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A couple months ago my wife, Jeanette, and I were driving through Nevada from Colorado to visit my mother. Around 8 pm, we decided to quit for the night and stopped at a reasonably inexpensive, but clean motel.

We found it just inside the edge of town…one of those two-story chain motels where the building wraps around the pool at the center.

Being that it was a Monday night, and the parking lot wasn’t very full, I figured that we’d probably be able to get a room on the first floor, right next to the parking lot for an easy departure the following morning. I was wrong, however, because we ended up on the second floor, in the center of the building.

But after driving all day, I wasn’t much in the mood to argue.

Jeanette stripped off as soon as we entered the room, tossing her clothes on a chair in the corner, while I changed into shorts and t-shirt. Opening the small ice chest I’d brought for the trip, I popped two wine coolers, and passed one to her.

I sat next to my naked, cross-legged wife on the bed as we sipped our drinks. Jeanette often goes nude around the house at home…granting me a show of her perfect C cups and dark, neatly trimmed bush…something that I appreciate very much.

Handing her second wine cooler, I scooted closer and played with her naked outer thigh, watching her pert, pink nipples stiffen a bit.

About five minutes later, she smiled, showing me her empty bottle.

“Wow babe,” I said opening a third and handing it to her, “you’re thirsty tonight huh?”

My cock twitched, rising in my shorts at the prospect of sex with each empty bottle.

Jeanette is pretty open-minded about most things, but five or six wine coolers, prodded by a little bit of hot foreplay, usually turns my sexy brunette into a cock hungry slut…another fact for which I am profoundly grateful.

Her nipples stiffened into hard nubs, pointing straight out, as I ran my hand over her bare outer thigh, and down to her luscious butt cheek, stopping for a squeeze.

“I want to take a dip,” she said out of nowhere, smiling at me.

“A dip?” I asked, disappointed. I wanted to take a dip too, but not in the water.

“You mean, like, in the pool?”

“Yah silly,” she laughed, “where else?”

Noticing the way her hot breasts jiggled, my cock swelled harder, straining against the front of my shorts.

“But babe,” I protested, “I was hoping for some, well…you know…”

She smiled in return.

“Besides,” I went, hoping to convince her, “the pool’s closed. Sign says no swimming after 9 p.m.”

“Oh, pffft,” she said, sticking her tongue out at me. Standing, I watched her sexy, naked form move as she walked to the window and opened the curtain.

“There’s nobody out there,” she argued, “besides, I don’t think they’d really care.”

My face fell.

“Tell ya what,” she said, smiling at my disappointment, “I’ll go naked…”

My heart stopped for a second. Jeanette is a hot woman, and as I said before, she’s pretty open-minded, but for as long as I’d known her, she’d never even hinted at the idea of going naked in public before.

“What?” was all I could say.

Grinning devilishly, she fiddled with one nipple, looking down at it, pulling it erect. “I’ll go naked,” she stated flatly again.

“You mean you’ll go naked at the pool?” I repeated still somewhat dumbstruck by her announcement.

“Yup,” she smiled.

The thought of seeing my gorgeous wife totally nude outside at the pool was exciting as hell…my cock jumped and pounded at the mental picture.

“Uh…okay.” I agreed. What else should I have said?

“But,” I went on, adding my own element of excitement to the idea, and to see what she would say, “you have to leave your clothes in the room, and walk down and back totally naked.”

Still fiddling with one stiff nipple, she appeared to mull on it a second.

“Fine,” she said, with another wicked smile. “I’ll leave my clothes here.”

With that, I stood up. My hard cock formed a tent at the front of my shorts.

“I see you’re ready,” Jeanette smiled, eyeing my hard on.

Opening the door, I peered out. Lights burned in a few windows on both floors around the complex. I knew that there was the chance that someone might see her, but that only fueled the excitement of the situation in my mind.

Other than that, there were no signs of life around the darkened swimming pool.

“Okay,” I said, smiling at my naked wife, “coast is clear…ready?”

Taking a deep breath, she exhaled, making her sweet naked tits rise and fall.

“Ready,” she said.

Grabbing the card key, I opened the door wide, and my wife stepped out, totally nude onto the walkway. I followed, closing the door behind us.

She set off, and I followed a few paces behind her, reveling in the way her dark hair fell to just above her bare ass cheeks. Her naked ass swayed and moved as she walked, teasing my cock into a state of throbbing frenzy.

