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“I’m just not good at blowjobs,” said Liz as she sipped her coffee.

“Well maybe you simply need more practice,” replied Katie.

“Who on earth could I practice with?” Liz asked. “I broke up with my boyfriend months ago.”

“I bet Alan wouldn’t mind being your Guinea pig,” smirked Katie. “I’ll set it up for you if you want.”

In reality, Liz’s boyfriend had dumped her because he thought she was bad at sex. He couldn’t make her come, and she just didn’t know how to please him in bed.

Liz had been so embarrassed and disheartened when he’d dumped her, but she hadn’t told her best friend Katie at the time. She hadn’t wanted to share any of her troubles with Katie because Katie was so close to her husband Alan, and Alan was so perfect. They had the best relationship. Great communication, great sex and two great kids. Liz envied what they had together.

“Alright,” Liz replied. “What have I got to lose?”

Katie and Alan had a lovely big house in the suburbs, as they were mortgage free. They managed to live in the best area, where the best schools were and the real estate around it was the most expensive.

Katie was so beautiful and looked so young for her age. She was a tall dark and strikingly pretty woman. Tall, slim and toned with long jet black hair and a pretty face. She looked like a model and was always very well dressed and elegant to go with that. She had many friends and they all appreciated her great personality and were drawn to her fun loving personality.

Liz on the other hand, was also tall and slender, but she didn’t have the model good looks that her friend did. Her hair was auburn and she was fair and freckly. She looked like she had been in a beach party in the sixties. Her bust, thighs and buttocks were big, but she liked that about herself because it meant that she had a curvy shape. She was very popular at work with both the guys and the girls because of her fun demeanor and sunny personality. She had talent and people could see that, but she didn’t have Katie’s stunning looks.

But what fascinated Liz the most, was how there wasn’t a hint of domestic violence or any real problems in her marriage. She’d asked Katie if there was ever any marital strife. If they ever had a fight.

“There was one fight,” said Katie. “It was about a month before I found out I was pregnant with our first baby.”

Liz couldn’t believe she had never heard about it.

“We had a huge argument, because I found out that Alan had been withholding sex,” said Katie. “I’d just had my period, and I was all geared up to give him a blowjob, because I’d been so horny recently, but he turned me down, because he said he wasn’t in the mood and that he didn’t feel like doing it. I started to cry because I was so frustrated.”

She’d then told Liz more grisly details.

“A month or so later, about a month before I got pregnant, I called him up and made a date with him at home. I was all horny after I’d learned that Alan loved blowjobs. I’d been reading up on other techniques on the internet, because I felt I was a bit short on them. So after I’d learned that he loved them, I was fascinated to find out what else he might be interested in. So I was looking forward to giving him a really good experience,” said Katie.

“When he came home, I greeted him at the door wearing this silly French Maid’s outfit and doing a silly French Maid’s routine. You know the one. Long apron in an old fashioned style that tied behind the back. Long black stockings, high heels shoes and I was brushing my hair out over my shoulder. The skirt was sleek and short, showing off my legs. And it had a low cut top, so I was showing off my cleavage,” continued Katie.

Liz was laughing just imagining it.

“He got really turned on,” continued Katie. “I was tempted to suck his cock right in front of the door. I started talking dirty to him in French. I was really excited and thought this was going to be my lucky night.”

“He said he wanted to fuck me,” said Katie. “He was wearing boxer shorts and I thought he was just going to pull them off and get into bed. He was being pretty forceful and rough with me. As he pulled down my panties and was running his hands up and down my legs, he was saying how smooth and soft I felt, like he’d been stroking a cat. I sort of liked that idea. I love cats.”

“He then pulled my maid skirt off and pushed me down onto my knees. He pulled my head in to his crotch where his boxer shorts had fallen to the ground.”

“I thought he was just going to etimesgut dansöz escortlar put his cock into my mouth,” said Katie. “And that’s what I was waiting for. What surprised me was that he had taken his boxers off and he was standing there with an erection, but he wanted me to suck his balls. I think he wanted me to feel subservient. It was a little degrading, but I’d wanted that. I wanted him to like me for it, so I swallowed up what he had to give me.”

