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Being on a male dominated collage course had its advantages. For one thing the guys spent most of the time shirtless with a pair of overalls tied around their waists covered in dirt and oil bent over the hoods of cars; as a result I often got diverted staring at overall covered asses completely forgetting what I was suppose to be doing. To combat their semi nakedness I would wear vests, with a cleavage enhancer bra (not that I needed it being a voluptuous 40 DD). I flirted with them and they flirted right back. It was all harmless fun, although some of their girlfriends didn’t think so, to them I was a threat to the guys I was just one of them.

Out of all the guys there were three that I considered among my closes friends, Kevin was about six foot, lean with dark eyes and shaved brunette hair, out of the three he was the comic and had very little experience with women.

Joe was my height five seven, he was the shortest of the three, although he looked slender he hide a nicely defined body, his hair mousey hair hung just above his hazel eyes. He had had a long string of girlfriends that never stayed very long.

Finally there was Mark he was the tallest of the three and had the same muscular frame as Joe; he had green/ grey eyes and short dark spiky hair that he had dyed purple. As for his experience he had only had one long term relationship that didn’t survive the distance.

That just leaves me I’m Nicola a curvy bigger girl with natural blond hair which I kept short and dyed brown (I find people take me more seriously as a brunette). My eyes are emerald green and I’ve had my fair share of one night stands that never went anywhere.

The three of them shared a place and I spent more time there then I did my own, and with the end of the second semester drawing to a close, funds were low so instead of hitting the bars and clubs like any normal Friday night we decided to get some beer order pizza and watch a film. The film was a typical action flick with plenty of car chases and fights, by the end all the pizza had gone and so had nearly all the 24 pack of beer.

Kev had a bizarrely large compilation of porn and he thought he could show us his newest purchase. I liked porn but I would have dreamed of watching it with anyone else let alone the three of them. If I had been sober I would have told him he was being a perv and left, but in the state I was in I thought it would be a laugh. Whilst Kev inserted the DVD into the machine I got up off the 70’s sofa which came with the place and headed to the fridge to get the last of the beer, by the time I got back all three were sat on the sofa leaving me no where to sit except the floor leaning against the sofa between Mark and Joe.

It didn’t take to long before we got to the first sex scene; the hugely well endowed guy was taking the big faked breasted blonde from behind over a table.

“I’ve done that.” Piped up Joe.

It seemed that everything the couple did Joe had done, including taking a girl up the ass.

“So Kev have you ever?” I received a look that could have killed.

“You know I haven’t, Nic have you?”

I turned to look at the three of them and smiled. “No but I’ll try anything once.”
The DVD moved on to two guys and the same girl, the guys thought the idea repulsive, but if it was one of them with two women then that would be fine.

“Two girls, two guys, hell the more the merrier”

I felt them look at me, I had very healthy ideas on sex, but when the subject was brought up I always kept quiet, and I guess they must have thought me a bit of a prude, but nothing could have been further from the truth.

“Now that a more like it” I said as an auburn haired woman was being tied to a bed and blindfolded whilst the same two guys were tending to her.

“You seriously want to do that” I could hear the shock in Kev’s voice, and a muffled laugh form the other two.

“Yeah, having guys there for my pleasure, to right…You know I might surprise you” we all laughed and continued to watch.

That DVD finished and Kev decided to get another. With all the beer gone we started on the half full bottle of Vodka that had been lying around since the last house party. We settled down in darkness, this time there where no comments or questions, we just sat and watched a much higher quality porn film.

I don’t know how far into the film I did it but my hands had undone my jeans and one had slide inside my shorties, I had forgotten I wasn’t at home or alone. I started to slowly rub myself; I was already wet and was getting wetter. I had begun to circle my fingers over my clit, I desperately wanted to insert my fingers into myself but I was constrained by my clothes. Joe and Mark must have felt my movements against their legs as two different hands were placed on my shoulders making my jump. With my left had between my legs, my right began to stroke Joe’s leg. Kev clearly had no idea what was going on and before long he had made an excuse to go to the bathroom, as soon as the door had shut ankara duşta veren escortlar Joe moved over allowing me to sit between the pair.

“Take your jeans of Nic” Mark tugged at my waistband. I lifted my ass of the sofa and with a wiggle pulled them down to the floor before I kicked them off.

