Bobbi , Her Construction Crew

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I guess today started out like any other day, really. I just graduated from high school a few weeks ago, leaving behind two years of varsity cheerleading and more than a few broken hearts. Good riddance I say. Not that my high school years were bad, mind you, but I’ve outgrown them…and being known as a stuck-up prude…well, that didn’t help much either. I dated many boys in school, but no one really got to me…so I never had a reason to give myself up to more than one or two of them.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning I noticed that I still had my cheerleading outfit left out in my room. With a shrug I picked it up and decided to stuff it in a box…maybe bring it out in a few years with a boyfriend and play a little “football captain meets cheerleader in the locker room”! Before I put it away, though, I decided to put it on one more time…feel some of that rush I got when we would go flying out onto the field before a game!

I slipped on my skirt and top…admiring myself in the mirror. I am an attractive girl, no doubt. 5’7″ tall, brown hair, brown eyes, and a killer smile. “How could anyone, man or woman, deny this body?”, I thought. Long, slender legs, a flat stomach, medium-sized perky tits, and a just-fucked look on my face all of the time? Not to mention a sweet shaved pussy. I mean come on! I ran my finger along my stomach, flirting with myself in the mirror. My hand trailed down to between my legs…a nice warmth growing there that I knew oh so well. Mmmmmm…soon a finger was teasing my clit…so hot. Then there was a knock at my door. Shit! I was due to take my Mom to the airport in fifteen minutes!

I quickly stripped out of my cheerleading uniform and into some old clothes I had laying around. I also grabbed my bikini in case I wanted to jump in the neighboorhood pool on the way back from the airport. We made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. I said good-bye to my Mom and headed back home. The pool was on the way, so I figured I could take a quick dip and still make it back in time for a trip to the mall with my girlfriends. The pool was so refreshing…it’s all you could ask for on such a erotik film izle hot day. After swimming a few laps, I sat on the side of the pool, looking around. My eyes quickly settled on a small construction crew across the street. Three gorgeous men with their shirts off and jeans on…a little sweaty…and VERY HOT. Wow, I thought to myself. I could instantly picture my hands going over those bods, and my anticipation was growing over what they were hiding in those pants! Well, a little flirting never hurt…besides, it was time to lose my prudish reputation from high school, right?

With my bikini still on and some tight shorts to make it all the more interesting, I took a walk across the street and strolled on by the crew. I was hoping at least one of them would notice…but they were so engrossed in their work they didn’t even take a peek! After completing one walk-by…I had no choice but to walk back in front of the crew to get back to the pool. Half way past their work site, I saw they were just stopping for lunch. I stopped too, and cleared my throat a little. They were close enough to hear and all three of them looked up. Not at my face, of course, but slowly scanned each part of my tight little body.

“Hi”, I said…which got no reply. Finally one of them broke out of his trance and walked towards me. “Hey, I’m Todd, can we do something for you? Please?”. I chuckled, “Well, actually you guys look awfully hot out here in the sun. I thought you might enjoy a cool drink with me!”. What was I saying? I didn’t have any cool drinks to share…and it was awfully forward of me to say something like that. “We’re actually on our lunch break right now”, Todd said, and then introduced me to his two co-workers, Eric and Steven. Todd was an extremely cute guy, no older than 25. Eric reminded me of a Brad Pitt-type…ok…maybe not quite Brad Pitt, but you get the picture. Steven was a stunning black man with a chiseled body and gorgeous face.

I sat down next to them…then it was a mutual chest-staring. These three guys couldn’t take their eyes off of my rack, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of their chests! I broke the silence, film izle “Listen, is there anywhere cooler we could go and relax?”. Eric chimed in, “Well, yeah, I mean, we could go in the trailer here. Our boss isn’t due back for at least an hour, and it’s air conditioned!”. He seemed awfully eager, but I figured they were harmless.

Inside the trailer was nice and cool…my nipples poked right through my bikini top as soon as we got through the door. I turned around and Todd was right there…my face was right at his neck…I couldn’t believe what was going through me, but I just put a hand on his chest…and rubbed around a little. He looked down at me, smiled, and we kissed…deeply. Steven came up behind me and tugged at my waist…at first I resisted, but then I let him have what he wanted. He unbuttoned my shorts and slid them down my legs, carressing my legs the whole way down. I stopped…WHAT WAS I DOING??? “Wait”, I said…my pussy was commanding me though, I felt safe, and these guys were so hot for me…what a turn-on! Then I gave in.

I got down on my knees and undid Todd’s pants, his cock sprang to life under his boxer briefs. I opened up that little hole in the briefs and brought out his glistening rod. Precum oozing out of it I took it in my mouth…all 9 inches down the hatch. Todd moaned, “Oh honey, you are too much!”. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Eric had stripped down too and was jerking off just a few feet away. The sight of his cock made my pussy so wet…oh how I wanted all of their cocks at the same time!

From behind me Steven unclipped my bikini top, unleashing my tits on the world. Eric sighed when he saw them…I was obviously fulfulling one of his all time fantasies! Doing his job quite well, Steven then took off my bikini bottoms and I stood up to allow him to take them all the way off. He grabbed me and turned me around. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Like I told you, Steven was black, but I had never really believed the stories that women told about black cocks, until now. It had to be 12 inches long, and thick! He spun me around again…I think he just wanted me to get a good look seks filmi izle at what I was about to experience. He forced my head down so that I was bent over at the waist. He then started rubbing his cock head on my pussy…I could hardly take it. “FUCK ME!” I screamed. Where that came from I don’t know. Steven worked his cock into my pussy…it was so big that it hurt…but the pleasure soon overcame the pain. Todd stepped forward and I took his cock back in my mouth…he was ready to cum, I could tell. That moment froze. I had a huge dick in my pussy from behind, and a solid cock fucking my mouth…oh, if they could see me now!

Todd continued to fuck my mouth…hard. “Oh, I’m gonna cum”, he exclaimed…and started to pull out. I grabbed his cock and sucked on it…I wanted that cum in my mouth. He exploded, shooting his cum down my throat. I sucked it all out of him…so sticky sweet.

Steven’s cock was now fully inside my pussy…I had never felt anything quite like this before. Poor Eric was still jerking it just a few feet away…but I think he was enjoying himself quite nicely. I told him to come over here before he came. He jumped to his feet and stood with his cock positioned right in front of my face. Before I could even wrap my lips around his cock he came…all over my face. Just pulsing and pulsing the cum…I stuck my tongue out to grab all that I could.

At that same moment Steven pulled his cock out of my pussy…and brought it up to my ass. “No, I said…I’m too tight for you there.”. To that, Steven said, “Sorry baby, you’ve gone this far.” I gave up too easily…I knew I could take him…and he was right, I had gone this far…

His cock was well-lubed from my pussy and I could feel the pressure of the head in my asshole. He pushed, I relaxed, and he was soon in. “Oh God!!!!”, I said. It felt so GOOD!!! This huge black man was fucking me in the ass! I couldn’t believe it. Moments later I could feel him shooting his wad into my ass…which was my cue to allow myself the greatest single orgasm of my life. I clenched his cock with my hand and squeezed it with my ass. Todd jumped in front of me and started eating out my pussy, nice! These guys knew how to satisfy a woman!

I slumped to the floor…exhausted. They laughed, gave high fives, and thanked me for the good time. Meanwhile all I was thinking was, “Prude no more…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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