Christmas Leave

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Based on a story told to me by a young soldier.


I hear the whump, whump of the crashing waves through my sleep fogged brain. We must have left the balcony door open after that last love making session we had out there under the pacific moon. I reach out for you only to find you not there, no worry, you are probably just using the bathroom. I bury myself under the covers to wait for your return and think of how we got here.

Two days ago I was still wondering if I would get to see you when the final OK came down. I knew you were already on the way here. As soon as the First Sergeant said it was a go, it was a race. A race to grab my AWOL bag and get to the helipad before the last bird of the day took off, a race across the flight line into flight ops at Bahgram to get on that C-17 heading to Kadena Okinawa and then onto Hickam at Honolulu. I sat tensed as an over coiled spring until the big transport airplane lifted off from that dirty shit hole of Afghanistan where I had been without you for the past 10 months. My joy of getting off the ground and heading toward you was tempered knowing I would be heading back in a short week. I know, I volunteered for the Army volunteered for my unit and as such really volunteered for Afghanistan. No matter how much we train for it, nobody wants to actually fight a war. This is my fourth time back since 2001 and inside you know the law of averages catches up with you one day. It may not be a bullet or a homemade bomb, hell it could just be a tired truck driver hitting you head on after he falls asleep after 30 hours behind the wheel.

Landing at Hickam I see you as I come in the door. My god, I have never seen you any more beautiful, not even on out wedding day. The soft pastel sundress with the Hawaiian print drapes your 5 foot 8 inch body just enough to accent your curves and does little to hid them. You long blonde hair hangs over your shoulders in waves and I see the slight protrusion of your nipples pressing out through the dress from your braless ankara escort chest. I am tired, grungy and need a shower after almost 2 days on a plane. You don’t care as you wrap your arms around me and mold your warm soft curves into me. We match perfectly, our bodies fold into the right places our lips align for the kiss that we know is coming. I fall into those fabulous blue eyes as I drink from your soft warm lips I am overwhelmed with emotions and the warmth of your skin. I fight back the tears but hold you against me even tighter afraid to let you go, afraid it was all a dream. Eventually we slid apart my eyes staring into yours as we hold hands and go out the door getting a cab to out hotel. We kiss in the cab as it winds its way to the Hale Koa. The kisses are light, almost chaste at times, tasting what we had missed along the way. We sit so close that our bodies are molded as one and all we need to do is to slightly move our heads to kiss again.

Arriving at the hotel you take my hand past the open air desk and into the elevator quickly, molding yourself to me. The shock of really being there wearing off I start responding in more traditional ways. You feel me hardening against your thigh and my kisses get more demanding. Fortunately we are alone in the small elevator since my hands start to wander across the curves of your body. I bet the security guys got an eyeful.

As the chime dinged and the door opened you pull away from me giggling and began running down the hall. I chase you and catch you at the door to our room. Pinning you against the door I began grinding my now full hardness against the round curves of your ass. You tell me to “Behave” as pull the room key from your small purse and finally get the door open despite my constant pawing.

Almost falling inside we both laugh as we stumble inside. I shut the door and double lock it not wanting any interruptions. I stopped at the bathroom door and began to remove my shirt. You turn and look at me with a question look.

I escort ankara tell you “I want to rinse off first.”

You shake your head and with a voice that sounds almost like an animals growl you say “Noooo” then reach out and take my hand dragging me into the room and dumping me onto the bed.

Before I know it you have straddled my waist well really right below my hips. I feel your fingers working on the belt, button and zipper of my uniform. Then you pull my pants and underwear down in one motion rising up to push the material under you. Feel the air condition blowing around my hardened cock. Walking up on your knees you raise your skirt so I can see the small wisps of silk that are your panties. Taking one hand you take me in your grasp and using the head of cock you brush the panties to one side smearing my pre cum across your tanned and bare skin before stuffing me inside you. When you get about an inch in you let go with your hand and began rolling your hips in circles working me into you with accompanying grunts and sighs. Our fluids began to mix making it easier to work me up inside of you. By now the skirt has fallen back down blocking my few of being inside you but I began stroking the insides of your tanned muscled thighs. You lean back and roll your hips forward and finally settle down on me all the way with a grunt and a satisfied groan. You sit still for a moment before you smile with your eyes closed and began rocking your hips back and forth slightly. In between the mewls that turn to growls and groans your rocking becomes more pronounced and I feel the wetness forming between us. Opening your eyes with a snap your reach up and pull your C cup tanned breast free of your dress top. I see the pale pink nipples already tight with pleasure. You reach down and take both my hands placing one on each breast and urge me to caress your nipples. I stroked, twist and pinch softly. Each time adding an accent of a sigh or groan to the growing concert of your pleasurable noises.

The gasp ankara escort bayan that starting our love making have grown to panting and your rocking is now you rising and falling my entire length driving me into the bed as you bottom out. Your ass slaps into my hips with a sharp thwack each time you trust me into you. I reach back to grab your ass to slow you down so I don’t come right now. As I palm each ass cheek in my hands and my fingers meet along the crack of your ass I grasp your firmly. You dig your fingernails into my upper arms as your orgasm rips trough your body.

You drive yourself down onto me and hold yourself there, your muscles rigid, your hard thrown back and mouth open in a silent scream I feel you trembling almost convulsively against me before I loose it as well. With a grunt and growling groan I feel a years worth of sexual abstinence come to an end. My hips drive up into you driving me further into your pulsing wet core as the pulsing jets travel through my body and out my cock flooding you with ropes of release. In between pulses I try to drive more of me into you twice, 3, 4 times. Each time your breasts bounce and roll with the force of my thrusts.

I collapse back into the bed and your follow a few seconds later, little shivers still coursing through your body. I pull you to my chest and wrap you in my arms keeping you safe as your pleasure winds down.

I think we both fall asleep when I feel you stir on top of me I open my eyes to she your hair covering one half of your face. I reach up and sweep the hair from your face as I kiss you softly we both mouth the words “I Love You” You open my shirt and began placing little kisses along my chest and I feel myself stirring getting hard in you again.

A bright flash right outside the window and louder boom shakes the bed and makes me think I should shut the patio doors. I hear running feet in the darkness, that last bit of thunder must of frightened you, I feel banging on the side of the bed and hear


Honolulu is gone, reality is back. I am grabbing my gear and weapon as Hadji is dropping mortars on the base camp and it’s all been a dream, a wonderful but tragic dream. Merry Christmas from Afghanistan.

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