Bedding Every Woman in the House

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In the summer of 2010 I did an interview with a local radio station about my experiences mountaineering in Ecuador. I was pleased with that interview. I described not just the Andes but also some of my experiences with the local people both before the climbing began and afterwards when I had been ferried out with a potentially serious injury.

Probably a fair bit of the credit ought to go to the interviewer who really drew me out of myself so that I spoke with a passion and commitment that was normally hidden beneath a layer of youthful shyness.

I didn’t realise quite how well I’d spoken until a week after the interview was broadcast and I got a phone call from Sir John MacNaughton. He congratulated me on the broadcast, said he really admired my spirit and might be interested in sponsoring me if I had any further travels planned.

I told him I was more or less completely recovered and was training fairly intensively, though at the moment no trips were finalised, all I could say was that I would definitely be mountaineering again in the near future.

To cut a long story short he invited me to spend a weekend at his place in North Yorkshire. He said I was welcome to stay for a couple of nights if I wanted as his wife and daughters were away on the weekend he proposed.

So ten days later the bus dropped me at the village of Grassrigg and I set out along a minor road. It was a three mile walk to Sir John’s house, Risewell, but I was happy to treat that as just a bit of exercise.

I’d packed some clothes and things into a rucksack, but walking up the driveway I found myself unprepared for the scale of the house. It was much bigger than I’d expected, though to be honest I don’t think I’d given much thought to what he or his house would be like.

It was early on a Friday afternoon and the door was answered by a housekeeper who showed me through to a sitting room with a magnificent view across the valley.

I didn’t have long to wait before Sir John came through. We had a preliminary chat and he explained that some work had cropped up so there would be no chance to talk until this evening, but in the meantime I was welcome to use the gym in the basement or get some exercise on the nearby fells.

I opted to use the gym which turned out to be bigger and much better equipped than I’d expected. Whilst I was working away I heard doors slamming and female voices, but thought nothing of it. Shortly afterwards I headed upstairs to my room and passing through the hallway I met a blonde woman aged about forty who despite having on jeans and a casual top managed to look immaculately smart.

I thought she was going to say something, but she appeared to think better of it. I had the uncomfortable feeling that whatever she was thinking of saying it wouldn’t have been complimentary.

I wanted to use the shower but couldn’t seem to get any water, so I stepped out onto the landing hoping to find someone to ask. No one was about so I went downstairs and was stopped by the sound of raised voices behind a closed door.

“This was supposed to be a special weekend, we’ve had one disappointment already and I’m not having it spoilt for our daughters and myself by some rock climbing ape wandering around the house.”

“I’m sorry, but he is our guest. I invited him and I can’t just uninvite him.”

The second voice was clearly Sir John’s and you didn’t have to be a genius to realise that his wife had come back unexpectedly and that as far as she was concerned I wasn’t welcome. I decided I’d heard enough and headed back to my room.

A couple of minutes later there was a knock at the door and I opened it to find Sir John stood there. He asked if everything was OK and I said yes except that I couldn’t get the shower to work.

“Oh it’s a state of the art thing with more options than anyone can get their head round. It took me a few months to get the hang of it, but now I’ve got it mastered.”

He gave me a quick demonstration of how it worked and then explained that his wife and daughters had come back unexpectedly because of a fire at the hotel where they were booked. He explained that instead of just him and I having a meal tonight and the opportunity to chat about mountaineering, it would now be a meal with all the family and he hoped that was OK with me.

Rather nervously I explained that I’d accidentally overhead what had been said and it really wasn’t a problem for me to leave and come back another time.

“Nonsense. Don’t be put off by Sandra. Her bark is worse than her bite. I’ve found it’s best to allow her to let off steam and then ignore her. No don’t worry supper is at 8pm.”

I was warming towards Sir John, but even so I had doubts about the evening meal. As I expected it was a tense and difficult affair. His wife said very little, but everything she did radiated disapproval, Sir John wasn’t a natural talker and his attempts to generate any conversation were blatantly snubbed by his wife. The youngest daughter, Rachel, was very quiet, but the older ankara sınırsız escortlar one, Emma, seemed more than happy to talk to me. In fact in the circumstances she was quite welcoming and there almost seemed to be a touch of flirtatiousness about her. A couple of times she held my gaze for longer than was necessary and there was the faintest hint of an amused smile on her lips. I wondered if it was just male vanity, but I was starting to get the feeling that she liked me.