“He taught me how to give him a great blowjob that night. It was like we were having sex in a different way. It was like he had a new sexual muscle and I was the only person who could strengthen and stimulate it. I’d never realized that blowjobs like that actually existed. There were so many different ways to use my tongue, mouth, lips and breath to make him feel so wonderful. I’d never known that a blowjob could feel this good.”

“So you liked it?” frowned Liz. “You liked giving him a blowjob?”

“Well, what I find funny is that I liked giving him blowjobs because they felt so good to me,” Katie replied. “I was pretty new to sex, so at the time I didn’t think it was about sharing good feelings with someone. My mouth was full of him, so I couldn’t breathe. My nose was sort of pressed into his pubic hair and whenever he thrust into me I started to choke. It was strange to feel awkward and embarrassed, but when I felt what he was doing, I just wanted to please him. I was turned on by it, because I liked the idea of getting him off like that.

“You wanna know the real secret of giving a great blowjob?” Katie asked.

“Do tell,” Liz said.

“You have to get into it. I mean really get into it. Deep throat his cock, slobber on it, jerk him off, give him lots of eye contact, and let him come wherever he wants to, even if you hate the taste. You really need to learn to enjoy giving head. Because if you enjoy it, you will really give him that special experience.” Katie explained.

“So why don’t you come over on Friday night and I’ll let you suck off Alan and really show you how to please a man?” Katie said.

“I already told you that I’m in,” Liz replied.

The week passed by uneventfully and by the time she knew it, it was Friday night already. On the way over to Katie and Alan’s house, Liz began to feel butterflies in her stomach. She wasn’t nervous, exactly, but she wasn’t sure what to expect. As she pulled into the driveway, she couldn’t help but feeling like she was going over to someone’s house for a party. Shutting her car off, she grabbed her bag and walked up to the door.

She rang the doorbell and she could hear it buzz through the house. A minute later she heard footsteps approaching the door. She waited a few moments, when she heard the click of the lock and the door opened.

“Liz,” Katie greeted her warmly. “I’m so glad that you are here.”

“Me too,” Liz replied. She was surprised to see that Katie didn’t have any makeup on, and her hair was tied back up in a ponytail. As Katie led her into the living room, she saw Alan for the first time.

Liz was surprised to see that he looked pretty young. He was in his mid twenties, but he had reddish blond hair, light blue eyes, a nice, cherub like face and a thin, fit athletic body. He was still shy and wasn’t talking much, but he was obviously enjoying the chance to meet a new girl.

“Do you want something to drink? I’ve got wine, soda, juice…? Wait, I have some tequila as well. Would you like tequila?” asked Katie.

“Sure. Tequila sounds great,” Liz said, still standing by the door.

As Liz sipped on her drink, Katie and Alan were on the couch on the opposite side of the room. From where Liz was standing, she could see that they were sitting very close so she could not hear what they were saying. After a few minutes, Alan was talking to Liz.

“So, Liz are you ready to get started?” he asked.

Liz was starting to feel a nice buzz coming on and she began to relax a bit. “Sure, let’s do this,” she replied.

Katie walked over to Liz and took her hand. “Do you want to go upstairs? Alan might be nervous at first.”

Katie led Liz upstairs to their bedroom. The room was dimly lit and had a beautiful king bed with gorgeous dark red silk sheets.

“I thought you and I could get started and then Alan could join us in a few minutes,” Katie said as she grabbed Liz by the hand.

Katie pulled Liz towards the bed and began to unbutton her shirt. Liz was surprised at Katie’s aggressiveness, elvankent saatlik veren escortlar but she was also starting to feel very excited by the sexual chemistry between her and Katie.

Katie slowly pulled the shirt off of Liz and then leaned in to kiss her. Liz could taste the tequila and cigarette smoke on Katie’s breath, but the kiss felt sweet and nostalgic. Katie slowly bent down to lick Liz’s neck, and then her ears. Katie’s sensual touch sent chills through Liz’s body and she instinctively put her arms around Katie.

