Classes Suspended

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The night before was clear and beautiful, not a single rain cloud in the dark sky. Who could have thought that the next morning it would be rainy? An early morning shower was one of Hayley’s favourite things to wake up to. Not only because she loved rainy days, but also because it gave her some hope of cancelling classes.

Hayley was an eighteen year old pupil. Her dark brown eyes were slightly almond shaped because of her Asian descent. Her dark auburn hair falls comfortably a few inches below her shoulders. She was pretty well-rounded for a lady. Her breasts were not as big as her classmates, which made her insecure and shy around the boys.

Hayley did not consider herself as an above average pupil, even though her grades told her that she is. She disliked studying and rarely reviews, except for the big exams and such. She was not a party animal, and she rarely went out with her friends, opting to spend time with her parents instead. Due to this, her parents thought that she was quiet at school, but it was actually the opposite. Hayley may be insecure, but this did not hinder her from making any friends. She was cordial and easy to talk to. She also loved to play jokes on her friends to which they described her as a bully. In spite of being some sort of a bully, she was still loved by her friends and stuck quite close to them. This was why it was hard to find her alone at school. Until now.

Hayley bade her friends good bye as they walked away under their umbrellas. Classes were suspended because of the stormy weather; therefore, they were allowed to go home by lunch time. They did not actually have any classes, because they had to take a government issued exam to test their aptitude for a career. This made Hayley happy, and she already planned to watch a film when she got home. Then, Hayley remembered being too sleepy to drive her car; thus, her parents had to drop her to school on the way to work.

‘God-dammit, why was I too sleepy a while ago? I could have been relaxing now,’ she thought.

Regardless of Hayley’s reason that one of her friends will drive her home, her father assured her that he can drive her; since the government declared that all workers and students alike should go home after the inclement storm. He told her to wait for about an hour, because of the heavy traffic and to pick up her mother. Hayley obeyed like a good little girl she is and stood by the entrance to the school’s lobby. Seeing that she did not have any other thing to do, she read her book in silence while standing up.

Hayley’s mind was already inside the pages of the book when she let out a high-pitched squeal and nearly slapped that someone whose arms encircled her waist with her book.

“Hey, hey, relax, Hayley, it’s just me,” a male voice said beside her ear.

“Are you kidding me, Sir Philips?” Hayley said, facing the owner of the male voice. Those arms around her waist had not yet been removed.

“Sir Philips?” The man questioned playfully,”Is calling me ‘Sir’ one of your fetishes?”

“Are you crazy, Daryl? Anyone can see us like this,” Hayley answered with aggravation, ignoring the question.

“Relax, there is absolutely no one here, I’ve check,” he continued, “The teachers, well, some of them are all in their room. Say, Hayley, how about we go to my room? After all, the other mathematics teachers have already gone home.”

Daryl Philips was the mathematics teacher of Hayley. He had just recently graduated; thus, their age differences was not really that much. He had blue eyes and brown hair. Being young and handsome, a lot of the female pupils practically drooled over him. Even some of the teachers obviously liked him, especially those who were single; but Daryl only had his heart latched on his student Hayley.

He and Hayley were in a secret relationship that no one else knew about. It started when Hayley was having a hard time on her mathematics subject, and Daryl offered to tutor her after school hours for free. Hayley eagerly accepted the bahis firmaları help as she was rather desperate for a better grade¡­ or her parents were. And so they bonded. It started out as platonic as most relationships are, but soon they started to open up to each other. Hayley once thought of Daryl as her older brother, since she did not have any siblings. She would talk about her problems with him, and he will always listen to her. This made her very close to each other, but it was kept hidden away to eliminate suspicions and claims of unfair treatment.

It was only when Hayley was enjoying herself alone when she realised that she has feelings for Daryl, because she had thought of him all the time she was doing it. Hayley had been too shy to confront Daryl and tell him the truth, so she always made up alibis not to let him tutor her. Daryl did not let her go after the second week of hearing her excuses. He asked her if his teaching abilities were so bad that she did not want to see him again. Hayley quickly denied that and praised his abilities to make her understand. Daryl then asked if it was a personal problem and promised that he will support her if she would just let it out. She also denied that. All that time, Hayley was unable to look at Daryl in the eye, because of the amount of fantasies she had made up. Daryl noticed it, and he softly commanded her to look at him and tell him what is wrong. Hayley did, and the rest of what happened was like some cheesy romantic film being shown in cinemas.