There was no question she was an attractive young woman. Tall, blonde haired and with her fair share of womanly curves accentuated by a stylish dress, she was a distinct contrast with her younger sister’s slim boyish figure and plain clothing.

It was difficult to form much of an opinion of Rachel because she said so little. Emma struck me as very different – opinionated, rather extrovert and, like her mother, obviously used to getting her own way. If that makes her sound rather objectionable, then in all fairness I ought to balance things out by saying that I thought she would probably be one of those people who lights up a party, and more to the point I reckoned she would be pretty uninhibited between the sheets.

I found out that she was twenty years old, so she was a year older than me. I hadn’t been with a woman for a few months and just looking at Emma gave me a hard on like a bar of steel. I would have liked to chat more freely with her, but her mother’s forbidding presence made it very difficult.

By ten o’clock Rachel had excused herself, Emma had gone to make some phone calls and I was left alone with Sir John and his wife. To say the conversation was stilted would be an understatement, so I explained that I was tired and headed to my room.

I wasn’t really tired, and realising the futility of trying to sleep, I picked a book from the bedside cabinet and started to read. When the time came to settle down I reckoned I would jerk myself off thinking about Emma’s lush body – that might help me sleep.

The book I’d chosen was actually pretty good and it was after eleven o’clock when I decided to put it down and turn off the reading lamp. Laid in the dark I gently stroked my cock and tried to imagine what Emma would look like naked.

To my alarm the door handle turned and Emma slipped into the room. She flicked the light on then immediately hit the dimmer switch so the room was softly lit. She put a finger to her lips to warn me to keep quiet, then in one fluid movement she pulled her dress over her head and tossed it to one side, revealing that she was naked except for a black bra.

She strode over to the bed, threw the sheets back and as I sleep naked she was immediately faced with my engorged cock. It didn’t faze her in the least; she climbed onto the bed, straddled me, then took hold of my cock and positioned it against her cunt lips.

“You may be the rock climber, but there’s only one mountain I’m interested in climbing tonight,” she explained. She bore down on me and I gasped at the wonderful sensations as my prick disappeared inside the wettest, most welcoming cunt I’d felt in a long time.

Emma rotated her hips to make sure I was deep inside her and then began to rock up and down. I should be ashamed to admit it, but in the circumstances I don’t suppose it’s very surprising that after only a minute or so I felt a tightening in my balls.

“Slow down, slow down,” I said to Emma, but she just laughed and pushed harder. I grabbed her hips and tried to stop her, but it was no good. All thoughts were forced from my mind as an unstoppable orgasm blazed through me and I pumped what felt like a river of sperm into Emma. I clung to her until she pulled away and rolled to one side.

“That will do for starters, but you will have to perform again. Still I’m sure you’re capable of that,” she said with an amused smile.

I had no doubt that I would be able to recover and give her a second, longer fucking, but in the meantime I asked her a bit about herself. She said she was the wild one in the family.

“Actually I’m not really that bad, though as you can see when there’s something I want I tend to go for it. It’s just that since Rachel got into religion I seem to have gone the other way.”

I asked her about Rachel who it turned out was eighteen. Apparently though no one else in the family is religious, Rachel caught the bug a couple of years ago and lives a chaste life.

“She’s a good clean living girl is Rachel. Lots of fresh air and long country walks. No booze and no men. As I said she’s very different from me.”

Emma rolled onto her side, reached out and slid her hand up my thigh. My cock started to rise to the occasion, a process that she accelerated by raking her nails across my balls.

“I think you’re just about ready to perform again. Shall I make sure?” Without waiting for a reply she slid down the bed and closed her lips round my cock. It’s a good job I was fit because Emma was a very demanding lover. It was well after midnight ankara suriyeli escortlar when she gave me a final kiss and slipped out of the door.

I soon fell into a deep sleep lulled by comforting memories of the sweet pleasure of pumping my sperm into Emma’s lustful pussy.