“Take off your bra,” commanded Katie, as she nestled her head into the crook of Liz’s neck.

Liz obeyed without questioning, and the bra fell to the floor. There was an electrical current running between her breasts and her thighs. Katie skillfully brushed the tips of her thumbnails across the nipples that were now sensitive and erect. Liz tingled at the touch, trying to suppress a moan.

Katie took the opportunity to begin exploring Liz’s naked breasts with her hands and mouth.

Katie’s tongue traced the outlines of Liz’s newly revealed nipples. The feeling was heavenly. At first, Liz felt a sense of vulnerability, but she got over that quickly. The girl was a knockout.

“Why don’t you get on your knees,” Katie requested, and Liz immediately dropped to her knees.

Katie pulled off her pants and revealed a pair of black lace boy shorts. She stood in front of Liz in nothing but those shorts and her red high-heeled shoes. She couldn’t see Katie’s butt at this angle, but that didn’t matter. In the front, her legs were trim and muscular, but not overly muscular.

“You want to watch me suck Alan’s cock first?” asked Katie, with an intense look on her face.

“Yes,” Liz replied.

Alan entered the bedroom in only his boxer briefs. He approached Katie and she pulled his briefs down. His cock glistened in the dim light. He was fully erect already and had a slight smirk on his face. Katie got on her knees, leaned forward and took Alan in her mouth. As she licked over his penis, straightening his hair on his shaft, she gently twisted his balls.

“Ooh, that’s nice,” Alan said, as Katie continued to move down his shaft.

Katie was bobbing her head. She stopped when she had made it all the way down to the base. Then, she slowly licked the shaft and the head of his cock and then once again she went all the way down. Alan sighed at the feeling.

Liz couldn’t help but notice that Katie had excellent control of her head and she moved in a way that made the very tips of her nipples graze his leg. Katie massaged his testicles with one hand while she stroked him with the other. Katie took one of Alan’s testicles into her mouth, rolling it around. Alan began to moan, and then Katie responded by taking more of his shaft into her mouth.

“Oh, that feels so good.” Alan said.

“Mmm,” Katie began to moan. She was back to bobbing her head, then she swallowed down all of his cock in one fell swoop. Alan made a slight choking noise and ran his fingers through her hair. “That’s it baby,” he said.

Katie motioned Liz in a come in closer, and Liz did. “You see Alan really likes when I lick is his balls while I suck on his cock. I love the sour taste of his balls.”

“Pull my balls,” Alan said. “I like that too.”

Katie quickly pulled Alan’s balls from his body. Their weight was surprisingly heavy for their size. Katie pulled and stretched them, giving one last hard pull and tug, as she deep-throated Alan. Alan’s cock was now soaked with saliva and mucus from her throat.

Liz didn’t know if she was supposed to participate, or if she was just supposed to watch. She decided to just watch at first, but that quickly changed. Katie must have sensed this. She released Alan’s balls from her mouth and gave them a light kiss and stroke.

“Hey, Liz. Get over here,” she said.

Liz got up from the bed slowly and got down on her knees next to Katie. When she did, Katie grabbed Liz by the shoulders, pulled her in close and kissed her deeply. The kiss was intense, long, and passionate.

“I know it feels good Liz, but you don’t get to stop here. Alan’s obviously having a great time so I’m gonna let you suck his dick now,” Katie said.

Without saying anything Liz leaned forward, took Alan’s cock in her mouth, and began to bob her head. Alan reached out and lightly ran his fingers through her soft hair.

“Yessssss,” Alan moaned, as he grabbed Liz by the head.

“Look at that ankara azeri escortlar beautiful dick,” Katie said. “Just looking at it makes me want it in my mouth.” “C’mon, Liz, you have to put it in your throat.”

Liz began to put it deeper into her mouth and thrust down on him. When she got him deep enough, she began to massage his cock with her throat muscles, gagging herself slightly.

Katie watched as Alan brought his hand to Liz’s head and held her tightly. She knew that Liz was doing a good job because Alan was starting to thrust into her mouth.

