. She coiled her arms around his neck and tangled her fingers in his hair, kissing him back with the same passion that he knew kaçak iddaa the change instantly and pressed her body to his desperately for the connection.

Lightning struck. Thunder rolled. No one noticed.

Katherine arched her back and pushed Simon against the wall. She streaked her hands under his shirt and groped her flesh. His skin was warm as she ran her fingers all over his back and chest before removing the shirt completely and breaking the kiss to taste the newly exposed flesh. Simon felt the warmth of her mouth run over his chest and her tears were cooled against her cheeks rubbing against his skin. With a desperate kiss, Katherine met her lips to Simon’s and poured her words and thoughts, feelings and desires, fears and wishes into an embrace that left Simon breathless when she tore away from him. He lifted her shirt and tossed it aside. He didn’t care where it landed; the darkness swallowed it as violently as the hands that streaked over her chest. Her soft bra was sand paper in contrast to the silky flesh of her breasts. Simon wanted more.

They couldn’t see but they could feel. They could hear and smell. It was an experience that Simon savored and Katherine embraced. He wanted that body he knew so well, even better than his own. He wanted it. His lips closed over her bare shoulder and he heard her gasp in pleasure as he bit into the sweet flesh he tasted. She pushed hard onto him. This animal urge inside her was boiling and screaming and all she wanted was release.

Simon unclasped her bra and in the back of his mind he heard a deep roar. He wasn’t sure whether it was the thunder or his own mind, but Katherine clamped her arms around his neck and pressed him closer to her chest. He took her nipple between his teeth and flicked his tongue over the sensitive flesh. With her moan of approval, he increased his pace. He streaked his hands and held her ass tight as she moved her body up and wrapped her legs around his waist. He held her hard and sucked her skin as he would if he could expel the nectar straight through.

He walked her body forward until she was sitting on the countertop. Now that his hands were free, he could put them to use. He held her hips and softly trailed his fingertips over the skin of her sides and stomach. With the obsession of his mouth and tenderness of his fingers, Katherine was driven to moan his name loudly through her lips. When she opened her eyes to darkness, she looked down as the lightning lit the room for a brief moment and saw Simon kissing her sternum while his hands massaged her chest. The slight image was all she needed. She welcomed the darkness once more.

Simon licked her flesh in a damp trail all the way to her mouth and was welcomed to a greedy kiss that numbed his senses and strained his slacks. He unbuttoned her jeans and slipped a hand under the fabric to find her hot and drenched. He sighed at how wet she was already. Finding her clitoris, Simon knew how she liked it. He knew. But he also knew how to tease. She wanted it fast and hard, thrusting his fingers into her hole, he knew but he stopped and let his hand rest. Katherine began her plea.

“Simon, please don’t tease. I need you now. Don’t stop.”

With his other hand, he held her in place as she started to rock her hips to urge him on. “Baby, you in my hands. I want you screaming.”

If he didn’t make her cum soon, she was going to more that scream, she thought.

His thumb found her clitoris once more and massaged gingerly, making her tingle and plead once more for him to continue. When the lightning struck once more, their eyes met through the flash. Simon could see her emotions swimming- kaçak bahis impatience, fear, sex. He knew them all. He knew them all. But all she saw in his eyes was control. H was in control and he always would when it came to her sexually. Simon would have the control.

She had her tricks too and smiled as she combed her fingers though his hair and kissed him a seductively slow kiss. Her lips taunted him and told him he can’t hold out any longer. He wanted her so bad his mouth watered by her kisses.

His fingers began moving faster and faster in her. He pressed his and into her damp flesh and before she could peak he stopped and smiled. She couldn’t see the smile, but they both knew it was there and she could picture in her mind. ‘Well, two could play that game.’

He released his hand from her as she pressed him back and jumped from the counter. She removed his pants and boxers, leaving him naked and ready. She leaned him back against the counter opposite her and took his cock in her hand. The window was at his back and his body was in a silhouette of the driving rain. Holding him gently, she began pumping her hand and saw him lean his head back.

Katherine took his hard flesh in her mouth and swallowed him completely. They both sighed in mutual pleasure and Katherine’s mouth vibrated his sensitive flesh, making it throb that much more. She continues to kiss him and suck him. He is slowly climbing and slowly going to peak. His breathing is quicker and his passion is boiling. In his mind he chants, ‘Almost… don’t stop… almost…’ As if she heard him, she stops and releases him right before he could explode.

He growls out of frustration and as he reaches for her, she grabs his hand and starts kissing it finger by finger. She can taste herself on his hand. Giggling she takes a step back as he tries to grab her with his free hand. She turns and prepares to walk away but he pulled her back, grabbing her by the hips. He pulls her jeans down to reveal her smooth as to him as he whispers to her in her ear, “Did you really think I’d let you go?”

She knew he didn’t only mean physically but she stepped out of her jeans and kicked them aside. “That was the idea.”

Simon found her hole easily and slammed into her with his hard cock, making her gasp in surprise. As they stood for a moment, linked and still, the thunder roared loudly making the cups in the sink rattle. But Katherine didn’t flinch. She wasn’t paying attention to the storm outside. She began to rock her hips as Simon pumped his length. Pace met pace and soon they became one fast moving machine. They both strived to explode from their prolonged releases.

Simon gripped her hips and felt the trickle of seat roll over her flesh onto his hands as they fucked harder and harder.

Previous fight forgotten. Thunder and lightning paint the soundtrack.

When Katherine stiffened her back and cried out, he felt her muscles contracting his flesh he pumped harder and faster, thrusting deep into her. When she came, she screamed. Just how he wanted. He emptied himself and wrapped his arms around her waist to hold her close before they both slid to the floor.

He rested his brow on her damp back and she turned her body to sit on is lap. They held each other close and didn’t say anything for a few moments. As Simon opened his mouth to say something, the kitchen lights flickered on and they both looked at each other and laughed.

Simon kissed her with her face flushed with sex and humor before lifting her up to carry her to the bed. Leaving their clothes scattered, he turned toward the door as Katherine nibbled his ear and said, “Your still going to go to dinner with me.”

He stopped and smiled at her. “We’ll work something out.”

When she laughed and prepared to retort, the lights flickered a last time before going out once more.

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