Breathless Anticipation Pt. 04

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“Alright, big fella,” she said, “Let’s get out of this hotel room and see the sights.”

They slowly dressed, their eyes lingering on each others’ body as they did, and, despite their fatigue from multiple rounds of sex over the past 18 hours, they couldn’t help but get aroused again. He watched as she gently tugged her lacy blue panties over her toned legs and ass, covering the trimmed hair that guarded her pussy.

She couldn’t help but glance as the boxer-briefs rose up his thick, powerful thighs, with the pouch barely containing his partially erect cock. His tshirt went on next, sliding over his broad shoulders and down over his chest and stomach and while he did have a bit of a paunch at 45, she loved every inch of him. He lovingly gazed over her as she clasped her lacy bra in the front, turned it around and gathered her C-cup breasts into it, slinging the straps over her shoulders. She then put her dress on over her head, sliding her arms through the holes and turned her back, asking him to zip her up.

He leaned in close, one hand on her hip, his warm breath on her neck as he gathered some material in his left hand below the zipper and sliding the zipper slowly up her back with his right. “I’ll look forward to unzipping that a little bit later,” he said as he caressed her hips, grinding his into her rear.

“You better finish getting dressed before I turn around, Mister,” she told him, shivers running up her spine.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied jokingly, turning away from her. He grabbed his jeans and put them on, buttoning the button and buckling his belt. “Do you think you can help me zip this up,” he asked.

“Don’t mind if I do,” she replied, taking the zipper between two fingers and looked him in the eyes as she slowly zipped his fly. It was now her turn to rub up against him, her breasts flattening against her chest as she leaned up and kissed him. Then she pulled away. “I’m not spending this whole weekend in this hotel room, as good as the company is,” she said. “Let’s go.”

They started their afternoon by driving to the university. It was a lovely old campus with gorgeous buildings on a crisp autumn Saturday. This part of the campus, near the library, was sparsely populated, likely because of the football game attracting all of the attention on the other side of the campus. They walked hand in hand and talked, catching each other up on their lives. While they texted multiple times a day and video or voice chatted as often as they could, this face-to-face connection was something they had both been craving and the simple act of taking a walk together was a balm for their souls.

Thinking back, he now believed that he fell in love with her right from the start, back at that retreat all those years ago. Once they had met, they spent just about every minute together but when she brought up her boyfriend after about a day of hanging out, his heart broke a little. He had had horrible luck with women to that point. Always falling for those who were unavailable or weren’t interested in return.

When he started to text with her, getting back in touch, it rekindled the old feelings and he realized that he had never felt this way about his wife. And while antalya escort there was some guilt about going behind his wife’s back, it wasn’t nearly as much as he would have expected. It was exciting to feel something more than what he had felt with his wife, but, more than that, it felt like he was at home with his friend while his wife felt more and more alien to him as the years went by.

He led her off the path into a patch of trees. As they pushed deeper into the small wooded area, he leaned her up against a tree and kissed her. Surprised but aroused at where this walk was going, she met his kiss with hers and opened her lips to receive his tongue. He swirled his tongue around hers and his hands roamed from the small of her back, around to the side of her stomach and upwards until it cupped one of her breasts. He squeezed, all while their lips were locked and she ground her hips up against him.

They continued to kiss, their tongues darting in and out, around and around, while her hands drifted from his shoulders, down his arms, and to his sides. She put her hands around his ass, grabbing a cheek in each hand as she pulled him towards her. She felt his cock begin to harden and as their hips met each others’, she could feel him up against her mound.

As her hands reached his ass, his dropped to hers. He slid first one hand, then the other, up underneath her dress, cupping each ass cheek in each hand and pulling her to him.

They finally broke their kiss and she reached down, unzipping his fly. She reached into the folds of cloth of his boxer-briefs and pulled his hard cock out. It was already slick with pre-cum and she stroked it a few times, enjoying the feel of his hardness in her hand, admiring his perfect size. From the first time she had seen him stroke his cock for her on video chat, she was enthralled with it. The mushroom head, the meaty girth and satisfying length. It was the complete package. In fact, he was the complete package. Kind, generous, loving, and a wonderful lover with a gorgeous cock. She needed him.

She got down on her knees and took half his length in her mouth as he gasped. As she started to slide her mouth up and down his cock, ravenous for more, she put her hand around the base of his cock, her fingers barely touching each other while encircling it, while the other hand gently cupped his balls. He ran his fingers through her hair as she continued to suck his cock, his head tilted back, enjoying the pleasure she was giving him.

The ecstasy of her mouth on his cock was driving him wild. When she swirled her tongue around it, he could feel his knees buckle just a little bit. She bobbed her head in and out, sucking on the swollen head of his cock as her lips passed over it. She started to lick and suck on his balls, stroking the shaft of his hard penis with her hand, the combined lubrication of her saliva and his pre-cum making his cock glisten in the sunlight.

He put his hand behind her head and guided her to a standing position, meeting her lips with his. He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth while reaching down to her panties. He pulled them to the side and pushed a finger into her sopping wet pussy. He brought his antalya rus escort finger to his mouth and licked it clean, tasting her juices and kissed her again.

