Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 46

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 40). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 46 – Games At House Site. Catching the Stalker


Melanie worked the bank transfer for me, and suddenly I was the owner of 640 acres in Dillonville, about eight miles southeast of the city airport. A commute into the city outside of rush hour would take about twenty to thirty minutes. Moreover, I expected we’d use the condo in Worthington Towers on weeknights, and the ‘farm,’ as we’d started to call it, on weekends. I didn’t like the name ‘the farm,’ but for the time being it was an apt description of the place, although no farming had taken place there for over five years.

Elsa worried all the surveys, zoning, titles, EPA clearance, and everything else to be sure we were getting something that we wanted free and clear of all encumbrances. I loved the land and the way it rolled and undulated down to the river. There were a couple of places that were natural swimming places in the stream.

Elsa, Greg, and Sean went out to the property many times and worked on finding the perfect site for our new home. She also brought in an Oriental woman named Li Moon who was schooled in feng shui, the art of harmonizing everything with the surrounding environment. When we were through we had laid out a home on a knoll with the front of the house facing at an angle to the distant country road and the rear and main outdoor living space facing the river a couple of hundred yards away. The view was spectacular, and would be even better from a deck or upper story porch.

Elsa immediately had a shale road and underground utilities brought into the property to the potential house site, and then instituted a planting program along the road so we would ultimately have a long, curved, tree-lined driveway in a couple of years as the plantings matured. There were already many full-grown trees along some perimeters of the fields and down along the riverbank.

Elsa also had the old grass runway mowed and rolled smooth at her sister’s insistence. Parallel to the runway where the land rolled off towards a bend in the river she created a gun range with a soil berm at the end. On the other side of the runway, she also sodded in an area about one-hundred feet square for helicopter operations. I realized that with the chopper, a commute to the city could take about ten minutes at rush hour. I liked the way she thought. The hard part of living on the property started at that point, namely, getting six of us to agree on a design and layout for the house.

The next eight weekends we all spent every Sunday at the farm. Elsa and Cindy also went there on Saturdays for weaponry training and to practice martial arts, as time allowed. A forty-foot house trailer took up temporary residence at the site near the river for clean up and changing, and to provide a shelter from any storms. I knew there would also be a construction trailer or two.

As the warm summer weather overtook us, we all took to skinny-dipping in the river. One particular spot lent itself to easy entry and exit from the river. The adjacent land area was shaded with some great old oaks and some pine. A couple of picnic tables got added and some wooden outdoor furniture, including chaises that could be wheeled into the sun for tanning.

Of course, with our hypersexual tendencies, it wasn’t long before we were christening everything around the farm with some kind of sex, usually accompanied by a lot of laughter. I had to ‘do’ each of the girls on the riverbank, in the trailer, and on one of the picnic tables or chaises. When we were swimming, sexual interplay was a frequent event.

We didn’t have a party there the first couple of months, but one by one some of our friends visited to see what we were up to, and to help in the christening process. Sean and Pam were the first about two weeks after we were the official owners and the house had been sited.

Sean and Greg had been there often with an eye towards the architectural design of the house to blend into the countryside and to confer with our feng shui expert. The visit was Pam’s first to the property. She was duly impressed, and expressed her excitement for us by going naked the entire visit. The result was that she was accosted by several people, and engaged in rampant sexual relations with me as well, and then several of the women and Carter. The gods seemed happy with the various unions, and escort ankara Pam was ecstatic and orgasmic. At one point, we threw her cum-covered body into the river as she pleaded and screamed.

The following weekend Greg brought Kim out to see the property, and to play with us down by our new clothing optional ‘beach.’ She too helped in the christening process in a unique way. Greg had heard from Sean about his visit and he’d seen the property as well. He knew Kim would want to make love with me and any of the other men who were around, but wanted to do something unique for the occasion of her first visit to the farm. The two of them brought a present of a heavy duty, queen-size inflatable mattress. This wasn’t a water toy, but we turned it into one.