I sat in my wet shorties being looked at by the pair of them. “If I’m doing this then you are to.”

I smiled as Mark and Joe stood before me, unbuckled their belts before they pulled of their jeans. Marks hard cock had sprung from his comic boxers and to my surprise Joe had gone commando. They had been blocking the only light in the room and so it wasn’t until they sat back down did I get to see how different they were. Mark was about eight inches long but was not very thick, Joe was shorter but much thicker and to my surprise was cut.

Mark lifted my leg and placed it over his, Joe had done the same, I was wide open and wetter then I had ever been. My hands went back to work; my left once again circled my clit lightly running over it. I pushed two fingers into myself hard and fast, so desperate to cum. My gaze dropped to Joes lap and I watched mesmerized by his hand as it glided up and down his cock coating it in his pre-cum. I pulled my gaze to his face, his eyes flicked from my fast moving fingers to my heaving covered breasts and finally he let them settle on my face. Mark had his eyes glued to my face as he quickly jerked his cock with one hand and squeezed his balls with the other. Our heavy ragged breathing echoed through the room. I felt the familiar feeling of my breath catch in my throat as I tensed on the verge, faster and harder I moved my fingers, my head fell back and rested on the sofa my eyes closed, I was lost in my own pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm spread over me, my moans filled my ears and it wasn’t long before I heard Mark and Joe’s moans overtake mine. I looked down to see Mark’s hand moving faster and after a few seconds I watched as streams of his cum landed on his t-shirt covered chest and stomach, I quickly turned to see Joe’s cock twitch before he exploded.

“What the hell?”

None of us had heard Kev come down the stairs, he was stood framed in the doorway, with a mixed look on his face (half angry, half horny), and a tent in his jeans. I felt suddenly embarrassed; I pulled on my clothes, gave them an repentant smile and left hurriedly.

There was only a week left before spring break, I kept myself busy I tried to complete assignments anything to avoid spending time alone with any of them, I couldn’t meet them in the eye and when they tried to talk to me I made excuses and left. I felt so embarrassed that they had seen me lose control like that.

Joe and Mark ambushed me as I packed my car to go home.

“Nicola please can we talk”

Joe grabbed my bags from me, put them the trunk, closed it and practically dragged me into the house.

“Look what happened last week got out of hand. Please don’t let that upset things between the four of us.” Mark grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me to face him.

“I swear I didn’t want it to change anything but the way Kev looked, I felt like he was angry and upset and I had never done that in front of anyone before.”

“look neither had we” it was Joe who spoke his voice was soft and understanding, ” it was just the beer and the movie and if Kev hadn’t said he was going to the bathroom then I would have used the excuse and gone and done it in private, but when I felt you against my leg it just felt OK. As for Kev he wasn’t really angry and upset at us, he felt angry and upset with himself for not having the balls to do what we did, in fact he thinks it’s funny.”

I gave them both a weak smile “I’m sorry for being an idiot, no more problems I promise forgive me.”

I felt a thousand times better, I let them help finish pack the car, before I drove off in the knowledge that everything was back it normal.

When I returned for the start of the next semester it seemed like everything had indeed returned to normal, non of us mentioned what had happened it was as if it had all been forgotten, But I didn’t forget the images of Joe and Mark getting off because I was, that thought got me off on many nights (and if I’m honest days to).

I’ve never been big on birthdays and my 21st wasn’t any different all I wanted was a quiet night down the local bar with my friends and as it was an extremely hot July day that’s exactly what I got.

“You have to wait till Saturday for you present.” Kev smiled Wickedly, I knew they were up to something and I hated surprises.

“You don’t have to get me anything.”

“We wanted to.”

Six o’clock that Saturday I received a text message from Joe. ‘Nic be ready 7:30 J,M,K’

I replied asking where we where going and what was I suppose to wear.

‘Not telling wear something dressy’

An hour and a half was not much time to get ready but I manages to shower, do my hair and make up, the only items in ankara fetiş yapan escortlar my closet that were ‘dressy’ were a knee length A line skirt and black bodice that I fell in love with and had to have but had never worn. Underneath was a pair of red lace panties and matching strapless bra. I was just pulling up my panty hoes when the door bell rung.

