A Fantasy – The Dean

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The Dean

This is one of the stories I used to fantasize maybe 3-4 years back. All the names of places, organizations, people, etc. are accidental/incidental. They helped me build my story. Enjoy!

I used to be very fascinated by astronomy. I used to spend hours watching and reading pieces of stuff related to space. There was a workshop in one of the most renowned college AISER that was a space research center-cum-college. It was a workshop for a week. Since, it was held during the summer break, the seniors were not there in the hostel so we were accommodated there. This was my chance to explore more about space and learn from the finest professors in town. Little did I know, what was going to happen there.

It was the first day of the workshop. The Dean Dr. Raj Gupta addressed all of us. He looked like a man around the age of 40 and was good-looking. He put on a finely pressed formal shirt and black formal pants. We all were in a big auditorium. I was sitting in the middle of the left row. The windows to my left were of glass and there was a beautiful garden outside. The man on the podium (the dean) was hot but I preferred looking outside the big windows. After some time, I heard someone being called. I looked at the dean. His eyes were on me.

“Hey!” he said. “The view outside seems more interesting?”

“Sorry, sir,” I said.

He continued, “Why am I here? If you all have no interest then why should I waste my time! You school kids just watch a few sci-fi movies and say you know everything about space? Unbelievable!” I was humiliated but I was getting angry at the same time and he knew that too.

He said, “Don’t show that anger to me. You understand?”

“Anyways, I have a class now. I shall take your leave. And you are coming with me,” he said, pointing at me.

I didn’t want more trouble after I already caused one, since the first day, so I followed him. We were in a computer room. There were supercomputers and also other PCs which were used depending upon their requirement. He made me sit near a computer, that was a Wipro. He gave me a document and asked me to type that. It was a huge one. I thought he was nuts but I was so pissed off, I took out all my frustration on the keyboard. He had gone outside but he came back with two mugs of coffee. He sat on the chair next to mine. He placed one on the table and sipped the other.

He said, “Drink your hot coffee before it turns into cold coffee.” Then he laughed. That was the lamest joke I’d ever heard. Such a dumbass, I thought.

He said, “How long are you going to be mad at me? You know, we both are the same — short-tempered.”

“At least, I don’t show my superiority by barking at innocent kids,” I said.

He laughed and said, “Ha ha! You’re funny. Let’s negotiate. We’re here to learn and teach respectively. Tell me what your interests are. I’ll help you explore that ankara escort bayanlar subject more.”

I told him how my interest in space grew and how fascinated I was to see the stars through a telescope. He listened with keen interest and we talked more about space. Then he asked me to join the rest of my group and attend the programs. Different professors had different research fields so they showed us some labs and halls. I had not seen the dean that day in the rest of the programs.

The next day, Dean had to give a lecture to our group. I kind of started hating him less. He was not that bad a guy after all. We had a small conversation too. After the programs, I was going back to my hostel room. I had always been bad at memorizing my way or the way to my room in this case. I was unsuccessful in finding my room. On the way, I saw Dean.

He asked me, “What’s the matter?” I told him. Then he laughed and said that it’s nothing to worry about. He showed me the way and left.

On the third day, Dean came into the lecture hall where a professor was taking the class. He called my name and asked me to come with him. I followed him not being sure about what he wanted. He said, “I told you I would help you explore more.” I smiled. I felt comfortable with him. We talked a lot. He showed me the labs, the planetarium and introduced me to the other researchers. We were wandering the whole day. It was a huge place. We also talked about different topics of common interest. And he let me call him by his name.

On the fourth and fifth days, we did the same. I started liking his company and I knew he felt the same.

It was the night of the fifth day. I was sleeping in my hostel room. It was on the ground floor. I heard a knock. I asked who it was. Raj answered. I opened the door. There was no light on the corridor apart from the moonlight that came through the glass windows of the wall.

He said, “Let me show you something.”

I followed trying to make minimum noise as we didn’t want to wake others up. We walked out from the hostel towards the space center.

He said, “Wait! I have a surprise for you.” He blindfolded me so I couldn’t see anything. As we walked, I was curious to know what it was but he wouldn’t tell me. Then he took me somewhere and closed the door from behind. Then he removed the cloth from my eyes. As I opened my eyes, I was astonished to see where I was. There was a huge refracting telescope right in front of me. The roof was made of glass and the sky was full of stars. What a beautiful sight!

“Like it?” he asked.

“Love it,” I said.

He taught me how to use the telescope. He showed me the stars and constellations. That was a dream come true. He sat down and I joined him. We looked up at the sky. There was complete silence. We talked about space but then, the topic changed to the first time we met. We laughed ankara esmer escortlar at how things changed so drastically between us. He said that he saw himself in me, how passionate he used to be about space.

