Bi-sex Trio Surprise

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This story contains powerful descriptions of male-on-male sex and should be avoided by those offended by such a subject.


I had learned of Paul’s bisexual fantasies through the online correspondence we had exchanged with each other for a number of weeks prior to him meeting me at the airport; his wife Jill had only light suspicions and our meeting that day was an invitation for the three of us to play together for a weekend. I was delighted to accept their invitation and was hoping to ‘accidentally’ generate a bisexual encounter that would be met with approval from Jill, at least in the heat of the moment.

We met for the first time then and our internet exchanges had proved accurate in that he had dark hair, brown eyes with his 6-foot frame seeming similar to mine and of reasonably athletic build. The manner in which we shook hands and looked each other in the eye with smiles, belied the fact that we had never met before and helped erase any doubt that either of us may have been having second thoughts of all that we had fantasised and written to each other about.

“You look great” Paul said approvingly.

“You too.” I replied “And your a lucky guy to have a wife as sexy as Jill – the photo’s that you sent were so good!”

“You keep your hands off her this weekend!” he jokingly retorted and we laughed as we walked to his car.

I certainly was not going to keep my hands off her this weekend if all went according to plan. Jill was very sexy with long brown hair, blue eyes, toned body and legs that looked so good in the many different styles of stiletto heeled shoes that so gloriously accentuated her calf muscles. Paul had sent plenty of pictures of his wife in various highly explicit situations both alone and with himself too on just a few. He had explained his bisexual urges to me online, knowing that I am bi and he had very quickly wanted to get me in a situation with him and Jill where he could at least attempt to fulfil his desires. I am always very willing to assist in such matters and wasted no time in booking a flight to meet them.

The meeting had been established after Paul had contacted me by private message on an erotic story writing site to which I enjoyed contributing as regularly as time from my hectic schedule would allow. My membership username was ´vhornybimale´ and gave a clear indication of my mindset regarding my sexual preferences. How ironic that the story that I had written stemmed purely from my bisexually fuelled imagination only and that reality of something very similar was potentially about to procure.

“This one” he commented as he activated the remote central locking to the Audi to allow me to load my holdall into the boot and us both to get into the car.

As the doors slammed shut, the sexual tension mounted. We were both together in a confined space for the first time, just inches apart and we both knew why I was there at all. I took a quick glance down at his crotch to see if he was as horny as I was and was even further excited to see the clear outline of his aroused cock which was trapped in his dark trousers. He must have at least subconsciously delayed starting the car as I seemed to have plenty of time to catch him look at my crotch by return. My heart was pounding and my breathing quickened as I reached over the short distance to run a stroke down his raging length with my left-hand; my previous bisexual experiences yet to overcome the nervousness of the first-time with a stranger.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed as his head fell back “I’m so horny right now.”

I could not leave things that way even if my own burning heat had waned at that point.

“Put your seat back.” I suggested so that I could maximise the relatively small area to get better access to the cock I really wanted to service.

The electric seat quickly eased back as I teased at his belt, button and zip. His solid shaft sprung up as a result of my efforts and he tugged at his pants to reveal the fullness of his balls which I stroked teasingly on their release. His pole was rigid as I touched it to his delight. He was now lying back and wanting to be relieved – a sensation that I could relate to and both wanted to relieve and be relieved!

I gently rounded his pulsating helmet with the fingertips of my left-hand, servicing the tip which further stiffened his shaft and clearly began to tighten his ball-sack which I continued to strock with my right-hand.

“Oooh, fuck.” he whispered almost subconsciously as my righ´-hand fingertips massaged lower to underneath his sack to the area around his ass.

His eyes were closed as I brought my right-hand up to my mouth to wet the fingers. I could smell the scent of sex as I lubricated my fingers with my saliva and the mild hedonistic scent of his balls was upon me as I prepared to finger his ring whilst gently pulling on his cock.

“Mmm, that’s so good.” he encouraged, as I pulled on his now raging member. I was coherent and aware, yet so excited by the fact ankara moldovyalı escortlar that I was preparing a man that I had only just met to orgasm in a public car park! The excitement was intense as my own bone seemed at bursting point already.