Kim and I got on the mattress in the river and tried to make love. Neither of us could be too energetic otherwise we’d spill into the river. After we got the hang of it we started to drift along with the current as we merrily fucked away and laughed at the jeers from our land based compatriots. The others were carousing on the riverbank as we floated away. Eventually, we both had satisfying orgasms, however, we’d drifted almost half a mile or more from our swimming hole and our friends. Fortunately, we were still on my property.

Kim and I rolled off the mattress into the river, rinsed off our stickiness, and clambered up the bank pulling the air mattress along behind us. We hiked back to the swimming hole holding the light mattress between us as we walked naked and barefoot through what was left of the farmer’s fields. We got a standing ovation as we appeared and bowed to our fans.

Brita flew over a week later for some business meetings in New Jersey, and then came on to the city for a long weekend. The christening process continued. Amazingly, she’d never swum in the nude before, so we introduced her to the joys and wonders of skinny-dipping and riverside sex.

I asked her how much she wanted to be consulted about the house, and she deferred to her sisters. She explained that she was the distant sister and didn’t want to meddle in what the others wanted. That discussion triggered a long talk between us, about our relationship and what it meant. We still felt the draw and attraction with each other, even at a spiritual level. We just happened to live four thousand five hundred miles apart and that made our relationship and her relationship with her ‘sisters’ damn inconvenient.

As I had with my other ‘wives’ I made sure that Brita knew she had complete relationship flexibility with others, even to marry, should she choose. Brita kissed me and thanked me for the consideration, but stated firmly that she was very content with the way things had played out so far in her life. She had Nils and Jan as boyfriends who cared for her a lot, had proven to be good friends with benefits, and liked each other enough to occasionally participate in threesomes that made Brita very satisfied. No one in her group wanted exclusivity or a permanent relationship, although Nils had professed his love for her.

Brita did want the semblance of a permanent relationship with us – Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, Sheila, KC, and me. She was more than happy to play with others in a sexual way, and acknowledged that she liked the variety and naughtiness of such activity. She had to beware of any of that activity being made public lest it impact her company and through that the financial stability of the stock price and many related considerations.

Saturday afternoon, after their work on the firing range, Deke, Elsa, and Cindy joined our happy band of nude sunbathers by the river. They were hot from their work in the sun, plus Elsa and Cindy’s prior workout with some of the ninja’s doing urban survival training and two hours first thing that morning at defensive driving school. Ryan also appeared, having driven out to party and to see the farm for the first time.

We had a picnic catered at the farm Saturday evening. We were at the picnic tables by our ‘swimming hole,’ and at least we were mostly dressed when the van arrived to do set up for our meal. We ate, and after the caterers cleaned up and left, we all took one more skinny-dip and then got in our caravan of vehicles to head back to the condo in the city.

I noticed that for the trip home both Cindy and Elsa wore their shoulder holsters containing their loaded Glocks. Elsa decided to drive Ryan’s new Mustang to the condo. With what she knew now about both defensive and offensive driving skills, plus the weapons in the car, if Mr. Tanner showed his face, he was apt to get it blown off just before he crashed and burned.

Brita enjoyed me, Ryan, and Deke before the end of the evening. When I teased her, she told me she hadn’t realized how needy she was for some raw sex from two of our stallions. Fortunately, they wore her out and she was docile and content when we went to sleep.

Monday, Myron Tanner, our stalker struck again.

Our office constantly ankara escortlar received packages and heavy envelopes stuffed with thick contracts, legal documents, and such in the mail. The mail for my office was bundled in the company mail room and brought up to the executive suite in large baskets. Sheila and Melanie typically sorted through the daily baskets about ten o’clock in the morning.

I was in my office, just ending a call to Italy when I heard screaming and a commotion in the outer office. I raced out.

Melanie stood at the far end of the waiting area; she burst into tears. She was covered in some kind of beige dust, and had a look of horror on her face. As I appeared she sobbed, “I’m going to die,” and then burst into uncontrollable wailing and sobbing. I started to walk to her.

