Cinderella’s Submission Ch. 03

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Author’s note: please read the previous chapters to understand my twisted sexy fairy tale.


On some sunny days, Cinderella’s stepbrothers liked to take their not-so-willing stepsister on a walk, deep in the forest near their farm, and tie her up and fuck her. They liked to tease and torment their submissive little stepsister while fucking her. They would leave her alone in the forest tied up for a while. They would go hunting or swim in the lake. Anything to leave her alone in the forest, naked and tied up so they could hear her whimper and whine while they laughed at Cinderella’s bound dilemma.

Cinderella was in such a dilemma when a stranger happened upon her.

Cinderella was kneeling, tied to a tree in the most unusual way. At least that’s what the Prince thought when came upon her during his daily ride. Each wrist was tied to an ankle, leaving her on her knees, spread open and inviting. A tight rope was around her neck like a choker and was tied to the tree by a sort of leash. So her big tits were thrust out for all to see and fondle.

Cinderella was naked, except for the corset and the ball gag in her mouth. Cinderella whimpered as the Prince’s horse approached her bound form. She thought the magnificent horse would trample her.

‘My, my,’ the Prince exclaimed, stepping off his horse, keeping it a safe distance from this beautiful nymph bound in the woods. The Prince liked the forest. He had a routine to ride away from the royal riding party, as he was wont to do, so he could have some alone time in the Kingdom’s forest he loved so much. ‘What do we have here?’

Cinderella whimpered and blinked tears away from her big innocent blue eyes. The Prince was enchanted. This naked girl was beautiful and bound for pleasure. The Prince gently removed the ball gag from her mouth, watching her saliva drip sensually onto her large tits.

‘Thank you, sir,’ she whispered as she closed her mouth and moved her aching jaw.

‘Who did this to you?’ the Prince said to the naked bound nymph.

‘I’m sorry sir,’ Cinderella apologized with her innocent breathy voice that stirred the Prince. ‘My… companions left me here as sort of a joke.’

‘Naked? illegal bahis And tied up, with a gag?’ he said dubiously as he fondled her tits. ‘I doubt these companions are friends.’

Cinderella bit her bottom lip in pleasure as her nipples were aroused by this nobleman’s tender fondling.

‘Oh no! They aren’t friends. I’m their step-‘ she almost gave away it was her stepbrothers and had anyone known that secret, there was the fear that they would then lose the farm. She quickly recovered and coquettishly said, ‘I’m their s-s-sex d-d-doll.’

‘Sex doll!?’ the Prince exclaimed in a laugh as his cock started to show its thick hardness through his tight riding pants.

‘Yes sir,’ Cinderella noticed the stranger’s growing erection close to her face. Unwillingly, her pussy lips grew thick with moisture. The stranger was so handsome. She should feel shame, but all she felt was lust. With an automatic response to her own arousal, Cinderella clarified, ‘My duty is to relieve men of cum so they can remain satisfied and calm.’

‘Relieve men of cum? And how do you do this, sex doll?’ the Prince asked in a deep low voice admiring her thick blond curls, kissable blowjob lips and large breasts and hard nipples.

Cinderella’s voice, breathy and innocent, just like her Stepfather liked. ‘Anything that they ask of me, sir.’

The Prince wanted to hear her say the dirty words. He loved hearing a woman say nasty sexy things. ‘Like what? Don’t hold back, I want to hear the details.’

Cinderella swallowed and licked her pretty lips. ‘They strip me naked, tie me up and fuck my face with their cocks. I’m bound so I can’t get away… Like now.’

The Prince started to open his breeches to massage his rock hard cock and expose it to this nasty little nymph in the forest. ‘And what other dirty things do you do to relieve men of their cum?’

She stared at his cock and involuntarily licked her lips. ‘After I suck them off and they cum on my face, they take turns fucking my pussy and ass,’ Cinderella swallowed and then whispered, ‘sometimes at the same time. And sometimes they let their friends join in.’

‘So they gangbang you?’