One last quick glance around satisfied myself that we would not be disturbed. I lowered my mouth to his cock as I simultaneously removed my now very wet fingers from my mouth and naturally positioned them under his balls to his asshole; the saliva lubrication allowing my middle finger to slip through his virginal guard to a short way within him with ease. At the same time, my left-hand full of his cock positioned his pulsating member towards my wanting mouth which I rewarded by slapping his cock onto my tongue to generate extra saliva. He tasted and smelt so good as I did so and the strands of spit that traced from my mouth to his helmet wetted his purple head in readiness for my oral action as I gently swivelled my finger in his ass.

I wanted to feel his cock slapping my face some more, but I could no longer resist the urge to have him fill his mouth with his meat. I was overcome with the excitement that the smell and taste of my saliva, his cock and now pre-cum was building. I wanted him to get off on fucking my mouth and I wanted his spunk in my throat right there and then.

I lapped at his already wet tip very enthusiastically as I continued to wank his shaft. He tasted good as the smoothness of his helmet nudged at my gums and inner cheeks as his now thrusting pelvic actions probed and filled my mouth to causing my cheeks to fill and hollow with increasing fervour.

I slightly adjusted my position to take more of him into my now tingling and very sloppy mouth and at the same time slid my finger ´cock´ deeper into his warmth, much to his delight. I sucked on his pistoning tool and rolled my tongue round his helmet, fucking his tightness with my finger and thumbing his balls and sensitive sack at the same time.

The taste of his cock the smell of his ass sex was sublime and further fuelled my desire so that I was now deep-throating this guy with ease. My sloppy blow-job meant that he was now fucking my face and finger with alternate delight. His cock was fucking my throat and I was sacrificing regular breathing to accommodate him to the point of making me gag on the fullness of his excitement.

“I´m cumming…..fuck I´m cumming!” he gritted as I pumped my finger deep into his hot hole and forced his length down my own throat to feel the complete satisfaction of his manhood injecting my throat with jet after jet of his sticky milk for what seemed like a minute: my finger up inside his pulsating ring intensifying the copiousness of his load into my mouth.

“Huuh!” he blurted as I slipped from his ass and spent cock at the same time. I was still very horny and sucked at my finger to welcome the taste of his ass juice. Fuck, I thought I was going to explode in my pants and was certain that there would be far more in store for us both very soon. I mean, I was a guest of the couple and all this had happened before we even left the airport car park – now that´s horny!

We arrived at the house. They had lived there for three years and it was as I had seen in the photographs that Paul had sent to me.

“Now remember” Paul said in a low voice “Jill knows you are here fro her fantasy, not mine!” Little did he relate to the fact that either or both would be mine.

“Of course” I replied, just as the door opened to reveal his very beautiful wife.

“Jill, this is Rob.” said Paul “Rob, this is my wife, Jill”.

“Very pleased to meet you” I smiled and reached out to return her handshake.

“It´s as if we know each other already” she chuckled and beckoned us both inside to follow her dressed in a very revealing top, short denim skirt and white trainers. Her bare, tanned legs looked so smooth, I hoped that her pussy was the same.

My cock was still excited from the car park activity and Jill could see that. She knew that I was invited to have her with Paul that night and I hoped so much that she would be as eager as I was with the bi-sex aspect with her husbands cock later.

“My, it´s so hot in here.” she said, fanning her face with her hand. “Let me get some drinks.”

She returned soon after with a chilled bottle of champagne and three fluted glasses. “Here you are boys. Cheers!” We toasted.

“Can I please get freshened up and changed?” I suggested.

“Yes, of course.” they replied, almost forgetting I was a guest “This way.” and they showed me through to the large en-suite guest bedroom. “Don´t be long.” Jill said teasingly “We have lot´s planned!”

Showering brought a sense of perspective and my cock relaxed as I freshened up from the flight and the activity that was in store for us together later. Maybe I shouldn´t have got carried away in the car without his wife. Passion has a lot to answer for in terms of removing inhibitions to replace ankara ukraynalı escortlar later with guilt. Alternatively, I reasoned, perhaps she´d get off on it if she knew. Maybe she already knew?