“God you’re hot,” I said, almost in a whisper, not wanting to arouse attention.

Turning küçükçekmece escort to look over one bare shoulder, she smiled at me.

We’d gone a few steps when we approached a window with the light on. The curtains were open.

“Want me to go first?” I offered, thinking of her safety.

Without answering, Jeanette walked on, totally naked, passing in front of the window without flinching.

As I passed the window, I turned my head quickly to see an older man reclining in front of the television. He never looked away, and apparently wasn’t even aware that a gorgeous, stark naked woman had just passed him right by.

So far, so good.

The next couple of windows were dark, and we moved along the walkway with the pool below us.

Stopping in front of a door with the bluish light from a television shining through the window, Jeanette turned….facing it, she rolled her stiff nipples between her forefingers and thumbs, teasing me.

“What the hell are you doing?” I whispered, “you’re gonna get caught.”

Smiling, she played with her naked tits a moment longer. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you…pervert…” she whispered, teasing.

God, she was merciless. My cock was so hard it hurt.

Turning again, I watched her sway, naked, down the walkway.

At the end of the walkway, where the stairs began, I saw that the lights were on in the end unit, and the curtain was wide open. From our vantage point near where the walkway turned, we could see people, a man and a woman, moving around inside.

“Fuck,” I said, “you’ll never get by that,” thinking the game was over.

Without saying a word, Jeanette dropped to her knees in front of the door, and crawled on all fours under the window.

My heart caught in my throat and my cock pounded in my shorts. Watching my wife crawl completely naked under the window while the people inside were unaware, merely feet from her, was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

With her bare naked ass in the air, and her luscious, exposed tits hanging in front of her, Jeanette moved along silently under the window, reaching the other side without incident.

Standing, she leaned against the wall and smiled proudly at me, snaking a quick hand between her legs to cop a feel at her accomplishment.

“God that was hot,” was all I could say.

I wanted her so badly…I wanted to bend her over the railing, totally nude on the walkway and pound her right there…but the game wasn’t over yet…in fact, it had just started.

Joining her at the top of the stairs, I passed in front of the window where she’s just been. The man and woman both turned their heads in my direction briefly, before returning to their conversation.

Jeanette continued on padding naked down the concrete steps with me behind her.

At the bottom was the glass, side entrance to the front office. Two soda machines stood next to each other against the wall, on the other side of the door in front of the stairs. The pool lay just ahead to our left.

I knew that there had been only one manager on duty when we checked in…and as I was about to peer into the glass door to see if I could spot him, when the door opened suddenly, and he stepped through.

Thinking quickly, Jeanette stepped towards the soda machines and squeezed her naked body between them, pressing her back against the side of building.

“Good evening,” the manager greeted me.

“Hi” I said, moving sideways a bit in front of the first soda machine.

“Lovely evening,” the manager said pleasantly.

Digging into my pocket, I fished out a few quarters, pretending that I had come to get a soda.

“Sure is…” I smiled back, politely.

Dropping the change into the machine, I glanced at Jeanette out of the corner of my eye.

Standing naked between the machines, she placed one finger to her lips in a shushing gesture. Her other hand busied itself between her legs, running her fingers lightly over her naked snatch.

I swallowed hard, sweating bullets…my cock ached and begged for release in my shorts.

“You folks traveling through Nevada?” the manager asked, making conversation.

Smiling, I turned my hips slightly and stepped closer to the machine to hide my pounding erection.

“Yah,” I said off-handed, “we’re headed to Reno to see my mother.”

“Oh how nice,” he smiled, glued to the spot.

Glancing sideways at my naked wife between the machines, I saw that she had closed her eyes. With one hand, she pulled and tugged at her thick nipples. Grasping one between her fingers, she stretched it out hard. Holding it by the tip, she used it to jiggle her entire, naked breast. Her other hand fingered her clit, rubbing over it lightly.

I was scared to death that she would moan and give us away, but it was getting more difficult to breathe, and tear my eyes off of Jeanette, totally nude between the machines and now beginning to actually masturbate.

“Huh?” I asked, turning to the levent escort manager again. I knew he’s said something but I didn’t catch it.

“Are you heading back this way on the way home…I was wondering,” he smiled again, politely.

Remembering the soda machine, I pretended to study the selections…which gave me another opportunity to check on Jeanette.

She now had her back pressed hard into the wall. Standing on the balls of her feet, with her legs spread as wide as space would allow, she used both hands to pull back her swollen pussy lips at me. She stuck her tongue out and winked.