‘Yyyesss,’ she illegal bahis siteleri sighed with unexpected pleasure. ‘They gangbang me.’ The Prince exposed his cock and leaned closer to her as she continued with more detail, ‘They fuck me airtight. They share me and shower me with cum.’

‘Do they?’ the Prince touched her cheek with the tip of his cock and smeared the precum on her delicate face.

‘Yes,’ she breathed. ‘And I like my duty. Mmmm, I love the touch of cock on my face.’

‘Are you anybody’s sex doll?’ the Prince asked while tapping his hard cock on the willing girl’s lips and petting her face with his cock’s hardness.

There was something about this noble stranger that caught her fancy. She wanted to obey him. She wanted to give him anything he wanted. She looked around to make sure her stepbrothers weren’t around. Cinderella looked up at the stranger with big innocent eyes and her little breathy girly voice, ‘Yes. I’m obligated to relieve cum from men. It is my duty to do whatever you want. Ammmph!’

‘That’s a good little cum slut.’ The Prince forced the head of his hard cock into the bound girl’s mouth and started fucking her face. Cinderella accepted the stranger’s cock with full lust after talking so much smut. It felt so erotic with her neck tied up to a tree so the stranger could use her mouth and throat as he wished.

‘Oh, yes,’ the Prince moaned as Cinderella whimpered, ‘you are a good cocksucker, little sex doll. So good.’

The Prince grabbed her hair and forcefully yanked her head back. ‘Deep throat me, cum slut.’

‘Oh yes,’ Cinderella breathed before the Prince thrust his long hard cock in her mouth and down her vulnerable throat.

The Prince groaned and teased and twisted her nipples and squeezed her tits as he plunged his cock in her delicate throat.

‘Damn, baby girl.’ The Prince thrust in and out of her mouth. ‘You are a great little cocksucker!’ He moaned as her tongue tickled the underside of his dick. He pulled out and tapped his hardness on her lips and face and then just rubbed it all over her face.

‘Mmmph, yes, sir.’ She moaned, ‘I’ve been trained to suck cum out of cocks.’

‘Is canlı bahis siteleri that right?’ He became fascinated with her tits. The Prince spit in her cleavage and started fucking her tits. He squeezed her tits together and started rubbing his hard cock up and down.

It was so painful as the nobleman squeezed her tits together she cried out. Then Cinderella moaned. His cock felt sooo good on her skin, even though her tits were in a vice like grip.

‘Yes, you dirty little nymph,’ the Prince released her tits and started jacking his cock. ‘Take my cum, fuck! Take my cum!’

Cinderella’s mouth was open as the Prince jacked off his cock while rubbing the tip on her luscious lips. His cock spurted a large amount of cum in her mouth and on her lips and down her chin. Cinderella moaned and swallowed and relished the taste of new cum from this handsome noble stranger.

The Prince put a hand on the tree and let the bound nymph clean off his cock with her tongue. Then he heard some voices in the forest. He quickly put the ball gag back in Cinderella’s cum filled mouth and fled.

He got on his horse and looked down at the naked beauty one more time. ‘I want to fuck you, little nymph. You will be mine someday.’

The Prince trotted away as the voiced got closer to Cinderella’s bound body. He hid in the trees looking back at her as the men approached the submissive sex doll.

‘Here’s our little sister! Just waiting for more cum! Aren’t you little cum slut?’ the man untied the leash from the tree but held it like she was his pet.

‘Rhile, please,’ she begged; only to have her leash jerked as the other men gathered around her. The Prince counted 4 of them ready to gangbang the lovely nymph.

‘Shut up, slut!’ her Stepbrother ordered. ‘Shut up and take the cum these men are offering.

The Prince watched as the men lifted the nymph into position where her cunt and ass were filled with cock and the ball gag was replaced with another long stem. The Prince saw her quiver and moan as the bound nymph had an orgasm as the men in the forest used her like a fuck doll.

Not wanting to be discovered, but wanting to fuck that beautiful creature again, the Prince left after watching her get fucked.

Riding home, the Prince decided that everyone in the Kingdom should be invited to the Royal Ball that was in the planning stages. Then he could find out who this lovely, cum-filled creature actually is.

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