Black Cuckold Couple Ch. 03

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Tasani and Jerome had been enjoying the cuckold lifestyle for the last several months. As a black couple It was easy to find white dicks for Tasani to fuck and Jerome to suck. Tasani even cuckolded Jerome with black and white women. This new found sexual frontier had improved their love life and strengthened their marriage. Tasani was ready to take their new sexual freedom further. The thought of a gangbang intrigued Tasani. It made her wet imagining several men fucking her at the same time, in front of her husband . Her pussy trembled at the thought of all her holes filled while Jerome sat in the corner watching.

Jerome and Tasani, Tasa for short, sat in the living room, cuddle up on their love seat watching a movie. Jerome sat behind Tasa, arms wrapped around her, softly fondling her breasts. He gave her butterfly kisses on her neck and was intoxicated by the lavender lotion that kept her skin beautiful and soft. Tasa’s chocolate cove started to dampen from the attention her body was receiving. She laid her hands on top of Jerome’s and let out a soft moan. Through this bliss Tasa’s voice became melodic as she said, “Baby, I think I am ready to try three men at the same time…”

It was like music to Jerome’s ears, he increased the pressure on her malleable mounds. Tasa continued, “….I want all my holes filled, feeling three dicks sliding in and out of me at the same time, making me air tight until all my holes are filled with cum.”

This caused Jerome to moan like he was reaching orgasm. The images implanted in his head made his dick so hard it started to throb. Tasa could feel it through their night clothes and started rubbing her ass up and down on his dick through the pajamas. Tasa smiled ear to ear as she said, “And this time I don’t want it to be a stranger baby, I want it to be some of your friends.”

Jerome was stunned and stopped fondling Tasa. Having sex with strangers was easy because there was no connection or judgement afterwards. However, Tasa was talking about people he knew, what would they think? What would they say? How would he be able to hang with them in the future?

Tasa eased of the couch, turn around and got on her knees in front of Jerome. She rubbed both his thighs back and forth then said, “Just imagine me on my knees in front of your boy Marcus, as he holds the back of my head with one hand, and guides his dick into my mouth with the other.”

Tasa pulled Jerome’s dick out of his pajamas through the piss hole and started stroking him as he stuttered, “But… but…. but…”

Her mouth enveloped his hard dick and Jerome stopped speaking and started moaning. Tasa removed her lips from his dick and started jacking him again as she said, “Don’t worry baby, you wont lose any friends, if anything you will probably start making even more friends. Remember baby, no one can make you feel bad for being what your are.”

Jerome started to like the idea as he came close to cumming from Tasa’s hand job. Jerome was becoming excited by the thoughts of his friends running a train on his wife. He thought to himself, fuck it, who cared what people thought, he was going to have the time of his life. The thought of cleaning Tasa up after his friends had used her caused him to start cumming while in Tasa’s hand. His dick was shooting every where, some on his face, some on Tasa’s chest. Tasa quickly swallowed his dick and caught the rest of his cum in her mouth.

Then she straddled him and started sensually kissing Jerome, slowly pushing the cum out of her mouth and into his. They had finished kissing and Jerome took one final gulp to finish off the treat in his mouth. Tasa pulled back from Jerome’s lips said, “Should I take that as a yes?”

Jerome said with a slight smile, “Yes baby.”

Tasa dismounted from Jerome’s lap full of joy and giddy as a school girl. She turned away from Jerome and bent at the waist laying her hands on her knees. She spread her legs so Jerome had the perfect view of her pussy. Tasa looked back at Jerome over her shoulder and said, “Baby, go ahead and bury your face in my pussy.”

Jerome reached out and grabbed both of her ass cheeks, spread them apart, and buried his face into her velvet pussy. Jerome voraciously ate her pussy and Tasa let out a yelp not expecting him to be so greedily licking her clit. Tasa moaned out, “Oooh baby, I think you like the idea of your friends taking turns fucking me, sliding their dicks into me at the same time, and filling all me with their cum.”

Jerome stopped licking her pussy and said, “Baby, your making me so fucking hard again, I can’t…”

All of a sudden Tasa reached back, grabbed Jerome’s head, and slammed it back into her pussy. Tasa yelled out, “I didn’t tell you to stop licking my pussy bitch and start working on my asshole.”

Jerome had become excited by her dominance and his tongue took turns working her ass and pussy. Tasa moaned every time Jerome worked his tongue into her asshole. He was working her ass, loosening her up, so his friends cocks would slide in to her easier. “Ooohhh yeah baby, ankara sınırsız escortlar lick mommas asshole, yes stick your tongue in there, make it nice and slippery…. now work your fingers in, I want to be loose for your friends.” Tasa started to moan, “After they cum in all my holes baby are you going to clean me up?”