Sheila screamed at me from the door to her office, “NO, MARK! DON’T GO NEAR HER. SHE HAS ANTHRAX DUST ALL OVER HER. STAY AWAY!” I froze in my tracks fifty feet from a woman I loved who appeared to be in deep trouble. Sheila returned to screaming into the telephone for security, a hazmat team, a quarantine on our offices, police, fire department, and the CDC. I don’t know whom she was talking to, but two minutes later, all hell started to break loose at the entrance to the executive suite.

Sheila looked over at me after issuing the orders, “It was a large envelope that was rigged with a spring of some kind and a large note that described the contents as anthrax. As Mel opened it, it sprayed the dust all over her. Stay away from this area. Don’t come near us. Shut all the other office doors and turn off the AC.”

Izzy stuck her head out of the office she’d been using. Sheila yelled at her to get into the back hallway and get the hell away from the open area. Izzy sized up the situation and then ran for the far door.

I did as she instructed too, but I stood at the main door to my office and watched the resulting mayhem. A fire department hazmat team wearing full body suit protection air tanks appeared twenty minutes later and sealed off the area. They had Melanie strip her clothing off into airtight bags and carted it away. Ignoring her nakedness, Melanie was then encased in an opaque plastic wrap except for a small area around her face so she could breath, and then carried away in a makeshift sling to the women’s showers in our building’s gym for a total scrub down. The room was informed that when she was ‘clean,’ she’d be taken to the hospital for treatment and observation. Sheila had been near her, and was the next to strip and head for the showers in gift-wrapped condition.

Another person in a hazmat suit came and took samples of the dust, collected the envelope and all the other mail that was covered in the stuff, and took it all away in airtight bags. I was asked to leave the area and not return. I guess I’d been far enough away that it was unlikely that I’d been contaminated.

I grabbed a briefcase full of stuff from my office, and headed out the back way. I had already called Lucas and Elsa. Lucas already knew and was waiting for me as I appeared in the back hallway from my office.

I was a shattered man. Tanner had gotten through to us. He’d done damage. I prayed he hadn’t taken the lives of two women I loved dearly.

Lucas escorted me to the hospital in my limousine, following close behind the special ambulance that transported Melanie and Sheila. They were put in quarantine in a sealed room, but I was allowed to look through a glass window and talk to them over somewhat ancient telephones on either side of the thick glass. They were both near panic, but feeling no symptoms yet other than suffering anxiety attacks. Melanie had stopped crying.

Lucas was racing around on his cellphone behind me, barking out orders and asking for information.

Melanie, Sheila, and I sat and talked through the glass, and kept trying to calm each other, but that was nearly impossible. Izzy joined us at one point with some soothing words for her friends. Melanie was beside herself, and kept breaking into uncontrollable sobbing. At least Sheila was there and could hold her and comfort her, although she wasn’t holding together all that well either.

Ninety minutes later, Lucas came into the observation room where I sat talking through the intercom to Sheila and Melanie. He announced in a loud voice we could all hear, “It was a hoax. The powder is a hoax – another fucking hoax. It is not anthrax or any other hazardous material. It was beige talcum powder, the kind you can buy at most drug stores. A fucking hoax.” Lucas was seething. He stomped around in the room for a few minutes, glowering at everybody. I didn’t even need to ask what would happen in the future regarding the mail headed for our office. I knew every piece would be screened and tested.

Melanie and Sheila cried on each other’s shoulders in relief.

I was so mad I could have chewed bricks and spit cement. I wanted Tanner’s hide on a stretcher. It had to be him. He’d ankara kaliteli escortlar been after us and singled us out as the cause of his mental and employment problems.

In the end I was a mass of pure frustration. The police couldn’t find him, and yet we were certain he’d strike again in the near future.


