Accidental Sex with GF’s Sister

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Big Tits

Everybody in this story was of legal age at the time of the incident.


Of course it’s true; you can’t make this stuff up!

When I was dating Mitzi I used to go over to her house and wait for her to get home from work. Her little sister, Melissa was always there since the community college was out for the summer. Melissa and I got along really well, so it was all good.

Their Mom didn’t get home from work till about 6, but I got along really well with her too. It was just the three ladies living in their two bedroom townhouse apartment at Willow Trace in Clemmons, NC. Mom had her own bedroom and the two girls shared a bedroom and a bed and a few other things that some sisters share…(But that’s not what this story is about).

We had this routine going all summer and Melissa had gotten really comfortable with me being there. So comfortable in fact that she had gotten in the habit of wearing nothing but a T-shirt and panties when she got home from school, just like I wasn’t even there.

This situation was getting more and more difficult for me sexually because Melissa was a beautiful, hot, sexy girl. She looked so much like Mitzi that some people couldn’t tell them apart and there was less than two years difference in their ages and both had developed bodies well beyond their years. I often wondered if I had picked the wrong sister, but you couldn’t go wrong with either of these two.

On this particular summer afternoon I arrived at their apartment just a little bit early. When I knocked on the door Melissa leaned out of her bedroom window, which was on the front of the apartment, for me to wait just a minute and she would be down to open the door. When she leaned out the window, she was totally topless! Right there in the window for all to see! I had an instant erection. This girl was 4’10” and didn’t weigh more than 98 pounds and 25 of that was tits!

When she got to the door and opened it she was wearing a thin grey jersey style T-shirt with arm holes that opened down to her waist. Although maybe not an old shirt, it was designed to look thin and worn. You could see through it in places. She was wearing it inside out and backwards which made the really low back even more revealing turned to the front. The tag had been ripped out and there was a kurtköy escort tear right there between her breasts from that.

There was very little of her titties that I couldn’t see every time she moved. It was long for a T-shirt but way too short to cover any part of her panties. Her panties were pink and white in sort of a camouflage pattern. Even just glancing I could tell that they were faded, worn thin and a little tattered. Obviously one of her all time favorite pair. They were sort of a thong style, she called it a “T Back” style. She told me later that they were worn out in the middle from all the years of guys rubbing her pussy through them. She liked to wear this pair when she knew she was going to “get nasty.”

As casual as she was dressed, her make-up was remarkably perfect and she smelled absolutely edible. I wondered if she was trying to impress me or if she was really that casual and comfortable.

I gave her our customary kiss on the cheek and a firm hug as I made my way to the couch trying to hide my growing erection and fighting the urge to rape her! I was still picturing her hanging out of the window topless, right there in the front of the apartment, overlooking the parking lot without even looking first to see who might be out there besides me.

I sat down and picked up the TV remote.

Melissa said “OH NO YOU DON’T! That’s my remote! I’m gonna watch MY shows.”

She grabbed for it and I pulled it away. She missed with her grab and landed on my lap facing me with her knees on both side of my hips. Her breasts pressed against my chest as she sort of rested there and didn’t move for a second.

I wondered if she had felt my hard-on between her legs because I had definately felt it pressing against her hot little pussy.

My cock was nearly pushing right through my board shorts. The “tent” was just a little more than obvious! Having her braless young, hard breasts pressed against my chest did nothing to relieve my discomfort.

I had all but forgotten how we came to be in this position when I came back to reality and heard her saying “That’s not fair! Give it to me!”

Of course I’m thinking “Oh yeah! I’ll give it to you alright!”

She was half heartedly fighting for levent escort the remote. Her tight little body was squirming all over me and I know that she was intentionally rubbing her crotch across my stiff cock. The first time might have been an accident, but even as dense as I am, I could figure out that this was now very intentional on her part. Melissa was not shy about being a tease but I never knew just how far she might let it go.

She started tickling me to make me give up the remote. I started tickling her back. We ended up in a literal wrestling match and landed in the floor. The wrestling continued until we ended up back on the couch with her under me, legs on either side of my waist and my erection pressing against her hot wet panties and her shirt rasied up above her bare breasts, resting there, her breasts too large and too firm to let the shirt fall back down.

I held her arms down by her head and intentionally thrust my hips and rubbed my cock against her little barely covered pussy until we were dry humping like I used to do in the back seat of the car at the drive in movie when I was a teenager.

Melissa raised her hips to meet my thrusts. We were both getting really carried away. By now my shorts had found their way down far enough that my cockhead was poking out the top of them. I could feel Melissa’s soft skin against my bare cockhead as I continued to dry hump against her panties.

Her pussy was emanating heat and her panties felt wet against my cock. Every time I pushed toward her, my cock found its way further out of my shorts until I was rubbing my bare cock against her wet panties. I was suddenly very glad that I had decided not to wear my underwear today. I left them off because I knew Mitzi and I would be playing around very shortly.

By now I had released her hands and Melissa had them holding onto my hips pulling me closer to her… almost into her. I kissed her softly on the lips, looked her in the eyes and said “If this doesn’t stop right now, it’s not going to stop. Are you ready for that?”

I pulled back and pressed my cockhead against her wet panties right at the opening of her little wet pussy. I pressed harder as if indicating that I would enter her if she agreed. Melissa laughed mahmutbey escort and said “In your dreams, Old Man!”

At that same time she grabbed my ass with both hands and wrapped her legs around my waist and and pulled me to her thrusting her hips up to meet my throbbing cockhead with her final, forcefull, thrusting tease.

What neither of us expected was about to happen.

Just as we thrust against each other, hard, the flimsy fabric of her old worn out panties gave way and they ripped right in the middle and my cock lunged forward and right up to the hilt into her tight young pussy. All in one hard push I was buried balls deep into Melissa’s teenage pussy!

OMG! My cock was balls deep in my girlfriends little sister. I froze. I remained motionless inside of her. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like if I moved one muscle I would cum inside of her. She didn’t move either.

Finally without saying a word I decided to back out slowly so as not to cum. As I was pulling out Melissa clamped down on me with her arms and legs, heels digging into my ass and she shuttered and begged, “No. Don’t. Don’t pull out.” She pulled my face to hers with both hands and yelled “FUCK ME! NOW! HARD!” She sounded just like Mitzi when she said that!

I don’t know how I managed, but I started fucking her and she bucked like a wild animal screaming “YES! YES! YESSSS! OMG! FUCK ME HARDER!”

Time stood still and somehow I managed to keep fucking for about 50 quick strokes. I told her “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I can still pull out. Where do you want it?”

She looked at me with an evil grin and said “As deep as you can fucking get it, Old Man! You wanted to FUCK ME didn’t you? Well then fuck me like a man! FUCK ME DEEP!”

I erupted inside of that beautiful little pussy. It was a wonderful fuck! Melissa’s pussy was much smaller than Mitzi’s. I was surprised that two sisters could have such different pussies when the two girls look so much alike.

The other thing was that Melissa’s pussy tasted so much sweeter than Mitzi’s. Don’t get me wrong, Mitzi’s pussy tastes awesome and just as good as Melissa’s, it’s just that Melissa’s was so sweet and tiny.

Melissa said, “What do you think Mitzi will say about this?”

I almost panicked and asked “Are you going to tell her?”

Melissa replied “Oh hell yeah!’

“some day…”

“but not this day.”

Mitzi was home shortly and I always wondered if she could smell her little sister’s pussy on me when we kissed very soon thereafter.

Hopefully I’ll have time to write about the family affair soon. Sorry…gotta go for now.

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