Civilain Rider Takes Cop for a Ride

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Let me preface this story by telling that this is true event. The names have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent. Also this is a long story….

I am a married male in his mid 40’s and work as a law enforcement officer in the great Northwest Region of the United States. My patrol district is out in the rural area of our county and on several occasions I am assigned to take civilian riders with me for a day.

On this particular day (Sunday) I reported to work and was notified that I had a rider scheduled for the day. Sundays are usually pretty slow days and it could be pretty boring. I went to the front lobby area of the station and saw a beautiful red headed lady in her mid 30’s sitting waiting. I confirmed with the ladies at the front desk that she was the rider.

I introduced myself and she was congenial and said, “Hi, my name is Traci.”

I tried to be very professional and explained to her that I work the rural areas and it could be a boring day but we will make the most of it.

I showed her around the station and introduced her to my fellow officers. As we walked to my patrol car I looked over my shoulder and all the guys were watching her walk to my car and giving me the thumbs up. I couldn’t help to notice that she was wearing a tight white blouse that buttoned up the front. There was no hiding the fact she had a great rack on her. She also wore a pair of nice fitting pants that showed her long legs and great ass.

We got in the car and headed out. At first our conversation was strictly professional and exchanged small talk mostly. About 2 hours into the ride I asked what she did for living and she explained that she ran a childcare out of her home while her husband worked.

Traci said, “I am very excited to ride and have adult conversation for the whole day versus talking to kids.”

Traci then went on to explain that her husband was a mechanic and usually on weekends he would go to his friends or parents residences and work on their cars, leaving little time for her.

I asked what Traci what she did for hobbies and she replied, “I usually just surf the internet and stuff.”

We were getting along really good and she asked me about my hobbies. I explained to her that I also surf the internet and collected fine cigars, etc.

Traci then asked me, “What kind of stuff do you look at on the internet?”

I replied, “I can’t really say, just all kinds of stuff.”

Traci then said, “What is it porn or something?”

Since she broke the ice I figured I had nothing to illegal bahis lose, so I said, “Yep I surf porn and read erotic stories.”

Traci then said, “I surfs porn site as well and asked if I ever visited the ‘Literotica’ site.”

We both chuckled and I admitted to her that I have browsed the site in the past.

Traci and got along great and it was starting to get warm outside. I suggested we stop at this little place for a drink. We got our drinks and sat and talked about her family and mine. I could feel and very strong attraction for her and could see in her eyes that she was feeling the same way. I thought to myself that I had to remain professional and that I had already probably crossed the line far enough.

As we rode for about another hour nothing was really said but I did notice that a couple of buttons on her blouse had been undone. I could see down her blouse to the tops her gorgeous breasts. I felt my cock stir in my pants and my uniform pants are form fitting and there is no place to hide my growing cock. I was really hoping she wouldn’t notice.

We finally got a hot call and had to run code 3 for a few miles and take care of this call. Once the call was over there was little doubt she was excited by the adrenalin rush and had a hard time sitting still and told me that got her blood pumping.

Traci then blurted out, “I almost had an orgasm. That was exciting!”

I had no response still trying to remain professional, but she then said, “I saw you were excited before the call, did that call excite you as well.”

I played it off. We then got a call way out in the middle of the mountains to do an area check. I knew from past calls in the area that this is way out and I wouldn’t be able to communicate with dispatch and they wouldn’t be able to communicate with me until I returned back in range. I explained to dispatch that would be back in about 2 hours.

We got to our destination in about 30 minutes and found nothing unusual in the area. I went up this one logging road and found all the gates closed. I turned around at the end and parked for a few minutes. I was looking for motorcycle riders in the restricted area and shut the car off to see if I could hear them. We got out and walked around.

Traci commented, “This is pretty isolated and that if something happened up here no one would ever know would they?”

I replied, “Probably not for a long while.”

Traci then laid it on the line and told me, “I am attracted to you. Have you ever had a blowjob on duty?”

I said, “I have never ever illegal bahis siteleri been presented with the opportunity.”

Traci then approached me and asked, “If you were, would you go for it?”