He turned her around and reached down again, finding her wet pussy again with his fingers. He rubbed her clit in circles and then slid two fingers into her pussy, thrusting slowly in and out. “Stop teasing me,” she said. “Give me that cock, baby.”

He spread her legs and bent at the knees to position his cock, dripping with pre-cum, at the opening of her pussy. He slid in slowly, allowing her to open to up to his thickness. Inch by inch he slid into her, her breath catching in her throat. He got halfway in and pulled out, then slid back in, getting deeper on the next entry. When he felt that she could accommodate him, he pushed himself all the way inside and a moan, much louder than she expected, escaped her lips.

He started fucking her deeply, all the way in and all the way out on every stroke. He reached around and rubbed her clit as he fucked her, her back arched, holding onto the tree in front of her. He slowed down, moving his hips in a circular motion as she caught her breath. He kept rubbing her clit in circles as he made larger circles with his hips.

As he rubbed her clit and slowed the pace, her thoughts were able to catch up to her a little. She couldn’t believe that she was with him, near the edge of a forest in broad daylight. While this side of campus was lightly trafficked right now, it wasn’t empty. What if someone heard her moans? She bit her lip and realized that she was as turned on by their location as by the man and act. His cock felt so good inside her that she had actually forgotten where she was for a time.

She felt him unzip her light coat and grab her breasts over her dress and bra. Oh my god, she thought as he started to pound her in and out again. Despite the several previous fuckings and the slight soreness in her vagina, the pleasure was overtaking her. His powerful thrusts were accelerating and she was starting to see stars. Her knees began to quake and her stomach fluttered and she felt the trembling in her pussy begin to take over. Her moaning got louder and louder as she gripped the tree in front of her for dear life.

He felt her body react to his fucking as she started to cum. Her moans always set him off, from the first time he heard her. He fucked her harder and harder and felt her pussy grip his cock harder as he lost control. His dick started to quake inside her, emptying wave after wave of cum into her wet pussy. “Oh fuck,” he moaned into her ear as he leaned over her, his cock still spasming as it finished its dance inside her warm pussy.

He held her body close to his, both barely standing, as his cock slid out of her pussy. He marveled at the cool air on it and, as if she knew, she turned and took it into her mouth, sucking off the remnants of both their secretions. She looked up into his eyes as she opened her mouth and licked his cock in circles.

“That’s the best walk in the park I’ve had in a while,” she said, kissing him and putting his cock, still somewhat hard, back into his boxer-briefs and his pants, antalya ucuz escort zipping him up just like she did a couple of hours before in their hotel room.

They both started walking towards the path as they caught a glimpse of a young, college-age couple locked in their own kiss, just a bit further away in the forest. They were young, attractive, and looked like they were very into each other. He was tall, maybe 6-foot, and well built, with broad shoulders, and dark hair. She was tall for a woman, maybe 5-foot-8, with blonde hair, wearing a short skirt and brown tights under her fall jacket.

The older couple started to approach quietly, trying not to rustle the leaves that were covering the forest floor. They got to an angle between so that they could see between the young couple and noticed that his cock was out and she was stroking him as they kissed.

The college girl dropped to her knees, using her 3-inch heels to balance herself and started to suck his cock like a pro. Her mouth was taking his whole cock inside. She moved her head in and out, trying to get him off quickly, gripping the base of his cock with one hand while the other dropped between her legs, disappearing beneath her short skirt.

Watching from several yards away, the older man reached between his lady’s legs and started to rub her pussy, feeling the mingle of their juices from their hot public fuck session. She leaned against him and licked her lips, eyes glued to the scene in front of them.

They watched as the young man’s head went back and they could see the girl lock her mouth onto his cock as he grabbed her head. They heard a whimper from him and watched as she kept her liplock on his dick as his orgasm subsided.

The young man caught his breath and looked around. He noticed that the older couple was not far off, watching their every move. “Oh, hey,” he said. “You guys put on a hell of a show, we were pretty turned on. I’m Dave and this is my girlfriend, Patti”

Dave waved and Patti wiped her mouth, waving while suppressing a giggle. “We originally thought that we’d have the forest to ourselves for a nice walk with everyone over at the football game. Guess we were wrong.”

The older man introduced himself, “I’m Rick and this is Jenny.” The younger couple approached and the two couples shook hands.

Patti looked at Jenny and said, “I love your dress, and you looked so hot sucking his dick.” Patti leaned in and whispered, “And he looked so big, you’re a lucky lady.” Jenny blushed a deep red. Rick knew that look. Jenny tended to blush when he complimented her, or said something particularly naughty.

“Well, you two are a really sexy couple. You guys got me all ready to go again!” she replied with a very naughty look in her eye.

Rick exchanged a glance with Jenny and he took that as a sign and addressed the younger couple. “You know, we didn’t have too much planned for this evening. Maybe you guys want to join us for drinks a bit later?”

Patti and Dave looked at each other and smiled. “Oh my god, that sounds like so much fun.”

Rick said, “Well, we’re not from here and don’t know any good bars to meet up. Do you have a recommendation?”

“The Cavern is a great bar. Dark, loud, some cool bands on the weekend. If that’s your scene,” Dave said.

Jenny smiled. “That’s great. We’ll see you at 10.”

The two couples parted ways with Rick and Jenny holding hands and smiling, naughty thoughts running through both their heads.

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