They once had agreed not to start dating until Hayley’s high school graduation, but was unable to do so. Their friendly touches, turned into chaste kisses, and then those chaste kisses transformed into passionate make out sessions. And Hayley, being the horny teenager, was unable to control herself while fooling around with Daryl, painfully teasing him until his limit. Their first time was quick and hard at the same time loving and tender at once. Daryl, though hard and desperate, took good care of Hayley and frequently asked her if she was all right while penetrating her. It was not until she said that the pain ebbed away when he started to properly fuck her. Now, they have experimented a lot of positions and kinks. Also, they tried all those fetishes Hayley has, including tease and denial, much to the displeasure of Daryl; but he followed along anyway, unable to say no to Hayley. Daryl had always said that Hayley was likened to a sex monster, which always managed to make Hayley smile shyly.

The teacher’s room was empty just as Daryl had said. The walls were cream coloured. White desks and swivel chairs lined up neatly. There were three desks and chairs near the back wall, and two desks and chairs nearer to the door. It looked like a small office. The windows were covered with opaque plastic curtains. The room was well-lighted.

Hayley followed Daryl to the desk with a ‘MR. DARYL PHILIPS’ name plate on it. Daryl did not make it to his chair when Hayley pushed him against the side of his desk. Seeing that they were alone, Hayley came closer to Daryl, leant her head on his shoulder and whispered, “So… What now?”

One of her hands started to tug on the man’s dark grey tie. She kissed the side of his neck, then moved up to his lips with her tongue. They kissed chastely, stopped, smiled at each other and continued on some more. Daryl pulled Hayley closer, hands on her hips. Hayley started to undid Daryl’s tie as Daryl unbuttoned Hayley’s white school blouse. He moved his lips to her throat, stirring up a moan from Hayley. While Hayley was getting distracted, Daryl switched their positions quickly. The young lady giggled softly, becoming more aroused at the show of dominance by her teacher. Daryl took off her blouse and said, “You know how sexy you look right now? I could just fuck you raw.”

Hayley giggled even more, dragging Daryl closer by the belt loops. They kissed, tongue entwining with each other. Their hands seemed to have their own minds as they shamelessly explored the each kaçak iddaa other’s body. Hayley’s hand was entangled with the brown hair strands of Daryl, forcing him to close in on her. His hand had ridden up her skirt and was squeezing her rounded arse.

“Fuck, Daryl,” Hayley moaned breathlessly.

He then gently manoeuvred Hayley down the chair, but Hayley had other things in mind. She pushed Daryl down to sit instead and knelt down in front of him, taking off his belt and unbuttoning his trousers.

“You scared that your parents will arrive soon or you’re just excited to suck my dick?” Daryl joked, voice hoarse.

“Erm… both?” Hayley answered, looking up her long eyelashes.

Daryl ran his hands through her hair. She ran her hands up his pants covered thighs, grabbing the base of his dick, then stroking him up and down. Daryl bit his lip, breathing loudly through his nose. She then proceeded to lick the tip of his dick, teasing him with slow flicks.

“Hayley…” Daryl’s voice was starting to become a whine.

Hayley giggled again, and she wrap her lips around him. Daryl moaned appreciatively, eyes fluttering shut. She then moved to wrap her lips on the sides of his cock, licking him up and down with her tongue. She heard Daryl mutter a soft ‘fuck’ above. She gave a wide lick to the underside of his erection. Her hand cupped one of his testicles. After that, she closed her lips around him again; this time moving downwards. Hayley felt Daryl’s thighs shudder in pleasure. His eyebrows knitted together. His head lolled to one side, eyes opened slightly to watch Hayley’s erotic display. One of his hand was on her head, and another was on her shoulders. She moved down some more, taking a part of him down her throat, passing her gag reflex.

“Ah… Fuck,” Daryl groaned, his hand entangled itself into her hair.

Suddenly, a ringtone reverberated inside the empty room. Hayley quickly dislodged her mouth from his dick and pulled out her phone.

“Hello,” she answered, voice still quite rough. Daryl smiled at that, earning a playful slap on the thigh from Hayley. She coughed a bit, trying to clear her throat.

‘It must be her father,’ Daryl thought.

Daryl smiled in a naughty way and unclasped Hayley’s bra. Hayley looked shocked, and she moved to stand up but was pushed down by Daryl as he got out of his chair and knelt on the floor with her. His arms imprisoned her, and he sucked on a sensitive spot on her throat. Hayley bit her lip, in an attempt to stay quiet, but a low moan echoed in her larynx. Daryl could hear her father’s voice speaking in a foreign language in their proximity. He moved down to her breasts, for he knew how sensitive her nipples are. He gave them each a lick and a soft bite.

“Daryl!” Hayley said in a hushed voice, hand covering the mouth piece.

“What? You want more?” Daryl whispered, making Hayley try to push his arms away but to no avail.