“I’m going to Cindy’s office, and we’re going to have lunch out,” I informed Lucas. He grimaced as he usually did when any of us did something out of the ordinary, especially something that put us out in public. My voice had steel in it, and I was obviously not to be argued with.

Lucas rode with me in the limousine and one war wagon led the way for the one-mile trip through city streets. We stopped in front of the building where Cindy worked, and I called her. She came bouncing out the door two minutes later, followed by two security men who looked harassed about keeping up with their energetic ward.

Cindy and I hugged and then walked a block to a small seafood place that had tables outdoors. We got a table for two and put ourselves out there. The various security staff dispersed around the place, some seated so they could also eat, and others taking up perimeter positions. Most were about as obvious as an excited purple giraffe in a noisy high school gym.

Cindy and I both got an order of fish tacos, and chatted comfortably about the anthrax scare, the house, and the emerging list of requirements. We were also quite watchful of the holes between the security staff, because it was through those holes that someone trying to get to us would come in someway.

We were just finishing when I caught a shadow out of the corner of my eye. I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket and put it in camera mode as though I was going to take a selfie. I put it in video mode, and slowly panned the tops of the four and five story buildings to my left. After a complete scan, I played the video back and looked at the screen. I faked a laugh and went to show Cindy. I coaxed her to laugh too. We could both see the figure on the rooftop of the insurance building on the other side of the street about my nine o’clock position.

We avoided looking directly at him, but Cindy did a similar move with her cellphone. She got a good high-resolution blowup of him, and sure enough, it was Tanner.

I did a text to Lucas who was at a table about twenty feet away eating a hamburger. He checked his phone when my message came in, and wisely did not go racing around like a chicken with his head cut off.

There was some noise in the street to my left, and it gave me an excuse to turn in Tanner’s direction. I saw him pull back from the edge, but not soon enough. He was holding a pistol.

I turned to Cindy with a smile. “Dearest sister, we are about to be shot at. Are you wearing your vest?”

Cindy smiled broadly in case he could see her, and said, “Of course, dearest sister. Thank you that warning. Should we go in and pay, and then see if we can nail the bastard?”

“Great idea. I just love a sister that likes to take initiative.”

I signaled our waitress that we were heading inside to pay. We moved quickly, and no one followed us. I threw two twenties at our waitress just inside the restaurant door, and we bolted behind the counter, through the kitchen, and out the back door at a run. We were down the alley, and across three streets in less than a minute.

“Stairs or elevator?” Cindy asked as we reached the lobby of the building Tanner was atop.

I said, “I’ll take the stairs, you ride up to five, but wait there for me just outside the stairwell.”

I started to race up the stairs. I slowed down after three flights and listened. I couldn’t hear anything, but that didn’t mean that someone wasn’t there. I tiptoed up another flight and then got to five. Cindy was just outside the fire door looking in the little window at me. She shrugged and shook her head.

I pointed at the stairs leading to the roof. A sign on the wall said, ‘Roof. Maintenance Staff Only.’ I pulled my Glock and started up trying to keep a full view of the uppermost part of the landing as I did.

Suddenly, the door to the roof flew open and a man dressed in black came through the door at a run. He started taking the stairs down two or three at a time coming down right at me. He was fast and nimble.

I yelled, “Stop, Tanner, or I’ll shoot you dead.”

He yelled, “You bitch. Fuck you.”

Before I could raise my weapon, he leapt at me with his arms spread. His form engulfed mine, and we went over backwards. As we did, I rolled so Tanner’s body would absorb most of the impact from our fall on the landing.

Tanner started to punch and kick at me. I blocked his every move. He backed away and started to pull his pistol. The door from the business offices opened and Cindy exploded out the door next to him. She could have shot him, but instead threw an arm around his neck and got him in a chokehold. He gagged. She rolled him to the floor, but that put her against the railing.

Tanner was struggling and kicking, but every few seconds he left himself open. I smirked at him as I regained my footing. “Rape me, you think. I’ll show you what I think of that idea.”

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