A Step Farther Ch. 01

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Cautious smiles had no place for two people who had been chatting as much as we had been over the past few months, but sure enough that is what crept in and enveloped both of our faces upon seeing each other for the first time.

Meeting in person was a step further than either of us had expected or even desired with another person found via the internet, but there I was in his doorway, invited in warmly with a welcoming kiss on the cheek. I knew what he looked like, how seductive his voice was over the phone, what his sexual appetites were. The fact did not escape me that despite this sensual, sexual intimacy that had developed between us, I could not say that I “knew” him. It scared me as much as it titillated me that I was standing there feeling veritably vulnerable in front of him.

He grabbed my hand and led me over to sit on his couch, which proved to be very stiff to sit on, but with its straight lines and bold red color was a focal point of his minimalist modern décor. He started the conversation by asking if my travel to his locale was enjoyable. He offered a glass of wine, I gladly accepted. After half a glass was gone and the small talk ran through we were left again with just smiles.

I put my glass down on a side table as he slid closer to me wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I immediately felt a tingle of electricity build from my lower back, race up my spine, and engulf my shoulders before consuming my whole body. The totality of pieces coming together by hearing his voice, watching his physical mannerisms, seeing his excitement to have me with him; he could have asked me to do anything in that moment of me being totally smitten and I would have obliged his every whim. Instead, he whispered in my ear how glad he was we had agreed on a set of guidelines for this encounter, because he was feeling “Very, very eager”.

Leaning into him I gave him a quick kiss on his clean shaven cheek. I nuzzled him with my nose and flashed my biggest “come hither” doe eyes. He began slowly and sensually running his fingers over my thigh, which turned into a light massage as he stared at me adoringly. His big blue eyes were so comforting that any apprehensions I had about being there with him melted away.

Trying not to be shy, I brought my lips to his and we started to softly kiss and explore each others mouths. He was a fantastic kisser. With his playful and seductive kisses, I let my desire for him consume the ability or need to produce thought. Our oral affections left both of us making tiny moans and gasps of enjoyment as his wrapped arm pulled me in closer and the hand on my thigh traveled up to grab onto my hip.

My dominant need to please sprang forward as I pushed him back into the couch, made my way onto his lap, grabbed his face in my hands and searched for deeper, more passionate kisses. He was more than happy to respond to my aggressiveness by matching it, pulling the back of my head forcefully into our kiss while grabbing my right breast in his hand as I rocked my hips, feeling my pussy swell and moisten. I wanted, needed his cock inside of me, without further delay.

Our plan did not include heavy kissing and fondling, just tender adorations, so we already were off track. If fact, I was told I would not be allowed to touch his cock at all and he would not touch me, not for our first time together. We both were very explicit that we wanted to taunt and tease, manipulate ourselves for each other, but wait for future encounters to go further. I did not care within the moment to adhere to any rules.

Part avrupa yakası escort of the reason I was so drawn to him is that he proclaimed to be dominant. He promised me he would enforce our plan despite my begging and pleading to do otherwise. I had always wanted to be with someone who could put me in my place, who could make me feel like I was submissive or at the very least an equal. It was something I had fantasized about but never had found compatibility with someone to explore. On top of him trying to unbutton his pants to feel his throbbing cock in my hands was the litmus test to see if he would stop me.

Once I got his pants unbuttoned and my hand was making its way under his boxers, he pulled my hand away and gave me a look as though I was being scolded for trying to touch. “My, my…” he interjected before flashing a huge grin; “You were not kidding about being aggressive were you?”

I hung my head coyly and shrugged my shoulders, “I told you I needed help being wrangled in and made to behave.”

He laughed as he caressed the side of my face and ran his fingers through my hair, “I do not think you are as hard to handle as you think you are. I just happen to believe you have not been told “no” before. I can imagine other men find you irresistible, why would they tell you no?”

I could feel my mouth drop open and gasped, “You can see other men finding me irresistible, but you don’t, is that what you are saying?”