I pushed a button for a soda and waited as the machine clunked.

Nothing happened.

I pushed it again.

Still nothing.

“Oh,” the manager said, stepping closer, “sometimes you gotta jiggle these things.”

I moved aside to allow him access to the machine, noticing that my wife had edged closer to the opening between the machines, teasing me, daring me to look.

Mere inches from total exposure, she stood at the edge of the gap between the soda machines, and shook her hot, naked tits at me.

“Well, that’s okay,” I told the manager, my voice cracking a bit, “I’ve changed my mind anyway.”

“No no,” he insisted, banging his fist on the machine.

My totally nude wife was seconds from being caught by the manager, as she stood not eight inches from him between the machines, diddling herself.

I was scared to death and excited at the same time….my cock strained, throbbed and poked at the front of my shorts and I longed to stroke it.

Finally, the soda machine clanked, dropping a can of soda into the tray. Reaching over, the manager handed it to me, smiling.

“There,” he grinned, “gotta fix that sometime.”

“Thanks,” I said…knowing the Jeanette was totally nude, rubbing herself inches from me.

“Well, better get back inside I guess,” the manager said, turning towards the door, “nice runnin’ into ya.”

“Likewise,” I stumbled, trying to act normal.

No sooner had the door closed, when Jeanette stepped from between the machines.

“Oh god…that was hot!” she said a bit louder than she should have. Grabbing me, she pulled me to her and kissed me, jamming her warm, wet, tongue into my mouth.

“Fuck…” she said into my mouth, “oh god yes…”

Her totally nude body shook from adrenaline and excitement as she pressed her erect nipples into my chest, jamming her wet tongue down my throat.

“Jeanette,” I breathed, “we gotta get out of here..”

Ignoring me, my incredible, naked wife, slid her fingers into her pussy, moving them in and out, filling the space around us with the sounds of her wetness.

“Jeezus fuck,” she breathed heavily, her glorious, naked tits heaving, “that was so fucking hot…he almost caught me…”

I was torn.

On one hand, here was my hot fucking wife, totally naked in a public place, hotter, wetter, and more turned on than I’d ever seen her…fucking her slopping wet, naked pussy with her fingers. My cock was so hard and swollen; it felt like it was going to burst. I couldn’t breathe. I wanted her so badly; I wanted to take her right there on the walkway and pound and maul her naked body out where anyone could catch us not caring if they did.

The other side, the tiny bit of common sense left in my excited brain screamed that we needed to get out of there.

Pulling me by the arm, Jeanette clamped her warm mouth over mine again, pushing her wet tongue between my teeth, while grabbing at the front of my shorts.

“Oh god, fuck me…” she moaned into my mouth, sliding her tongue out, and biting down on my bottom lip. Jamming her hand into my shorts, she took hold of my throbbing, swollen member and pulled hard, yanking it, threatening to tear it out by the roots.

I moaned loudly, stuffing a heavy, swollen tit into my mouth, sucking it in, trying to cram it in my mouth all at once. The slurping sounds of my mouth sucking wetly on her bare tit seemed too loud around us, but I no longer cared.

“Jeanette…” I breathed into her ear, struggling for air. Reaching for both of her tits, I mashed them together, flicking my tongue fast over her erect nipples, alternating between them.

My wife gasped, breathing hard, and tore at the waistband of my shorts…freeing my pounding erection as they slid down my knees.

Taking me in her hand, she jacked me quickly, moving her hand up to the head, and back to the base, squeezing and wetting my entire cock with my precum. She pressed my throbbing erection upwards, into my belly, and pulled back down again, stroking me hard….while jamming her tongue in and all over my mouth.

I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. All I could see and feel was Jeanette, naked and excited in front of me, kissing me and stroking me. I felt her naked skin with my fingers and my tongue. I could smell her excitement.

Pushing two fingers between her hot legs, I felt her warm, moist, pussy envelop them…her wetness gushed kurtköy escort all over my hand, wetting her naked inner thighs.

Spreading her legs wide, she squatted, naked, over my hand, holding on to the soda machine for support, as I fucked my fingers into her sopping, horny cunt, tickling her engorged clitoris with my thumb.

“Oh yah oh god” she moaned, louder this time, “do me, do it right here…make me cum.” Fucking downwards onto my fingers, she gyrated, moving her hips back and forth over my hand, squeezing it with her steaming, wet cunt, while pulling hard on my cock with her free hand.