I towel dried and changed into the white towelled robe that they had left on the bed for me after brushing my teeth and mouth washing. I felt great, but fuck, my balls were heavy from the teasing earlier and the warm shower. I needed to cum.

“Your champagne.” said Jill from the doorway. I turned around to see her dressed in nothing but a pair of black heels and holding my glass of champagne. I immediately felt over-dressed and prudish in my robe. Her body was what as I can only describe as heavenly; firm, smooth, hairless and tanned. I actively had to hold my jaw shut to stop my tongue from dropping out.

“My god, Jill. You look fantastic!” I said as she walked towards me with the confidence of a woman knowing what she wanted.

“She looks good from behind, too” said Paul as he walked in naked behind her looking fresh from a shower too “Have a look.” he said spinning his wife round by the hand.

Her butt was the best butt I have seen and the thought of me licking her pussy and ass as she sucked me gave an instant rush of blood to my cock making it twitch. Her steel-stiletto heels against her black shoes were perfectly slutty and yet refined.

“Come on, Rob. Join in the fun” Jill said undoing my robe and dropping it to the floor to reveal my now semi-erect cock. “Ooh, what have we got here?” she added in mock surprise at the sight and bending over to kiss my length.

Paul wasted no time in pulling her onto the huge bed and Jill giggled as she held out her hand to invite me with them, her firm tits barely flattening at all when she was laid horizontally. Paul was kissing at her neck as he teasingly stroked her nipples which she encouraged by reaching her left hand down to his cock as her knees parted.

Well, this was too much to resist and I needed no invitation to drop to my knees and began kissing her perfectly toned inner thighs, much to her delight and she let out a moan of desire as she recognised my intent. The smell of her sex was fresh and inviting and my eyes took in the glorious sight of her. Her labia were widening and the petals of her mound blushed in readiness of the attention that they were about to receive. My mouth worked from below her waist and her husbands left-hand worked from above. We were sure to meet in the middle!

My first teasing lick at her lips was delightfully rewarded with a sweet and salty smoothness that represented the animalistic rampancy that the three of us were now together in the throes of and I instantly moved my attention to the bud of her swollen clit. Jill let out a moan again and I sensed movement from Paul to which I opened my eyes just in time to see him on his knees on the bed and offering the cock that I had sucked off earlier in the day to Jill´´s very eager mouth. I did not stop licking her out and continued even more enthusiastically with the sex show to watch and encourage me. She came without warning very shortly after and did so without taking the cock from her mouth. In some ways this was made easier by her husband holding her head to fuck his wife´s mouth as he had mine. Her knees closed me out to indicate that her clit could take no more pleasure for a minute.

I raised myself up from the bed and pulled Jill further up the bed so that Paul and I lay on our backs side by side and Jill was on all fours in the middle. It was Jill’s turn to work and she obliged without question by wanking and sucking our cocks alternately. I love to watch my cock getting sucked. I love it even more when I can see another cock at the same time, as my imagination runs riot with a desire to assist.

“I love watching you suck cock, Jill” I whispered as she gave head to Paul and wanked me with her left-hand. “Suck it, baby” I said as I reached down to play with her tits.

I realised that I had to lead the way in the bi-sex part of the trio and moved so that both my and Pauls cocks were much closer together. Jill stopped momentarily to reposition her knees, one each between our open legs and hugging our inner thighs together so that our hips were touching. She must be open-minded if she´s happy to have us so that our cocks are almost touching, I thought to myself. I very quickly reasoned in my own mind that she likely had burning bi-sex desires for her husband herself, maybe to the point of having already discussed them together before my arrival. We were sure to find out very soon.

She was now moaning and sucking quicker than before, her head bobbing up and down on our shafts and alternating between the two. She stopped again in the throes of her own passion that I very definitely related to as she pulled us even closer together and attempted to stuff both or cocks together in her mouth at the same time. This really fired us all as our sloppy wet and hard cocks were rubbed ankara minyon tipli escortlar together by Jill. Fuck, it felt mind-blowing as she realised what the reaction was and pulled away slightly to allow us to watch her rub our helmets together in her hands as she spat on them to lubricate them and slide so effortlessly against each other. It was so sensitive on my raging purple head that, disappointingly I had to pull away as it was simply just too much.

