A Night with You

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Holding my wine class by the stem I enjoy the taste of the robust red as it kisses my lips and tantalizes my tongue. I find myself surrounded by a group of people, some I know, some are strangers. I laugh and converse with them. They’re good people, smart people, and we’re all here to enjoy the evening and support a worthy cause.

Every so often I look for you as I make my way around the room. You’re in the same place with the same people, and it makes me smile that you prefer to sit back and relax while I meet and converse with many. You’re rarely quiet and reserved alone with me, but in public, you’re often stoic. Just another one of your many qualities that enchant me and keep me under your spell.

I take a sip of wine and feel it coat my mouth before I swallow. I didn’t realize I’d closed my eyes until they flutter and find you in front of me. You take my elbow, and I know you’re ready to go to our room. However, tonight I have a surprise for you.

We exit the ballroom and head toward the elevators. I stop 3/4s of the way down the hall. You look at me inquisitively, and I smile an impish smile. “What?” you ask, the corners of your mouth starting to rise. You’ve seen this smile on my lips before, and you know it usually leads to trouble. “Well, I have something I want to show you,” I reply.

I push against the wall, and it gives way. You realize it’s a door painted to look like the rest of the hallway. Once opened, it reveals a narrow passageway. You raise an eyebrow and look at me. I shrug my shoulders, grab your hand and pull you through.

The hotel has been around for over 100 years. The secret passageway leads to a room that was once a speakeasy during prohibition. I arranged with the general manager to have access to the room tonight, eryaman anal yapan escort and I lead you down the dimly lit corridor. The only sounds are my heels clicking on the concrete, the whisper of my long, red gown against my legs, and our breathing.

There’s just enough light that you can catch a glimpse of the top of my stocking and the red satin garter through the slit in my dress as I walk. I feel your hand tighten around mine. You pull me back against you then push me against the wall and kiss me, hard. I can feel the intensity of your passion in your kiss, and my knees grow weak. You put your hands on the wall on either side of my arms, caging me. Breaking the kiss, you lower your lips to my neck. My chest is rising and falling as I attempt to catch my breath, and as you pull back, I see your eyes watching intently.

“This better be good,” you say. “I want us back in our room within half an hour.” I smile again and lead the way once more down the hallway. We arrive at a large, heavy, black steel door. It looks like a vault door. I slide the key into the lock mechanism, and the light turns green. You help me open it, and we walk in.

I flip the light switch revealing a lush, luxurious room with plush red leather couches, dark velvet drapes, adjustable lighting and an ornately framed mirror on one wall. The room is often used as a private room for intimate dinners or a green room for divas, rock stars and celebrities, but tonight, it’s all ours.

Your eyes take in the room, and you look questioningly at me. I smile again and tell you we have it for as long as we want tonight. You smile and make your way to the bar. I love watching you walk. You move with such athletic grace. I always burn with desire for you, and when ankara escort we’re in close proximity, the ache in me worsens. You pour yourself a scotch and sit on one of the couches.

I start to walk toward the bar as well, but you say, “Don’t move.” I stop in my tracks, and my eyes find you. “What?” I ask with a hint of a smile. I’m wondering what you’re up to. “You’re beautiful,” you say so low I can barely hear you. I roll my eyes and start to walk again, but you say, “Stop. Turn and face me.” The bite of command and authority in your voice is new, and I’m surprised by my body’s reaction. I do as I’m told, also surprised my mind didn’t question you.

“Take off your dress,” you say then sip your scotch. I hesitate. “I won’t repeat it. Do it,” you command. I swallow, searching your eyes. They’re dark with desire, and I feel goosebumps rise on my skin as my breath quickens. My hands slightly trembling, I reach behind me and unzip my dress. I hold the bodice to me for a few seconds before letting the dress fall to the ground. I gingerly step out of it, pick it up and lay it on the couch nearest to me. I turn to face you again, and for some reason, I don’t dare to speak. I stand waiting for you to say something as your eyes roam my body. I can feel the weight of your stare as you work your way up from my black stilettos to my stockings (they have seams up the back as I know we both like) to my black satin panties and red satin garter belt; my black, satin and lace strapless bra and my red satin opera gloves.

I shift slightly, fidgeting, and you tell me to keep still. I feel a familiar wetness, and again I’m surprised at my body’s reaction to the command in your voice. “Take off your bra,” you tell me. Again, I tentatively reach behind etimesgut escort me and unhook my bra, holding it to me for a few seconds before removing it slowly and dropping it to the couch. Your eyes darken again, and I can feel the lust and desire radiating off you and meeting my own.

You stand and walk over to me, kissing me again, one hand around my waist, the other in my hair behind my neck pulling me tight against you. I can feel how much you want me, and I love what I do to you because just the thought of you fuels my passion and lust. Your touch sears me, and I’m consumed with my desire for you.

I feel your hands move down my body, and with clenched fists on either side of my hips, you easily rip the satin straps of my panties. You pull them off me and drop them to the floor. I sigh. I liked those panties, but you kiss me again and all thought of them vanishes from my mind.

I feel your hands on my cheeks, and they’re burning hot. You pull me against you again, and my arms wrap around your neck, my gloved fingers in your hair. You break the kiss, and I draw a satin-covered finger down your face to your jaw. I lick my lips then bite my lower lip as I look up at you again.

You turn me around and guide me to one of the couches. My hands grip the top, and I face the mirror. I see my lips swollen and red from your kisses, my dark hair cascading around my shoulders; my nipples are hard and dark pink, and I watch you behind me as you nudge my legs apart. Placing one hand on my back you push me so I bend at the waist. I hear your zipper and feel your hand on my hip.

I’m unbelievably aroused, my lust and love for you are sometimes more than I think I can bear, but you calm me, center me. I let go completely with you, and you never fail to make things good between us. I trust you, want you, adore you, need you even though there are times I don’t want to feel so much for you.

I know you’ll make tonight incredible. I take a deep breath, clear my mind and surrender to the moment, to you, to us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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