He chuckled quietly and moved down to her midsection. He felt Hayley try to squirm away; his hands gripped her hips. He lifted her skirt and pulled down her light pink panties. He grinned even more as he felt one of Hayley’s hands on his shoulder, trying to push him away. Although Hayley acted as if she did not want it, Daryl knew that she was extremely aroused in situations like this. He lowered his tongue to touch her wet slit, causing a sudden change of pitch in Hayley’s answer. Her fingers were biting into his skin. Daryl then pushed his tongue against her cunt. Hayley’s head lolled to the seat of the chair and bit her lip. He could see and feel her shudder in pleasure. Hayley was always super sensitive, and now Daryl was taking advantage of that. Her eyes were shut tight, and her voice was somewhat choked. Daryl immediately inserted three of his fingers inside. Thankfully, Daryl’s hand was quick enough to cover Hayley’s mouth when she screamed uncontrollably. It kind of muffled her screams a little bit, but Daryl can sense that she was going to be interrogated by her parents kaçak bahis later. He allowed her to grind out her orgasm.

“Oh… bye bye.” Hayley’s answer came out as a breathless whisper, and she weakly disconnected the call.

“So, what did he say?” Daryl asked innocently.

“Fuck you, Daryl,” Hayley said,”If they suspect something, we’re not having sex forever.”

“As if you can handle that,” he answered.

“Fuck you.” Hayley then lazily dragged her hand up and down his dick.

“Di–d they s-s-say that they ne–ear?” Daryl’s voice was broken.

“I-I don’t know. I was distracted by a certain someone.” That was the answer.

“Ah… You better go… ah, fuck… soon,” he said; his hips jerked, urging Hayley to go faster. She complied.

“Later, it’s been a long while, Daryl. I missed you,” Hayley admitted softly. This made Daryl’s heart beat faster, and he leant in to kiss her deeply.

“I kn-know, Hayley, I missed… y-you too,” Daryl said, kissing her again.

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

“Daryl, Daryl.” A female voice can be heard.

“Fuck!” Daryl and Hayley both said simultaneously. Daryl quickly buttoned up his trousers, and he gently pushed Hayley under the desk with her blouse.

“Um… yes?” Daryl called out, after clearing his throat, and pretended to be checking papers.

The door opened revealing a young female teacher dressed in a low cut shirt, obviously trying to seduce Daryl.

“Hello, Daryl.” Her voice dropped low; she sat down in one of the seats in front of him and crossed her long legs.

Daryl let blew out a breath, not because of the display, but because Hayley started to lick his balls and the underside of his dick.

“Are you busy?” She asked, sickeningly sweet.

“Oh… um… why?” Daryl’s answer was distracted, and he kept his eyes trained on a ball pen ink blemishing the bluish white hue of the desk.

“Maybe if you’re not, we can go out sometime,” the female teacher said, moving to look more seductive.

“Th-that.. would be nice, b-but I’m a bit… um… busy… now,” Daryl said, trying to keep himself under control.

Hayley had moved his dick halfway in her mouth. It took everything from Daryl not to buck into her mouth.

“Are you all right, Daryl?” Hayley heard; she recognised that voice to be the teacher that obviously likes Daryl.

“Yes.” Daryl’s answer sounded lewd as Hayley possessively sucked on his dick, taking him all the way down.

“I’m s-sorry… I th-think I m-m-may be a bit sick… I think y-you should g-go,” he said with a shiver, “M-must b-be the w-weather.”

“Maybe I can take care of you,” the female teacher said, leaning over to touch him.

“No! Y-you sh-should go. I-I d-don’t want you to c-catch wha-whatever I have. An-d yes, may-maybe we can go out some-some time,” Daryl answered, earning a particular hard suck.

“Well, okay, good bye, Daryl,” the teacher said in obvious glee and exited the room.

Daryl immediately rolled his chair away from the desk. He wanted to berate her, but all that came out were moans and laboured pants. Daryl knew that he was close; his hips were jerking in an out-of-control way as Hayley allowed him to fuck her mouth. Daryl came with a loud groan; his come shooting straight down Hayley’s throat. His hips slowed down a bit. He then slouched boneless in his seat. Hayley immediately got up from under the desk.

“Hayley…” Daryl’s voice was close to whining again.

“Sorry, Daryl, my mummy texted me that they’ll be here in ten minutes about five minutes ago. I have to go now,” Hayley said apologetically, buttoning her blouse back again and fixing herself; then kissing Daryl’s lips swiftly.

“Wait, I’ll go down with you,” Daryl said, moving to stand.

“No, Daryl, they might get suspicious, remember the sounds I was making during the call?” She answered.

“Oh… okay, erm.. Call me when you get home, all right? I shall go home in a while too.”

“All right, good bye, Daryl. I love you.”

“Good bye, Hayley. I love you too.”

And with that, Hayley left the room.

Daryl was left to clean himself up, and he too left the room.

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