“Fuck, that´s too good!” I said, not wanting to put her off trying to connect us. “Turn around” I suggested as she manoeuvred herself into a 69 position with her husband “Let me see you suck.”

Jill sucked and I watched. I watched very closely as my head was between Pauls open legs. If she let’s me get this close, she must be comfortable with my mouth near her husbands hard cock, I thought as I pulled her long hair away to see more of the action; an action she reciprocated by almost stopping sucking to pull her hair away completely, all by looking me in the eye just inches away from her and what I can only describe as knowingly smiling at me with a mouthful of cock as she set about working away again. Her husband was beneath her and although could not see me, must now have been aware of my breath on his ball sack, I was so close to them both.

In and out his cock went, past her lips and into the back of her mouth. I watched and wanted to be invited by her to lick her dribbles of saliva from his shaft as she sucked. She did not and so I had to pull away again before I lost my ability to resist.

I repositioned myself onto my knees between his legs and offered my fully erect cock into the vicinity of her oral activity. Jill responded with a squeal of delight and instantly put our shafts together and began wanking them into her mouth, again spitting on them to lube them and generate a sensation of fucking. It felt so good to have another cock against my own and to get blown at the same time. Jill was getting off on it too and came over her husbands face as she held her head up to me as I tongued her mouth to taste cock and her saliva. She definitely did not mind, as she rewarded me by tonguing me back and gathering balls of her cock juice spit mix and offering it to me on the end of her tongue. Fuck, I was certain that she wanted more bi-sex action now.

“Let me ride you, Paul” Jill demanded as she got in position to do so. “Lick my clit, Rob” she said as she gave me a naughty-girl-daring look in the eye and a smile.

“Love too” I replied, knowing that she knew I would be licking her and her husband as a result.

He slid into her with ease, her well lubed and very willing snatch now filled with his cock very close to my face. She started to ride him, very slowly and pulled my head into position by my hair. “Lick me!” she whispered as she did so.

My chin was on his sack and my tongue was out and licking her clit. As she rose up, she held my head still and so the sensation of her was replaced by her husbands cock shaft covered in her juices, before being replaced again by her clit. This was no accident as the time between cock and clit in my mouth got longer and longer with each stroke which she was in full control of. I did not complain and the urgency was increased by her pulling my head by the hair up and down the length of the cock as I guessed she watched. Paul was clearly loving it all and the sensation of getting fucked by his gorgeous wife and tongued by a guest was definitely another fantasy off the list of his!

Jill suddenly got off and held my head in her husband’s crotch. Without saying anything she pulled my hair to guide me around wherever she wanted me to lick. I resisted slightly to which she responded by ordering me to lick. Those steel stiletto shoes sent out a message that I really ought to have picked up on earlier!

“Lick him!” she said calmly “It’s my turn to watch.” I obediently continued to lick her love-juices from his cock and I was rewarded by the sight of her reaching down with her free hand to play with her shaven pussy as I did so. As she teased and patted her clit, she let go of my hair and leaned on me so that her pussy was closer to my face and that we all could see. “Yeah, good boy. Now suck it!” she whispered between moans of ecstasy form both her and her husband. “Suck my husband so he cums in your mouth.”

I reached up and held him into position for my mouth to be filled with Pauls cock for the second time that day and loved it. Dropping onto his meat which tasted of Jill´s sex, saliva and my cock combined was ecstasy inducing and I knew the orgasm she demanded that I give him would not be far away. I was instantly sucking on him furiously, wanking him at the same time, much to the delight of both him and his wife as she was shouting “Suck!” with every up-stroke of my mouth and louder each time as they both climbed to orgasm very quickly, within a couple of minutes.

Paul’s cock ejaculated in my mouth at precisely the same time as his wife squirted over my face! The taste of both their cum and a mouthful of cock at the same time was the perfect cocktail for me and I swallowed as much as I could before lapping up every drop greedily from his midriff, cock and balls, much to the approval of his wife. Fuck, I needed to cum now.

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