Cherry Blossom Day

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It was a Saturday morning, the sky was blue, Lucy sat on the deck, the waterfall splashed down into the river and ambled along into the pond, the Blossom on the cherry tree had started to fall, in a snowy cloud, gently drifting down into the river and floating like Pooh sticks to fall into the pond, then traveling across the pond to be sucked into the skimmer.

She watched the blossom her book set aside, Lucy day dreamed of seeing him walk around the corner of the house and peeking through the balustrade. She thought about him a lot, all the things they shared, the wonderful times they spent together, even just talking to him made her heart glow, She wished she could magic him up. Then she heard the side gate open, and watched the corner of the house; he walked around the corner and flashed his wonderful smile, she stood up and walked between the arch and down the steps, Buck walked around the deck and pulled her into his arms, he held her and leaned in to kiss her mouth, she kissed him her tongue tasting him, his hands ran up and down her back, her hands around his neck. the mecidiyeköy escort scent of him electrified her, his masculinity oozing from every pour.

She walked backwards up the steps onto the deck, he lay her down, letting her body rest on the lounger, softly he whispered in her ear, telling her how he felt, then lifting her t-shirt and her bra, he fell on her breasts sucking the nipple and cupping them in his hands, she reached down and undid the button on his shorts, and unzipped them reaching down and unbuttoning his boxers and slipping her hand around his cock, stroking it to make it bounce under her hand, as he nestles her breasts, crushing them between his hands rubbing them against his face, he murmurs how beautiful her breasts were, Lucy started to pump his cock, as his hand reached down to unzip her shorts he slips his hand down under her panties and finds her wet hole, he drove his fingers in and feels her juices so wet on his fingers, his cock is throbbing. The two of them frantic to be with each other, both throbbing wanting beings.

He merter escort pushes her shorts and panties down her legs and pulls them off as she pulls her t-shirt and bra off, she lays there naked in front of him he brushes a stray hair off of her face and smiles into her deep blue eyes, leaning down to kiss her lush cherry lips, he slips his shorts and boxers off, kicking his sandals to the side, looking at her on the lounger naked as the day she was born, he spreads her legs and starts to lick up her thighs, she is shuddering in anticipation of his expert tongue, he reaches her pussy and with his hands spreads her pussy lips driving his tongue deep into her wet hole, she is being driven mad with desire to have his cock inside her, he sucks and licks her pussy, running his thumb over her clit as his tongue reaches her inner self, he can feel her climax building, as he pulls away, and tells her to turn around, she turns over and he rubs his cock over her ass, slapping her ass with his hand he guides his cock into her she thrusts back to him, his wondrous pendik escort cock filling her, they build up momentum as he thrusts into her, forceful hard strokes, plunging into her ever faster, she reaches down and rubs her clit as he pounds into her faster and faster, harder and harder, long fast strokes, filling her deeper and deeper, his hand coming down on her ass, smacking her till red welts appear.

Buck watches his cock as it slides in and out of her, glistening with her wet juices, Lucy pants and moans as he fills her pussy, harder and harder, deeper with every stroke her breath is taken from her, his thighs start to tighten as he feels her pussy walls gripping him she moans as her orgasm consumes her, her body convulsing in passion, he thrusts again and again exploding into her. His breath coming fast and hard his climax so fulfilling he feels drunk.

As their climax ebbs he pulls out of her and turns her around and pulls her up to him kissing her wonderful mouth and laying her down on the deck he lays next to her holding her and looking into her beautiful eyes, he smiles his wonderful smile and she feels so content. He does not want to go but has to, he slips his clothes back on as does she, they kiss deeply again and he walks through the arch down the steps the cherry blossom floating around him. He is gone and she is left to day dream him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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