“No,” he chuckled and took a moment to choose his words more carefully. “I will clarify. I do find you irresistible. You have many charms at your disposable to woo and conquer any man, I am no exception. I humbly apologize if you found what I said to be indignant in any way.” He paused while brushing my hair out of my eyes, “Not every man though could be as attentive to your needs as I am willing to be, even if it means sacrificing what I know would be an immensely gratifying experience physically with you today in order to conform something deeper and more meaning for both of us in the future.”

I playfully kissed his cheek, “You realize saying that just makes me want to rip off your clothes and do whatever I want because I find you so adorable, right?”

He gave me and even bigger smile and I got off of his lap and stood up in front him. I could see him eyeing my chest. I was wearing a thin pink, somewhat see through V neck tee. Underneath, my bra was also pink, but darker than the shirt so it noticeably could be seen. All sheer lace. I knew if he looked very closely he could make out my nipples.

I caressed my breast, rolling my nipple between my thumb and forefinger to make it hard as he scooted himself to the edge of the couch. He rubbed my hips and down my thighs. Leaning into me he kissed my stomach as I ran my fingers through his hair.

“Your couch, although über chic, is not exactly something to stretch out and play on,” I said with a wink. Nodding in agreement, he stood up, grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom.

Monochromatic was the only way to describe his bedroom; shades of black, from the furniture to the bedding, lamps and rug. In addition he was wearing a dark grey shirt and black pants. I felt like I was glowing wearing such a vibrant pink. He sat down on the bed and patted it for me to sit beside him. I shot him pouty lips at the thought of being at his side and went in for a kiss, lowering him back onto the bed as I straddled and lay on top of him.

Indulging me until it got to the point we were both grinding our bodies bağcılar escort together, he flipped me to my side and began to kiss my neck which made me whimper. I again started massaging my breast, pinching my nipple harder than before. I was so slippery; I could already feel a dampened spot on my panties. I unbuttoned my pants and slid my fingers to feel my swollen cunt, soppy with excitement. Sliding them between the folds, my fingers became saturated. I withdrew them and held them up in front of us, my wetness glistening in the light shining down from the ceiling.

“All those times I told you how ridiculously wet talking to you makes me, this is an example of what I was talking about,” I pronounced enthusiastically as he pulsed against me watching me slide my fingers together for him. I brought them to my mouth and sucked off my juices slowly as he watched. His eyes rolled back into his head and he thrust his cock against my thigh.

Looking at me with great intensity, I asked him if he wanted to taste me. He shook his head “yes”, but said nothing. I again moistened my fingers and this time brought them to his mouth. I painted his bottom lip with a wet line and absorbed every nuance of how he licked his lip, the tiny noise escaping as if he was savored how good it tasted, the way his eyes locked into mine when I knew he wanted more. I held my fingers up to his mouth and he slowly licked and sucked them as he fondled my breast and moaned. After satisfactorily cleaning them, he grabbed onto the side of my face and with great yearning, kissed me.

I snatched and pulled at his shirt trying to get him to lie on top of me, but he stayed at my side, attentively kissing me. My hand again found its way to my wet pussy and I cried out as my clit released a powerful burst of pleasure as I rubbed it in tiny circles. I began to pant as we kissed, working the circles faster. He stopped kissing me in favor of watching me toil almost to the verge of cumming.

“Please,” I begged, “please let me taste you as I cum.”

His mouth parted, he watched me quiver as I again mouthed “please”. His hand moved expeditiously under his boxers and reached for his cock.

I watched his hand move masterfully up and down as he stroked himself before removing his hand out of his pants and bringing his index finger to my mouth. I licked off the little taste of pre-cum he had gifted me with before sucking his finger into my mouth. He kissed my neck as I sucked his finger in and out of my mouth, my tongue flicking and circling around it, mimicking what I would do with his cock. He replaced his finger with his tongue and pulled my hand free from my jeans. Again he sucked and licked every drop of sweetness from my fingers.