Jerome was enthusiastically licking her ass and pussy and yelled from between her legs, “Yes baby, I will clean all that cum off your beautiful body.”

Tasa purred back, “Your such a kinky mother fucker baby, I love how nasty you are.” and with that she shivered and came in his mouth.

Tasa’s legs wobbled and she fell back on to the couch in to Jerome’s arms. They both were glowing and Tasa said, “Saturday night we are going to the club and I am going to find three of your friends to fuck.”

Jerome replied, “Yes baby.” And with that they cuddled up and worked out a plan till they fell asleep in each others arms.

Saturday night came and Jerome helped wash Tasa’s body. He put lotion on her skin and lightly sprayed her with perfume. Then he helped her slip into her skin tight black dress. The dress just cupped the bottom of her ass and barely hung an inch below her pussy. She wanted to make sure Jerome’s friends had easy access to her pussy so she left her panties at home. By the time they had finished getting ready, Tasa’s ebony skin glowed. Jerome’s dick was hard the whole time he helped prepare his wife to be fucked by his friends.

After 10pm they headed out to the club. Jerome noticed all the men watching his wife as they entered. The music was loud and the club was dark. Some of the faces in the club were familiar while others they had never seen before. They moved through the club quickly and found a table that sat two people. Tasa sat down across from Jerome and immediately started looking around for friendly faces. Tasa was determined to sleep with brothers Jerome hung out with.

Tasa scanned the club for men when Darrel came over to say hello to both of them. Darrel and Jerome would worked out together sometimes. Darrel was 6′, about 190, very toned, 32 years old, red bone, short dreads, and pretty good looking. Darrel put his hand out to give Jerome dap, “Hey man where you been, I haven’t seen you at the gym in like a month.”

Jerome gave him a fist bump and said, “You know how it is man, I got busy and work…. and just didn’t have time. You know my wife Tasa….”

Darrel quickly chimed in, “Hey girl, how you been, you looking good as always, I know Jerome must keep you close to keep all the horny brothers off you.”

Tasa giggled, smiled at Darrel and said, “He tries but its hard for him to handle me all by himself, why do you pull up a seat.”

Darrel thought Tasa was joking and let out a laugh. He quickly grabbed a chair and sat between Jerome and Tasa. They made small talk and ordered some drinks. Darrel said his wife wasn’t coming tonight so he was solo tonight. Tasa moved her hand under the table on to Darrel’s thigh. Jerome could tell what was going on by the way Darrel went silent and his eyes widened. Jerome smirked and said, “Is everything all right Darrel?”

“Yeah man, I was just thinking about work.” said Darrel

Jerome quickly responded, “Man forget about work, that’s why we come to the club. I am not feeling good, why don’t you take Tasa on the dance floor for me.”

Tasa and Darrel both had smiles draped across their faces. They made their way to the dance floor. The music was hitting hard and playing fast. Tasa kept her body close to Darrel’s, making sure to rub herself against Darrel’s hardening dick every chance she got. Darrel kept looking in Jerome’s direction but Jerome pretended he wasn’t watching. Tasa turned around, bent down a bit, and started twerking her ass on Darrel’s dick. Darrel was loving it and no longer cared if Jerome was watching. Darrel grabbed a handful of Tasa’s ass and started smacking it as she shook it up and down on his dick.

Tasa guide Darrel to a dark corner of the dance floor. There were too many people in the way for Jerome to get a good view of what was happening. Jerome could only imagine what both of them were doing as his dick throbbed against his zipper. Tasa put her back up against the wall, wrapped her arms around Darrel’s neck, and brought him in for a kiss. Darrel wrapped both arms around Tasa and grabbed her ass cheeks. Darrel started squeezing Tasa’s ass which caused her skirt to rise and expose her pussy. Tasa lifted her leg and wrapped it around Darrel’s ass so he could grind directly into her pussy.

After a few moments Darrel noticed Tasa not wearing underwear and sunk his fingers into her wet pussy. A few minutes of this and Tasa started cumming. Being finger banged on a crowded dance floor pushed Tasa over the edge. She reached down, unzipped Darrel’s pants, and pulled out his 10 inch mamba. They started french kissing while Darrel fingered her and Tasa stoked him. Tasa spun around put her hands against the wall, curved her back and started twerking on Darrel’s ankara suriyeli escortlar dick. Darrel slipped his monster dick in to her slick loose pussy. Tasa was riding Darrel’s dick like a porn star, but the people around them just thought they were dancing.