I replied, “I don’t know, because if had never crossed my mind, but since we are talking about it, I might.”

The bulge in my pants was growing and she could see that. Traci unbuttoned two more buttons on her blouse and walked towards me. I sat on the hood of my patrol car and she came up and reached for my cock through my pants. Traci and I both looked at one another and then kissed. As we exchanged spit, I felt my zipper easing down and her reaching in to release my cock. Traci got my cock out and started to stroke very softly. I almost came right there. Traci then just knelt down and started licking the underside of my cock and then took it in her mouth. Being of only average size she had no trouble taking me and fully engulfing my cock in her mouth. I reached down and started stroking her hair and reached into her blouse and massaged her tits through her bra.

Sensing I was about to cum, Traci stopped came back up kissed me some more and allowed me to squeeze her breasts through her blouse.

Traci then asked, “How long to we have before I need to get back?”

I replied, “There was no hurry.”

Traci then said she wanted to feel my cock in her pussy. Traci undid her pants and pulled them down to her ankles and bent over the hood of my patrol and said, “Bring it on!”

Well I maybe a professional but I am not going to pass up a gift like this. I slid my cock in her and started to fuck her. I reached around and pulled her blouse and bra up above her tits. Her massive breasts hung down and swung in rhythm to my thrusts. About this time I heard some motorcycles coming over the ridge so I pulled out and zipped up and she quickly pulled up her pants and jumped in the car do finish getting dressed.

I regained my composure and soon the motorcyclists arrived where we were parked. I warned the motorcyclists they were riding in a restricted area and they needed to leave the area or get a ticket. They both left. At this time I figured I better head back to an area where I could check in with dispatch.

As we rode along we both talked about finding another place to finish what we started. As I was heading back, I remember and old farm that was vacant and waiting to be torn down to make way for an industrial site. We headed for there.

We got there; I checked in with dispatch and got a call to call the supervisor. I called canlı bahis siteleri the sergeant and he explained to me he wanted me to help out on a surveillance mission. Traci and I looked at one another with disappointment. I head to the location and met with the sergeant. The sergeant left and I parked the car so it could not be seen from the road, yet I could watch the area I was assigned.

Traci and I then looked at one another and without words started stroking each other. I was rubbing her pussy through her pants and she was rubbing my cock through mine. She undid her pants and I slid my hand in her pants and started masturbating her clit and pussy. Traci stretched back into the seat and let out a loud moan, and by the feel of her pussy I definitely could tell she had a terrific orgasm. I removed my fingers and licked them clean.

Just after this the sergeant called on the radio and released me from the mission. I head directly back to the farm. Once we got back to farm I got out and walked around the out buildings to make sure we were alone and that transients had not moved in unexpectedly. I found no one. I went back to the car and Traci stepped out. God she was looking great and I was horny as hell. We went to one of the outbuildings and started to get crazy again. Before we got too far I remember we probably would need something to sit on or lie on and not get our clothes dirty. Since I patrol the rural areas I always carry a blanket in the trunk. I went and got the blanket and returned to find Traci topless. Her tits were hanging and she looked magnificent.

I asked, “How big are your tits? They look magnificent!”

Traci said, “36D’s.”

I spread the blanket out and we sat down. I removed my gun belt and took the portable radio out so I could here if they called me. Traci undid my pants while I sucked on her tits and then said she wanted to ride me. Traci removed the rest of her clothing and straddled me. Because of my protective vest this was a difficult position. So we traded positions and I was able to bury my cock fully into her pussy. I knew we didn’t have much time, as I could get a call and the swing shift was coming on duty shortly and I had to meet with the swing shift officer.

Traci rubbed her clit as I fucked her and we both orgasmed at the same time in about 3 minutes. It was the most erotic feeling that I ever had. I think it was because of the danger of getting caught and being on duty. We got dressed, continued to kiss and cleaned up the best we could.

We went through the rest of our day quite relaxed and knew we had a special connection. Traci and I still see one another about twice a month and she mentioned to me that she wants to ride me or ride with me again. I have had several riders since Traci but none will ever compare to that day.

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