I woke later than normal feeling thoroughly refreshed. There’s no question but that vigorous sex with an attractive woman does a great deal for your physical and mental well-being!

I showered and went down for breakfast. No one else seemed to be about, but the housekeeper made sure I was well catered for. When I’d almost finished Sir John’s wife entered the room. I said hello but she blanked me, so I finished my coffee and headed upstairs. I quite liked Sir John, but his wife was a real pain in the arse!

Back in my room I decided to go for a run as Sir John had mentioned that the gate at the rear of the garden led to a path which went out onto the fells.

Fifteen minutes later I was jogging uphill on a beautiful autumn morning. I found myself happily replaying memories of last night with Emma. The first time she came she bit my shoulder in an effort to stop herself making too much noise and I had a nice red mark as a reminder. She’d warned me that last night was a one-off and not to expect any repeats; in a way that was a relief, but a part of me (the horny part!) was thinking about the possibility of exploring the delights of her body again.

On a whim I veered off the main path onto a sheep trail. Five minutes later I found myself going downhill into a small dell. I rounded a corner and came clattering to a halt.

Rachel was laid on a grassy bank, her legs wide apart and her jeans and knickers in a bunch on the side. Two fingers of her left hand were in her pussy and her right hand was playing with her clit. She froze and we stared at each other for what felt like several minutes, but was probably just a few seconds. Then Rachel started scrabbling for her clothes. She was really flustered because she put both feet into one leg of her knickers. Looking back it seems rather comical, but at the time the funny side of it was lost on me.

“Don’t,” I said moving towards her. She froze and looked up as I stood over her. Her tense blue eyes were locked on mine, her legs were apart and her sparse blonde pubic hairs did nothing to hide her cunt lips which gaped wetly with her arousal. I knew what I had to do. Gently, but firmly I pushed her onto her back, pulled my shorts down and moved between her legs. She was completely silent as the tip of my cock found the entrance to her love tunnel. With tender strength I probed into her and Rachel gave a long drawn out sigh as my prick slid between her cunt lips.

I kissed her deeply, our tongues fencing with each other and all the time I thrust in and out, building up a steady rhythm so that each thrust brought an answering whimper from Rachel. Her whimpers became gasps as she bucked underneath me responding vigorously to the cock inside her. It was intensely exciting to realise the satisfaction I was giving her and I was very glad that I had fucked Emma a short while ago. If I hadn’t then the pleasure of fucking Rachel would have made me come in no time. Her slim boyish build meant that there was no question but she had the tightest cunt I’d ever fucked. It gripped my prick as though it was desperate to keep its full length inside her.

Rachel’s gasps became more intense and then I felt a wave of shudders pulsing through her body. She cried out in orgasmic delight and that took me over the top. I gave one last thrust then surrendered myself to the sensations as my cock fired its sperm into Rachel’s lovely tight cunt.

We lay motionless for a while, my head resting on Rachel’s shoulder. My cock started to shrink and when it slid out of Rachel I rolled off her and got dressed. She pulled her knickers and jeans back on and then turned to face me.

“Please don’t tell anyone, I don’t want the others to know.”

“Of course not.”

“No really, promise you won’t tell them, especially not Emma.”

I swore I wouldn’t tell anyone, especially not Emma, but did ask Rachel why she was so concerned that Emma shouldn’t know. She explained that Emma has always teased her, saying that this religious thing was just a phase which she would grow out of. They’d argued furiously, with Rachel insisting it was for life, but to her dismay over the last six months her faith had waned.

She couldn’t bear the loss of face if she had to admit that Emma had been right. Nor could she confide in her sister that she sometimes had vivid dreams of handsome young men undressing her and making love to her.

“Was that your first time?”

Yes it was, though I’ve had my fingers in there quite a lot lately, but you’re the first person to ever, well…you know,” she said, blushing slightly.

“Well I don’t know what to say, but take it from me, you have a fantastic body.”

“Thank you,” she said, smiling shyly. “But please don’t tell anyone.”

I ankara türbanlı escortlar promised again that I wouldn’t and then said that I was going to jog back to the house. Ten minutes later I was under the shower and revelling in the fact that in the space of a few hours I had nailed both sisters. I must admit just thinking about it was enough to give me a massive boner as I stood there with the water coursing down me. I did think of jerking myself off, but decided to save myself in case I got lucky and one of them wanted seconds.