It was getting late and I was feeling sleepy. We decided to head back to our rooms. He said that he’d walk with me to my room and then leave.

I said that it was not necessary but he said, “What if you forget your way again?” We both laughed and we walked towards my room. We were standing in front of my door. We talked a little and then we stopped saying anything. I supposed, it was his time to leave. I moved my right hand towards the door knob. I was going to open it. But at the same time, Raj’s hand was on the door knob so accidentally, I placed my hand on his.

I removed my hand immediately and said, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he said, rather whispered.

I looked up into his eyes. He came closer and kissed me. His tender lips sucked my upper lips. Then our lips and tongue gathered pace. We kissed hungrily. He pushed me to the wall as we kissed. Then, he grabbed me by my ass and lifted me against the wall. He held me closer and kissed me deeply. I had wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me inside the room, in his strong arms, holding me in the same position.

He made me sit on the bed and sat beside me. I placed my palms on his cheek while he hugged me. We continued to kiss. By now, I could hear our heavy breaths. He pressed my boobs on top of my shirt. I was just wearing a T-shirt and shorts as before that, I was sleeping. It felt so good when he cupped my boobs in his palms and squeezed them. He removed my shirt and then, unclipped my bra in one go. He made me lie on the bed. He came on top of me and kissed me. Yeeeeaaaaahhh, too much kiss. Then he kissed my cheek and my ears. When he kissed my neck, his breath on my neck sent chills down my whole body. My grip on him became firmer in excitement. He moved down. He kissed my cleavage and then my boobs. He licked my nipples which were already hard and then, he sucked my nipples. I was moaning. I put one of my hands on his shoulder and the other one gripping his head. I was dripping. I never felt like this ever before.

He moved down. He kissed my belly and then, removed my shorts and my panty. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed his trousers and underwear. Now, we both were completely naked. He kissed my pussy lips hungrily. He dug his tongue deep inside my pussy and licked every corner of my love hole. I was moaning loudly and had started to shake uncontrollably. I was being licked for the first time, that too, by an expert. After I came, he put his middle finger inside and started moving it in and out slowly. I started enjoying it as I have tried putting a finger in before. Again, I was moaning like anything, holding his hand rather squeezing sincan grup yapan escortlar it. I was in some other world. I came hard again.

He removed his finger and was on his knees. I sat up and took his dick in my hand in excitement.

I asked him, “Is it hard?”

“It needs your help.”

Without any delay, I took his semi-hard dick in my mouth. I took it in as much as I could and then took it out. I was going slow at first but he wanted me to go fast and I did. He asked me to lick his dickhead too and I obeyed. His moans drove me crazy. At this point, I was ready to do anything for him. I kept sucking his dick till he asked me to stop.

He made me lie on the bed. He kissed my forehead and asked if I’ve ever done this before. I denied. He said that it would hurt but he’ll try to make it as pleasurable for me as he can. I was like get in! I can’t wait anymore. He smiled. He was on top of me. He came closer and put his dick inside me though just a little. It was hurting and I kind of screamed so he moved back. He asked if I was alright and if he should try again. I replied positively to both. He held both of my hands tightly and then, he thrusted in. He didn’t go that in this time either. He then, moved his dick in and out slowly without going that deep. It was hurting initially but then, it started to feel better. He asked if he could dig a little deeper. I agreed. It hurt like anything. I felt like I won’t be able to take it anymore and I wanted him to loosen his grip on me. But he held me tightly and said that it’s going to be alright. I stop resisting even if it hurt. Then, he let his dick stay in for a while and asked if he should thrust. I felt better but didn’t know if I could take it so I asked him to stop for a while.

He listened to me and pulled out. I sat up and was a little tensed.

He saw me worried and hugged me and said, “You need this.”

“Yes, I do.”

I was in his arms for a while and then he asked me to take rest and lie. I was feeling so cold. I covered myself with the blanket and he got in too.

He said, “You know, what’s best after sex?”



He came closer and hugged me. I was lying on my stomach. I turned my face towards his. His hand was on my waist. We closed our eyes and stayed still. He was hot. No, seriously! His body was too warm and I felt comfortable.

After some time, he moved his hand towards my ass. He massaged my ass and it felt too good. I was already shivering and this turned me on. I was breathing heavily and pussy started to ache. I kissed him in excitement. We kissed and kissed some more. Then he asked me if I wanted to try again. I said yes. He rubbed his dick a little to make it hard again. Then, he made me spread my legs and entered me for the second time. He took it all in slowly. It hurt a little but after a few strokes, I actually started enjoying it. I held him tightly. I wrapped my legs around him. I was screaming less and moaning more this time. The pleasure waves that I received can’t be described in words. After a while, we came together. We lied, on the bed, totally spent. He stayed the night and we slept in each other’s arms.

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