Business Trips

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They had been on the floor at the hotel bar for almost an hour – both on business trips from different companies, both of their bodies glistening under the lights on the small crowded dance floor. The band was playing old time rock & roll. He could hardly move for watching her. Beads of sweat traced the outline of her breasts, which were neatly pushed up by a lacy black bra visible at the lip of her low cut blouse. Even when she turned away from him the sway of her ass gave him no relief. He was getting hotter and hotter, and his cock began to stiffen in his scant cotton briefs.

Then, to his horror… a slow song. She didn’t hesitate to move to him and put her arms around his neck. His hands fell to the small of her back. Her breasts against his chest and the feel of her breath on his neck broke the last of his resistance to arousal and his cock stood rock hard. Thankfully, they weren’t touching below, so he had not been discovered. This temporary safety ended abruptly when she changed positions and her hip came to rest on his engorged member.

“Oh!” She softly exclaimed in is ear. “That’s nice…”

And instead of backing off which he had hoped for, she pulled in tighter and let the motion of her thigh rub his swollen crotch with every sway. Her body was pushing and grinding against his cock, sending wave after wave of pleasure through is body. He let out a spontaneous moan, which was answered antalya escort by a hot, wet mouth on his ear. She inched him hopelessly close to a climax and then decided she was now too hot to go on with the dance.

“Let’s go.”, she said, leading him off the floor. “My turn.”

She led him, weak kneed to the elevator and whisked him up to her room. She guided him onto his back on the bed and tore at the belt and zipper of his pants. Too weak to do anything but cooperate, he lifted his butt off the bed as she pulled his pants and underwear off in one motion. His cock was still partially erect, but that wouldn’t do for her just now. So, she began to run her tongue up and down his shaft. She licked his g spot occasionally slipping him into her mouth and running him to the back of her throat. His erection quickly returned to full strength, but an orgasm for him was now well off. Now was her chance.

She removed her skirt and black lace panties, the latter of which were soaking wet from the evening’s activities so far. She needed his cock too badly; there would be no more finesse. She straddled him, raised him up to meet her engorged, and dripping opening, and plunged him in. She rocked gently but firmly down on him, taking him as deeply as she could with each motion.

At first he watched the show as if it were happening to somebody else. Then, her creamy walls began to do alanya escort their work on him and his orgasm began its early stages. He thought he might be able to cum with her.

“Wait!” he moaned. The scent of her pussy, the creamy strokes, and the sight of her were getting him closer and closer. Then, it was too late. She clamped down on him tightly, her vagina grabbing and releasing in an orgasm that was spectacular to watch. It nearly got him over. He tried pushing while she came, but he only got to the edge.

Now, satisfied, she rolled off of him, rolled again, and wound up on her stomach on the other side of the bed. He looked down at himself, dripping wet, rock hard, his head purple and swollen, a drop of pre cum at his opening. He gave himself a little stroke, her juices providing the lubrication. He looked over at her, lying on her stomach, face turned away from him. His eyes traced her form down to her ass…the same ass that had started everything earlier in the evening. He thought about beating off, even to the point of getting the complimentary hand cream off of the night stand and slathering himself with it. But he couldn’t get his eyes off of her ass. And after a couple of strokes with the hand cream, he decided on a better way to satisfy himself.

He rose and crawled over and straddled her legs. She started to speak but he quieted her with ‘Shhh…trust belek escort me.” Without reply he looked down at her and gently pulled her cheeks apart to reveal the most beautiful little pink ass he’d ever seen. He rose up onto his knees and ran the head of his cock between her soft cheeks.

“Honey?” There was a little concern in her voice now. His head reached her opening and he gently prodded his head about half way in. “I’m not sure I’m ready…”

With his head in this position, and keeping his weight on his knees and hands, he stretched out the length of her body and gently, but firmly grabbed her arms so that she couldn’t move.

“Honey, I don’t know….” But this time it was too late for her. Her mild protest was met with his loving, but firm grip on her arms and there was no escape for her. His cock, layered with thick hand cream, pierced her and sunk deep inside. He had never felt anything so tight, so satisfying. His head lit on fire, then his shaft. He had wanted to be gentle, but he could not help pumping harder and harder until his torso was slapping her ass with each stroke. He was a wild animal, taking her in the most banal way. Taking her against her will for his own gratification.

Then, it hit him. All at once, a blinding orgasm came from everywhere, his cock, his head, his feet. Nothing had ever been so satisfying. He pumped several times and came to a rest on her back, fully inserted, breathing with all his might.

Then, he released her arms, and kissed her on the cheek. He pulled back her hair to reveal a sly smile on her face. As had been the case all night, he had gotten his way, and in the process, she gotten hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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