Birthday Tease and Please

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It was my birthday and I wondered what my wife had planned for me.

“How about doing something kind of kinky?” my wife asked.

I was always up for some nasty fun so I said, “What do you have in mind?”

“How would you like me to tie you up and let me seduce you?”

“That sounds like a lot of fun,” I said. “How do you want to get started?”

“Just sit in this chair and let me get the ropes out:

Melissa got out the rope and began by tying my ankles to the bottom of the chair legs. She tied them extra tight and then bound my legs just below the knee in a similar manner. Next she tied my forearms tightly to the arms of the chair. I realized that they were tied in such a manner that I would not be able to free them on my own. Next she expertly looped the rope around my torso and secured me to the chair back. I was hopelessly bound and completely at her mercy.

“Now I think I will go get myself fixed up a bit,” she said and disappeared into the bathroom.

When she emerged she had made herself up by putting on thick make up, lipstick, eye shadow. Her eyelashes were thick with mascara She was wearing a black bra and matching panties In short she looked hot just like I love to see her. This, of course, made my dick hard.

“Well, let’s get started,” I said. But she walked past me and out of the room without even responding.

A few minutes went by and she had not returned to the room.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I asked.

I received no response.

Five minutes later she had not reappeared.

“Hey, what’s going on “

No response? I knew she hadn’t left because I could hear her moving around in the living room.

“Are you on the phone?”

This continued for another ten minutes. I tried to free myself from the chair but it was completely hopeless. My once hard cock had shrunk into a withered little stump and I was starting to get pissed.

Finally she entered the room. She was smoking a cigarette and looking at me with a smile.

“What are you doing,” I asked.

She sat on the bed in front of me and pulled her panties to one side, as she pulled out a big pink rotating dildo she bought at one of the adult parties a while back.

“Watch me fuck this dildo” she said with a smile

she started pushing the monster rubber cock in and out of her pussy and I could see that her black panties were getting soaked. ankara bayan escortlar

“Don’t you want to fuck me?” I asked.

“You talk too much,” she said

She pulled off her wet panties and wadded them up into a ball. She got off the bed still holding the dildo in her pussy and walked toward me.

“Open your mouth,” she demanded.

“You are not going to stick those in my mouth.” I said

I closed my lips tightly but she simply pinched my nose closed and when I opened my mouth to breath, she pushed the panties over my head and said.

” If you don’t shut up I am going to stuff those into your mouth . got it “

“Mmphh,” I said. This was not what I had expected.

Melissa sat back onto the bed and continued working on her pussy.

“I’m hungry,” she said

From somewhere she produced a can of whipped cream and shot some into her mouth. This seemed to turn her on more because she began working the dildo at a furious pace. With her free hand she reached and showed me another big dildo. She loaded the head of the giant toy with a big shot of the whipped topping. Greedily she licked and sucked the whipped cream from the dildo until it was spotless. She now put a some more whipped cream on it, reached over motioned for me to open my mouth, when I did she pushed the dildo into my mouth and smiled She was loving this and now she kept on playing with the other dildo in and out of her pussy.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My wife had a giant dildos stuck up her pussy. I was naked tied up with her panties over my face and another dildo stuck in my mouth

. Once again she held the nozzle up to her lips and filled her mouth with whipped topping. She bucked against the dildo as if she was possessed. She reached over pinched one of my nipples and as I opened my mouth she shot another load of whip cream into my mouth. Saying ” Suck you little whore . suck good and hard ”

“Not to worry,” she said. “I got more!”

“Am I a whore enough for you, honey?” she asked.

“Mphhhh,” I said.

“Do you like sluts?” she asked. “Do you want me show you more of what I can do?”

She squirted another shot of the topping into her mouth while thrusting her pussy even harder onto the vibrating and rotating dildo.

“Do you like me looking like a whore? How about like a slut? I know you do”

She looked at me and said, “I really ankara seksi escortlar need to get fucked hard.”