Flipping her around, I bent her over facing the soda machine. Stretching out her arms she placed her hands on the machine, sticking her hot, bare ass high in the air.

“Fuck me….now…here…right here outside…” she breathed heavy, shaking her naked ass at me, swinging her heavy, totally bare tits under her.

Unable to control myself, I grabbed her by her naked waist, and plunged my iron hard cock full long into her hot, wet, cunt…pulling her backwards, driving it deep into her.

“OH FUCK…” she moaned loudly, pushing her ass back onto my cock.

“My god…Jeanette…we could get caught…” I said, trying not to be too loud as I pounded her from behind.

The soda machine rocked slightly with our fucking, making scraping sounds on the pavement.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a car engine, pulling into the parking lot on the other side of the building.

Grabbing a fistful of Jeanette’s hair, I yanked her head back, fucking into her faster.

“Oh yah…oh…fuck…” she moaned, riding backwards, shoving her hot cunt onto my steel rod.

I had no idea how late it was, but there were obviously still people checking in.

From around the corner to our left I heard a group of people walking up the pavement towards the front entrance to the office. They were laughing and talking, unaware that I was fucking my naked Jeanette just around the corner, not ten yards from them.

Bending over, I lay on Jeanette’s bare back, and placed a hand over her mouth to stifle her moans. With other hand, I palmed her big, hanging, naked tits, pulling and twisting her swollen nipples, while I rammed her dripping pussy from behind.

The soda machine rocked and creaked on its metal feet, moving slightly away from the wall.

“Jeezus, Jeanette,” I said, “there’s people in the office.”

“I know…oh god…fuck me…I know,” she breathed and moaned through my fingers, biting into them, licking them with her tongue, “hurry…make me cum all over your cock…right here…”

The group in the office was checking in, by the sounds of it. I had no idea how much time we had, but I knew it couldn’t be long. Reaching under her, I pressed my fingers into my wife’s clit, rubbing it hard and fast as I rammed her dripping pussy with my cock.

“Oh god…yah, rub me…” she said, pressing her bare ass back, fucking my cock.

Pinching and pulling at her clit, I rubbed it, pressing my palm into it while slamming her hot cunt. Suddenly, a low, deep, growl-like sound started from deep inside of her…building, getting louder, as I pinched her clit and slapped at her naked pussy.

Without warning, the lights came on to our right in the unit at the end of the walkway, but nearing orgasm, my naked Jeanette was too far gone to care.

“Imma cum…oh fuck…imma cum all over your cock…” she said, lost in her impending orgasm.

Feeling my own orgasm building in the shaft of my cock, I pounded her for all I was worth.

Suddenly, her naked body stiffened and she came…hard…gushing onto my cock, slickening it with her cum. Grabbing at her pussy, she pinched her clit hard moaning loudly.

“Ohhh…GOD…I’M FUCKING CUMMING!” she nearly yelled in the walkway.

From somewhere above us, I heard a door open and close, accompanied by the sound of two women talking.

“Fuck…Jeanette…I’m gonna cum…” I moaned, fucking her as fast as I could.

Still cumming, she stood up, dropping my cock from her pussy and spun around. Squatting naked in front of me, she pulled on my cock hard and fast, while her fingers flew over her own dripping snatch.

“C’mon baby” she said, breathing hard, fingering herself, jerking on my slick cock “cum for me…cum all over me…cum all over your naked Jeanette…”

As my orgasm threatened, I leaned back my head and moaned loudly.

“Yah, do it…cum on me baby,” Jeanette said, looking up at me.

“That’s what she said, I swear it Donna,” I heard one of the women somewhere above us say…the sounds of their heels clicking on the concrete. They were closer now.

I moaned again as my cock spasmed in Jeanette’s hand.

“That’s it baby…cum…cum for me…” my wife said. Getting on her knees, she kneeled, totally nude in front of me, turned her face up and swallowed my cock all the way down her throat staring into my eyes.

That’s all it took…

I came hard.

Jeanette pulled away, and lifted her heavy, bared breasts with one arm, pushing them together. With her other hand, she jerked on my cock hard and fast, pointing it at her tits, as I sprayed rope after rope of thick, hot, white cum all over them.

Looking up at me again, she ran her tongue over her lips. “Oh yeah, cum baby doll,” she said, “cum all over my tits…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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