Just before lunch Sir John told me that was going to be out in the afternoon, so I was free to do whatever I wanted. He said that there would be a chance to discuss mountaineering and any possible future sponsorship after tonight’s meal.

I had a spot of lunch, but then some heavy rain set in. I watched TV in my room for a while, but it was pretty boring so I decided to head down to the gym and do some weight training.

I hadn’t been in the gym very long when Sir John’s wife came in. To my surprise she locked the door behind her and strode irritably towards me.

“Do you really think I didn’t realise you were trying to flirt with Emma last night or that I didn’t see you eyeing Rachel up as though she was a lump of meat. Well I’m warning you if you try a repeat of that at tonight’s meal I will make absolutely certain that my husband doesn’t offer you a single penny in sponsorship. Do I make myself clear – I didn’t bring my daughters up to have them ogled at by rock climbing no-hopers.”

“Yes I think you’ve made yourself clear,” I said impassively.

“Good. You’re not in my their league,” she said with a sneer. “So stay away from them.”

That got me mad and I snapped back that she had no right to speak to me in that manner and that anyway her daughters were grown women and were free to make their own choices. She was a real fiery cow because she pushed me back against the wall and thrust her face close to mine.

“Stay away. I’ve told you once and I won’t tell you again.” She reached down and grabbed my balls in a vice-like grip. “Stay away or I’ll rip these off.”

We stood motionless, eyeballing each other, aggressive electricity crackling between us. Then without me even thinking about it my prick started to swell and grow, and in no time I was almost fully erect. I waited for Sir John’s wife to pull her hand away and start calling me names, but nothing happened.

It became one of those moments when time seems to be suspended. Not a word had been said, but the whole dynamic had undergone a seismic shift from anger to lust. We remained motionless as if both of us were waiting for the other to acknowledge it. Then she made a slight movement.

It was nothing really, just a slight upwards straining, but it was unquestionably the movement of a woman who wanted to be kissed. I slammed my lips down on hers and she responded greedily. Her hand slid upwards and squeezed my red-hot prick. I pulled her blouse open to reveal a lacy black bra and plunged my head between her breasts. I used my teeth to pull one bra cup to the side, then sucked greedily on the exposed nipple. She gasped, then gasped again as I pulled her skirt up round her waist.

The rest was relatively simple. I swivelled her round so that she was against the wall and pushed my hand between her legs. The cotton of her panties was deliciously warm and wet, but I simply pulled them to one side. Fortunately she was a moderately tall woman and combined with the heels she was wearing there wasn’t much of a height difference between us. So it was quite easy to position my prick against her pouting wetness and thrust into her.

“Bastard,” she said. “You’re going to take my husband’s money and you’re going to fuck me aren’t you?”

“I’m not going to fuck you, I am fucking you,” I said giving an extra deep thrust which drew a satisfying gasp from her. “Was that nice?”

“Yes, yes,” she babbled, so I gave another hard thrust. “Oh god, your prick is massive.”

“And where is it?” I growled.

“It’s in my cunt, it’s fucking my cunt.”

It was incredibly exciting. This was my first older woman and my first married woman. She may have been in her forties, but she really could fuck. She pulled herself up and wrapped her legs around me.

“Do it, do it. Harder, harder.”

I responded to that and redoubled my efforts. It’s lucky I was fit and young because it was a tiring position, but seconds later she cried out with pleasure and shuddered as a massive orgasm racked through her. Her excitement pulled me along and for the first time ever I shot a load into a married cunt.

I couldn’t hold her up for much longer and soon I had to lower her feet to the ground. She pulled her panties back into place and quickly tidied herself.

“Don’t even think of mentioning this to my daughters. Promise me that you won’t.”

I was getting used to this, so I gave her a solemn promise that I wouldn’t mention it to her daughters. Satisfied, she quickly left the room.

I waited a few minutes then feeling distinctly knackered I headed back to my room for another shower. I was laid on the bed relaxing when the phone rang and the housekeeper advised me that dinner tonight would be at 7pm and it would be just myself and Sir John.

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