“I hear there are guys who like to watch as their slut whore wife get fucked hard . If only I knew some guys who would fuck me while you watch”

Then she got up and left the room again. She returned holding the lop top with one of the kinky web sites on the screen . Than I saw one the web cam on . and in one of windows I saw a group of four or more guys looking at me through the web cam .

Guys who I had never seen before are looking at me tied up naked in our bedroom.

“This is my husband,” she said to the guys. “Now she looked at me and said. ” I know this is one of your sex fantasies. For some other guys to fuck your wife while you watch. All you have to do is ask this guy nice and he will fuck me while you watch. What do you say Andy . mmmmm. ”

“Mmph, mmph!” I exclaimed.

Melissa looked like a real fucking whore as she told the guys to unzip and show her their cocks. Then she told them she would do anything they wanted. .

“Watch me suck this dick,” she said to them. She began sucking the dildo looking into the cam. While I watched and hoped it was mine.

“Damn, you suck a pretty good cock bitch,” guy number one said. “For a filthy fat whore!”

“I want you to try sucking two at once.” One of the guys said . With that she turned around took the dildo out of my mouth.

She loaded the dicks up with more whipped cream and quickly had both dicks in her mouth. She reached out and grabbed my cock into her hand.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here was my wife sucking two dildos and jacking me off. While looking into the web cam and playing with her nipples.

“I need to fuck this slut,” one guy said. “Slut fuck your pussy for me now .”

Melissa removed the two giant dildos from her mouth and pushed one into her pussy. “What about the second one slut ” somebody else said

I looked at my cock which was rock hard. Looking at Melissa she now had two dicks in her pussy.,My dick in her hand, as five guys watched us live on a web cam

“Do you like having two dicks shoved up your cunt?” somebody asked.

“Mmm,” Melissa said

“Man, your wife sure is a nasty slut!” Another guy said to me. I can’t wait to fuck her again. Somebody else said “Yeah,” Beg us to fuck you , You little whore, Now slut”

Melissa bayan ankara escort was looking into the web cam screaming “FUCK ME! FUCK MY PUSSY!”

Guy number one walked up to the cam his cock was as big as the whole screen . ” Fuck your husband cock while we watch ,” he said. Melissa smiled turned around and claimed on top of me.

“Man your wife is a nasty whore that likes to be told what to do.” said one of the guys . “Let’s put a dildo in your mouth whore ” said another

So now, my wife with her back to me was riding my cock looking at five guys on the web cam . While sucking a big fat dildo . Waiting for them to tell her what to do next.

Now I could not see but I heard everything. One of the guys spoke loud and clear. ” Now whore tell your husband what you told us before . Do it now slut. Another guys said. Turn around face him and say it. Tell him while riding his cock. Tell him what you told us in the other room before

Melissa looked at me smiled and leaned into my shoulder so now I could see the screen. She started whispering into my ear “You see those guys on the screen ” Now one of the guys said “Louder slut. Louder so we can hear. “She looked at me and started talking loud “Do you like other guys watching as I fuck you she asked?”

Mmmphh,” was all I could manage but I have to admit I was more than turned on.

Now you see their cocks I fucked each one of them. I begged each one of them to fuck me hard. I was their whore every night you ware working late. They each fucked me as I was telling them how you want so much to see them fuck me, that it was your fantasy, One time I had fucked all of them in one night , in one room, I had two of those hard cock in my pussy, while I had two in each one of my hands , and you see the guy in the middle I sucked his huge cock while I stroked the others and fucked the other two.

“Why don’t you guys get lost,” she said to them. As she leaned over and turned off the web cam. She now looked at me and said ”

“I bet you will never be late from work again” She leaned her head onto my shoulder as she was riding up and down on my hard cock . she was whispering into my ear. ” You will never know if I really fucked those guys . and I will never tell you . You must never ask if I did or not . Now promise she said as she stopped when I was about to shoot my load. I looked at her and said . Anything you say babe, anything. She now lowered herself back onto my hard cock . She now leaned again and whispered. “Anytime you want to see those guys fuck me just say the word. I can make this happen for real. I want to be the Slut, whore, that you just thought I was. “Happy Birthday “

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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