As Tasa and Darrel danced, Marcus, another friend of Jerome’s came by. Marcus was 6’5″ and muscular. He and Marcus would play basketball at the local rec in a men’s 30-40 league. Marcus was a good looking guy and would always talk about all the different women he was fucking while running full court games at the rec. He kept his hair short and lined up. Marcus reached his hand out and they bumped fists as he said, “Hey man whats going on?”

Jerome replied, “Me and Tasa decide to hit the club tonight, she’s dancing with Darrel right now, you should hold up for a sec, I know she wants to say hi.”

Marcus was a confident man and said, “Yeah…. All the bitches want to say hi to me, just fucking with you man, I didn’t mean to call your lady a bitch.”

Jerome just laughed and said, “Don’t worry about it man, sometimes she is a bitch, just don’t tell her I said that.”

Both Jerome and Marcus broke out into full blown laughter. Jerome spotted Tasa and Darrel making their way back to the table. Tasa looked, sweaty, makeup a bit smeared, her dress had ridden up a bit, and it looked as if something white was running down her thigh. It suddenly struck Jerome, he couldn’t believe Darrel actually fucked her on the dance floor. Tasa was pulling Darrel behind her, he appeared to be nervous, sweaty, and wouldn’t make eye contact with Jerome.

As they approached the table Jerome yelled out above the music, “You two have a good time?”

Tasa smiled and yelled back, “You know it baby, we had the best time you could on a dance floor.”

Jerome’s dick was oozing precum. Marcus chimed in, “Nah, the best time you could have on the dance floor is fucking some slut with no panties on while shes grinding that ass on ya.”

Marcus started to laugh, a look of shock had crossed Darrel’s face as if he was found out. Tasa started laughing out loud as she sat back down and Darrel stood quietly. They order some more drinks, Darrel try to think up excuses to leave but Jerome and Tasa wouldn’t let him. Tasa started rubbing Marcus’s muscular thigh under the table. Marcus didn’t care if Jerome could see or not and said, “Hey Tasa, if you want to feel my anaconda, you don’t have to grope around under the table, just ask and I will pull it out for ya.”

Marcus started laughing then continued, “Yo hommie I was just joking, I ain’t pulling my dick out around your wife.”

Darrel quickly looked towards Jerome, but Jerome just stayed stoic like a statue with no comment. Tasa then spoke, “Why don’t you take me to the dance floor and rub that snake up against me?”

Marcus turned towards Jerome and said, “Hey Jerome do you mind if I dance with your wife? She might feel my dick but it ain’t cheating unless I pull it out.”

With that Marcus laughed again thinking Jerome would say no but was shocked when Jerome replied, “Take her to the dance floor man, I don’t know any man who’s dick doesn’t get hard dancing with Tasa. We’re out to have a good time, if a hard dick rubs up against her it is just part of being at the club.”

Now Marcus was a bit shocked then smiled and said, “Hell yeah, let’s hit the dance floor Tasa.”

Tasa looked towards Darrel and said, “Hey D, why don’t you come with us, it will make all the bitches in here jealous when they see the two handsome men dancing with me.”

Then Tasa looked towards Jerome and said, “There goes Robert, Charlene’s ex-husband, while I am dancing, invite him to our get together at the house later.”

This kind of puzzled Jerome because Charlene had commented several times about how she hated Robert. By this time Darrel’s dick started to get hard again. He looked over at Marcus and winked, which just confused Marcus. Tasa led them to the middle of the dance floor, holding both of their hands and pulling them behind her. In the middle of the dance floor they had Tasa sandwiched between them. Darrel was behind her already grinding his hard cock in-between her cheeks. Jerome could see what was going on and his dick started throbbing as Tasa pulled Marcus in close to her body. She ran her arms around his waist and grabbed his ass. Marcus was surprised to see Darrel reaching around and getting two handfuls of Tasa’s lovely tits. She was grinding into Marcus’s cock, which was easily eleven to twelve inches. She reached up with one hand, put it behind Marcus’s head, and pulled him down for a kiss. Marcus was shocked but wasn’t going to miss out on the chance to make out with Tasa.

Tasa french kissed Marcus while Darrel sucked on her neck from behind. She felt Darrel’s hard dick sliding up and down her ass through her dress as she rubbed Marcus’s dick through his pants. Jerome was just amazed at the scene and couldn’t believe how hot his wife looked crammed between two men. Jerome’s dick oozed precum ankara türbanlı escortlar down his thigh. He quickly snapped back to reality as he saw Robert passing by and yelled out, “Hey Rob… Let me talk to you a second.”