“Nic its Joe” my housemate shouted up to me.

As I hurried to straighten my panty hoes I caught a nail on them, the run went from ankle to knee. Swearing loudly I hastily went to my draw throwing socks and panties on the floor looking for a spare pair. I was all out, all that was left was my shear stockings with the seam, I only wore when I was out on the hunt. I pulled them on carefully, slid on my black stilettos as I picked up my bag.

Joe was waiting at the bottom of the stairs; he was wearing a black suit, tie and a crisp white shirt.

“Will I do?” I turned in front of him.

“Gorgeous put this on” he pulled out a blindfold from his jacket pocket.

I eyed him apprehensively, he just smiled knowingly but as I once said I would try anything once I put it on and he took me in his strong hand and lead my through the door and into his car. We drove for about twenty minutes before he stopped and helped me out the car and lead me though another door.

“Ok you can look now.”

I tentatively removed the blindfold, there in front of me stood Mark and Kev, both in suits and ties. I looked around the unfamiliar room decorated in natural creams and browns.

“Where are we?”

Mark smiled “my parents house, they’ve gone away for the weekend.”

“You once said that you’d like to have a man just for your pleasure, so here you are a one night only, three for the price of one, no embarrassment and no regrets.” Joe had handed me a glass of wine.

I just couldn’t believe what they had done for me. I took each one of their faces in my hands and kissed each passionately.

They seemed to sense that I was unsure of what to do next; it was Joe again that took the lead.

“You trust us don’t you?”

I nodded and smiled as he once again placed the blindfold over my eyes robbing me of my vision.

“If you want to stop at any time just say so.”

A hand grabbed mine and lead me up a flight of stairs, two pairs of footsteps followed us. My heart began to beat faster in scared expectation, my mind swam with ideas and images of what was about to happen, before I knew it we had stopped and the hand let go of mine.

A pair of lips kissed mine soft and fervently, I drew in a deep calming breath a musky sent filled me. I kissed back and when a tongue push for entry I opened up our tongues danced together. I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist and pull me closer; I loved the feeling of his strong firm chest against mine. Before long our embrace ended, my lips longed to have those lips again. I didn’t have to wait long before another pair of lips was on mine, this time the kiss was extreme and burning this tongue darted in and out of my mouth. I felt a raging hard on push against my belly, and a recognizable sensation began to course from my lips down my body to between my legs. It was the most erotic experience I had ever had. Finally the last pair of lips touched mine and I recognised his sent as soon as he was close enough, he kiss was unsure and unpractised he held me close and kept his hands on the small of my back, I kissed him full and hard, desperation spread through me. As the final lips kissed mine I heard fast breaths behind me before I felt soft kisses on my neck, slowly they became more inflamed then teeth lightly nipped my soft skin. With one mouth on mine and the other on my neck, a hand lifted mine to a mouth that kissed and licked the sensitive spot on the inside of my wrist. Just as I thought I was going to cum just by the power of the lips, the lip service unexpectedly stopped leaving me wanting more.

I heard the rustling of clothes and undoing of zips, as I stood in the darkness I knew they had undressed and I became frantic to join them, I needed to feel their flesh under my touch, to caress their cocks. As I reached around to undo my bodice Marks deep voice strong and authoritative told me to stop. Almost as one three pairs of hands descended on me, one pair slowly undid my top, one undid my skirt and the finally pair removed my shoes. I stood not for long in my underwear but soon the expert hands had removed those too, very slowly two pairs of hands slide down my legs removing my stockings as they moved towards my ankles. The smell of my arousal hit me and dwarfed all the other smells.

“So you’re a natural blond then Nic” I knew it was Joe and I had to laugh, silently I thanked god that I kept everything trimmed and tidy down there.

Hands and lips covered my body again from head to toe and everywhere in between, I drew in a deep breath as a hand brushed down the side of my belly. My hands stroked and caressed smooth shoulders and strong chests, ankara iranlı escort feeling differing levels of muscle definition, I worked my hands closer to their solid cocks but every time I got to close they just brushed my hands away.

“Please let me” I begged desperate to touch them.

It wasn’t too long before a mini orgasm pulsed through me, making me grip two shoulders digging my nails in to steady myself as it washed over me.