“That’s right, Liz, show that cock who’s in charge,” Katie said.

Liz was staring straight up at Alan. She was trying maintain eye contact with him and get as much of Alan’s cock down her throat as possible. She was getting lost in the moment as she bobbed up and down on Alan’s shaft.

Mmmph, mmmph,” Alan moaned. “Take it all the way to the base, Liz.”

Liz couldn’t respond with her mouth filled with Alan’s penis, but she slowed her bobs and took it as deep as she could. Alan attempted to thrust his cock down her throat but she wasn’t reacting. She knew that if she ever tried to deep throat Alan all the way, she would choke and gag, so essentially, he was being denied access.

Liz tilted her head slightly back and looked into Alan’s eyes. He was staring into her eyes, but he was also thrusting into her mouth. He towered over her, and she felt completely dominated by him.

“Alright Liz,” Katie said, “We are both going to make Alan come now. He looks like he’s ready.”

Katie grabbed Liz by the hair and pulled her off of Alan. Before she could ask what was going on Katie grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved Liz down onto her knees in front of her. Katie told Liz to lower herself slightly and to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. Liz did as she was told.

Katie grabbed Alan’s cock with her left hand and stroked him violently. She had a tight grip on him and he was loving it.

“Oh my fucking God you’re going to make me fucking come!” he shouted, as he looked down at Katie stroking him.

Katie turned to check on Liz. Liz had her mouth open and was staring up at Alan. Liz was anticipating his come as much as Katie was.

Katie pointed Alan’s cock at Liz and pulled him forward slightly. Liz was on her knees with her mouth open, ready for Alan’s load. As Alan thrust forward into Katie’s hand, he came into Liz’s mouth.

“Don’t just fucking sit there, put your mouth over it!” Katie ordered, before taking Alan in her mouth.

Liz leaned forward as the taste of Alan’s come spread in her mouth. Katie began to massage Alan’s balls slowly as Liz took his cock deep down her throat.

“That’s it, babe. Suck that cock! Suck that beautiful fucking cock!” Katie mumbled.

Liz was deep-throating Alan wildly now. Her face was red and her mouth was wide open. Alan was still gently thrusting his hips into her mouth. Liz could feel the pulsations of Alan’s orgasmic contractions with her tongue as he thrust into her mouth again and again. Katie watched as Liz lapped the come off of Alan’s cock.

“Finish him off, Liz,” Katie said, “But don’t swallow this time. Let me taste it too.”

Liz slowly took Alan’s cock out of her mouth and leaned back to let the come flow down her face. She turned and looked at Alan.

“I don’t have any thing to clean up with,” she said, apologetically.

“That’s okay, babe,” Alan said, and Katie smiled at him, “that’s fucking hot.”

Katie reached down, grabbed Liz by the hair and began to tenderly lick Alan’s come off of her face.

“That’s good,” Alan said.

Katie then grabbed Liz by the hair and brought her in close to her face. Katie locked her lips around Liz’s and gave her a deep kiss. The hot come flowed between their mouths and Liz felt the warm wetness as Katie sucked her lips.

Katie leaned back, swallowed once, and looked at Liz. She placed her hand on her cheek.

“That was wonderful,” Katie said, “You’re a natural cocksucker.”

“Thank you,” Liz said, smiling.

Katie got up off the floor and walked to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled at the hot mess she was. She grabbed a towel and wiped off her face and breasts.

She walked back into the bedroom. Alan was lying on the bed with Liz by his side.

“You guys are great,” Katie said. “I loved seeing what a natural at sucking cock you are, Liz. You know, I really wanted to see you give Alan a blowjob, and you turned out to be quite good at it.”

“For sure, right Alan?” Liz asked.

“Definitely,” Alan said.

“You are a natural cocksucker,” said Katie.

“Well, I wonder if there’s anything else you can teach me?” Liz asked.

Katie looked at Alan and they both smiled.

“Yeah, there’s plenty more where that came from,” Katie laughs.

The End

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