Alison , Max Ch. 6

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Alison cruised down the highway; her favorite jazz CD was playing, the window was open for a slight breeze, and only the occasional car passing by. It really was a boring highway to travel, but it was more direct than the scenis local roads, and made the trip from work to home that much quicker. She had taken the afternoon off from work and grabbed a quick lunch with Max (and a quick feel and kiss in the parking lot) before heading home.

Listening to the music, thinking about what she’d do with herself all afternoon got her feeling horny. Lunch with Max was great, but that hurried touch before she got in her car and drove off was not enough; feeling unfulfilled, she was in need of “dessert”. With one hand on the steering wheel she pushed up her skirt and had her hand between her legs. She never wore panties anymore when she wore her garter and stockings, which she always did with a skirt. Not only did it feel great, it made masturbating while driving much easier! She did have to watch her speed, though, since she could get somewhat lead-footed when she got excited; wouldn’t want to have to explain to the officer why that happened…”Yes, sir, I know I was going 100 miles per hour in a 65 zone, but you see I was so overcome by the intensity of my orgasm that I unknowingly applied too much pressure to the gas pedal…”. Yeah, she definitely nişantaşı escort didn’t want to get stopped for speeding.

She was enjoying the feel of her own wetness, rubbing herself to the soothing, steady beat of the music…and keeping her eye on the road, of course, when she saw him pull up in the lane to her left, keeping up with her car. He smiled at her. She smiled back. Did he know where her hand was? He was so handsome, and that smile did something to her insides. They kept a steady pace, one or the other occasionally dropping back a bit, then speeding up, basically traveling side by side. Alison was really hot now, incredibly wet and close to coming.

Feeling unbelievably horny, she took a chance and pulled into the rest stop ahead. Looking in her rear-view mirror, she saw his car behind her. She smiled and silently shouted a victorious YES! There were no other cars or people around as she pulled into a spot. Smoothing her skirt, she got out of the car and walked toward the small building. She could hear him behind her as she walked through the doors. Nobody in the building. Her excitement built as she walked into the women’s room. They had come this far; would he follow her in?

As she stood at the sink casually washing her hands, he did just that. He walked up to the sink ortaköy escort next to her and washed his own hands. They glanced up at the mirror, casually smiling at each other, as if men and women always shared bathrooms at highway rest stops. He watched as she dried her hands, then he dried his own, playfully turning the force of the hot air on her face. She smiled. He smiled back, and taking a step forward, closed the gap between them. He pushed her up against the wall as his mouth met hers. A groan. Was it her? She couldn’t tell, didn’t care. He was hot! His passion rivaled her own as she kissed him back with great intensity, weaving her hands around his neck and her fingers through his hair.

His hand teased as it brushed against her breast, then lingered at the hem of her skirt. Finally, he lifted it, shoved two fingers inside her and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Incredible how wet she was, he thought. His other hand held her head captive as his tongue searched her mouth. She was pushing up against his hand now, her excitement building. She reached down and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down just enough to reach his rock-hard cock. She rubbed the shaft, and felt him swell even more in her hand.

Breaking away from his kiss and still stroking his throbbing cock, she whispered in his ear. pendik escort “I want to taste myself on you”. He brought his fingers to her mouth, gently running the tips along her lips, letting her tongue catch his thumb as she drew it into her mouth to suck on it. She looked into his eyes while she did and he rewarded her with another bright smile saying “I want you to tell me to fuck you, and say my name when you do. It’s Jack.” She looked him square in the eye and without hesitation said “Fuck me NOW, Jack”. He grabbed her leg and lifted it around his waist while he entered her.

It didn’t take long for them both to come. He practically threw her back against the wall, pinning her there while he pumped his hot seed into her. She whimpered his name in his ear as powerful waves of pleasure overtook her.

Totally spent, he relaxed against her. “Thanks, Jack” she said as he pulled out of her.

He smiled that winning smile at her again. “You are SO welcome…” and gave her a questioning look, waiting for her name.

“…Jane. It’s Jane” she replied, with a smile.

“You are SO welcome, Jane.”

They straightened up and he walked out of the bathroom. She followed a moment later. Still nobody around. She watched as he got in his car, smiled, and waved to her, then drove away.

* * *

Alison walked through the front door. “Hey! Where are you Max?” she yelled out.

“In the living room” came the response. She walked in to see him sprawled out on the couch, smiling. “Have a nice drive home?” he asked.

“Best commute ever…Jack” she replied with a wicked smile, and bent over to kiss him.

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