He climbed on top of me pulling up my shirt and biting my nipple through my bra. I was focused on getting him well placed between my thighs to feel the rasping of his cock against my clit. Ravaging my breasts with his mouth, he pulled them out of their cups to suck, lick and bite my nipples.

I pulled his ass down as I brought my hips up causing the friction I was searching for. He moaned out and gave in, thrusting ardently, over and over as I began to shake beneath him. My jeans were still on and although cumbersome, allowed just enough sensation from our toying for me to grab onto his back and begin taking short, staggered breaths, propelled to the point of climax.

Abruptly he stopped his activities and kissed his way down my stomach. I could hear myself telling him bağdatcaddesi escort “no” and tried to grab onto his shirt to pull him back up so I could finish. I looked down as he got up on his knees, grabbed my jeans and pulled them off. Only seconds passed before knelt down to suck and bite my inner thigh. I squealed as he went from one thigh to the other before he buried his face against my soaked panties.

“Fuck,” I exclaimed as he sucked my lips through the delicate lace. “I need you, please, please,” I relentlessly begged. “Doesn’t your cock deserve to be drenched, sliding in and out making me wetter, hotter, until you can’t take anymore of how good I feel and you release stream after stream of thick cum all over me. I’ll lick off every drop, I promise…”

Our eyes made contact and he got back on his knees. Clutching my panties, he forcefully yanked them off and threw them across the room. He used his middle and ring fingers to explore between my folds, found my opening and sunk them as deep as he could inside me. He had such a hold of me he was practically lifting me up as I met every movement he made inside me with enthusiasm. I grabbed his wrist to pull him even deeper as I fucked his fingers, panting loudly, trying to make myself cum.

Our strides harmonious, I seized a handful of blanket with my free hand and curled my back, making my body into the curve of a “C” as I began to feel my pussy tighten and bare down on his fingers.

“Cum for me,” he commanded in the same mesmeric and sensual tone he used over the phone with me when we came together. “I want to feel you cum on my fingers then I’ll let you cum on my cock.”

I felt every muscle in my body contract and become frozen as intense tides of pleasure devastated my body for well over a minute. When it was over I groaned loudly not only signifying my release from its hold over me, but was partially from pain. My hands, forearms, abdominal muscles, and shoulders were aching from the strain of cumming so hard. Even my jaw and cheeks felt sore. I lay there wrought to the point of exhaustion. For someone who is multi orgasmic and usually hard to satisfy, I was speechless in regard to how fulfilling that single orgasm felt.

Boasting a proud grin that made me blush a little, he laid down next to me a kissed me softly. I could not help but be overcome with intermittent bursts of giggles and happy sighs as I caught my breath. My mouth and brain were not cohesively working together for me to form words just yet. I was trying to give him an appreciative “thank you”, but what came out was jumbled jargon.

I leaned in and gave him a soft kiss. He responded in kind with a longer lingering one. I could taste and smell myself on him which very much turned me on. Within a few minutes, halftime was over and bodies were twisted back into a clingy, hot entanglement.

Feeling entitled to do so, since it was obvious there were not rules left withstanding, I slid my hand down the front of his pants and pulled out his engorged cock. His girth was fairly thick and he was normal in length, which for me was a preference not to be with someone on the larger side; his cock, to me, was perfection. I stroked him as we kissed me until I felt a little bubble of cum form on the head.

I stopped what we were doing to sit up to take off my shirt and bra. I flashed a smile as I got up on my knees and encouraged him to lay flat on his back. I lifted his shirt up to expose his naturally tone and sculpted chest. He had some chest hair that I ran my fingers across before kissing his nipples and down his stomach. I then pulled his boxers and pants down so that his cock and balls were fully exposed. Keeping in mind that little taste of cum, I ran my tongue to capture it all before getting up to remove all of his clothing. The look in his eyes once I undressed him let me know my play time was over; he was going to seize control.

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