I sank to my knees anxious to be filled by my friends. Hands led hands to two waiting cocks, one was long the other thick, I knew then that I must have had Mark and Joe in my grasp, slowly I moved my fisted hands up and down the different shafts after every other up upward stroke I swirled my thumb over their heads and felt more pre-cum dribble out.

A hand was placed on my head holding me steady then a cock, Kev’s cock brushed my lips, I opened up to him, I sucked eagerly on the head swirling my tongue around and underneath, after a few tender thrusts taking in no more then an inch Kev tried to force the whole thing down my throat, I began to gag I let go of the other two and pushed against his thighs, forcing all of him out of me.

“Gentle I can’t take it all”

Moving my hands to his ass I pulled him back he let me bob my head taking in as much of him as I could. I went back to the others, it only took a few minutes before I felt Kev’s cock swell and as I held my head still he exploded in my mouth, I swallowed as much as I could but some still escaped and dribbled down my chin on to my heavy breasts. Joe was the next to cum, I heard his breath shorten and with a low growl I felt it bubble up through his shaft and erupted.

They lifted me onto my feet and moved me onto the bed, one of them straddled me and I felt a hard cock slide into the valley between my breasts before hands encased it in them a cold liquid dripped down on to my breasts and cock, obviously they had thought of everything. I guessed that it had to have been Mark as he was the only one who had not cum, faster and faster he slide until gasping and moaning he came covering me.

As soon as Mark’s weight left the bed two pairs of lips surrounded my nipples one sucked and licked whilst the other nipped and pulled, as my sensitive nipples were being attended to my legs we lifted and bent so my feet were flat on the bed, a warm breath tingled my clit as someone moved closer, then a tongue circled it before sucking it in to his warm mouth. My heartbeat quickened in my ears the only thing louder was my moans, my clit was released as a tongue pushed into my sodden pussy, licking me inside. I was ready to cum hard when my clit was pulled back into the welcoming mouth, two strong fingers replaced the tongue then plunged inside me over and over again.

“Yes… Yes… Yes oh god I’m gonna cum fuck” the feeling swamped me as I gushed over his fingers and into his mouth.

Every touch left me as I lay panting on the bed, it shifted as one of them moved between my legs, they shifted my legs up onto his shoulders. The cock pushed in between my pussy lips, sliding all the way in on the first thrust, hard and fast over and over he pushed, my body became a quivering mess as again I rocketed to a powerfully orgasm, I screamed and moaned louder and longer he kept going never letting up until he pulled out and warm slippery cum hit my chest and belly.

Before I could recover I felt hands moving me onto the next ready cock, he lay under me his hips bucked into me an soon I was pushing down to meet his hips, I was screaming constantly asking for it be harder and harder, I couldn’t tell were one orgasm ended and one began my head spun, as a load of cum hit my breasts.

I needed time to recover but before I could I was hauled up onto all fours and a cock was pushed into me, I was so wet that that it popped out on the first thrust, this one was slow and deep, and hands grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him. I heard the wet slapping sound every time my ass hit his stomach; he took me like that for what seemed like hours, I had come cum twice more before

“Oh Nic you feel so good I’m gonna cum” It was Mark. I held onto his cock as he tried to pull out, but I kept moving my hips back towards him.

“Please” I begged as his cock swelled before discharging into me. I finally released him and as we collapsed, I felt our collective heat and wetness trickle onto the bed.

I awoke with two pairs of arms surrounding me and my blindfold still on; in the place between sleep and waking I heard the door shut. Pulling the blindfold off I saw Mark and Joe covered in a fine film of sweat and my body coated in cum. I kissed them both gently awake, I smiled wickedly I was physically exhausted but I had a dream and with two of them still with me I thought I would ask them to oblige. I stroked them to fullness as I explained what I wanted.

“You sure Nic, I mean I’ve never”

“Neither have I but Yes I’m sure please.”

Mark pulled me on top of him and pushed his cock into my still wet hole, he pulled me forward planting a long fervent kiss on my lips. Joe had moved to the edge of the bed to grab the bottle of lube before he knelt behind me, I felt the cold liquid run down between my cheeks it was still flowing as he gently pushed a finger into my tight asshole.

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