Rob gave a tilt of his head to show acknowledgment and smiled as he approached the table. Rob said, “Yo man it’s been a while, How ya been?”

Jerome replied, “No complaints, actually everything is going good, why don’t you hang out with me Tasa, Marcus, and Darrel tonight? We are all just chillen, throwing back some drinks, and snapping on each other a bit. Plus I know Tasa hasn’t seen you in a while, she would love to say hi and have you hang a bit.”

Robert replied, “That sounds good man but if something starts popping off I am out.”

Jerome and Rob continued catching up while Tasa and the boys, were getting hot and sweaty. Darrel had almost cum in his pants just from grinding on Tasa’s ass. Marcus had his hands all over her body grinding up against her. Tasa had pulled down Marcus’s zipper, put her hand in his pants, and was stroking his dick while they freaked. Tasa looked over at the table and noticed Rob was there. She told both guys that they would have to pick this back up later and led both men back to the table. She released their hands then moved over to Rob and gave him a big hug saying, “Hey honey, long time no see, how ya been?”

They carried on with small talk and Jerome noticed Marcus’s and Darrel’s eyes devouring Tasa’s body. Tasa suddenly shouted out to the whole table, “I think our group is getting to big for this table, why don’t we go back to our place and continue the party? we got good music and free drinks, what do you guys think?”

Marcus and Darrel quickly agreed and talked Rob into going also. Tasa made sure she had all their numbers and text them the address. Jerome got up and took the lead clearing the way to the door. Robert caught up with Jerome and started making small talk. Tasa walked behind them with a arm around Marcus’s and Darrel’s waists. They quickly responded be each grabbing one of her ass cheeks as they escorted her out the door. Both men started inching up her dress so they could get a good grip on her bare ass. By the time the reached the parking lot, the lower half of her dress was up around her waist and she was giggling like a drunk sorority girl.

Robert turned around and saw the scene in the parking lot. He quickly turned back to Jerome wondering if he saw what was going on. Jerome had also turned his head, saw the surprise look on Robert’s face and said, “Don’t worry about Tasa, she gets that way when she’s drunk.”

Jerome turned back towards the direction of the car and continued on. His dick was dripping precum down his leg from the thought of Robert watching Tasa getting fondled in the parking lot. Jerome reached the car first and opened the door for Tasa as she approached with her two escorts. As they approached Jerome, Marcus and Darrel helped get Tasa’s dress back down thinking they were hiding something from Jerome. Tasa slowly and sensually sat in the passenger seat. Jerome told his boys he would meet them back at the house, then got in his car to leave. Darrel and Marcus rushed to their cars while Robert took his time.

“Jerome… Did you see Darrel fucking me on the dance floor?” Tasa asked as they drove towards home.

Jerome was shocked, he thought they fucked but wasn’t sure. Jerome’s dick once again was hard as granite as he said, “No I didn’t baby, Did he cum inside you?”

Tasa replied, “Yeah he did baby, most of its been running down my leg all night.”

Tasa rubbed up and down her thighs and pulled out some sticky cum she played with between her fingers showing Jerome as she continued, “And when they both had me sandwiched on the dance floor I could feel their hard dicks rubbing through their pants in front and behind me. Both of them groping and kissing me where ever they could.”

This made Tasa so hot she started licking her lover’s cream from between her fingers. Jerome’s dick had become so hard it was causing him pain. Tasa knew this and the thought of what it was doing to Jerome only made her wetter. Jerome hit the gas and got home as fast as he could. The funny thing was Marcus and Darrel still beat him there. Both stood waiting by the front door. Jerome and Tasa walked arm and arm as they met their guests at the door. Robert pulled up at that time and they waited for him then all three of them entered the home.

As they entered the house Tasa said, “Gentlemen, please go relax in the living room, Jerome will bring your drinks, I need to get into something a little more appropriate, and Jerome, put on some music for me baby.”

The men headed to the living room. Robert sat in a recliner while Marcus and Darrel sat at both ends of the couch. Each man told Jerome what they wanted to drink and he rushed off into the kitchen to make it for them. Jerome brought the men their drinks, then sat down and started making small talk with his friends. Slow jams played in the background as Tasa seductively danced her way into the living room just wearing a nightie. All of their jaws dropped at this sight. Tasa made her way to the middle of the living room dancing seductively for her captive audience then said to Jerome, “Hey baby want you come dance with me I feel all alone.”

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